January 2010 - Tremont West Development Corporation



January 2010 - Tremont West Development Corporation
Vol. 25, Issue 1
Reading Room Opens at Merrick House
thanks to
Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Northeastern Ohio
There is a new place for
children to read books in
Tremont. With generous
funding from Ronald McDonald
House Charities® of
Northeastern Ohio, Merrick
House and Cleveland Reads
entered into a partnership to
create a new reading room and
family literacy center at Merrick
House. The room is designed as
a bright, cheerful space where
parents and children can
participate in read-aloud sessions
and share books together.
The reading room will be used
by the pre-school day care
program and the youth services
program at Merrick House. The
day care program provides
children ages three months to
five years with an education that
fosters warmth, friendliness,
helpfulness, cooperation, respect
for differences and acceptance of
all people. The youth services
program provides children from
age 6 to 18 years old an
opportunity to participate in
activities focused on growth and
development. Participants in the
day care and youth programs
will be able to sit and read books
in comfortable rocking chairs as
well as participate in read-aloud
sessions and literacy based
activities in the new reading
Funding for the project was
provided by Ronald McDonald
House Charities® of
Northeastern Ohio, an
organization which helps
children by awarding grants to
qualified not-for-profit
organizations whose programs
improve the quality of life for
children and their families in
Northeastern Ohio. These
grants impact the lives of
2406 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
countless children and their
families in the areas of health
care and treatment, social
services, and education.
Ronald McDonald House
Charities® of Northeastern
Ohio provided funding to
purchase new books and
children’s furniture for the
reading room at Merrick
The opportunity for this
partnership was identified by
Kristen Ciofani Trolio,
Community Organizer and
Model Blocks Manager for
Tremont West Development
Corporation. She brought
together Robin Sullivan of
Cleveland Reads, Sherriea
Jackson of Merrick House and
Marie Timpano, Executive
Director of Merrick House to
establish the partnership.
Cleveland Reads is a
non-profit literacy organization
whose vision is to transform
lives through literacy by
serving as Northeast Ohio’s
leading literacy provider for
children, youth and families.
Merrick House is a Settlement
House neighborhood center
serving the Brooklyn Centre,
Clark-Fulton, Stockyards and
Tremont neighborhoods.
Founded in 1919 by the Christ
Child Society and Catholic
Charities, its mission is to
respect cultural diversity while
encouraging community
harmony. Merrick House has
two locations:
1050 Starkweather Avenue in
Tremont and 3167 Fulton
Road in Clark-Fulton. Merrick
House offers educational,
social and recreational
Address Service Requested
Tremont West
January, 2010
I Buy NEO Supports TREMONT!
Whether you need an oil change or
a place to eat lunch…
There’s a local spot for that!
Join your fellow residents and business owners in
Tremont and help to grow our local economy.
Tremont West Development has partnered with I Buy
NEO to promote locally owned businesses that
support our shopping and service needs. I Buy NEO
is a program dedicated to educating residents of
Northeast Ohio on the importance of buying from local,
independently owned businesses and the local
economic impact it has on our region.
Wonder how you can get started?
Thursday, January 28th
First, visit www.ibuyneo.com/tremontwest to
purchase your I Buy NEO community card. The
community card provides you access to nearly 300
merchants offering you rebates on your purchases. A
percentage of your rebate goes back to you while
another portion goes to support Tremont West
Development Corporation in its mission to further
enhance our community.
OLA/St. Joseph Center
(2346 West 14th Street)
Join us for dinner and let’s
celebrate 2009 together!
Beginning in the spring,
Merrick House hopes to offer
read-aloud and literacy
instruction sessions in the
reading room for the Tremont
community. Watch Inside
Tremont for more information.
Non Profit Org.
Cleveland, Ohio
Permit # 1591
Once you purchase your card, I Buy NEO will track
your purchases and reward you and your non- profit
with earned cash rewards on a regular basis!
Are you a merchant interested in offering rewards to
Tremont residents? Well, you can also be an integral
part of the I Buy NEO program. To learn more or to
register your business please contact Dan Roman at
216-592-2304 or d[email protected] Join together in
this FREE and easy way to support our local retailers
and small businesses!
Purchase your I Buy NEO card and present it at any
participating Tremont local spots and others across
Northeast, Ohio for goods and services like
restaurants, galleries, car repair, dry-cleaning and
many more and in turn you will help to keep dollars
right here in Northeast Ohio.
Remember, shopping at locally owned businesses
creates jobs and keeps money in our local economy,
creating a vibrant region to live and work.
Visit ibuyneo.com for a list of local spots to shop or
to purchase you I Buy NEO Community Card.
What's inside?
Meet Your Neighbor
Tremont History Project
WelcomeNew Tremont Business
Tremont ArtWalk Listing
Block Club Happenings
Special Event Listing
Meeting Schedule
Executive Director’s Letter
Page 2
Inside Tremont
Congratulations to Metro North and
Holmden Buhrer Rowley Block Clubs!
A service of the
Tremont West Development Corporation
Editor: Michelle Davis
2406 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
“To maintain and improve the
living, business, and cultural
conditions for all of Tremont”
Tom Cook, President
Katherine Bulava, First Vice-President
Merrick , House’s
David Mehring
group is one of many to be
Lynn McLaughlin Murray, Treasurer
held throughout the county.
Christopher Alvarado, Secretary
There have been two new garden and greenspace projects that have been
awarded funding for their innovative ideas: The SoTre Community Garden and
Revitalizing Roots Learning Park.
The SoTre Community Garden has been funded by NPI through their Land
Reutilization funds. The garden project utilizes a vacant lot that is located nearly
in the center of the Metro North Block Club area. The fact that it is in the center
of the block club area is key: The group envisions the garden not only as a place
to grow vegetables and flowers, but also as a small, park-like area where
residents can connect with each other and enjoy being in a garden setting. The
plan is to create wide, flat walkways, for elderly residents who want to be able to
enjoy the garden but who use wheelchairs and/or walkers, and include at least
two areas with seating so that residents can sit and enjoy the space.
As some of the residents who are involved in the project are new to the
of gardening, the plan is to offer those residents basic education in
Conceptual plan by: Joseph Stanley.
planting, organic pest and weed control and to offer advice about the varieties of
vegetables and flowers that will thrive in our zone. A goal is to partner with
MetroHealth, which is right down the street from the garden, or Neighborhood Family Practice, a healthcare provider in the
Tremont neighborhood, to share information with residents about the nutritional value found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
The plan is to stick to the original plan of raised, stone-lined beds to give a more traditional, aesthetically pleasing look that
will be more in keeping with the garden not only as a place to grow food, but as a place to grow connections between
neighbors; and to build a sense of pride and accomplishment in the neighborhood. During the planning process for the
garden, the group had the pocket parks of Paris and other cities in mind: Tiny little jewels, tucked away in between buildings
and houses. Congratulations to Eric Lutzo, Sandy Smith and the Metro North Block Club!
Revitalizing Roots Learning Park was funded through the Re-Imagining a More Sustainable Cleveland program. The
Learning Park will be located at 1095 Holmden Avenue. The Park will be a community green space that educates the public
on the remediation of contaminated soil, since the soil on the site has tested moderately contaminated with lead. It will
feature a “Path to Phytoremediation,” which will be a walkway through plants that are effective for remediation of the site’s
soil. The Park will contain educational signs, benches, and a community green space. The Park is a great addition to the
already established Holmden Hill Community Garden. Congrats to Meg Havey, Christina Keegan, and Tyler MacDuffie on
their grant!
Susan Coy, Herb Crowther,
Meet Your Neighbor, Georgiann Franko
Aaron LeMieux, Deane Malaker,
Karen Moss, David Purpera,
Tremont Organizations you are
involved with: LH/SS, OSS, St. Augustine
Eric W. Russ, Renee Richardson
Seniors, 2nd District Community Relations,
Friends of Clark Field, Tremont Resident Service
Corp., and a graduate of the Westside
Leadership Collaborative of Cleveland.
Henry Senyak, Sandy Yambor
Tim Donovan
Donovan Duncan
Tim Jenkins
Chris Garland
Executive Director
Stephen Bloom
Property Management Director
Qualetha Carty
Office Manager
Sammy Catania
Development Director/SII Program Manager
Michelle Davis
Marketing & Fund Development Director
Katie Hough
Ward 13 Area Coordinator
Robert Rodgers
Ward 14 / West 25th Street Coordinator
Scott Rosenstein
Community Organizer/TACF Manager
Kristen Trolio
Community Organizer/Model Blocks Manager
Name: Georgiann G. Franko
Block Club area in
which you live: Lincoln
Heights/Scranton Starkweather
(LH/SS), The TOP of Tremont
How long have you lived
in the Tremont
Neighborhood? 10 years
this time. My family has been
here for 104 years—directly off
the boat from Poland.
If you could trade places with any
other person for a week, famous
or not famous, living or dead, real
or fictional, with whom would it
be? I can’t think of anyone. My life has not
always been easy but it has been interesting.
How do you describe the Tremont
neighborhood to people who have
never visited Tremont? We are like a
stew with every imaginable ingredient thrown in
the pot. Not always to everyone's taste but
always interesting. I love it. Come and try it
yourself and see what you think.
Favorite "Tremont" Activity: Tremont
Arts & Cultural Festival, all of the events in Clark
Field, working with the seniors with the Tremont
Resident Service Corp. and the Taste of Tremont
What is your favorite bit of
Tremont History that you know?
It was a Saturday afternoon in 1948. I was in the
backyard pestering my grandmother while she
hung out the laundry. Suddenly the guys at Fire
Station 8 began to sound their siren and ring their
fire bell. Then every church rang their bells.
Grandma told me the Cleveland Indians had won
the World Series. We were a united community
that day.
If someone wrote a biography
about you, what do you think the
title should be? What Ever Floats Your
Inside Tremont
Page 3
Tremont History Project/Museum
Photos of the inside of Holy Ghost, located at 2420 West 14th Street taken by Robert Burke and Reen Nemeth.
Holy Ghost Church Celebrates 100 Years While Holding its Final Liturgy
Holy Ghost Greek Catholic (Now
called Byzantine Catholic) Church
marked its centennial celebration,
along with its closing, on November 1.
The event was both heartwarming and
sad. This beautiful Eastern Rite
Catholic Church held its final liturgy
on a nice, fall Sunday afternoon, the
first of November. What was
especially sad was the fact that about
40 years ago, there were still many,
many parisioners attending this
church. It was when the highway
went through the neighborhood and
disrupted the lives of not only these
parisioners, but many others in
neighboring parishes, that the
Tremont churches began to suffer
great losses in attendance as
parisioners moved out of Tremont and
into outlying areas and suburbs.
Holy Ghost was a comforting
beacon from the early days of the
20th century, and its pastor, Father
Hanulya, fostered pride in the
parisioner's ethnic Rusyn (Rusin,
Carpatho-Rusyn, Carpatho-Russian,
etc.) heritage by forming various
ethnic Rusyn organizations and
eventually by promoting the
Marketing Committee
Seeking Volunteers and
Join us at the next meeting,
Wednesday, January 13th at
the Tremont West
Conference Room,
2406 Professor Avenue, 6pm!
establishment of a Rusin Cultural
The parisioners, former
parisioners, and guests recounted
their blessings as members and
former members of the parish
community, and they gave thanks
for all that Holy Ghost parish has
been to them and to Cleveland and
to Tremont for 100 years. After the
liturgy, pictures were taken on the
front steps, parish administrator
Father Steven Koplinka
"extinguished the sanctuary lamp,
closed the royal doors of the
iconostas and removed the
Eucharist and antimension (the
cloth, containing a relic, upon which
the Eucharist is celebrated) from
the holy table."
A banquet afterwards took place
in the lower church hall. A "Holy
Forerunner" Award recipient, Sue
Mandzak (unfortunately, now in a
nursing home), was thanked for her
commitment to promoting the
church. It was especially
heartwarming to have Susan
mentioned, because it was due to
her efforts that the current
Carpatho-Rusyn museum, located at
St. John Byzantine Catholic Cathedral,
was recently re-opened. The
Cathedral is located at Broadview and
Snow Road and welcomes visitors on
specific days and times.
Father Kachuba, as protosyncellus,
read the official degree of suppression
of Holy Ghost Parish. He then called
upon Father Koplinka and lay
representatives, Richard and Beverly
Klinkovsky, to present to the bishop
the parish antimension,
administration book and keys."
The parishes of St. Mary and Holy
Spirit of Cleveland, and St. Mary
Magdalene in Fairview Park all grew
from people originally from Holy
Ghost Parish. Various current
parisioners said they were "sad" to
see the parish close, that "it's a
beautiful church", and that they were
"disappointed" in the parish's closing.
We, at Tremont History Project,
invite not only Tremont residents, but
those receiving Inside Tremont, to
attend one or more of the remaining
Tremont Churches especially those
slated to close by the Cleveland
Catholic Diocese, Our Lady of Mercy
located on W. 11th Street across
from Lincoln Park and St.
Wendelin's located on Columbus Rd.
(up Willey Hill as it ends at
Columbus). Both of these beautiful
parishes are slated to close in May
of 2010.
Pictures supplied by Robert Burke
and by Reen Nemeth. Information
in parentheses from HORIZONS
newsletter of
the Eparchy
of Parma.
Balance of
from Tremont
History Project and Holy
Ghost archives, used
Tremont History Project WILL NOT
meet in January or February.
If there is interest in helping us with
research and other opportunities
please call, 440-785-6315.
Page 4
Inside Tremont
Tremont West welcomes
Full Service Breakfast & Lunch
(Brunch Style)
7 days a week!
Jefferson Studio
to Tremont!
Monday - Friday—7 am—5 pm
Saturday-Sunday— 8
am—5 pm
777 Starkweather * 216-622-7773
Complete Car Care
1001 Fairfield Ave
Jefferson Studio is the newest addition
to the Tremont art gallery scene. Nestled
at 860 Jefferson Avenue. Stop by the
studio/gallery for a thought-provoking
look at one-of-a-kind artwork. The artist in
residence, Susan Hlaudy, is primarily an
oil painter and her work is currently on
display in the gallery.
Jefferson Studio
860 Jefferson Ave.
call for gallery
hours &
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Work (216) 771-6866
Cell (216) 856-9392
January Special 2BR TOWNHOUSE $859.00
3BR TOWNHOUSE $1050.00
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History leads Nature Hike
in Tremont and the Flats
This past fall, a group of Museum members led by
Garrett Ormiston and Trish MacKeigan from the
Botany and Natural Areas Departments at the
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, returned to an
area in the flats adjacent to Tremont to continue
looking at the unique plants that are found in the
area. This hike was a part of an ongoing series of
‘urban botany treks’ that the Museum is leading to
various city parks and vacant areas that are being
reclaimed by nature. The purpose of these hikes is to
make people aware of the large diversity of plants
that surround them in the city, their backyards and
local parks.
A surprising array of species was discovered during
the September hike. The site that was visited is a
former railroad and power line right-of-way, and was
partially paved. Vigorous weeds poked their way
through the cracks in the sidewalk, and groves of
colonizing trees such as cottonwoods and staghorn
sumac flourished in the vacant lot. Typically, the
plants that you find in these abandoned areas are a
mix of non-native weeds and native plants that have
evolved to take advantage of disturbance and the
refore can thrive in heavily altered environments
such as the industrial Flats. Interestingly enough,
however, this very same habitat can also be utilized
by native plants that are typically found in prairie,
beach, and floodplain habitats.
Another purpose of this ‘Urban Botany Trek’ was to try
and relocate rare plants that were found in this area in
the past. In the 1980s, the Museum discovered two
rare plants, Schweinitz’s umbrella sedge and Canada
hawkweed, in the Flats adjacent to Tremont. Both of
these plants are listed as rare by the State of Ohio and
are plants that typically grow in beach habitats. Seeds
of these plants are spread by trains, cars, foot traffic,
and animals; all of which are abundant in the Flats. For
this reason, abandoned railroad lines can yield a wealth
of interesting species. The Museum plans to continue
searching for these rare plants in the city, and has
already scheduled a return trip to the Flats for 2010, as
well as trips to several other locations.
Information about upcoming ‘Urban Botany Treks’, as
well as other Museum programs is listed on the
Museum’s website (www.cmnh.org), and in the
Museum’s Classes and Programs brochure which is
released quarterly. For more information you can
contact Garrett Ormiston in the Museum’s Natural
Areas Division at (216) 231-4600, extension 3352.
Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program
The City of Cleveland’s Economic
Development Department can assist small
businesses with financial packages of both loans
and grants to improve the interior and exterior of
their storefronts. Please contact Michelle at
216-575-0920 for more information.
The Storefront Renovation Program
The City of Cleveland’s Storefront Renovation
Program is an exterior rehabilitation program
that combines financial incentives (rebate or
loan) with free City design assistance. The City
partners with neighborhood Community
Development Corporations to implement the
program in the neighborhoods. If you are
interested in learning more about this program
for your building, please call 216-575-0920.
Maps Around Tremont
Thanks to Dave Ferrante, owner of Visible Voice Books, who has hung beautifully on his building the first of many public maps to be installed in the Tremont
Neighborhood. These have been developed to help visitors and residents alike
along their way through the Tremont
neighborhood. Maps Around Tremont is a
project of the Tremont Roundtable, who
received a Neighborhood Connections
grant and funds from the Tremont Trek
Home Tour to complete the project.
Commercial Space for Sale or Lease
Are you looking to lease, purchase or market
commercial space in Tremont? If so, call
Michelle at 216-575-0920. See current Tremont
Commercial Properties at:
F. D. Roosevelt Post 58. of the
Polish Legion of American
2442 Professor Avenue.
Please write for application, or call
216-241-1788 ask for Terry Z.
Private, regulation pool table,
multi-era juke box, veteran club
prices--- If anyone is anyone in
Tremont, they belong to 58.
Tremont Apparel For Sale at
Green Tremont Bags
1 for $3.50 or 3 for $10!
Remember, if you are planning to open a
business in Tremont, you must contact the City
of Cleveland to see what variances or permits
are required for your desired location, the
Department of Building and Housing can be
reached at 216-664-2282. There are some great
loan reimbursement programs through the city
and county for vacant building rehab, storefront
renovations, signage and Brownfield clean-up.
Feel free to contact Tremont West for more
Start your year 2010 by
joining Tremont’s Most
Down to Earth Club!
Tremont West
T-shirts ($15), Hooded Sweatshirts ($25)
& Hats ($15)!
Bags also on sale at Banyan Tree!
Inside Tremont
Page 5
Tremont ArtWalk—Friday, January 8th, 2010—6-10pm
Diamond Wheel
2183 West 15th / 216-771-7003
Metal Sculpture by Alan Schafle
Ukranian Museum-Archives
1202 Kenilworth / 216-781-4329
Tues - Sat 8am - 4 pm or by appt. &
Brandt Gallery
1028 Kenilworth/ 216-621-1610
Sat. Noon - 6pm or by appt.
Work by Scott Pickering. Sat open mic
poetry w/Russell Vidrick @ 3 p.m.
Visible Voice Books
1023 Kenilworth / 216-961-0084
Mon. Closed, Tues. - Fri. 2 p.m. - 8pm
Sat. Noon - 10pm, Sun. Noon - 6pm
Look Out Cleveland: Bob Dylan and
The Band; Photo exhibit of the Bob
Dylan and Band 1974 tour by Bill
Studio 11
2337 West 11th / 216-472-3611
Yoga and Pilates Studio
The Southside
2207 W. 11th St. / 216-937-2288
M - Sun. 11:30am - 2:30am
Lunch, Dinner & Drinks
Photography by Ruggero Fatica
Eye Candy Gallery
2173 Professor Ave., #1 / 216-241-2740
Wed. & Thurs. 12-6, Fri 1-7pm,
Sat 12:30-7pm
Banyan Tree
2242 Professor Ave. / 216-241-1209
Mon- Wed 11am-7pm,
Thurs-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11-4pm
The Paul Duda Gallery
2342 Professor Ave. / 216-589-5788
Robert Hartshorn Studio
2342 Professor Ave. / 216-403-2734
2393 Professor Ave./ 330-304-8528
Fri. & Sat. 7pm - 11pm
or by appointment.
New works by Charles Wince and
Paul Volker. www.asteriskgallery.com
doubting Thomas Gallery
856 Jefferson Ave. / 216-394-0098
Fri. - Sat. 6 - 10pm or by appointment
Closed for remodeling
Virescent Designs LTD
2410 Tremont Ave. / 412-418-6693
Thur, 2-6 Friday and Saturday 2 – 9
p.m. and by appt every other day.
“WHAT IF” jewelry by Alison Saville
Jewelry made from recycled objects,
antiques, and enamels.
Edison’s Pub
2373 Professor Ave. / 216-522-0006
Fruit Ave. Gallery
M-Sun. 4pm to 2am, Live music Saturday night.
919 Fruit Ave. / 216-513-6000
Tremont Electric
Tremont Diggs
2379 Professor Avenue
P.D. White Furniture
Open by Appointment
767 Starkweather / 216-298-4114
Advanced Alternative Energy on Display
Original design handmade furniture
Lucky’s Café
The Flying Monkey Pub
777 Starweather / 216-622-7773
819 Jefferson Ave. / 216-861-mnky
open 7 days a week
M - Sat. 4pm - 2am
Saturday and Sunday Brunch
Cleveland Auction Co.
2418 Professor / 216-631-3232
Fine Arts and Antiques Auction and Retail
Innerbelt Bridge Lanes/
Ramps Reopened
Just in Time
for the Holidays
On November 25, just in time for
Thanksgiving holiday travelers and
‘Black Friday’ shoppers, Ohio
Department of Transportation (ODOT)
crews working on downtown
Cleveland’s Innerbelt Bridge reopened
lanes and ramps which had been
closed for more than a year.
As part of ODOT’s Innerbelt Bridge
Safety Plan, repairs which began
several months ago allowed for the
reopening of the W. 14th Street
onramp to I-90 eastbound as well as all
lanes over the Innerbelt Bridge and the
Ontario Street entrance ramp to I-90
westbound, greatly improving
connectivity from the Tremont and
Gateway neighborhoods.
"There is no doubt that there is a
great deal of excitement among the
residents and businesses," Tremont
West Executive Director Chris Garland
told The Plain Dealer. "It is a breath of
fresh air to have access to the Innerbelt
again, both for our residents heading
downtown and for those getting
around town."
Interstate 90 westbound traffic has
been returned to its original
configuration – including heavy truck
traffic – and motorists again have use
of the Ontario Street ramp to I-90
Interstate 90 eastbound traffic has
been reopened to three, through lanes
of traffic and one, dedicated lane for
those motorists entering I-90 from
W. 14th Street. The right lane of I-90 as
it merges onto the I-90 Innerbelt Bridge
at the I-71/I-490 split will remain closed
and truck traffic will remain detoured
from the bridge in the eastbound
direction in order to increase traffic
flow efficiencies.
Minor steel repairs will continue
through the winter of 2009. Impacts to
traffic are not expected as minor steel
repairs take place.
This phase of ODOT’s Innerbelt
Bridge Safety Plan is part of the
department’s $10 million investment
on the Innerbelt Bridge this year. The
bridge was restricted during the fall of
2008 after ODOT engineers discovered
a number of steel members were aging
more quickly than anticipated.
In March 2009 ODOT announced
plans to construct a new westbound
Innerbelt Bridge, utilizing federal
transportation stimulus funds made
available through the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Construction of the new westbound
bridge is expected to begin in 2011.
Lilly Handmade Chocolates
761 Starkweather / 216-771-3333
ArtWalk hours Friday 12pm-10pm
Hours Tue-Sat 12 pm – 7 pm, Sun
12pm-5pm, Mon Closed
Featuring Holiday Gifts & The
Montague Collection: Art
from Jontathan Adams, Emily Dove
Gross, AK Snyder & more!
Geode Gallery
755 Starkweather / 216-916-7005
Tues - Thurs 11 - 7, Fri. 12 – 9,
Sat. 11 - 9, Sun. 10:30 - 4
Lucette Johnson – Mixed Media
(Hearts), Theresa Yondo – Ceramic
Hearts, Kathy Patton Jewelry Trunk
Fruit Ave. Gallery
919 Fruit Ave. / 216-513-6000
Tremont Diggs
2617 West 14th Street
Mon 7am-3pm,
Tues-Thurs 7am –9pm
Fri 7am-10pm,
Sat 8 am –10 pm, Sun 8-3
Jeff Staats- SpinVista
Bryan Lazar- Photography
Hector Vega– Three
Dimensional Cleveland Art
Mastroianni Photography
and Arts
2688 W. 14th
"Photographic Proof: 1985-1995.
Work by Steven Mastroianni"
Prosperity Social Club
1109 Starkweather
Martini Five-O at 10pm
Jewel Heart
2670 West 14th Street / 687-1617
Christmas sale
Lava Lounge
1307 Auburn Ave. / 216-589-9112
M - Sat. 5pm to 2:30am,
Sun. 7pm - 2am
Tremont’s First Opportunity Home!
2485 Professor Avenue—$99,900
This three bedroom, two and one half bathroom, 1443 square foot home could be
yours. Home buying is not only one of the best investments you will make in your
lifetime, it’s one of the most rewarding. The application process takes approximately
7-10 business days from the date it is received. Stop by Tremont West to pick up an
application, call 774-2400 or visit www.opphomes.com to learn more.
Public Hearing Dates/Locations
Monday - January 4
12:00 Noon – 2:00 p.m.
2010 Fare & Service Level Proposal
The national financial crisis has resulted in steep
declines in sales tax revenues and state funding for
RTA. For RTA to balance its 2010 budget, a $17.4
million budget gap must be addressed. While
maintaining fares at their current level (base of
$2.25) beyond the expiration of the fuel surcharge
period ending on April 1, 2010 can address a
portion of that amount ($8.4 million), service levels
must be addressed as well.
To meet this requirement, RTA wants to consider
comments from the public. All received comments,
both given at public hearings or in writing will be
analyzed, and appropriate modifications made, if
possible. It is anticipated that service changes
will be implemented in April. Public hearings to
be held in January will allow time for all public
comments to be considered in developing the
final plan. Comments and suggestions can also be
emailed to RTA at [email protected]
In developing the service changes, route spacing
was considered as well as ridership. RTA would like
to have as many residents as possible within about
1/2 mile of a transit stop. Due to the funding
however, meeting this goal may not always possible. Please visit rideRTA.com for specific route
information or call 216-566-5100.
January 2010
Cleveland Public Library Auditorium
325 Superior Avenue
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Conf. Center
E. 99th and Euclid Avenue
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
La Sagrada Familia Gymnasium
7719 Detroit Avenue
Tuesday - January 5
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday - January 6
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Thursday - January 7
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Euclid Public Library
631 E. 222nd Street
Lakewood United Methodist Church
15700 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland Hts. Community Center
One Monticello Blvd.
Parma Memorial Hall
6617 Ridge Road
RTA Board Room
1240 West 6th Street
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Maple Heights Library
5225 Library Lane
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Fairview Park City Hall
20777 Lorain Road
** People who register at the meeting, prior to the ending time, will be
allowed to speak.
Page 6
Inside Tremont
What’s happening around Tremont?
Friends in Tremont,
Happy New Year! Over the past year I’ve been asked what all is going on at Tremont West and around Tremont. As
you read this, we are in the process of wrapping up our Year in Review – Report to the Neighborhood (Annual Report).
You can get your copy at the Annual Meeting. …But, for those of you who just can’t wait,
please enjoy these highlights.
New Businesses Established
New Construction Homes Built
Homes Rehabbed
Model Block Home Improvements ●
Model Block Street Trees Planted
Affordable Homes Managed
Homes Acquired by Tremont West ●
Partnering with Sotre Properties, Cleveland State Urban
Law Clinic, NPI and Village Capital Corp., TWDC was
able to preserve this home on Scranton Road.
TWDC was pleased to welcome 10 new businesses
to Tremont including Loop (coffee, art, records).
To learn more about these accomplishment and many of our other special projects, please join us for our Annual
Meeting on Thursday, January 28, 2010 @ OLA St. Joe’s.
See you there,
Joint Veterans' Commission
of Cuyahoga County
Army and Navy Union Polish Legion of American Veterans, Catholic War Veterans Reserve Officers Association,
Jewish War Veterans Southwest Asia Veterans, Korean War Veterans Association Ukrainian American Veterans,
Marine Corps League United Spanish War Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart Vietnam Veterans of
America, Navy Seabee Veterans of America Waves National, Paralyzed Veterans of America 82nd Airborne
Division Association
Announces an invitation to Attend the
JVCOCC 85th Anniversary
Installation and Awards Dinner
Monday February 1st , 2010 7:00 p.m.
100th Bomb Group (H) 20920 Brookpark Road Cleveland, OH 44135
in celebration of the
Judge Felix T. Matia/Chester J. Koch 2009
Outstanding Veteran of the Year Award
given to
Michael Polichuk,
Member of Tremont’s Post #58
Michael Polichuk, is a member of Polish Legion of American Veterans Post #58.
He will be recognized for his distinguished service to our country, lifetime of service
and contributions in support of our service men and women, fellow veterans, their
respective families, and community at large.
Dinner: $25 per Person - Reservation Deadline - January 22, 2010
Sit-down Dinner – Garden Salad, Chicken Parmesan w/noodles/marinara
sauce (Options – Charbroiled Salmon w/rice and veg. or Fruit Plate w/cottage
Cheese), Dessert. Cash Bar. Tables of 8 are available. All Tickets pickup at the
door in your name. You can e-mail ticket order to [email protected] or call
JVCOCC [216-373-7799]. PLEASE NOTE – if you do not show, we must bill
you or your organization.
Homestead Exemption for
Senior Citizens, Disabled
Persons and
Surviving Spouses
Special Membership
Meeting Winners
What is the Homestead Exemption?
The Homestead Exemption allows senior
citizens and permanently and totally
disabled Ohioans to reduce their property
tax burden by shielding some of the market
value of their home from taxation.
The exemption, which takes the form of a
credit on property tax bills, allows
qualifying homeowners to exempt $25,000
of the market value of their home from all
local property taxes. For example, through
the Homestead Exemption, a home with a
market value of $100,000 would be billed
as if it is worth $75,000.
The exact amount of savings will vary
from location to location. But overall,
across Ohio, qualified homeowners should
save an average of about $400 per year.
Who qualifies for the Homestead
Any Ohio resident homeowner who:
 Is at least 65 years old during 2009; or
 Is totally and permanently disabled as
of January 1, 2009 as certified by a
licensed physician or psychologist, or a
state or federal agency; or
 Is the surviving spouse of a person
who was receiving the previous Homestead Exemption at the time of death and
where the surviving spouse was at least 59
years old on the date of death.
To qualify, an Ohio resident also must
own and occupy a home as their principal
place of residence . For individuals who
own more than one home, the principal
place of residence is the home where the
person is registered to vote and the
person’s place of residence for income tax
Thank you to both Banyan Tree
and Tremont Scoops for
donating door prizes to the
Tremont West By-Law
Committee for the Special
Membership meeting this past
November. These door prizes
went to attendees, Rosemarie
Bell, pictured above, Millie Mazar
and Richard Boger.
Congratulations and thanks to
all Tremont West members who
attended, we hope to see you
again, Thursday, January 28th at
our next Annual Membership
How do I apply for the
Homestead Exemption?
To apply, complete the application
form then file it with your local
county auditor. The form is
available from the Cuyahoga
County Auditor, (216) 443-7010 ,
and from the Ohio Department of
Taxation’s Web site at
File with the county auditor after
the first Monday in January and on
or before Monday, June 7, 2010.
Inside Tremont
Page 7
Block Club Happenings
from Ohio Canal Corridor with updates on the Towpath Trail
in relation to Holmden Avenue, Clark Field, and the West 11th
Street pedestrian bridge. The next block club meeting will be
held on Wednesday, January 6th at 6:30pm at the Clark
“Block Club Happenings” is compiled by TWDC staff
with direct input from Block Club Chairs.
A brief business meeting and a delicious holiday party of
desserts rounded up 2009 at our December gathering at
Pilgrim Church. The block club provided pizza, pop, coffee,
and apple cider, and residents contributed a smorgasboard
of desserts. Thanks to all who contributed! At the January,
2010 meeting, we will take nominations for and elect
co-chairs and secretaries for the new year. Our thanks to
Frank Tkacz and Sarah Lundeen for serving as co-chairs
(Sarah also did double duty as secretary too) in 2009. We’re
grateful for their service – and welcome all members to
consider how you can help out in 2010! Won’t you consider
service as a co-chair or secretary? Our Auburn-Lincoln Park
neighbors need you! Candidates for the Tremont West Board
of Directors, will introduce themselves to us at our January
meeting- and seek resident support for election at the
January, 28th Annual Meeting of the Tremont West
membership. Come out and meet them – and consider
running for the Board yourself! In January we also hope to
host representatives of the Ukrainian Museum to talk with us
about their purchase of the former Holochak Funeral Home.
Upcoming guests in February – March include, Amy Weahry,
former Community Organizer at Merrick House, now
Executive Director of the Westside Housing Center, to talk
about the Center’s housing, education, financial literacy and
job readiness programming, and a 2010 Census
representative to talk about the 10 Questions 10 Minutes
campaign – and how you can help all Clevelanders be
counted! The block club membership will begin a review of
their 2009 goals, and by the March meeting decide on priority
concerns/goals for 2010. Please make plans now to attend
our next meeting on Thursday, January 14th – 7:00 pm at
Pilgrim Church. We look forward to seeing you!
Lincoln Heights
The Central Tremont Block Club is took a break for the
Holidays! The Block Club held their annual Holiday party at
the Treehouse. Thank you to the Treehouse for hosting the
party and thank you to all who attended. After the New Year,
the Block Club will be holding co-chair elections. The next
block club meeting will be held on January 26th, 6:30pm at
the Jefferson Library.
The block club did not meet in the month of December as
normal and enjoyed a break for the holidays. We hope
everyone has had a Happy Holiday Season. Several block
club members attended an important meeting held at the
offices of TWDC with ODOT District 12 on November 20th.
This meeting was to formalize a final draft regarding the
Vegetative Screening plan for the westside of the highway
from Fairfield Ave. to Branch Ave. We would like to thank the
following for participating and sharing ideas for ODOT to take
into consideration. Sandy Smith from Tremont Gardeners,
Jim McKnight from McKnight & Associates, Brooke Willis
from the Auburn block club, and TWDC staff, Chris Garland,
Kristen Trolio, and Scott Rosenstein. Special thanks to Mark
Carpenter from ODOT District 12 for providing a power point
presentation on the options available for planting new trees.
ODOT during the construction will be still removing 10-15%
of the trees to close too the highway so they can enlarge the
emergency lane and install new guardrails. But the great
news ODOT has in its design plans to plant over 430 new
trees which will include 5 different style trees, and two styles
of pine trees. ODOT also will include the recommendation to
plant along the fence line of residential property owner’s
bushes and shrubs. Secondly small areas inside the ODOT
fence line along the sidewalk areas on Starkweather and
Kenilworth Ave.’s will have areas for flowers that could be
maintained by residents and Tremont Gardeners. ODOT will
submit their final draft and recommendation to the Federal
Highway Administration on December 1st 2009. Look for
Vegetative Screening project to start sometime in 2011. The
block club will hold its fourth Annual After the Holiday’s Party
and Potluck dinner that will be held on January 14th 2010.
Members, residents, and partnering business owners are
welcome and we encourage them to bring a dish. We will
also be meeting new prospective candidates for the Board of
Trustees of Tremont West Development Corp. Please
contact Co-Chair Henry Senyak, or Community Organizer
Kristen Trolio with TWDC if you have any questions about
this event at 216-575-0920. The next meeting will be
Thursday, January 14th, 6pm at Zion Church.
Duck Island
Metro North
Central Tremont
Several Duck Island residents attended the Thanksgiving
dinner hosted by Councilman Joe Cimperman and Tremont
West. A good time was had by all who attended - our thanks
to the Councilman and Tremont West! Our block club
membership increased in 2009! During the winter and spring,
we will keep in touch with you through snail mail, phone calls,
and e-mail. But for our non-participating neighbors, the
Co-Chair, Alicia Hudson, will continue to use the OL’ FLYER
METHOD during the off-season. Also there is a locked
SUGGESTION BOX on her porch for any suggestions,
comments and reports requiring anonymity for all our
residents. The youth of the Duck Island Sports Program are
active with activities, thanks to the leadership of “Coach” Bert
Latorres, and Liz Stull. Tremont West is serving as fiscal
agent for the Neighborhood Connections grant to the Duck
Island Sports Program, and Development Director, Sammy
Catania, and Community Organizer, Scott Rosenstein, are
providing support services to Bert and Liz and the Sports
Program as requested. Duck Island residents are
encouraged to put the Island’s interest and concerns front
and center by seeking election to the Tremont West Board of
Directors at the January, 2010 Annual Meeting. It’s important
to turn out for the dinner and Annual Meeting on Thursday,
January 28th to keep Duck Island and its interests at the
forefront! The block club is on a Winter break, but will meet
with Councilman Cimperman in early 2010 to plan ahead for
the season – (watch for upcoming information!) and will
resume monthly meetings in Abbey Playground in May,
2010. Co-chair, Alicia Hudson, can be reached at
[email protected] or 216.443.1296/216.443.0470
home/office or 216.645.9455 (cell) – or contact Scott at
Tremont West at 216.575.0920.
Holmden Buhrer Rowley/
Mentor Castle Clark
The HBR and MCC Block Clubs did not meet in December.
At the January meeting, they are looking forward to hearing
"Earn BIG BUCKS as a Surety Bail Bond
Agent! $225 self-study prelicensing class.
More info: Call 1-888-687-2245 x131 or
[email protected]"
consistently partnering with residents in attendance at block
club meetings to address issues of crime and safety and for
their public service; Tremont West Development
Corporation (representative Community Organizer, Scott
Rosenstein) for their generous, dedicated efforts in making
the neighborhood a better place, supporting the block club,
and providing much needed technical assistance. Our
congratulations and thanks to them all! Please consider
serving your neighborhood and Ward 14 by seeking election
to the Tremont West Board of Directors. Also, make plans
now to attend the dinner and Annual Meeting of Tremont
West on Thursday, January 28th at OLA/St. Joseph Center.
The block club is on a Winter break in January, and February
– and will gather in 2010 in late March. Our thanks to St.
Michael’s Church and its custodian (and block club member)
Randy Balog, for hosting our meetings in 2009. We look
forward to sharing time with Randy and St. Michael’s in 2010!
If you have questions or concerns between meetings, please
contact Chair, Chris Krosel or Scott at Tremont West at
North of Literary
Residents enjoyed a wonderful holiday party in December at
Lago Restaurant & Winebar. The restaurant provided a cash
bar with drink specials at happy hour prices, and the block
club provided light appetizers prepared by the restaurant. Our
thanks to Lago’s owners, Fabio and Nicole Salerno, and
Manager, Rosie Foutz and their staff. The membership is
grateful to them for hosting our business meetings throughout
2009 – and look forward to sharing 2010 together! At the
January, 2010 meeting, members will take nominations for
and elect co-chairs and secretaries for 2010. Sue Coy and
Lorraine Thwaite served as co-chairs and Christopher
Alvarado and Martha Lineberger served as secretaries in
2009. Our thanks to them! The block club welcomes all
interested members as candidates for the positions of
co-chair and secretary. Please consider how you can serve in
2010! Special guests at the January meeting will include
candidates for the Tremont West Board of Directors, who will
introduce themselves and seek resident support for election
at the late January Annual Meeting of the Tremont West
membership. The block club membership will begin a review
of their 2009 goals, and by the March meeting decide on
priority goals for 2010. Please join us for our first meeting of
the new year on Tuesday, January 19th – 6:30 pm at Lago.
Old Tremont
At the late November meeting, the membership and Ward 14
Councilman-Elect, Brian Cummins, met with Nazar Iwais and
Khalil and discussed their proposal for a Drive-thru Beverage
Store and Hand Car Wash at Meyer & W. 25th. A spirited
discussion was held with residents and the Councilman-Elect
asking questions and offering opinions and suggestions,
including reminders to the potential owners of the upcoming
steps and process moving forward - and suggestions on
making any structure constructed more neighborhood-friendly
and one which respects the architectural integrity of the
neighborhood. Members and residents also gathered for their
annual Holiday Potluck and presentation of our Good
Neighbor Awards (to those individuals and organizations who
have improved the quality of life for Metro North residents in
2009). Recipients being honored included: Councilman Joe
Santiago for his dedicated service over the years in Ward
14; Resident, Eric Lutzo for his renovation and renewal of
neighborhood housing stock; The Youth and their Advisors
from St. Michaels Junior Holy Name (advisors: Randy
and Mary Ann Balog) for their help with the Spring Fling
Neighborhood Clean-up; St. Michael’s Parish for
outstanding service to improving the conditions in our
community; Randy David for his ongoing work in
neighborhood clean-up and beautification; Scranton Road
Bible Church for their work with youth and community
betterment; Dan Wutsch, SafeHaven and South Pointe
Commons, Eden—for helping those in need; Residents,
Cornell O’Dell and Rosemarie Bell for their ongoing
research and advocacy of housing issues; Matt Martin and
Zach Starnik, formerly Ward 14 Neighborhood Service
Providers at Stockyards Redevelopment Organization for
their responsiveness to neighbors and helping in community
clean-up and beautification; Robert Rodgers, Ward 14/West
25th Street Coordinator at Tremont West Development
Corporation for code enforcement, community development,
and his passionate dedication to improving housing
conditions for the residents of Ward 14; Cleveland Police
Second District (representative, Lt. Frank Bolon) for
The Old Tremont Block Club will be back to a regular
meeting schedule soon! Please call Kristen at TWDC for
date and time of the next block club meeting.
South of Jefferson
The South of Jefferson Block Club held their annual Holiday
Party at Post #58 in December. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs.
Zacharyj for hosting the party at Post #58. Thank you to all
who helped plan the party and to all who attended. And
thank you to Santa Claus for his visit at the party! Coming up
in 2010: Block Club co-chair elections. The next meeting will
be held on Tuesday, January 12th at 7:00pm at Post
#58. All residents, both homeowners and renters, are invited!
Friends of Clark Field
Friends of Clark Field celebrated their Christmas party at St
Michael the Archangel Church community room on
December 5th with 25 in attendance. We enjoyed good food,
good company and Christmas music. Gift cards donated by
Nancy Schultz had three lucky winners. The winners of the
drawing had to tell stories relating to the Christmas names on
their lucky ticket. Egg nog, Santa and Ice skates were the
winners. We are planning our fund raiser for March, 2010 and
beginning to schedule our events for next year. Many thanks
to those who have supported the FOCF, and the many
volunteers who come out to help plan, organize, make
donations and work at our events. Snow should cover the
ground soon so don't forget, you don't have to leave the
neighborhood to enjoy sledding. Come to Clark Field and ride
the hill! Our sled riding hill has been famous for well over 45
years. Don’t miss out on all the fun!
Are you interested in advertising in
Please contact Michelle at Tremont West, 216-575-0920 or [email protected]
Apartments for rent
Professional services
Help Wanted
Garage Sales
For Sale
Classifieds: $12 for the first 20
words with $.25 word charge for
each additional word.
Located in the corner unit of Lemko Hall.
summer specials at studio 11
unlimited monthly classes for $111
3 week unlimited special for new students for $33
yoga, pilates, dance
(some restrictions apply)
also available ... thai yoga massage (get more miles
out of your muscles)
Visit www.studio11tremont.com
for more information.
Thai Massage Bodywork offered
7 days a week by appointment.
Gift Certificates are available.
2337 W. 11th Street
Tremont, Ohio 44113
NEW! Budget Orientations
Need more detailed information on how to
complete the Neighborhood Connections
budget? Learn more at one of these sessions.
Neighborhood Connections is a small grants program
intended to benefit grass roots groups in the City of
Cleveland. The program offers grants of $500 to
$5,000 twice a year. Grants are available to any group of
residents in the City of Cleveland. Groups do not need to
be recognized as 501(c)(3) to receive a grant.
The Next Due Date for Grant Proposals is:
Friday, February 12th, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.
Proposals may be sent by mail or hand delivered, but
must be at Neighborhood Connections (1422 Euclid, Suite
1510) by Friday, February 12th at 5pm in order to be
considered. Proposals may not be submitted by fax or
email. We are now requesting that you send us six copies
of your proposal (including six copies of
supplemental/support materials). Please call Tom O'Brien at
216.393.4640 if you need further information.
Grantseeker Assistance
Neighborhood Connections provides many different
types of assistance to grantseekers. Check out the calendar
for this upcoming round of funding.
Grantseeker Orientations
Want to get key information on how to complete the
Neighborhood Connections application and budget? Then
you need to attend one of these sessions. Learn more
about what the NC Grant Making Committee is looking for
in the application and specifics on how to complete the
application, including the budget.
Wednesday, January 13th, 4pm to 6pm, Mt.
Pleasant Branch, Cleveland Public Library,
14000 Kinsman Road
Thursday, January 21st, 6pm to 8pm, Hough
Branch, Cleveland Public Library,
1566 Crawford Road
Thursday, January 28th, 6pm to 8pm, South
Brooklyn Branch, Cleveland Public Library,
4303 Pearl Road
Monday, February 1st, 6pm to 8pm, Memorial
Nottingham Branch, Cleveland Public Library,
17109 Lake Shore Boulevard
NEW! One on One Assistance
Need one on one assistance from the
Neighborhood Connections staff to assist you
with questions you may have on your
application? These drop-in assistance centers
offer one on one assistance for applicants who
have begun writing their application, but still
have questions. First come, first served.
Wednesday, January 20th, 4pm to 7pm, Eastman Branch, Cleveland Public
Library, 11602 Lorain Avenue
Monday, January 25th, 4pm to 7pm, Sterling Branch, Cleveland Public
Library, 2200 East 30th Street
Saturday, January 30th, 10am to 1pm, Garden Valley Branch, Cleveland
Public Library, 7201 Kinsman Road
John Corral
Carole Cohen
Chris Merry
Ted Theophylactos
Carolyn Bentley
(216) 702.0887
(216) 235.3719
(216) 408.8995
(216) 375.7060
(216) 470.1502
John Corral
Chris Schlenkerman
Chris Merry
Carolyn Bentley
Carolyn Bentley
(216) 373.7575
(216) 408.8995
(216) 470.1502
Monday, January 11th, 6pm to 8pm, Rockport Branch,
Cleveland Public Library, 4421 West 140th
Tuesday, January 19th, 6pm to 8pm, Lorain Branch,
Cleveland Public Library, 8216 Lorain Avenue
Wednesday, January 27th, 4pm to 8pm, Glenville Branch,
Cleveland Public Library, 11900 St. Clair Avenue
Thursday, February 4th, 6pm to 8pm, Lakeview Terrace
Community Center, 1290 West 25th Street
(216) 702.0887
(216) 470.1502
Meetings—Special Events
Block Club Meetings
Special Events
1/6/10 at the Clark Bar @ 6:30pm
1/6/10 at the Clark Bar @ 6:30pm
South of Jefferson
1/12/10 at Post 58 @ 7pm
Lincoln Heights
1/14/10 at Zion @ 6pm, Holiday Party and meeting
1/14/10 Mtg & Holiday Party at Pilgrim Church @ 7pm
North of Literary
1/19/10 Holiday Party at Lago @ 6:30pm
Central Tremont
1/26/10 at Jefferson Library @6:30pm
Duck Island
No meeting in January.
Metro North
No meeting until March.
Old Tremont
TBA. Please call Kristen at 575-0920.
Other Committee Meetings
TWDC Long Range Planning Cmt.
1/7/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 6pm
TWDC Economic Development Cmt.
1/7/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 6:30pm
2nd District Police Community Relations
1/12/10 at Applewood Center @ 7pm
TWDC Marketing and Fundraising Cmt.
1/13/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 6pm
TWDC Safety Cmt.
1/11/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 7pm
TWDC Housing Development Cmt.
1/14/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 6pm
TWDC Board of Directors
1/21/10 at TWDC Conference Room @ 6pm
TWDC Executive Cmt.
TWDC Finance Cmt.
Friends of Clark Field
No meeting until February.
Tremont Gardeners
No meeting until February.
Tremont History Project
No meeting until March.
Twi-Fi Meetings
See www.twifineighbor.net for schedule.
Restore Tremont
See www.restoretremont.com for schedule.
Tremont ArtWalk
Friday, January 8th
www.tremontartwalk.org, 6-10pm
(See page 5 for listings.)
The U.S. Census Job Fair
Wednesday, January 20th
from 10:00 am -3:00 pm
at Merrick House, 1050 Starkweather.
If anyone would like more information,
please contact, Sherriea Jackson 216-579-4251.
Tremont West Annual Membership Meeting
Thursday, January 28th, 6:30pm
at OLA/St. Joseph Center
( 2346 West 14th Street)