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ScotsGay Issue 127 - ScotsGay Magazine
pic by Steve Ullathorne
pic by Steve Ullathorne
pic by Steve Ullathorne
Stewart Lee
Andrew Doyle talks to
pic by Steve Ullathorne
ISSUE 1 of 3 / August 2012
Jo Caulfield
Bridget Christie
Steven Dawson
Paul Foot
Milo McCabe
Peter Scott-Presland
Rosie Wilby
At the Edinburgh Fringe
Stewart Lee
Andrew Doyle talks to
Twitter, gay marriage, comedy awards and Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance
At the Edinburgh Fringe
After all that time
in front of Channel 4,
how about some
time in it?
What a month. What a joy.
I’ve enjoyed June so much - it’s been a
long month since my last article and that’s
because when you’re reading this Pride
Scotia will have been and gone and we’ll be
on our way to celebrating Pride in the best
city - Glasgow!
I’d like to apologise for using one of
AXM’s pictures in last month’s issue. Having
been approached by the photographer on
my last visit to the venue, I’ll be sure not to
use her pictures as a way of giving them
some promotion. I’ll be sure to ask
permission before using photos of you lot!
Let’s reflect on June though, we’ve had
a good month on the scene and everyone
has been busy spending the pennies and
shimmying on the dance floors in our many
bars and clubs across Glasgow! We’ve seen
a new club open this month and even one of
the oldest club nights for the gays come
back once a month!
Vengeance is the latest creation on
Glasgow’s Scene, rustled up by the boys at
Milk. I’ve not been down yet as I’m waiting
on them bringing in some tables, but I’m
sure they know what they’re doing!
Club Devotion is an old club brought
back to life thanks to DJ Mark Higgins and
the team at FHQ (above Speakeasy) - giving
your ears the best in old skool classics and
camp fun! This month’s beach party was
something of legend and I truly enjoyed the
buzz of listening to the Live Broadcast whilst
I was getting ready with a Vodka and Coke!
The Court Bar just keep on giving us the
best Karaoke. I do love a sing song! It’s a
shame the weather has been pretty crap and
we can’t take advantage of the gay scene’s
only beer garden, but I’m sure summer will
blossom soon and the gays will be sitting
outside the Court like a Pride festival every
Delmonica’s had some fun at their
annual staff awards and night out - only
because I was the one DJing!!! It’s dead
good fun in Dels but I always have to miss
The Countdown has begun. For what? To find a new generation of leaders. Not just for Channel 4 but for the whole
UK media industry. A group of people who will re-shape the media landscape. This September we’re launching our
first ever graduate training programme. And because this is Channel 4 it’s unlike any other scheme. Ours is a mission
with mischief. So if you’re a graduate, with thoughts and opinions very definitely of your own then you can apply now.
The clock is ticking dodo dodo dodododo boo. Visit
[email protected]
the nights with DJ
Darren. I thought he
was Dunn one day,
but he’s never gone
away and is always
shouting his
vulgarity through a
mic at his Thu night Quiz. I sent in a little
spy this month to find out if he really does
live up to it - and boy, does he deliver a good
quizzzz! Pop in and see him and Lainey
Belledehelle Blakely on a
Thu, but not for long
because I hear Scotland’s
biggest Drag Queen (Drag
Queen with the biggest ego
in Scotland, surely? Ed.)
does Karaoke in Speakeasy
on a Thu!!
You Fooooodies
out there still need to
check out the Gay
Scene’s only Chef and
my Second Mum, Linda @ Speakeasy!
She’s been whipping up the best in
home cooked food every single day
and has only gone and branched out to
do late night snacks on Fri and Sat
Nights! Get in, and get some food in
your belly. Eating is certainly NOT
The Polo Lounge, Riding Room,
Delmonica’s and Speakeasy all
teamed up this month and their
customers raised just under £1,000 for
Gay Men’s Health! Last month I wrote
about folk wasting the free condoms for
head-dresses or for blocking toilets and you
have all responded by shoving your change
in the big blue buckets to help stop the
spread of HIV! Well
done boys and girls!
You should all feel
veryyyyyy proud of
Glasgow Pride is
on our doorstep - or it
might be over when
you’re reading this
(for a full review see
our next edition!)
Merchant Pride are
hosting a women’s only event to coincide
with Underground’s Bear’s Night on Fri 13th
(unlucky for some...) as part of Pride
festivities. Oh the fun!
I hear there are many announcements
about the festivities around Glasgow Pride to
come, so I’ll let the rumour mill and
Facebook take care of publicising them!
It’s been a short one, but I know next
month’s will be full of pride, rainbow flags
and the best of Glasgow’s Scene! Tune in
next time!
It’s not as
Advertise in
expensive as you
Contact Martin Mann
[email protected]
dùn eideann
Pride Scotia took place in Edinburgh on Sat 30th June - and what a day it was!
Starting from the City Chambers after speeches from local councillors and MSPs, the March moved off
down the Royal Mile amidst a cloudburst - but the weather soon cleared up and, whilst it wasn’t exactly
sunny, the rain kept off for the rest of the day. The Omni Centre was the main venue with entertainment
sponsored by GHQ (where the hosts were Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson and local dragster Cilla
Slack) and a Health and Community Fair. Mood was the venue for the Order of Perpetual Indulgence’s
Tea Dance with live 20’s/30’s band and free tea, cake and sandwiches. You can see more pix online at These ones were taken by Iain Turnbull and Seumas Macmhicean.
So most of Edinburgh is still buzzing
after Pride, and a fantastic day was had by
all! It was very well organised, and the
political speeches were particularly
awesome this year. It was fantastic to see
such a massive presence from the ‘Equal
Marriage’ campaigners! Ultra-visibility for a
vital cause very close to my heart. The only
disappointment I felt over the weekend was
from the haters who neglected the march
and community bit, and then complained
about how drunk everyone was afterwards
… if you don’t go on the march, you don’t
deserve to complain about the people who
did and then celebrated this! Pride is about
politics, it’s about remembering the start of
gay activism; the people who earned you the
right to walk down the street holding hands
with your partner and go into a gay bar that
wasn’t disguised as something else. And
yes, after that, we party and celebrate … so
if you don’t get that, stay under the ignorant
rock you came from.
A big thanks is due to the folk at GHQ
for sponsoring the Pride Scotia stage. Just a
shame that I missed the VIP afterparty
which my editor tells me was “most
entertaining”. Pride Scotia would also like to
thank Café Habana, Planet, The Regent, The
Street and Café Nom De Plume for
supporting the event by advertising in the
Pride Guide.
It was also nice to see the formation
flypast by the four RAF Typhoons – but I
don’t think that they did that just for Pride.
Or did they?
Two new openings for Edinburgh this
month. First up is a weekly gay club night in
JodieFleming Stanley
[email protected]
Mood (who kindly hosted the Order of
Perpetual Indulgence’s Tea Dance during
Pride Scotia). It will be called Touch, will be
held on a Tue evening and the first one will
have happened by the time you read this.
Second is a new café/bar just round the
corner from the Pink Triangle at the top of
Leith Walk. Wee Spinney’s Café Bar is a
new gay bar opened just round the corner
from the Playhouse and CC Blooms. It’s
open 7 days a week and is in the basement
of the Richmond House Hotel at 20 Leopold
Place (London Road). Go check it out, and
speak to Tommy behind the bar.
And now the city is gearing up for the
ever-impending festival! But before that, we
have a whole lot of fun in store! This month
sees the HotScots FC monthly quiz night
starting at Café Habana. The first one is on
Mon 2nd Jul, then every first Mon of the
month thereafter. Come take on the
HotScots if you think you’re smart enough!
Cash prizes to be had, and DJ BoyToy on
the tunes and karaoke afterwords. Great
drink promos promised at the bar too, and if
that wasn’t enough the crew at Habz will
also be serving pizza, pies and various
munchies on their charity and theme nights
from now on. And if these go down well,
the munchies may just become a regular
Habz feature! Habana are also going to be
hosting fundraiser nights throughout Aug
for a chosen local charity. If you are in a
show this year that would be interested in
helping them raise money for a good local
cause (and showcasing your show too)
please get in touch. E-mail:
[email protected]
It was all go at Planet during Pride,
with the bar heaving until 3am! Lots going
on as always this month with John and
crew, with the usual tomfoolery, karaoke,
games and drinks promos! Don’t forget
about their 4 weekly HAPPY DAYS, because
happy hour isn’t long enough. Thu is their
quiz night: play for free and there’s a
guaranteed winner with a cash prize! Who
can say fairer than that!?!? So get
yourselves in early to find a table and enroll
your team to have some epic fun and win
some moolah too!
Hot news on the scene of course is the
refurb of CC Blooms! The place is looking
bloomin’ great! Upstairs has been
transformed into a chic café bar by day and
sophisticated club by night. Why not pop in
for coffee and cake over lunch, or for an
early evening pre-drink snack? The crew at
CC’s will be happy to cater to your every
need – and then you don’t even need to
move if you fancy a chilled evening of paced
out drinking followed by late night clubbing!
They really are giving it all to you on a plate,
and with the same free entry policy they
really are spoiling us!
At the Newtown Bar, they are also
gearing up for the festival – this year
promises to be the best yet. Which is HUGE
considering the NTB’s ‘Fringe Sundays’ have
been legendary over the last few years! But
I don’t doubt that Stephen and the crew will
continue to raise that bar! A thank you from
the NTB crew also for everyone that came
out and stood proud at Pride … Cookie
monster, Diva live and Zack Hadley provided
the best entertainment for the night. The
NTB for July is going to be action packed
for the Bearscots, also with the music of the
fore Island years, Jamie Lee Morley, pants
parties, club nights, men’s nights and much
much more ... Follow them on facebook for
full details!
Over at Frenchies, their Eurovision
bash went down a storm! Don’t forget to
pop into this little haven just off the hubbub
of Princes Street for tea, cake, vodka or
cocktails – whatever takes your fancy
I spent some time at the Blue Moon on
Pride evening, and the atmosphere was
great. Upstairs was a veritable social
melting pot of diversity as people tucked
into the best food on the scene, and
downstairs the new bar – Pink Pockets –
was in full swing. For those not in the know,
Pink Pockets is open 7 til late Wed til Sun
and has a full size pool table. Nooks,
crannies, comfortable seating and a
dedicated bar … what more can you ask
for?? Also you can bring your own music!
Whether the bar staff play it or not will
depend on how good your music tastes are!
Over at The Street, they’re shaping up
for festival mayhem. More info on that next
issue! Don’t forget in the meantime their
special ‘3’ deals - every Sun, Mon and Tue.
And their special Sunday Sessions … First
Sun of the month sees a sprinkling of all
The Street DJs plus special guests taking
turns to grace the deck; second Sun of the
month – “Get 2 Funk” - Damon Melvin and
Kevin Buchanan bring you the very best in
soulful and funky house with some old
classics thrown in; third Sun of the month –
“Any Excuse” - Lee Marvin brings an
eclectic vibe to Sun, genre hopping through
funk, soul, disco, house and techno – as
long as there are no bums on seats then
he’ll be satisfied! And the last Sun of the
month – “DiscoBox” with Stuart Kane
playing disco and funky house.
Well that’s all from me for now folks;
see you soon for all the fun of the festival!
Over and out!
listings are free
Social group for guys and gals who want to
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company of other gay people. Takes place
from 7.30-9.30pm in The Regent on 2nd Wed
of each month. If you're recently out or new to
Edinburgh or just feel a bit cut off and want a
break, come along.
Icebreakers Group:
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Currently hibernating.
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Events include: pub nights, men’s film nights,
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under construction at the moment it will be
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Meets Sun 11am - LGBT people especially
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Edinburgh. For full details and to sign-up:
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Scotland's annual celebration of queer culture.
Next dates: Oct-Nov 2012. Q! Gallery is
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The Stud!o is an adjacent
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Contact and social group for guys interested in
viewing/wearing kilts. Regular newsletter.
Write: Mervyn Tacy, 'Ziveli', 20 Ordsall Park
Road, Retford. DN22 7PA. Please enclose sae.
Tel: 01777 708270.
E-mail: [email protected]
Meets 6.30-9.30pm on 4th Fri of each month
at the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9
Howe Street, Edinburgh. Documentaries,
shorts and full length films with an LGBT twist
screened. Open to anyone keen to view and
discuss films in a friendly and welcoming
environment. Get in touch if you have a film
you would like to share with the club. Check
website, Facebook or Twitter for what is being
Increasing the awareness of LGBT people’s
lives, histories and experiences. The website
provides listings for cultural opportunities,
events, news items, and resources. If you
would like to be involved, volunteer or add
information, contact LGBT History Month, 3940 Commerce Street, Edinburgh. EH6 6HD.
Scotland's original choir for LGBT singers is
made up of approximately 45 singers and
holds regular concerts in the Central Belt. The
repertoire, which is sung a capella in varying
numbers of parts, includes simple rounds,
popular music, traditional music, light classics,
festive and seasonal songs, lesbian/gay
anthems, and show tunes. Meets weekly for
rehearsals in Edinburgh.
E-mail: [email protected]
Edinburgh based LGBT theatre company,
which aims to give LGBT people the
opportunity to act, direct, produce or organise
theatre or take part in any aspect of the
creative process. No previous experience is
necessary. Tel: 07854 836605.
E-mail: [email protected]
A charity which works to collect, archive and
present the life stories and experiences of the
LGBT Community in Scotland. If you have a
story to tell or experiences to share, or would
like to find out more about their upcoming
programme of events, then please contact
them. Write: OurStory Scotland, Archives and
Special Collections, The Mitchell Library, North
Street, Glasgow. G3 7DN.
E-mail: [email protected]
Couple Counselling Lothian:
Scotland’s oldest and largest relationship
counselling agency promotes the wellbeing
and longevity of same sex relationships. 65
years experience of serving clients in
Edinburgh and the Lothians. Tel: 0131-556
E-mail: [email protected]
OLGA - Older Lesbians Get Around:
Meets monthly. Tel: 07813 268938.
Glasgow Women's Library:
15 Berkeley Street, Glasgow. G3 7BW.
Tel/Fax: 0141-248 9969. Provides a library,
archive, is an Accredited Museum and also
houses the UK’s national Lesbian Archives.
Range of events, courses and other activities
delivered through their learning programmes,
along with an Adult Literacy and Numeracy
Project and Black and Minority Ethnic
Women’s Project. Check website for more
E-mail: [email protected]
Lively Blog at
Internet Magazine (The Pink Humanist) at
Diversitay LGBT Group:
Offers support to LGBT people living in
Tayside and North East Fife. Bi monthly
newsletter “Out Now” available from PO Box
53, Dundee, DD1 3YG. Tel: Dundee (01382)
E-mail: [email protected] and
Fife Free Lesbian and Gay Society. Provides a
welcoming and safe meeting space and dropin centre near the town centre for the LGBT
community, our friends, family and
supporters. Regular social group meets on the
2nd and 4th Sun of the month from 7.3011pm. Generally has a nice friendly mixed
group most nights across the age range so
come along and meet new friends. Internet
access, mini pool table or just hang out and
chill over coffee and biscuits. Safer sex
information and supplies available as part of
the Fife Health Board condom distribution
scheme. Tel: Dunfermline (01383) 738517.
E-mail: [email protected]
further information on sexual and
reproductive services or Tel: 0141-211 6700
for counselling services. All services available
at a range of locations throughout NHS
Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.
AD Group:
Social group exclusively for lesbians over 40
who have come to terms with their sexuality
as lesbians. Meets each month to plan social
activities such as cinema, meals out, walks
and more.
E-mail: [email protected]
Ladybird Book Group:
Friendly and social lesbian book group meets
2nd Tue of each month from 7.45pm in Café
Nom De Plume. Newcomers welcome.
Contact for more information and details of
books coming up this year.
E-mail: [email protected]
Rubyfruits Edinburgh:
For lesbians and bi women. Meets Wed eve
anytime after 7.30pm in Café Nom De Plume,
60 Broughton Street. Widen your social circle,
network, plan weekend/eve activities (eg
walking, cinema, exhibitions) and maybe meet
that special somebody.
E-mail: [email protected]
Women’s Group:
New group offering the chance to meet other
women in a relaxed environment. Chat and
information on health and wellbeing issues, as
well as activities in and out the Centre. 2nd &
4th Fri of each monthfrom 2-4.30pm at the
LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 9 Howe
Street. Tel: Alison on 0131-652 3283.
E-mail: [email protected]
Women’s Book Group 7.30-9pm) on 2nd Wed
of each month at the LGBT Centre for Health
and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh.
Interested in reading and want to meet friends
who share your passion? Join this friendly
women’s book group.
E-mail: [email protected]
Sandyford: 2-6 Sandyford Place, Glasgow. G3
7NB. Sandyford provides sexual, reproductive
and emotional health services for all lesbian
and bisexual women. Tel: 0141-211 8130 for
Works to change the situation for LGBT
people facing domestic violence. Runs a
helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender people, their family, friends, and
agencies to support LGBT people around
domestic violence. Mon & Thu 2-8pm,Tue &
Wed 10am-5pm. Tel: 0300 999 5428.
E-mail: [email protected]
For male and female survivors. Female
Support Workers answer Freephone 0808
8000123 most evenings and Male Support
Workers answer Freephone 0808 8000122
on selected evenings. the Helpline hours are
advised on both answering services. Callers
are welcome to phone either line. Write: PO
Box 10, Dingwall. IV15 9HA.
Scotland-wide telephone service providing
support to women and men experiencing
sexual violence, as well as their friends and
families. Tel: Freephone 0808 8010302 (6pmMidnight). Minicom available.
Counselling service for male survivors of
childhood sexual abuse. Write: Sandyford
Counselling & Support Services, 2-6
Sandyford Place, Glasgow. G3 7NB. Tel:
0141-211 8133 or 0141-211 6700.
E-mail: [email protected]
GALHA is a membership organisation
promoting a gay-friendly Humanist outlook
and LGBT rights as human rights.
Membership is open to supporters
worldwide. Write: GALHA, 1 Gower Street,
London. WC1E 6HD.
E-mail: [email protected]
PTT is a gay Humanist charity which can
arrange non-religious ceremonies of love and
commitment for lesbian and gay couples at
very reasonable rates in most parts of
Scotland. Sponsors of LGBT History Month.
Write: 34 Spring Lane, Kenilworth,
Warwickshire. CV8 2HB. Tel: Kenilworth
(01926) 858450.
E-mail: [email protected]
Write: RC Caucus, PO Box 24632, London. E9
6xF. Tel: 020-7226 0847.
E-mail: [email protected]
Buddhist organisation established in more
than 190 countries throughout the world.
Their belief and practice direct people to
respect that which is of ultimate value: life
itself. Through their faith and practice,
members transform their inner lives and
develop the qualities needed to bring about
personal fulfillment and contribute to the
positive development of society. SGI-UK has
participated in Pride events throughout the
world and is now known as Rainbow
An inclusive community of diverse beliefs
which supports the pursuit of individual
spirituality and humanism. Meets at St Mark’s,
7 Castle Terrace at 11am on Sun and for
Mindfulness @ Lunchtime at 12.15pm on
Tue. Relationship blessings conducted.
E-mail: [email protected]
Meets 1-4pm on 1st Sat of each month at the
LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9
Howe Street, Edinburgh. A creative and
supportive space for making music. Play, sing
your own song, or just be an appreciative
listener. No need to book, just turn up. Bring
your own instruments, some percussion
supplied. £2 per session.
[email protected]
Meets 7-8.30pm on 1st Wed of each month
at the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing,
9 Howe Street, Edinburgh to talk about
current arts affairs, exhibitions, events, ideas,
music, and creativity. A safe space to discuss
the arts at large.
E-mail: [email protected]
Meets 7-9pm on 4th Wed of each month at
the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9
Howe Street, Edinburgh. An inclusive group
where you can meet new people and read and
discuss interesting books.
E-mail: [email protected]
Brings together individuals interested in
singing a fun repertoire, including pop, rock
and songs from the shows and movies. Now
is a great time to get involved, whether you're
a closet shower singer or have some
experience. Rehearses Tue eve in Central
Meets 2nd Tue of each month at 7.30pm in
Riverside Lounge, Glen Mhor Hotel, 8-15
Ness Bank, Inverness. IV2 4SG. Tel: Morgan
on 07745 930383.
E-mail: [email protected]
Documenting the collective history of
Edinburgh's LGBT communities, recording
life-stories and personal memories across the
generations, and celebrating our rich and
varied contributions to the quality of life in the
city. The culmination of this work was an
exhibition entitled 'Rainbow City: Stories from
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
Edinburgh' held at the City Art Centre,
Edinburgh in 2006. Write: Remember When
Project, c/o The Living Memory Association,
The Stables, 64/1 The Causeway, Edinburgh.
EH15 3PZ. Tel: 0131-661 3222, and leave a
message, stating clearly that it is for
Remember When.
E-mail: [email protected]
A club for men interested in Leather, Rubber,
Uniform. Meets in Edinburgh from 10pm
downstairs in the New Town Bar on 3rd Sat of
each month. Write: PO Box 28, Edinburgh.
EH3 5JL.
Fellowship of relatives and friends of
alcoholics who share their experience,
strength and hope in order to solve their
common problem. Anyone affected by
another person’s drinking is welcome. LGBT &
Friends Group meets 6.45-7.45pm at
Edinburgh LGBT Centre, 58a/60 Broughton
Street. Tel: Catherine on 07940 473150.
Whilst AA runs the f ollowing LGBT meetings
in Edinburgh and Glasgow, please note that it
is a non restrictive organisation and LGBT
people are welcome at any meeting.
AA Edinburgh: Tue 8pm (Edinburgh Peace
And Justice Resource Centre, St John’s
Church, Princes Street). Please note that the
last meeting of the month is open to non AA
AA Glasgow: Tue 7.30pm (Spoon Café, 46
Trongate), Fri 7.30pm (The Ogilvie Centre, 25
Rose Street).
AA National: Helpline: 0845 7697555 (24
hours). Northern Service Office: 0141-226
Trained and skilled volunteers able to offer
understanding and a listening ear to LGBT
people affected by Alzheimer’s disease or any
other form of dementia.To contact: Tel the
Alzheimer's Helpline on 0845 300 0336
or write to Alzheimer's Society LGBT Support
Group, Alzheimer's Society, Devon House, 58
Saint Katharine's Way, London. E1W 1Jx. or
E-mail: [email protected]
Public Sex Environments and venues as well
as on-line as part of the SNN group. They run
an 'Out of Hours' Testing Service Mon 57.30pm at "The Exchange", Lady Lawson
Street, Edinburgh where you can have a full
SEXUAL HEALTH check up including Hep
A&B vaccinations. No appointments
necessary. For further information or to
receive condom and lube supplies contact
Vaughan, Peter or Del on Tel: 0131-537 8300
or 07774 628227.
E-mail: [email protected]
For LGBT people with bipolar disorder, and
their carers, family and friends. Meets 7-9pm
on 1st Tue of each month at Terrence Higgins
Trust, Rothesay House, 134 Douglas Street,
Glasgow. No need for referral, just come along
on the night. Tel: Aileen on 0141-560 2050.
E-mail: [email protected]
2-6 Sandyford Place, Glasgow. G3 7NB.
Glasgow's main sexual, reproductive and
emotional health centre. Free web access and
health library with large LGBT lending
collection. Specialist services for gay men
(See separate ScotsGay Listing for Steve
Retson Project) and lesbians (See separate
ScotsGay listing for Sandyford under
Women). Self-referal sexual health service
with open access clinic each weekday with
registration from 8.30-10am or book on 0141211 8130.
E-mail: [email protected]
No 10, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee. DD11
1LL. A charity that exists to empower HIV and
HepC positive people and those affected
thereby to eliminate the stigma and isolation
they experience. Tel: Dundee (01382) 305736.
E-mail: [email protected]
Gartnavel General Hospital, 1053 Great
Western Road, Glasgow. G12 0YN.
Confidential information, advice, counselling
and direct access testing for HIV, Hepatitis and
Syphilis. The Centre provides ongoing medical
and social care plus psychological and
emotional support for people living with HIV
infection and one to one counselling for
people at risk of HIV. Tel: 0141-211 1089. Fax:
0141-211 1097. Mon-Thu 9am-5pm, Tue 56.30pm, Fri 9am-4.30pm.
Gartnavel General Hospital, 1053 Great
Western Road, Glasgow. G12 0YN. Social
work service for people with HIV/AIDS
providing intensive community based support.
General advice and information on community
care and housing needs also provided.
Tel: 0141-211 1090.
10 Union Street, Edinburgh. EH1 3LU. A
community led Lothian wide project for gay
and bisexual men. Wide ranging volunteering
opportunities which provide services including
support and counselling, scene work, peer
education and training, provision of condoms,
lube and Safer Sex information.
Tel: 0131-558 9444.
E-mail: [email protected]
Unit 9, The Adelphi Centre, Gorbals, Glasgow.
G5 0PQ. Tel: 0141-552 0112. A community
led project across the Greater Glasgow and
Clyde Health Board Area for gay and bisexual
men. Wide ranging volunteering opportunities
which provide services including support,
scene work, peer education and training,
provision of condoms, lube and Safer Sex
E-mail: [email protected]
10 Elderpark Workspace, 100 Elderpark
Street, Glasgow. G51 3TR. Mon-Fri 10am5pm. Telephone Support Service: 07778
117900 Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm. Tel: 0141-445
E-mail: [email protected]
Suite 2, 27 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh. EH7
4JE. Tel: 0131-558 3713. Fax: 0131-558 9887.
The national policy charity for HIV in Scotland.
Speaks out for people living with HIV and
provide knowledge and expertise to help
inform and deliver strong policies and effective
strategies to tackle the spread of HIV in
E-mail: [email protected]
Provides free complementary therapies and
psychotherapy to all people living with HIV in
Glasgow and the West of Scotland.
E-mail: [email protected]
Monklands Hospital, Airdrie. One stop shop
for HIV testing, treatment and support.
Appointments available Mon 9am-5pm (eve
available by request). Tel: Airdrie (01236)
712247. Support group for HIV Positive men
also available.
9 Howe Street, Edinburgh. EH3 6TE. This
unique Centre exists to improve the physical,
mental and social wellbeing of LGBT people
living in, working in and travelling to
Edinburgh. Runs events, workshops and
courses promoting healthy lifestyles,including
the LGBT Headspace programme focusing on
improved mental health and the LGBT Age
programme offering services to those over 50.
The Centre also provides a wide range of
information on health and LGBT topics, offers
one to one support services and supports
community groups. Tel: 0131-523 1100.
E-mail: [email protected]
13a Great King Street, Edinburgh. EH3 6QW.
Practical help for people who are infected or
affected by HIV and AIDS in Edinburgh, their
families and carers. Tel: 0131-558 1122. Fax:
0131-558 3636.
E-mail: [email protected]
A self help group offering support and
assistance for individuals with HIV/AIDS in the
Grampian area. Contact THT, 246 George
Street, Aberdeen. AB25 1HN.
E-mail: [email protected]
Part of the Harm Reduction Team within
Lothian NHS. Offers a confidential and
anonymous service for men who have sex
with men, including male sex workers
throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.
Provides a wide range of services including
sexual health and safer sex advice, information
and advice on drug use, personal safety, police
and legal advice, including operating in the
Remote Reporting Scheme. A great deal of
their work is done on an outreach basis in
Freephone 0800 567123. 24 hours.
Confidential advice and information. Minicom:
Freephone 0800 521361.
Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Glasgow. G3
7NB. A free sexual health screening and
counselling service for gay and bisexual men.
Clinics run Tue, Wed & Thu 5-8pm. Tel: 0141211 8628 for appointment..
134 Douglas Street, Glasgow. G2 4HF. HIV
prevention and support services in
Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Argyll & Bute,
the Glasgow area and Western Central
Scotland. Support & Advocacy Service
provides a full range of welfare rights advice
and representation as well as community
support for people living with blood borne
viruses. Also provides a range of health
promotion services for gay and bisexual men
throughout the West of Scotland. Contact for
further details. Volunteers welcome! Tel: 0141332 3838. Fax: 0141-332 3755. Helpline: THT
Direct 0845 1221200 Mon-Fri 10am-10pm,
Sat-Sun Noon-6pm.
E-mail: [email protected]
246 George Street, Aberdeen. AB25 1HN. HIV
prevention and support services in Grampian
including Community Support, Group Support
and LGBT Youth groups. Please contact for
further details. Volunteers welcome! Tel:
Aberdeen (01224) 451150. Helpline: THT
Direct 0808 802 1221 Mon-Fri 10am-10pm,
Sat-Sun Noon-6pm.
E-mail: [email protected] and www.
Social/support/information group for gay and
bisexual men living with HIV. Meets 2nd Tue of
each month from 7-9pm (new members
invited from 6.30pm). Tel: Criz on 0141-552
E-mail: [email protected]
3 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh. EH3 6NB.
Scotland's leading charity providing care and
support to people affected by HIV and
Hepatitis C. Whether someone is living with
HIV or Hepatitis C or are the partner or family
member of someone affected by these
conditions, Waverley Care has services that
can support them and provide up to date,
accurate information and resources. Services
include: Short-term Residential Intensive
Support, Support Services for all, including
specialist services for gay men, Community
Support and Outreach Services (including
Advocacy and Information, Arts Project,
Befriending/Buddying, Care at Home, Spiritual
and Pastoral Care, Complementary Therapies,
Counselling, Health Promotion), Prevention
and Awareness Raising. Tel: Neil - Gay Men's
Support Worker on 07962 909730 or Tel:
0131-558 1425 Mon-Fri 9-5pm or Tel: 0131441 6989 24hrs, 7 days per week. To become
a Buddy with Waverley Care, Tel: Kelly
McKnight on 07929 132675 or 0131-312
9953 or Annette Wilson on 0131-441 2791.
E-mail: [email protected]
The Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street,
Glasgow. G2 4JP. Tel: 0141-333 9393.
34 Waterloo Place, Inverness. IV1 1NB.Tel:
Inverness (01463) 711585
Nationwide Social and Contacts Club for the
older gay gentleman and his admirers, both
young and old. Scottish group next meets
from 1-4pm at Café Habana in Edinburgh on
Sun 22ns Jul, 19th Aug. Write: PO Box 2087,
Blackpool. FY4 1WL. Tel: Blackpool (01253)
E-mail: [email protected]
Edward (Scottish Contact):
E-mail: [email protected]
Independent working group which raises
awareness of issues facing older LGBT people.
Monthly meetings in Inverness. Tel: Suzy on
07791 874583.
Email: [email protected]
New support service for LGBT people over 50
years old in Edinburgh and the Lothians,
which will offer befriending, social events,
information and advocacy. Please help spread
the word to any older LGBT people you know.
Anyone interested in using the service or
volunteering, call Garry on 0131-652 3282.
E-mail: [email protected]
Informal social group for men over 40. Meets
in GMH, 10 Union Street, from 2-4.30pm on
1st and 3rd Sun of each month. Tel: John on
0131-556 1309 or Steve on 0131-558 9444.
E-mail: [email protected]
Social group for gay and bisexual men 40+.
Meets twice a month in central Glasgow from
3pm. Tel: Criz on 0141-552 0112.
E-mail: [email protected]
The Sisters and Brothers of the OPI are part
of a world wide order of queer men and
women of all sexualities which is open to all
who feel the habit. Its tenets are: The
expiation of stigmatic guilt and the
promulgation of universal joy through
habitual manifestation and perpetual
The Edinburgh convent. Write: Mistress of
Communications, c/o PO Box 666,
Edinburgh. EH7 5YW.
E-mail: [email protected]
The North Eastern convent. Write: Sister
Bobby OPI, Cairnglass, St Combs,
Fraserburgh. AB43 8UT. Tel: Inverallochy
(01346) 583145.
E-mail: [email protected]
UK and Europe Wide LGBT Caravan and
Camping Club. Aims to provide a means
whereby gay people can meet up for
weekends, weeks or even longer rallies
throughout the UK and sometimes into
Ireland and Europe. Tel: Eddie on Cheltenham
(01242) 526826.
E-mail: [email protected]
For LGBT Birdwatchers. Write: Gay Birders
Club, GeeBeeCee, BCM-Mono, London.
E-mail: [email protected]
For men and women.
Tel: Ian on 07977 317872.
E-mail: [email protected]
Holds regular events including walking,
skiing, cycling, climbing, mountain-biking,
kayaking, mountaineering, camping, youthhostelling, badminton, running and
swimming. For more information, vist
website or send an A5 sae to BM GOC,
London. WC1N 3XX. Or Tel: 0844 8700462.
E-mail: [email protected]
Leisurely walks in the countryside. Bring
sensible footwear/clothing and packed lunch.
2nd Sat of each month. Meet at Mitchell
Library, Berkeley Street. No membership just turn up. Cars normally shared. Tel:
Robert on 0141-950 1081.
E-mail: [email protected]
A UK-Wide, web-based organisation, offering
a wide range of activities: from camping,
hostelling, hill-walking and indoor climbing,
to the more extreme activities like gorge
scrambling, ice climbing, technical mountain
biking and many more. There's something
for everyone, no matter what your interest.
Core membership is Gay and Bi-sexual lads,
aged 18-35, but OutdoorLads does not
discriminate on any grounds including age,
sexuality, disability or sex, and welcomes
anyone who agrees with the group's aims
and objectives.
Scottish based club for all LGBT fans of
caravanning, camping and motorhoming.
Arranges meets, social events and more. Tel:
Craig on 07972 881155.
E-mail: [email protected]
Support group for gay fathers. Meets on last
Thu of each month (except Dec) in a private
room in Edinburgh LGBT Centre, 58a
Broughton Street. Assemble in Café Nom de
Plume first from 8pm - look out for sign on
table. Gay dads from all over Scotland
E-mail: [email protected]
Coming out? Information and support for
parents of LGBT people. Helpline and admin:
Tel: 0131-556 6047 before 10pm. Write: c/o
ScotsGay Magazine, PO Box 666, Edinburgh.
EH7 5YW.
E-mail: [email protected]
Friendly group is for anyone looking to meet
other LGBT parents, share experiences and
get advice from the group’s health visitor.
Regular outings organized. Toys provided!
Meets 2nd Sat of each month from 10amNoon at the LGBT Centre for Health &
Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh. Te;:
0131-523 1100 for more information.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0151-259 5935 (Telephone Answering
Machine). Write: 41 Sutton Street, Liverpool,
L13 7EG.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0131-337 2314. Write: 4 Clifton Terrace,
Edinburgh. EH12 5DR.
E-mail: [email protected]
contributing in any way, please get in touch!
E-mail: [email protected]
Copies of ScotsGay are sent free of charge to
prisoners in UK prisons and institutions.
Please contact us if you wish to be added to
the mailing list.
Scotland's very first LGBT group for football
players and fans alike. Trains every Thu at
Saughton, hold kick abouts every Fri at World
of Soccer and compete in the GFSN national
league and cup. All ability levels are welcome,
and the social side is just as important as the
playing - so what are you waiting for? For
more info Tel: (or text) 07585 132595.
E-mail: [email protected]
Write: National Officer (Education and
Equality), 46 Moray Place, Edinburgh. EH3
Tel: 0131-225 6244.
E-mail: [email protected]
Letter writing programme that connects
lebian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual,
intersex, queer and gender non-conforming
communities across prison walls.
E-mail: [email protected]
The Edinburgh group of CAMRA's Task Group
for LGBT real ale and cider fans. Meets in The
Regent on the 1st Mon of each month from
9pm to sample the brewers' art - Aug 2nd
Mon (to avoid GBBF). Tel: Karen on 0131-557
E-mail: [email protected]
Committed to principles of caring, trusting,
personal growth, sharing, and creativity aimed
at nurturing 'community' as an alternative to
the commercial scene. Organises Gay Men's
Weeks and shorter events each year in SW
Scotland, the English Lake District and other
venues across the UK. Write: Edward
Carpenter Community, BM ECC, London.
WC1N 3xx. Tel: 08703 215121.
E-mail: contact_ecc
"All of you is welcome – your shadow and
your light." A group of men who are attracted
to men committed to a journey of knowing
themselves and how they relate to others and
their environment. Seekers of an inner peace
they explore and stretch their psychological,
emotional, physical, social, spiritual and sexual
limits whilst respecting each other’s personal
boundaries in a loving, sacred, safe and
supporting space. They aspire to be their
authentic selves.
Spiritual community, ecovillage and holistic
learning centre. Offers regular residential
workshops and retreats for gay men and
lesbians at Findhorn in the North East of
Scotland, and at its retreat house on the
peaceful island of Iona. Tel: Findhorn (01309)
E-mail:[email protected] for all Findhorn
Foundation gay and lesbian workshops, or for information
about all the Foundation’s activities.
Caledonian Thebans Rugby Football Club is
Scotland's first gay/bi friendly rugby club.
Offers gay/bi/trans men the chance to learn
the game and play rugby in a safe and
supportive environment. Welcomes new
players (+18) at any level or experience and
new supporters to the club. If you're interested
in playing or supporting gay rugby in
Scotland, please get in touch. Come along and
get fit! Tel: 07758 668784 or Text "thebans" to
E-mail: [email protected]
Looking for new members, Meets on 2nd and
4th Tue of each month at Shandon Snooker
Club, Slateford Road from 7-9pm. Costs £3
per person.
E-mail: [email protected]
Looking to start up a gay volleyball team (and
for people who have had experience and
exposure to competitive volleyball) to take to
both local and international competitions. If
there is enough interest, an open day will take
place to meet and play volleyball to get an idea
of what your levels are and hopefully form a
team based on this. Everybody welcome
irrespective of sexuality.
E-mail: [email protected]
Challenges homophobia, biphobia and
transphobia in sport and showcases LGBT
people’s participation in sport. Tel: 07738
E-mail: [email protected]
LGBT-friendly football team based in Glasgow
open to all from Scotland. Training on Wed at
Glasgow Green, open kickabouts on Fri at
Crownpoint and matches most Sun in
different venues across the West. All abilities
and skills are welcome plus those who want to
watch and support. Regular social events
organised too.
E-mail: [email protected]
Friendly and relaxed group of mixed ability
players, including beginners. Meets 7-9pm
every Tue at Meadowbank Stadium,
Edinburgh with a coach on hand every other
week and doubles social play in between. The
club is a great opportunity to meet new
people, make friends and get some exercise.
E-mail: [email protected]
Glasgow based gay and lesbian badminton
club meets Sun Noon-2pm at National
Badminton Academy, Scotstoun for
competitive games. International tournaments
and matches against clubs in London and
Europe are held annually. Sorry - no
beginners. Tel: Raymond on 0141-778 9220.
Many Universities and Colleges have Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Societies.
Contact these via your Student Union or
Student Association. ScotsGay also links to a
number of LGBT Soc websites from our own
web page at Tel: NUS
Scotland LGBT Officer on 0131-556 6598 or .
Fax: 0131-557 5679. Write: Hazel Marzetti,
LGBT Officer, NUS Scotland, 29 Forth Street,
Edinburgh. EH1 3LE.
E-mail: [email protected] or
[email protected]
Transmen Scotland:
A national support group for all female to male
transgender people. Meets 2nd Sat of each
month from 7-9pm at LGBT Centre for Health
and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh. For
further info Tel/Text 07948 735179 or
E-mail: [email protected]
NEST Support:
Contact Nicola on 07523 279546.
E-mail: [email protected]
TV/TS Group:
Meets last Sat of each month at 5pm. Tel:
Gladys or Michelle on Buchlyvie (01360)
850516 or 07896 307348.
E-mail: [email protected]
For firefighters and control staff. Write: c/o Pat
Carberry, FBU, 68 Coombe Road, Kingston
upon Thames, Surrey. KT2 7SE. Tel: 07725
602524 or 020-8541 1765.
E-mail: [email protected]
Membership is open to all police officers and
police staff, serving or retired. Tel: 07092
700213 .
Write: Regional Equal Rights Officer, GMB
Scotland, Fountain House, 1/3 Woodside
Crescent, Glasgow. G3 7UJ. Tel: 0141-352
E-mail: [email protected]
Scottish Rep : Dave McNeilly c/o PCS,
Equalities Committee, 160 Falcon Road,
London. SW11 2LN. Tel: 07896 471891.
E-mail: [email protected]
Glasgow City LGBT Group. Meets pay day Tue
at 5pm in Glasgow City Unison Offices, 84 Bell
Street. All LGBT members welcome.
Edinburgh based website for young LGBT
people everywhere.
UK National organisation run by and for young
people providing a united voice for all lesbian,
gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex,
transgender, transsexual, queer and curious
youth. Online 24/7 providing peer support
through forums, campaigning for equal rights,
running regional groups across the UK and
much more! Queer Youth Scotland usually
meets monthly in either Glasgow, Dundee or
Zone Youth: LGBT group for people aged
under 26. Meets 2nd Sat of each month
Noon-3pm. Tel: 0845 2412151.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tutti Frutti: Youth group meets Wed eve in
Galashiels. Tel: 0131-555 3940.
Allsorts: Meets everyTue 6-8pm. Tel: 0131555 3940. Text: 07781 481788.
E-mail: [email protected]
Different Visions Celebrate (DV8):
Youth group for young people 25 and under
who have issues with their sexuality or with
the sexuality of a member of their family. Drop
In Service 9-5pm at Eighteen And Under, 1
Victoria Road, Dundee. Offers a safe and
friendly environment to meet and discuss
issues affecting the LGBT community and our
families. Tel: Shaun on Dundee (01382)
E-mail: [email protected]
Diversitay: T With Biscuits:
New Trans Group meets monthly. For more
information, Tel: Diversitay on Dundee
(01382) 202620 (Mon 7-9pm).
Edinburgh Trans Women:
Support group for transsexual women. Meets
1st Sat of each month 7.30-9.30pm in LGBT
Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe
E-mail: info
LGBT Youth D&G: Groups, volunteering and
support for LGBT people under 26 from
Dumfries and Galloway. Write: 88b High
Street, Dumfries. DG1 2RP. Tel: Dumfries
(01387) 255058. Text: 07785 274147.
E-mail: [email protected]
Informal social for all transgender people, their
partners, family and friends, held the 3rd Sat
of each month from 1-5pm at LGBT Centre for
Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street. A
friendly, safe and relaxed environment where
there's also space to change. Tel: 0131-523
E-mail: [email protected]
LGBT Youth Scotland: The Citadel, 39/40
Commercial Street, Edinburgh. EH6 6JD.
Provides services and opportunities for LGBT
young people (13-25) in Edinburgh, the
Lothians, Fife, Borders, Tayside and Dumfries
& Galloway. The groups include drop-ins at
their Edinburgh offices for under-18's (Wed)
and for over 18's (Thu). They also have a
range of different opportunities and they offer
training services. Nationally, they run regular
events for young people to get involved in
local and national decision-making, and to
make new pals and have a laugh. Office Tel:
0131-555 3940 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm).
E-mail: [email protected]
Write: GFSN Membership Secretary, PO Box
7424, Milton Keynes. MK8 9WQ. Tel: Barry on
Milton Keynes (01908) 564085. Scottish
Contact: Kevin Rowe - Tel/Text: 07808 263173
E-mail: [email protected]
Crosslynx Transgender Group:
Meets monthly at Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick
Street, Glasgow. Check website for details.
Tel: Crosslynx Helpline on 0141-847 0787
(Mon 7.30-9.30pm).
LGBT Youth Scotland Youth Programmes:
Glasgow Head Office, 38 Queen Street,
Glasgow. G1 3Dx. Tel: 0141-548 8121.
Running group for the LGBT community and
friends. All abilities welcome. Meets 7pm Thu
and 11.30am Sun at the Arc Leisure Centre in
Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens
Road. Social get-together after the run as
well! Join their Facebook group and follow
them on Twitter (@glasgowfrontrun). Tel/text:
07919 894317 (Simon).
E-mail: [email protected]
Sandyford Trans Women's Support Group:
Meets twice a month. Further details and
support from group member on 07758
462988 or contact Sandyford Community
Access Co-ordinator on 0141-232 8417.
E-mail: [email protected]
Gay and lesbian badminton club, meets each
Thu from 7-9pm at Meadowbank Stadium.
Seeks more full time and part-time players.
Come along, have fun, enjoy meeting the other
members for a friendly game and a social gettogether afterwards. Plays all year round and
can generally accommodate more players
during the Summer season (May-Aug),
Spaces may be limited for other seasons.
E-mail: [email protected]
Meets each Thu from 8-10pm. Come along
and have fun and enjoy meeting the other
members for a friendly game. All welcome.
Tel: Paul on 07708 514676 (6-11pm).
Gay football team meeting regularly to play,
train and for social events. Based in Aberdeen
and open to people of all ages, experience and
ability. Always on the lookout for new
members and volunteers, so if you can help
out with organising training, fundraising,
coaching, arranging kick abouts or socials or
Swans Of Scotland:
Meets last Thu of each month from 7-9pm at
Beaufort Hotel, 11 Culduthel Road.
E-mail: [email protected]
Central Scotland Transgender Group:
Meets 2nd Sat of each month 7-10pm. Tel:
Sarah Whyte on 07748 484703.
E-mail: [email protected]
Vivid Youth: For young LGBT people aged 1325. Group for 13-18 year olds: Tue 7-9.30pm.
Group for 18-25 year olds: Thu 7-9.30pm.
Contact for venue details.Tel: 0141-548 8121.
E-mail: [email protected]
Skittles LGBT Youth Group: For 16-25 year
olds. Meets Mon 6.30-10pm. Tel: Graham on
Hamilton (01698) 456680 during office hours.
E-mail: [email protected]
Big Deal: For under 26 year olds. Tel: 0845
E-mail: [email protected]
LGBT Youth Group: Last Wed of each month.
Tel: 0141-548 8121. Text: 07781 481788.
E-mail: [email protected]
Scottish lads eager to
chat and hook up now!
live 1-2-1
ne now
100s of guys onli
/hook up
To reply to a contact ad, just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and
place the envelope with your reply inside another envelope with two loose first class stamps. If you are writing from
outwith the UK, an International Reply Coupon (IRC) should be enclosed for each reply instead of postage stamps.
International Reply Coupons are available from Post Offices throughout the world. We are unable to send on replies
without postage stamps or IRCs. Replies to : ScotsGay, PO Box 666, Edinburgh EH7 5YW.
REMEMBER: You can also place and answer
personal ads free online at You can include your
telephone number in your ad at a cost of
£5. You will be telephoned by ScotsGay to
confirm your ad before it is printed.
Easy Going 39 Year Old - Caithness
Looking for someone who’s into music, having nights out or chilling at home with a few
vinos and good sense of humour for fun
times. Box SG12718.
West Lothian - Scotland
56 year old genuine caring honest gay
woman, boyish but not butch, WLTM non
drinker quiet living honest gay woman for
friendship hopefully leading to LTR. ALA.
Looks and size unimportant. Box SG12710.
Sane And Genuine 55 Year Old
Sane and sincere lesbian looking for friends
and maybe someone special. Likes cinema,
walking, quiet nights in. Box SG12711.
Sporty And Femme
Honest gay woman would like to meet similar. Enjoy tennis and footie aged also similar
late 40’s and femme. Tel: 07974 889401. Box
Edinburgh Sincere Feminine
Sincere feminine lesbian, likes travel, sunshine and relaxing, meals in and out, cinema,
gym, swimming. Would like to meet feminine
professional 40-50 for friendship and fun
times. Edinburgh. Box SG12713.
Sane Lesbian - 53 Years Old
Sane femme lesbian looking for friends
maybe even that special person. Love to walk
with someone, go to the cinema, eat out or
quiet nights in. Get in touch. Box SG12714.
Massage For Fun
Experienced massager gives a massage in return for fun. Cumbernauld based. Text: 07813
530143 or write Box SG12720.
58 Year Old Looking For Younger
58 year old chub/bear type looking for
younger top guys who want to vist for
overnights, weekends etc. At hotel too if visiting Glasgow. Non scene masculine guys
prefered. Box SG12721.
Grab Me!!!
I am looking for a younger BF who like myself, loves life, has a good sense of humour
and loves fine dining, horny sex, cuddles
incl! Box SG12722.
Ginger Friends In Aberdeen
Looking for ginger men for fun and friendship. I’m Spanish. Box SG12734.
Mutual Fun
Hi! New to this. Am looking for guy to wank
with and maybe lead to more. My mature age
group prefered but hey, if my luck’s in!!!!
Box SG12725.
Searching for Oriental Guys!!!
Hello there. Basically I’m an inexperienced 34
year old guy, 6’2”, slightly overweight. Would
love to meet up with an Asian gay, preferably
Oriental and smooth for fun, frolics and regular meets if possible. I’m more passive, so a
top would be particularly welcome. I know
I’m asking too much, but thanks for reading
anyway. Box SG12726.
Soft House Boy
Big obedient man as your boy in shorts/pants
for groping, spanking. Housework done. “O”
trained. Seeks master or bossy elegant type.
Seeks any age or shape. Box SG12727.
Glasgow - Sporty - Young Looking
- Cute - 38
100s of guys online. CALL NOW!
0871 300 0160
18+. Helpdesk 0844 944 0844. Live calls recorded. 0871 = 9p per min. Network extras apply. SP: 4D.
Ancient Organs
Old copies of Gay News and magazines (no
porn) are available for a donation to charity,
or to a good home. Box SG12730.
Isle Of Lewis Based Keen Naturist
Seeking like minded company, 18-38, and
local area based companionship to enjoy indoor and outdoor nudism with and for naturism related pursuits. Genuine replies only
please. Tel: 07971 028598 or write Box
Mature guy looking for fun with guy(s) aged
16-26 - probably at my place in Central Edinburgh. Nothing complicated: love not required although mutual respect is a must.
One off is good, so is longer term fuck
buddy. I’m mostly active but can be versatile
if that’s what really works for you. Safer fun
only - no barebacking. And a kiss or cuddle
can be just as good as (or better than) anything else - so there are a lot of options.
What have you got to lose by replying and
seeing if our needs/desires are compatible?
Other than your virginity which is soon gone
with this poof! Box SG12731.
23 Year Old gay Prisoner
Looking For Penfriends
I am looking for gay, bi or curious guys (18+)
to make friends with or maybe more. I’m in
prison until December this year. I am a slim,
fit, good-looking lad with a variety of interests. ALA. Box SG12732.
Sub Guy Seeks Dom
I am very submissive. Like giving oral and
being dominated. WLTM well endowed dom
master between 50-60 for genuine relationship. Box SG12733.
Retired Hippy
Mature Student
Edinburgh mature student, 55, WLTM
younger (16-26) student(s) in the city for fun
and friendship. Easy going. Non scene. Non
smoker. Discretion assured. Box SG12708.
Young male, 24, slim, 5ft 6in, seeks similar
good looking guy for fun and friendship possibly leading to more. Box SG12715.
I’m a young 59 and will obey any and every
command. Just want to be your slave. Box
Fun Times Ahead
I’m 55 years old, of slim build, looking to
meet you for lots of fun. If you are of similar
age and love to meet and have fun then let
me know ASAP. Box SG12717.
Gay Parties
Gay fun parties are being held in a private
house 12 miles from Glasgow on Sundays
8th, 15th, and 29th July (afternoon/evening).
For information: text 07466 000815. Or write
Box SG12719.
60something Male Seeks Assistance With
Unreliable Erection
Illness has reduced functionality, possibly
temporarily, would you help to prove that this
is correct? Alternative methods of satisfaction guaranteed! Box SG12709.
We do not provide box numbers to advertisers outwith the UK. Instead, their personal
contact details will be published both in the
magazine and online.
Penpal contacts with gay men all over the
world. Over 120 subscribers in 30 countries.
To join is free: send your ad. Only subscribers get the booklet with all data and addresses by enclosing £5. INTERGAY,
Voorstraat 12-A, 4033 AD Lienden, Netherlands.
Council Swap
Lovely one bedroom council flat on the coast
in Fife overlooking the Forth, close to railway
station/shops/public transport. Looking for
two bedroom flat in city. Box SG12724.
Athletic build, 6ft, OHAC, SA, SL, casula
dressed, can travel and accommodate. Honest, caring person. Hobbies: gym, footie,
pubs, clubs, driving, cinema. Hoping to meet
gay or bi guy aged 18-40 for fun relationship.
Telephone: 07503 379678 or Write: Box
27 Year Old Ass Eater Seeks Fit Lad 16-35
I’m a slim, fit, good-looking 27 year old lad,
5ft 10in. I have my own place in the Edinburgh area. I love rimming, sucking and
kissing. I am looking for a lad 16-35 for regular rimming and oral fun. I love eating ass.
I’m looking for a fit lad’s ass to eat regularly.
I’m really into teen lads 16-19 and lads in
their 20’s. If you are within these age ranges,
you will definitely be my first choice. I’m also
into lads’ feet and socks. I love to lick fit lads’
sweaty feet clean and suck toes. I am up for
regular fun. I can send you my pic before
meeting. If all this sounds good and gets you
really hard, please get in touch by texting me:
07957 210946 or write: Box SG12707.
Silver Bear
Edinburgh based 50something guy seeks
morally relaxed women of all ages for fun
and friendship. Box SG12703.
Experienced cleaner, trained masseur, looking for work in Edinburgh. Deep cleaning,
shopping, everyday household tasks undertaken. Trained in Swedish massage techniques. Tel: 07954 619132.
Cheap Inspector Taggart
Registered Blind Lonely Prisoner
Seeks Friends And More
I’m Tony, 26 years old and looking to make
friends, maybe more, from Glasgow (18-30
years old). I’m in prison until November and
am desperate not to return! All letters will be
replied to, pics appreciated. Please reply! Box
Summer Fun
Going to be in Edinburgh during the summer? Aged 16-21. Curious? Mature guy will
guide you through your first time and nobody
need ever know! Box SG12704.
Having made an exhibition of himself at Pride
Scotia, Taggart reflects on the coming Pride
celebrations in Glasgow and comes to the
conclusion that his day might be more enjoyable were he to eschew the March, remain at
Kelvingrove and consider the lillies if not the
bushes. If you have any lillies for him to consider (or bushes) - then write to him at Box
Bi Curious?
There has to be a first time for everything!
Aged 16-21? Get in touch? Considerate, experienced, versatile, older guy will talk you
through things at your own pace before getting down to some safe fun. Your limits respected. Total discretion assured. Live in
Edinburgh and can accommodate but may
travel if required. Box SG12701.
55, looking for some love and affection from
women and men of all ages. Box SG12702.
Masterly Guy Seeking Friends
Older guy will pull your briefs down and give
you a spanking good time. Also seeking watersports fun and games at your place or
neutral. Welcome photos. Sorry cannot accommodate. Box SG12723.
Cash For Your Body
Photogenic guys can earn £150 cash posing
for Mike Arlen who has had 15 glossy magazines published called Mike Arlen’s Guys.
Send snapshots of your magnificent body to
him: Mike Arlen, Wetherby Studios, 23
Wetherby Mansions, Earls Court Square,
London. SW5 9BH or Phone: 020-7373
1107. E-mail: [email protected] [0]
A1 Erotic Videos
For all your mucky movies: [0]
Contacts and friendships for men over sixty.
The organisation for the more mature gentleman and his admirers. Write to: CAFFMOS,
PO Box 2087, Blackpool. FY4 1WL. Or phone
Blackpool (01253) 318327 for info. [0]
Very experienced good looking gardener
available to look after your garden to the very
highest standards, no task too difficult.
Based in the central belt and covering Glasgow and Edinburgh. Please call me on 07981
920156. [127]
Limited Companies
Only £90 for your own Limited Company.
PLCs, Guarantee, Charitable and Unlimited
Companies also available. Freephone 0800
526421. E-mail:
[email protected] Web: [0]
Proofreading And Tuition
In English (including TEFL), French, Latin,
Greek and Gaelic, Typing Services, Historical
and Genealogical Research. Charles S Coventry, 303/3 Colinton Road, Edinburgh. EH13
0NR. Tel: 0131-441 7898. E-mail:
[email protected] [0]
A contact ads publication for gay and bisexual men, 18+, who enjoy all forms of maleto-male discipline! Contacts, Stories, CP
Pictures, CP Videos & DVDs, News, CP Clubs
and Events. SAE for details or E-mail. Write:
TD Monthly, PO Box 310, Manchester. M15
6WT. E-mail: [email protected] Web: [0]
Uniform Dating - Free Membership For
Every ScotsGay Reader
Fancy a date in uniform? Here’s your chance!
With thousands of registered firemen,
nurses, pilots, military, police officers and
singles from other professional uniformed
services, Uniform Dating offers the most
unique online dating experience. It is now
open to those who are not in uniform. Uniform Dating has been made available to readers of the ScotsGay Magazine, with
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Marc - Edinburgh’s Number 1 Escort
Blair - Glasgow!
Discreet, Sexy and Horny Guy. City Centre
Based Apartment, Ideal location when you’re
visiting town. Treat yourself to the best Gay
male escort in town also offering a sensual
tantric massage,
Call/txt 07957 953832. [127]
Hi, I’m Blair. I’m a boy next door type with a
friendly fun sometimes cheeky attitude. I am
18 and Versatile :) I can accommodate in the
South side of Glasgow or come to your hotel
or place, Give me a call/Text on 07511
145322 or you can book me through ScottishGayEscorts. [127]
Ricky has become one of ScotsGuys top escorts - and what a little hottie he is! This cute
21 year old lad is full of energy and enthusiasm, and he leaves you wanting more! A
friendly chatty and open nature means that
he will have you chatting away like mates in
no time. Ricky is affectionate, tactile and offers a great massage for total body relief. He
has the cutest smile you’ve ever seen and
sexy come-to-bed eyes. Although Ricky is
short in stature (he’s only 5 foot 6 tall) he
makes up for it elsewhere and is well hung,
versatile and has the most perfect ass! One
of the sweetest, sexiest young men you will
meet, Ricky is a catch and a half, and you
better book him quick - he’s very much in demand! Call Scotsguys 07961 988754. [127]
Bryan - Glasgow!
West Fife – Therapies
On A “Pay What You Can” Basis
Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m 19 years old and come
from Glasgow I’m quite shy until you get to
know me! I’m your typical daddy’s boy. I can
accommodate in the south side of Glasgow 2
mins from the city centre, I’m sure you won’t
be disappointed! I’m into most things but I
am willing to learn new things if you are
would like to teach me! Give me a call or text
if you prefer on 07511 145322 or go to ScottishGayEscorts if you prefer :) [127]
Classical Tantric Hot Oil Massage
Marcus is a great looking Glasgow escort and
model! He is a hot 19 year old guy who is always immaculately dressed and groomed. He
has a gorgeous smile and sparkling blue
eyes, and he’s tall, fit and hung. Marcus is
versatile but prefers to be passive, and he’s a
delicious kisser. A friendly, approachable,
down-to-earth, natural guy, Marcus is everything you could ask for in an escort. The kind
of guy you would be happy to be seen out on
the town with in a nice restaurant or bar, or
maybe just keep him all to yourself for an intimate hour or two. Whatever you choose to
do, Marcus is one hot date! He can accommodate in Glasgow or will travel. Book Marcus now and enjoy an exceptional escort!
Call Scotsguys 07961 988754. [127]
Hi, my name is Mark and I have created for Mind, Body
and Spirit Therapies offering: Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki. The
credit crunch is affecting some more than it
is others. So, between now and the 27th July
I am inviting you along in good faith on a
PAY WHAT YOU CAN basis. As part of my
business ethic, 5% of any fees received go to
a featured charity. Please take a look at the
site for more details on the therapies, myself,
my usual fees and the charities I support.
Contact: [email protected] or Call
07940 421038 for a professional, healing,
non-sexual experience. [127]
Massage For Men - Edinburgh
Are you in need of an affirming, masculine,
stress busting chill out guys? Experience the
blissful pleasure and nurturing benefits of a
deeply relaxing full body massage in a private
city centre sanctuary. I use a broad range of
techniques that can be selectively blended to
meet individual need. Excellent rate of £20
for all clients. Qualified, experienced (16
years) gay therapist who is friendly, respectful and caring. Contact Jim on 07503
446534. [128]
Sensual intimate original classical full body
Tantric massage with hot oils. Unique body
to body sensual techniques. Therapeutic
healing blissful, discreet experienced
masseur city centre, free parking. Tel: 07551 321545.
Male To Male Massage
Therupeutic sensual massage. Back and front
stimulation. Relax for 1 hour 55 mins in private discreet room. Qualified therapist. Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Tel: Russell 07938
693730. [128]
Advertising Pays
ScotsGay charges just £60 a year for an ad
here! E-mail: [email protected]
or Tel: 0131-539 0666.
18 Barony Street (Bed And Breakfast) Edinburgh EH3 6BJ
Live the life-stay in the village. Clean spacious
comfortable rooms (shared bathrooms) from
£30 pp/pn. Tel: 0131-531 0664 or 07592
905208 or 07949 157219. E-mail:
[email protected] You can stay for one
night or as long as you wish. The gay village is
on our door step. [128]
Paul is a great looking 22 year old lad with a
lovely smile and gorgeous dark brown eyes.
He is a very laid-back and easy going young
man who is polite and well-mannered, and he
shows a genuine interest in the people he
meets. Paul is a really hot guy and an experienced escort, who knows what his clients
want! He’s a versatile and well-hung lad and
he is very flirtatious and sexual! He can accommodate in Ayr and Glasgow, and will
travel if given advance notice. Paul has it all book him and you will see! Call Scotsguys
07961 988754. [127]
Massage For Guys - Edinburgh
Experience a full body Swedish Massage
using deep tissue manipulation using sensual
Tantric techniques - guaranteed to make you
feel relaxed. Offered by fully qualified and
friendly guy based in Edinburgh near Holy
Corner. Sessions last just over an hour. No
out calls. Reasonable rates - £30 (£15) for
students. Phone 07983 422652 or E-mail:
[email protected]
Scotland’s Premier Escort Agency. Currently
Recruiting. 07961 988754. [127]
All New, All Gay Guesthouses - Edinburgh
Two great locations. Exclusively gay. Easy walk
to nightlife. Stylish rooms, all with TV and video
(tapes available). Shared and private bathrooms. Breakfast available till noon. Non-smoking houses. Easy parking. Room rates: £29-£49
per night. Call 0131-558 1382 or Fax 0131-556
8279. Web:
Personal Ad: FREE!
Cherry Tree Lodge - West Fife
Cherry Tree Lodge is a gay owned, secluded,
easily accessible guest house and retreat space
offering bed and breakfast with stunning views
of the Scottish countryside in the Kingdom of
Fife. We offer a tranquil, relaxing space for
those exploring the area, business people who
want a more personal experience than a hotel or
those just wanting to stay awhile and be nourished in mind, body and soul. Tel: 01383
851059. It’s a place where you can just “Be”. [131]
Isle Of Iona Self Catering
Cottage available on the Isle of Iona for self
catering. Recently extensively renovated: new
bathroom with shower, central heating, plus
back sun room looking across the fields to the
sea. One small double room, one single room,
two bed sofas. The beach is 3 minutes walk
away - however the cottage is 10 minutes walk
from the jetty. Very quiet and peaceful, ideal for
walking and relaxing. Non-smoking house.
Special mid week rates.
See for pictures
and more details or contact Jenny on 07961
446904 (E-mail from website preferred). [136]
Moffat - Dumfriesshire
Comfortable Bed and Breakfast. All rooms ensuite with TV and DVD and free WiFi in all
rooms. Massage available. Tel: 01683 221905.
E-mail: [email protected]
Photo with Ad
with Phone No.
Commercial Ad
Back Rubs Ad
with Photo
Postal Subscriptions to ScotsGay
6 Issue Sub (UK)
6 Issue Sub (Overseas)
12 Issue Sub (UK)
12 Issue Sub (Overseas)
Penzance - Cornwall
Small, gay-friendly, period hotel situated with
own parking in town centre. Rooms available
en-suite. Web: Tel:
Penzance (01736) 368888. [0]
ScotsGay Magazine, PO Box 666, Edinburgh EH7 5YW
*denotes ScotsGay available
20 Adelphi. Sun & Thu 9pm2am, Fri-Sat 9pm-3am. New
LGBT and Straight friendly
venue in old My Club premises.
fb: Chaplins Aberdeen
11 Hadden Street. Lively gay
bar and club with entertainment
and more.
fb: Cheerz Bar
13 Hadden Street. LGBT
friendly pub with karaoke five
nights per week.
fb: MarketArmsAberdeen
218 Holburn Street. Tel:
(01224) 211441. Mon-Fri
Noon-10pm, Sat Noon-9pm,
Sun 2-9pm. 8-man Jacuzzi,
sauna, steamroom, café. Free
Internet access. Massage
E-mail: [email protected]
88b High Street, Dumfries, DG1
2BJ. Tel: (01387) 255058.
Various group drop-ins, please
view online calendar: www.
Also provides LGBT awareness
training to professionals.
[email protected]
2 St Andrew’s Lane. 7pmMidnight. Gay bar.
fb: b4out
11 Princes Street. Tel: (01382)
451986. Noon-10pm. Sauna,
gym, steamroom, lockers,
lounge, cabins.
E-mail: [email protected]
73-75 Seagate. Tel: Dundee
(01382) 690403. Sun 12.30Midnight, Mon-Sat 11amMidnight. Formerly The Gauger.
Karaoke Wed, Fri & Sun. Pool
table. Free WiFi. Regular live
bands and acts.
fb: klozet.dundee
124 Seagate. Tel: (01382)
200660. Wed-Sun 11pm2.30am. Good atmosphere,
very popular disco with wide
selection of sounds and the
occasional act/PA.
fb: outdundee
9 Crichton Street. Sun-Tue
4pm-Midnight, Wed-Thu 2pmMidnight, Fri-Sat
11am-Midnight. Cosy little bar.
fb: Salty Dog
8 Drummond Street. Tel: 0131557 9413. Fax: 0131-557 8336.
Sun Noon-9pm, Mon-Sat
10am-9pm. Fem 2 Dom is at
25 Easter Road. Tel: 0131-623
6969. Licensed sex shops.
23-25 St Leonards Street.
Tel: 0131-668 2934. Sun
12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat Noon1am. Everybody-friendly real
ale bar. Food served: Mon-Sat
Noon-9.30pm, Sun 12.308pm.
[email protected]
1 Barony Street/36 Broughton
Street. Tel: 0131-556 2788
(Bar) or 0131-557 0911
(Office). Sat-Sun 10am-11pm,
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm. Food
served until 10pm. Popular
LGBT café.
220 Morrison Street. Tel: 0131538 7069. Mon-Sat
10am-1pm, 2-5.30pm. Sells a
selection of gay magazines.
The Annexe at The Liquid
Rooms, 9c Victoria Street
(Entrance via Cowgate). Tel:
0131-225 2564. 1st Sun of
each month. 10.30pm-3am.
Monthly club night - previously
22 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131558 1270. 1pm-1am. Friendly
pre-club bar popular with locals
and visitors. Free WiFi Internet
[email protected]
60 Broughton Street. Tel: 0131478 1372. Café/bar at the LGBT
Centre. Meals, snacks, drinks.
Free WiFi. Dogs welcome.
Outdoor smoking area.
[email protected]
23-24 Greenside Place. Tel:
0131-556 9331. Sun 12.30pm3am, Mon-Sat 11am-3am.
Recently renovated.
[email protected]
fb: CC Blooms
Spiders Web Basement, 258
Morrison Street. Tel: 0131-228
1949. 8pm-1am. Last Fri of
each month. Fetish club.
58a and 60 Broughton Street.
Houses Café Nom De Plume
and Pride Scotia. Free WiFi
Internet access (sponsored by
ScotsGay). Bought in 1974 by
the Scottish Minorities Group,
it is the only LGBT-owned
LGBT Centre in the UK and is
also the oldest LGBT Centre
outwith the USA. Tel: 0131-556
9471. Meeting Room Booking
Tel: 07817 533337.
E-mail: edinburghlgbtcentre
133-135 East Claremont Street.
Tel: 0131-556 5662. 11am1am. Breakfast until 6pm at
weekends, Lunch 11.30am6pm, Dinner 6pm-10pm. Bar
and restaurant.
C.C. Bloom’s, 23-24 Greenside
Place. Tel: 0131-556 9331.
11pm-3am. First Fri of each
month. Club night.
fb: Electroedinburgh
87-89 Rose Street Lane North.
Tel: 0131-225 6967.
Edinburgh’s oldest gay pub.
[email protected]
4 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-550
1780. Sun & Tue 11pm-3am,
Wed 9.30pm-3am, Thu 11pm3am, Fri-Sat 9pm-3am.
Stylish bar and club catering for
the capital's fashionable gays.
9 Howe Street. Tel: 0131-523
1100. LGBT community centre
in the heart of the New Town
offering a range of events,
courses and activities. Also
provides meeting space for
community groups. See
website for listings.
[email protected]
26B Dublin Street. Tel: 0131538 7775. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Thu Noon-1am, Fri-Sat
Noon-2am. Food: Mon-Fri
Noon-3pm. Popular and busy
gay bar. Free WiFi Internet
access. Real ale.
18 Albert Place, Leith Walk. Tel:
0131-553 3222. Mon-Thu
Noon-10pm, Fri-Sun Noon11pm. The UK's first VAT
registered gay sauna! £10 (£8
concessions), £5 after 8pm.
6 Baxter's Place. Tel: 0131-556
5551. 1pm-1am. Popular and
busy gay bar with friendly staff.
Karaoke Sun-Thu from 9pm.
Nightly DJ.
[email protected]
Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh
College Of Art, 74 Lauriston
Place. Tel: 0131-229 1003.
Infoline: 07767 359977.
8-10.30pm. Next date: Contact
them. Brand new Queer and
Female kick-ass band night
followed by queer club HOT
MESS. £2 entry.
E-mail: p.whipped.edinburgh
5 Barony Street. Tel/Fax: 0131477 4756. Mon-Fri 11am-7pm,
Sat 11am-6pm. Scotland's only
licensed gay store. Not just
feelthy pictures - lifestyle too!
2 Montrose Terrace. Tel: 0131661 8198. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Sat 11am-1am.
Edinburgh’s Gay Real Ale Pub.
CAMRA's Lesbian & Gay Real
Ale Drinkers meet here on the
1st Mon of the month (2nd
Mon in Aug) from 9pm.
[email protected]
The Annexe at The Liquid
Rooms, 9c Victoria Street
(Entrance via Cowgate). Tel:
0131-225 2564. Sat 16th Jun.
The popular women's club
night returns.
5 Broughton Market. Tel: 0131477 3567. Daily 11am-11pm.
Stylish sauna forming part of
busy gay hotel and sauna
complex in centre of gay
quarter. State-of-the-art
facilities including large spa
pool, sauna cabin, large steam
room, video room, labyrinth
with themed areas, café lounge,
free Internet access, tanning
2 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-556
4272. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Sat Noon-1 am. Small but
perfectly formed bar run by
Louise and Trendy Wendy.
Mood Nightclub, 1 Greenside
Place. Tel: 0131-550 1640. Tue
10pm-3am. New club night.
Eclectic mix of tunes from
resident DJ PJ. £3 (plus free
cloakroom and discounted
chippy and taxi home!)
[email protected]
fb: Mood Tuesdays
Fiddler's Elbow, 4 Picardy
Place. Tel: 0131-556 9933. 1st
Sat of each month. 8pm-1am.
Female run Girls’ Night (men
welcome as guests). £5.
[email protected]
fb: Virgenedinburgh
20 Leopold Place. Tel: 0131556 3556. 11am-11pm. Newly
opened below Richmond Hotel.
Food served from Noon.
E-mail: weespinneyscafebar
43-45 West Nicolson Street.
Tel: 0131-662 9112. Sun Noon5pm, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Independent radical bookshop.
E-mail: books
41b York Street. Tel: 0141-237
3011. Mon-Thu NoonMidnight, Fri-Sun Noon-2am.
Sauna. Mon: Buddies Day (2
for 1), Wed: Towel Free Day, Fri:
TVs, CDs and Admirers Day,
Sun: £5 entry.
fb: Ambassadors Rainbow
80 Glassford Street. Tel: 0141552 5761. Wed-Sun
10pm-3am. New club in former
Bennets premises "Manchester has now arrived in
E-mail: [email protected]
350 Sauchiehall Street. Tel:
0141-352 4900. Fax: 0141-332
3226. Café Tel: 0141-332 7959.
Info: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Gallery: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm.
Café: Mon -Sat, 10amMidnight. Bar: Mon-Sat
Noon-Midnight. Centre for
Contemporary Arts. ScotsGay
available in bar.
E-mail: [email protected]
69 Hutcheson Street. Tel: 0141552 2463. Sun Noon-Midnight,
Mon-Sat 8am-Midnight.
Intimate bar. Straight friendly.
68 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141552 4803. Noon-Midnight. DJs
nightly from 9pm. Thu: Quiz.
Sun: Karaoke.
10 John Street. Tel: 0141-553
5851. Sat 11pm-3am.
Women’s bar/club.
45 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141552 5699. Mon-Thu
11am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10.30am6.30pm, Sun Noon-5pm.
Locally owned and
independent. Sells aromas,
toys, lubes, magazines and
books, underwear, T-shirts,
gifts, etc.
[email protected]
20 Candleriggs. Tel: 0141-564
1285. Sun 12.30pm-Midnight,
Mon-Fri 4pm-Midnight, Sat
Noon-Midnight. Bar in the heart
of the Merchant City.
fb: MerchantPride
17 John Street. Mon-Fri 4pmMidnight, Sat-Sun 3pmMidnight. Gay bar (formerly
5-10 Metropole Lane. Tel:
0141-552 5502. Mon-Thu
11.30am-11pm, Fri 11.30amSat 6am, Sat Noon- Sun 11pm.
Men's Health and Leisure Club.
Usual facilities. £13 (£10
84 Wilson Street. Tel: 0141-553
1221. Sun 9pm-3am, Mon
11pm-3am (Club X only), Tue
10pm-3am, Wed 7pm-3am,
Thu-Sat 11pm-3am. Long
established pub/club. Young
3rd Floor, 27 Union Street. Tel:
0141-221 0415. Sun Noon8.30pm, Mon-Sat
11.30am-10pm. Established
gay sauna. Entry £8.
[email protected]
The Joint On The Corner, 58
Virginia Street. Tel: 0845
6595904. 5pm-3am. Liquor
and cabaret.
[email protected]
308 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141572 1017. Fax: 0141-221 0959.
Sun Noon-5pm, Mon-Sat
10am-6pm. Clothes and toys
catering for gay, transvestite
and fetish tastes.
10 John Street. Tel: 0141-553
5851. Sun 12.30pm-2am,
Mon-Thu 4pm–2am, Fri 4pm–
3am, Sat Noon–3am. Fresh
alternative to the gay scene.
Food until 9pm.
[email protected]
Chisholm Street. Tel: 0141-552
8587. Fax: 0141-552 6657. Sun
11am-Late, Mon-Sat 10amLate. Friendly theatre bar.
Mixed. Good food.
6a John Street. Tel: 0141-553
2456. Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight,
Sat-Sun 1pm-Midnight.
Formerly Revolver Bar. A
refreshing antidote to the
current gay scene. Free WiFi.
Violate Club Line: 09099
108174 (75p per min at all
times) or 07939 723387.
BDSM Runs regular clubs at
the Big Joint in South Street,
Glasgow on the first Sat of the
Basement, 45 Virgina Street.
Specialises in art from the
LGBT Community and erotic art
for all! Over 18’s only. Life
Drawing on Tue eve.
306 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141248 7216. Sun
12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat
Noon-Midnight. Popular,
crowded, down to earth
drinking shop. Scotland's
oldest gay bar. Busy, busy,
The Tunnel, 84 Mitchell Street.
Tel: 0141-204 1000. 1st Wed of
each month. 11.30pm-3am.
Club night.
Garioch Centre. Tel: Inverurie
(01467) 622966. New gay
friendly establishment.
E-mail: [email protected]
Moloko, 42 New Street. Tel:
0141-561 2004. Second Sat of
each month. 10pm-3am. The
first and only gay club in
E-mail: forbiddenfruitpaisley
fb: ForbiddenFruitPaisley
3 Barnton Street. Tel: (01786)
448458. Sun-Thu 8amMidnight, Fri-Sat 8am-1am.
LGBT friendly.
[email protected]
fb: katiesbarbistro
Kenneth Street. Tel: (01851)
703307. Mon-Sat 8.30am-Late.
LGBT friendly arts centre with
bar and restaurant. Real ale.
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pic by Steve Ullathorne
SGfr nge
pic by Steve Ullathorne
pic by Steve Ullathorne
pic by Steve Ullathorne
ISSUE 1 of 3 / August 2012
Jo Caulfield
Bridget Christie
Steven Dawson
Paul Foot
Milo McCabe
Peter Scott-Presland
Rosie Wilby
Stewart Lee
Andrew Doyle talks to
Twitter, gay marriage, comedy awards and Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance
Jo Caulfield
Bridget Christie
Steven Dawson
Paul Foot
Milo McCabe
Peter Scott-Presland
Rosie Wilby
At the Edinburgh Fringe
Stewart Lee
Andrew Doyle talks to
Twitter, gay marriage, comedy awards and Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance
pic by Steve Ullathorne
ISSUE 1 of 3 / August 2012
ne of the very best things
about this job is that I get to
write about the stuff that I like.
The truth is that over the last twelve
years as a reviewer at ScotsGay, I
have witnessed no better stand-up
than Stewart Lee. When ScotsGay
last interviewed him he was tagged
as the ‘41st best stand up ever’ by a
Channel 4 ‘poll’. This year he won
two British Comedy Awards and a
Bafta. If you are a fan of real standup, rather than much of the guff you
get on TV, go see.
Should ScotsGay only write about
LGBT shows? Maybe, but much
better, I think, is to try and cover stuff
of interest to the LGBT reader. That
includes brilliant acts, who happen to
be gay, like Susan Calman and Paul
Foot. It also includes queer theatre
like Strip Search, Monstrous Acts or
Made For Each Other. But we also
look outwards and ask, ‘What else is
around?’ and importantly, ‘is it any
[email protected]
This is the first of three issues of
SGfringe for 2012. As usual you can
join us online at, on
facebook and on twitter.
Our reviews team is bigger than
ever this year - and I’d like to take
this opportunity to welcome them all
- new faces and old. Special mention
to Andrea Lockes - it’s Andrea’s job
to daily sub-edit reviews and post
them on to our website. A mammoth
undertaking. Last year’s team
reviewed almost 200 shows.
How many this year...?
3 Welcome
4 Peter Scott-Presland
4 Theatre Previews
6 Rosie Wilby
8 Milo McCabe
8 Comedy Previews
10 Bridget Christie
12 Stewart Lee
16 Steven Dawson
16 Cabaret Previews
18 Paul Foot
19 Dance Preview
20 Jo Caulfield
20 Musicals Previews
ScotsGay’s Team of Festival Reviewers for 2012
L-R Top: Adam Carver, Adele Monk, Albert Fish, Andrea Lockes (Reviews Editor), Angus Wyatt, Ben Behrens, Clare Finney,
Bottom: David Randall, Jodie Fleming-Stanley, Martin Gourlay, Martin Walker (Fringe Editor), Nathan Sparling, Sophie Alexander & Tony Challis.
22 Other Events
theatre previews
Tells us about ‘Strip Search’
Strip Search is a solo show for a male stripper. “Squaddie” is doing a macho strip act in a
gay bar, but the irony is that he was a real soldier in a previous life. He goes back over his
life to understand what brought him to this point – abused child, rent boy, gambler,
soldier…. The real-time physical strip is paralleled with a psychological strip. It’s a hell of
a stretch for any performer because they have to be both a great stripper and a great actor.
They have to go backwards and forwards between doing the strip and telling the story, and
the story is really intense and has huge emotions. So there’s a lot of disturbing images in
here, as well as the nudity’n’stuff.
Tell us about ‘Locked In’
Locked In is a one-man play based on the diaries of Keith Vaughan. Keith Vaughan was
one of the most important British painters of the mid-20th Century, and friend of Francis
Bacon, Graham Sutherland, David Hockney, John Minton etc. His subject matter was
defiantly gay – bathers, lovers – in a style that became increasingly abstract.
Behind his success was a man of intense sensitivity, fierce doubts, caustic humour, anger
and fear of ageing. An intense romantic, he couldn’t allow himself to give way to his
feelings in life. So he poured them all out in one of the funniest, sexiest, most vivid
journals ever written – a journal he kept for forty years. Eventually he broke his heart – he
will break yours too.
The same company present Locked
In - based on the journals of Keith
Vaughan (1912-77), a great British
painter and friend of the likes of
Hockney, Sutherland and Bacon. His
diaries are vivid, funny, angry, erotic,
despairing. Whether Vaughan is rescuing
wounded soldiers in an air raid, standing
trial as a spy, having a holiday fling with
a sexy young Mexican, writing to the
Times about the joys of pornography, or
demolishing the claims of pretentious
conceptual artists, in this play you are
always right there with him.
[email protected] Hall/13-25 Aug.
Bringing two shows to the Fringe is a lot of work! Why two shows?
We wanted to capitalize on the success of “Strip Search” last year, because we sold out
and had some great reviews, and also Damola, who plays Squaddie, had a nomination for
Best Actor in the Dark Star Awards. But I also wanted to try it in a cabaret venue, which is
closer to where the play is set, and means you should get more audience reaction. There’s
a bit of audience participation too! So the contrast between the two sides of the show
should be even stronger.
I read the Keith Vaughan diaries last year and wanted to make a show of them, because
you really enter into the guy’s mind and spirit, but I wasn’t going to do it this year, till I
realized it was his centenary, so it chose itself really. Now I discover there’s a whole world
of Keith Vaughan fans and groupies, especially in Scotland because there are several of his
pictures in the Scottish National Gallery. So we’re hoping to tap into that.
Who is your favourite writer?
Georges Simenon. Not the Maigret novels, but the psychological ones. He goes so deep
into the darker corners of the human heart, but he makes it all seem so easy.
What other shows on the fringe are you keen to see and why?
I always like going to obscure musicals, things that haven’t been seen for years, or never
made it into the West End. So I’ve earmarked 13, Assassins, Batboy, Berlin Cabaret – and
that’s just up to “B”! I’ll be looking out for new gay stuff too; I wish the Fringe Brochure
had an LGBT section, cos it can be a bit difficult track down. I’ll be listening for Word of
Mouth (or you can read ScotsGay! - ed).
What do you love/hate about Edinburgh?
I love the energy, and the buzz on the streets from hundreds of people out for a good time.
I hate the self-obsession – so few are really interested in anything other than their own
shows – and the intensely competitive atmosphere. I had a show on in Toronto a while
back, and the generosity and support of performers and writers for each other was a
Strip Search
[email protected]
11.05pm 3-25 August
Locked In
[email protected] Hall
12.50pm 13-25 August
4 SGfringe
How long have you been writing? What got you into it?
I was always the joker. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I was turning out scripts
for Boy Scout Camp Fires and school revues when I was 15. When I came out in 1971 it
was logical to start writing about my new gay life, and I wrote gay sketches for college
revues. When Gay Sweatshop was formed in 1975, I wrote them a play, which they turned
down, so I thought, “Bugger it, if you want something done, do it yourself!” So I formed a
gay company in 1977, and I’ve been doing the same sort of thing ever since.
Boy in a Dress is the story of a
third-gendered, fallen Catholic, excatwalk model from the wrong side of
the tracks. The play combines
monologue, song, striptease,
postmodern philosophy and vaudeville,
and explores gender, class, religion and
identity. Stand Comedy Club 3/2-26 Aug.
From playing Glastonbury and
Ronnie Scott’s to miming on children’s
television, musician turned comedian
Rosie Wilby looks back at the emotional
roller-coaster of chasing stardom at the
heady height of Britpop in a reworked
version of her acclaimed 2011 Edinburgh
Fringe show. Mixing stand-up,
storytelling and songs, How (Not) To
Make It In Britpop delves into a personal
treasure trove of old photos, fan letters,
reviews and her published diaries to
investigate the nature of nostalgia. The
Bongo Club/10-14 Aug.
throughout history - wrapped up in an
energetic, interactive performance that
skews the lines between theatre, live art
and cabaret. Summerhall/18-19 Aug.
Monica Bauer’s, Made for Each
Other, has somehow managed to be the
only play about same-sex marriage on
the Fringe. This comedy drama about
love, loss and Alzheimer’s disease is part
of the Free Fringe, so there really is no
excuse for missing it. “You are cordially
invited to Vincent and Jerry’s wedding”.
Laughing Horse @ Bar 50/15-26 Aug.
In 1440 Frenchman Gilles De Rais
was burned and hanged for the
suspected deaths of almost 400 boys.
Monstrous Acts is the powerful reimagining of the last days of one of
history’s most horrifying killers and his
search for redemption through the love
of another tortured soul. Poetic, erotic
and moving, Australia’s, ‘Out Cast
Theatre’ present a visually stunning story
C Aquila/2-27 Aug.
Those gay and bi men amongst us
with Smart Phones might well be aware
the app, ‘Grindr’. In Confessions of a
Grindr Addict, we follow Felix (Gavin
Roach) as he shares his secrets about
sex and love, whilst preparing for the
rarest of things - a real date. Assembly
Hall/2-26 Aug.
For more funny theatre check out
Strange Hungers, - a self described
‘grubby lesbo freakshow’. Originally
devised for Glasgow’s Glasgay! Festival,
it’s a joyous deconstruction of lesbian
identity, stereotyping and representation
Q& A
here’s plenty of theatre of LGBT
interest at the Edinburgh Fringe in
2012. These are our Fringe
Editor’s Recommendations...
Homo Promos present the return of
the superb 2011 Fringe hit, Strip Search.
Squaddie is a stripper with a fantasy
military act. In a previous life he was a
real soldier serving in Iraq. He tells his
life story within the frame of a real-time
strip, as fantasy and reality collide.
Featuring the stunningly strong actor
Damola Onadek. [email protected]/3-25
The same company produce
something completely different, in the
gay comedy, Mr Braithwaite Has a New
Boy. Harold, a well-to-do but lonely older
gentlemen, takes up with young street
prostitute, Johnny. “With everyone after
a slice of the pie, someone’s bound to
get it in the end... You’ll never look at a
choc-top in the same way again”.
Adoption, inheritance, a raunchy rent boy
and “one stressed-out pussy”. C
Aquila/2-27 Aug.
How many Fringe shows is that now?
I’ve done a few now. My very first show was called Olympic Swingball Champion 2012. I
was very new to stand up and the show was really an excuse to string all my material thus
far together. I did also have a petition at the time to introduce Swingball into the Olympics
which sadly stalled at around 28 signatures. I’m reclaiming this title in this Olympic year to
work up a brand new stand up hour at Camden fringe and Royal Vauxhall Tavern fringe
before I come up to Edinburgh. I hope to bring a stand up show up to Edinburgh next year
using some of this material. Then I did a couple of science themed shows, one about
memory at Sweet Venues in 2008. And I brought The Science of Sex up twice in slightly
different versions. I’ve been asked by green man festival to revive this show this August.
So I’m rushing off to Wales straight after my short Edinburgh run to do that. Some other
great performers will be there including Zoe Lyons.
Would you trade your comic career to be a pop star if you could turn the clock back?
I don’t think I’d trade my comic career as its been such a fun journey. If anything I would
turn the clock back and tell myself to get going with comedy sooner. I procrastinated for a
bit before giving it a go properly in 2006
Of all the comics appearing on the fringe this year, who makes you laugh the most?
Paul Foot. When I was performing at The Underbelly two years ago I saw his show - for
free! Yay! - and loved it. Especially the stuff about shire horses. Brilliant.
What do you love/hate about Edinburgh?
I love the city and am really looking forward to doing a short run in a wonderful venue I’ve
always loved guesting at, at the legendary cabaret night. The thing I usually hate is being
away from my girlfriend. But because it’s just a week this time she’s able to come up with
me. Yay! It’s nice to have the emotional support - as the fringe can be incredibly stressful.
I always thought it would be wall to wall fun. Until I did it.
How (Not) to Make it in BritPop
6 SGfringe
The Bongo Club
2.30pm 10-14 August
After walking the wall in the West
Bank, becoming Guinness World Record
holder for political protests,
gripping Mark
as any
arms dealers around
live performance you will see’
Thomas turns his attention to matters
‘A brilliant
closer to home. Bravo
is the true
disguised as a comedian...
tale of Mark’s father, a self-employed
very funny indeed’
builder with a passion for opera. It is
about love, death, fathers and sons, and
the search for peace - with a few gags
thrown in for luck. Traverse/3rd-25th
Defiantly and
finally, comes Hard HARTLEPOOL
Core Pawn, with
SALFORDMick, Lewis and
WORCESTERexplores aspects of LEEDS
Shaun. The show
living with a disability,
giving the
audience a reflective, emotive look
through the eyes of working disabled
performers. The performance will also
explore every day challenges that we all
encounter. theSpace on the Mile/3rd-8th
The show is billed as ‘theatre’ rather than ‘comedy’.
I think being billed as theatre gives me a bit more scope emotionally. I still love proper
pure stand up though and will be guesting at Amused Moose at The Pleasance and a few
other comedy shows while I’m up. My club stand up set has been taking a more surreal
turn lately and diva editor Jane Czyzselska recently described me as a lesbian Eddie Izzard.
Perhaps a response to the real raw honesty of the current solo show!
Tells us about your new Edinburgh show ‘How (not) to Make it in Britpop’
It’s a reworking of last year’s show with some of the stories and themes explored a bit
further and the central diary/ magazine column element replaced by some more universal
references to the time - such as the death of Princess Diana. I also realised that the
magazine column was fairly obscure so the title we had last year Rosie‘s Pop Diary wasn’t
all that clear in terms of what the show was.
In Three Tall Women, a ninety-yearold woman reflects on her life with a
mixture of shame, pleasure, regret and
satisfaction. She recalls the fun of her
childhood and her marriage; when she
had an overwhelming optimism for her
future. Yet she bitterly recalls the
negative events that resulted in regret:
her husband’s extramarital affairs, the
death of her husband, and the
estrangement of her gay son.
[email protected]/4-10 Aug.
Nggrfg is set to be one of the most
talked-about productions of 2012 asLONDON
audiences struggle to pronounce theNORWICH
name of the show which merges two
the most offensive and controversialTUNBRIDGE WELLS
words in the English language. Written
and performed by Canadian writer/actor
Berend McKenzie, the show is an often
funny exploration of homophobia and
racism. theSpace on the Mile/3-18 Aug.
MAY 2011
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The Lights
Hazlitt Arts Centre
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JULY 2011
Rondo Theatre
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Q& A
‘Negative Capability’ presents a
double bill by Royal Shakespeare
Company prize-winning writer Freddy
Syborn. Crypted is a tragedy based on
the life of Alan Turing, the gay Bletchley
Park code breaker chemically castrated
by the British government. Meanwhile,
Excess is a comic tale of sibling rivalry
and sexual identity – when Joe tells his
sister he’s getting a sex change she
overreacts… C nova/2-26 Aug.
The lifetime ban on gay men
donating blood changed to 12 months in
October 2011, but what does it mean for
gay men who want to save a life?
Inspired by a true story, Dirty Blood
explores the effect the ban has on one
family who are struggling to deal with
leukaemia. This is the first play from
Scottish playwright, Calum Fleming.
theSpace on North Bridge/3-18 Aug.
Our old Friends at the ‘About Turn
Theatre Company’ return with Outward
Bound by Michele Flatto and Dan Hyde.
What makes a gay man and Jewish
woman spend the night together? Forced
to explore new terrain with Thermos and
Tupperware, The Vagina Monologues
meets Brokeback Mountain in this new
play exploring growing up, coming out
and moving on. The play tackles how the
education system copes with
homosexuality and how people cope with
getting older and wiser...
[email protected] Hall/3-11 Aug.
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For more information visit
Tells us about your new Edinburgh show ‘Kenny Moon This Is Your Life’
It’s a multi-character show again, but this time I’m playing various characters from my
dad’s past in the old TV show ‘This Is Your Life’s format. My dad’s in the show too and the
characters and situations are all based on true events.
How does it differ from last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Get Brown’?
There’s only one crossover character from last year’s show, ‘Tyson Moon’ and there’s
much more of a structured narrative in the show with a twist at the end!
Are you a fan of ‘old school’ comedians?
No. Not personally. I just happen to have one as a dad so I grew up going to his gigs and
seeing that cabaret environment and meeting a lot of the old school comics. Some of them
were tremendously bitter… one colleague of my dad’s used to leave a tape recorder
running in the dressing room backstage to see what the other comedians were saying
about him while he was on! I find that era of comedy fascinating as opposed to funny.
Do character comedians work harder than regular stand ups?
I don’t think you can say one way or the other… I guess it depends on the character comic
and it depends on the regular stand-up. As a character comic you have to have a very
defined persona with an immediate appeal to get noticed on the circuit, but there is a
certain comfort in the security blanket of it ‘not being you’ onstage. As a regular stand up,
your material and delivery needs to be strong and unique enough to stand out from the
three other people on the bill with you that night, but you don’t have the effort of
maintaining a persona - well not as much of a persona - so I think it goes both ways.
Those in their 20’s, like Aaron
Twitchen, leave University facing a world
with no jobs, no hopes and no
Woolworths. The futures bleak. Where
we used to dream of becoming Doctors
and Politicians young people now dream
of becoming reality stars and Kerry
Katona’s nipple tweaker. Few of these
dreams are ever realised. Enter our hot
gay stand-up. Southsider/4-25 Aug.
Are you aware of your gay fan base?
No, but if I have one I’m extremely grateful for it!
Of all the comics appearing on the fringe this year, makes you laugh the most?
Dr Brown, Paul Foot and George Ryegold. I’m lucky enough to be in a play with the
character of Dr George Ryegold this year, but regardless I’m a massive fan of his anyway.
What do you love about Edinburgh?
There’s a massive amount of interesting creative people gathered in one space. The energy
that seems to crack through the air everywhere. I love seeing amazing shows that people
have worked their asses off to perfect, and seeing shows that are beyond shit in a jaw
droppingly compelling way. Being stopped in the street by people who’ve been to your
show and liked it... and the first drink after the last show of the day
What do you hate about Edinburgh?
Being stuck in a show that isn’t bad enough to be compelling and not being able to escape,
looking at your watch and realizing that somehow, only twelve minutes has gone by. I
obsess over bad reviews and break them down in ridiculous detail in an effort to gain
some kind of positive, but beat myself up the whole time I’m doing it too. I’m not an
‘ignore reviews’ bloke, sadly! Seeing myself placed in a totem pole of social importance in
a conversation with a complete stranger who can only define themselves by establishing
who’s higher up the ‘food chain’ of comedy. And missing out on stuff! But you always are
because you can’t be everywhere.
Tell us about your other show, ‘George Ryegold’s God-In-A-Bag’
It’s a show with a guy called Toby Williams, who I’ve been a big fan of for a while, so I was
thrilled when he contacted me about his play. It’s based around Toby’s character ‘Dr
George Ryegold’ and also features Dan Mersh, Lindsay Sharman, Hattie Hayridge and
myself. Well worth checking out!
Kenny Moon This Is Your Life
Gilded Balloon Teviot
9.30pm 1-26 August
George Ryegold’s God-In-A-Bag
Underbelly, Bristo Square
1.45pm 1-27 August
8 SGfringe
Do you still perform as the much loved Portuguese alter-ego, Philberto?
Yes! Most weekends actually. I’ve been doing it for about five years now so I’m
experimenting with him quite a lot at the moment. He gets freakier by the gig.
Andrew Doyle, of course, is a firm
ScotsGay favourite. He’s been gigging as
a stand up for just three years, but
stormed the Fringe in 2011 with his
début solo show directed by Scott
Cappuro. He’s keeping mum about this
year’s hotly anticipated follow up, but we
know to expect a good time from one the
UK’s premier gay comedians. Loved by
the critics and the public alike - we urge
you to find out why. Just the Tonic at
the Caves/2-26 Aug.
Robert Xavier Pamplemousse Downe
(aka Bob Downe)- Australia’s Clown
Prince of Polyester - was top of the
Edinburgh pops in 2011 and now he’s
back by popular demand! Direct from
blitzing Melbourne International Comedy
Festival and Adelaide Fringe, you’ll laugh
yourself silly as you sing-along with Mark
Trevorrow‘s unique creation. Gilded
Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug.
All girl sketch group, The Boom
Jennies are firm fringe stalwarts - and
are frequently near the top of any Fringe
reviewers list. Join Lizzie Bates, Anna
Emerson and Catriona Knox for a
guaranteed hour of superior silly fun.
When you see these ladies leaping about
your TV screens in future, remember
where you read it first. Pleasance
Dome/1-26 Aug.
Next we have a great opportunity to
see excellent young comedians, Bekka
Bowling and Shane Todd, plus one
surprise star guest in every show. Better
yet, Bowling and Todd +1 is totally free!
Definitely worth checking out. Cabaret
Voltaire/4-25 Aug. FREE
Bridget Christie returns to the Fringe
at the new Assembly Rooms, with a
show that sounds more bonkers than
ever. Entitled War Donkey, expect some
sharp satirical edges hidden around the
delightful silliness. The Assembly
Rooms/1-26 Aug.
This silver-haired Irishman must be
one of the most imaginative selfpublicists in the world. Caimh
McDonnell has offered a kind of bribe for
critics. For every review he receives, he
Canadian upbringing, awakening his
inner badass! Media, celebrity, sex, and
politics - nothing is off limits! He’s
outspoken, he’s lovable, and has
perfected the art of the Sassy Snap! He’s
performed in 22 countries worldwide,
entertaining audiences with his unique
brand of polite brutality. The Hudson
Hotel/4-25 Aug. FREE
Droll raconteur and 2011 Hackney
Empire New Act of the Year, David Mills
is known for razor-sharp, hilarious
banter, cutting commentary and stylish
delivery. Ruthless, hysterical rants
delivered with acidic precision and
spiked glee. In 2011 he was the regular
sidekick on Scott Capurro’s chat
show. Alternative Fringe @ The Hive/227 Aug. FREE
Last year DeAnne Smith made such
a good impression on the public and
critics alike, that the Canadian born
lesbian has returned for another go. In
2012 she takes a satirical look at what it
really means to be filthy rich. Gilded
Balloon Teviot/1-27 Aug.
Possibly the campiest, cuddliest gay
in Edinburgh, Craig Hill returns for his
850th year of entertaining gays and Blue
Rinsers at the Fringe. His committed, sell
out audiences love Craig - and he loves
us back - even if it’s often returned with a
trademark barbed comment. Hilarious,
cheeky and full of fun energy. Underbelly
Bristo Square/2-27 Aug.
Croft and Pearce are the natural
successors to French and Saunders. Not
only that, but, quite frankly, Hannah Croft
and Fiona Pearce are two of the most
beautiful funny women you’ll ever see.
They’ve been honing their act since their
school days - each year they get better
and better. Appearing in 2012 in a cheeky
wee pre-lunch slot. Gilded Balloon
Teviot/1-27 Aug.
This last year has been a
momentous one for Britain, from the
media scandal to national riots. What the
average Brit may see as ‘everyday’ can
perplex an outsider. Dana Alexander
gives us an international perspective on
British life because, if we don’t laugh,
we’ll cry... Underbelly Bristo Square/127 Aug.
Gay Straight Alliance is a comedy
show for fags and friends! USA based
comedians Veronica Elizabeth and Kenny
Neal host a stand-up comedy
performance offering gay and straight
perspectives - and everything in between
- from the popular monthly show at the
historic Stonewall Inn. Kenny says that
he was bored of being ‘just another gay’,
so he became a writer, comedian and
actor dedicated to dispelling stereotypes
and proving that straights and gays are
equally awful. Laughing Horse @ The
Pheonix/19-26 Aug. FREE
Rob Cawsey and Gabe Bisset-Smith
are Guilt & Shame - a sketch duo that
our colleagues over at Gay Times have
been raving about. Join them as they go
on their quest to find The One (or
whoever’s desperate enough). With a
night that’s filled with painful sexual
encounters, paranoid drug dealers, a
grieving transsexual, talking penises and
a banging soundtrack - this is one latenight party you don’t want to miss.
Underbelly, Cowgate/2-26 Aug.
Australian lesbian, Hannah Gadsby
returns to the Fringe with two shows for
2012. The clue to the content of Hannah
Wants a Wife, is in the title. I hope she
finds one in Edinburgh. Whilst, Mary.
Contrary, focuses on everyone’s
favourite alleged virgin. Gilded Balloon
Teviot/1-26 Aug.
The German comedy ambassador,
Henning When, is a fountain of
knowledge; he knows there’s no shortcut
to success, hard work will eventually pay
off and life should mean life. But even
Henning doesn’t know which separatist
idiot decided to schedule the Olympic
Games to coincide with the Fringe. Just
the Tonic at the Caves/15-26 Aug.
George Ryegold‘s God-In-ABag reveals a different side to everyone’s
favourite doctor - a precarious love life,
an enduring friendship and a dangerous,
earth-shattering new theory. Starring
Toby Williams, Hattie Hayridge (Red
Dwarf), Dan Mersh (Fresh Meat), Lindsay
Sharman and the lovely Milo
McCabe. Underbelly, Bristo Square/1-27
The Ginge, the Geordie and the
Geek are working hard this Fringe.
Graeme Rooney, Paul Charlton and Kevin
O’Loughlin return to Edinburgh for a
fourth year, (fresh from filming their new
BBC pilot) to bring you a brand new hour
of truly uplifting silliness, surrealism and
80’s anthems. Performing the show
twice daily at 4.45pm and then again at
7.45pm, there’s now no excuse to miss
the biggest selling sketch show at the
Fringe. Just the Tonic at The Caves/226 Aug.
Touring the world as a young, openly
gay comic, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has
let go of his humble, soft-spoken
Q& A
comedy previews
Bonkers Geordie comic Holly Burn
is one of the most refreshing acts on the
fringe. She may not be to everyone’s
taste, but thank God for that. She’s a
genuine original – unpredictable,
inexplicable, but funny as hell. Make her
show a priority. Just the Tonic at The
Caves/2-26 Aug.
James Acaster’s show last year was
one of the best on the fringe. If you
haven’t seen him yet, you’d be a fool not
to this year. He’s a natural comedian –
one of those stage presences that is
instantly likeable. Moreover, he has
strong material to back it up. If you want
some guaranteed laughs, you should add
his new show to your diary. Pleasance
Courtyard/1-26 Aug.
will donate £100 to Macmillan Cancer
Support. This means, of course, that if
any critic neglects to see his show, they
could be responsible for someone’s
death. We at ScotsGay love emotional
blackmail, so we’ll be there on day one.
Just the Tonic at the Tron/2-26 Aug.
Another comic returning for a
second year after a début solo show is
Sarah Archer. The openly lesbian
comedian says she has a Head’s award
from middle school, a celebrity nose and
some funny stories - but she’s still
craving! In the show Constant Craving,
she takes a look at the malaise of the
modern world. Laughing Horse @
Espionage/3-26 Aug. FREE
he comedy section of the official Edinburgh Fringe brochure appears to be
getting thicker year after year. It’s beginning to look like one of the more
substantial literary endeavours of Marcel Proust, and about as
incomprehensible. Worse still, the entries are arranged alphabetically, rather than
in order of time slot, which means that planning your day’s itinerary can be a tall
order. For convenience, the Edinburgh Comedy Festival brochure arranges its
shows in chronological format, and is considerably more user-friendly as a result.
The down side is that only the shows at the “Big Four” and Just the Tonic venues
are included. And a so-called comedy festival that excludes The Stand venues, for
example, is absurd.
It’s important when you visit the Fringe to take some risks, but you also need to
choose wisely. Remember that your time on this earth is finite, and you don’t want
to spend precious hours of your life stuck in a cave watching a group of adolescent
Ross Noble wannabes talking about pillar boxes made from asparagus and
monkeys with breadsticks for legs. It’s tedious enough when Noble does it himself.
So this is our essential TOP 50 guide LGBT/friendly comedy shows to see this
year. And just to annoy you, it’s alphabetical…
The openly gay Jen Brister earned a
rare five star review from ScotsGay’s
Fringe editor, Martin Walker, last year.
According to latest reports, for 2012
she’s somehow managed to produce a
show that’s even better! Wow. Just the
Tonic at The Caves/2-26 Aug.
SGfringe 9
What is your new show about?
Well, it's about war donkeys, who are used in wars because of their even temperament
(they're very calm and not scared easily by explosions, etc), and their brilliant memories
mean they are able to remember routes easily (recently donkeys helped to liberate a
beseiged town in Libya called Gharyan by carrying ammunition and supplies across the
mountains to the trapped rebel fighters inside). Colonel Gadaffi hated them and blamed
them for his downfall. I wanted to write about donkeys because horses get all the glory.
I've sponsored a donkey called Walter, who lives in Devon, and I'm hoping one audience
member a day will sponsor one too. They are only £10 a year and you get a drawing of
them in the post. It's not all about donkeys though. I begin the show as Jason the War
Donkey, then it's stand up - mainly about women's stuff - until the end, when Jason
returns for a final flourish of donkeyness. The show is also about the state of women in
the world today. You can't cover everything and I wouldn't want to, as a lot of it (honour
killings, female genital mutilation, stoning, are too grim to even mention), so I'm focusing
on the new brand of Tory feminists and Maternal Health in Third World countries, which
are also very grim but I have some interesting stuff about those things that could be made
amusing. It's not all doom and gloom, though. I will be wearing a donkey outfit
throughout and re-creating a birth at the end to some nice music and clever lighting.
Some have described your style of comedy as “eccentric”.
Would you say this is a fair description?
I suppose. But to me, everything I do is straightforward and normal. In fact, I reign
myself in a lot to appeal to a wider audience. Anyway, it's up to other people to describe
what you do/what you are, isn't it? I don't see myself as eccentric.
What is most unusual experience you’ve had as a stand-up?
There have been too many so it's hard to pick just one. A highlight would be holding a
dog whilst carrying on with my routine that an audience member had brought in to the
show in her handbag. I got it out and held it because I was worried it would suffocate in
her bag. Every time I told a joke, it yawned. It was a tiny Yorkshire Terrier with a red bow
on top of its head.
What makes you happy?
My children. They also make me very unhappy as well, though. Fairs. Alton Towers.
Really old, clanking rollercoasters where you think you might fly off the rails and die. So,
so funny. My husband went on one of those once, and it was so old and knackered, and
looked so unsafe, I'm afraid to say that I actually wet myself laughing as I watched him go
round on it. He looked really worried. Because I was laughing so much, and I'd wet
myself, and I was looking after my toddler at the time, people looked really concerned and
worried for me. I think they thought I had a non-specific mental disorder. Like Ricky
Gervais in his new Channel Four show "Derek".
What makes you angry?
The treatment/abuse of the weak and vulnerable. Dog shit on the pavement. Drivers who
beep when the lights are on amber. Lying.
What other shows will you be seeing this year at the festival, and why?
Loads. I try to see things that I wouldn't normally see in London.
War Donkey
10 SGfringe
The Assembly Rooms
2.45pm 1-26 August
If ScotsGay were casting the next
series of Channel 4’s 10 o’clock Live,
Josie Long would be at the helm. Her
mix of whimsy with unashamedly left
wing satire delivered Long an Edinburgh
Comedy Award nomination in 2011.
Many are saying that 2012 will be her
year. Pleasance Courtyard/1-27 Aug.
In 2010, ScotsGay went along to see
the hilarious musical comedy JUMP,
written by comedian Kelly Kingham. Two
years later Kingham is back with a
deliciously dark stand-up show - in which
he explains how we can all become
‘extremely great’. And it’s free. Royal
Mile Tavern/4-25 Aug. FREE
Weaving magic and comedy with his
life story, Rob Bailey explores his
childhood love of supernatural mysteries,
work in secure psychiatric wards, and
becoming a veteran Edinburgh performer.
Delivered with sensitivity, humour and
baffling psychological illusions, Mind
Reading for Breakfast simultaneously
demonstrates the power of psychology
and mental traps exploited by mystics.
Sweet Grassmarket/11-27 Aug.
Another comic with a strong gay
following is Jim Jefferies. His straight
talking, direct humour is frequently called
offensive by people who don’t
understand stand-up comedy. His
popularity with gay folk is entirely down
to the fact that he’s really very good.
Even amongst the gay community he
divides opinion though – for example, is
he better with or without the goatee? The
Assembly Hall/2-26 Aug.
The comedy blues trio, Jonny & the
Baptists present their Edinburgh debut
this year, and we can be sure this’ll be a
firm fringe favourite. Their songs are
original, laugh-out-loud funny, and
bloody catchy. You’d be a damn fool not
to see them. Underbelly Cowgate/2-26
Q& A
Back in Edinburgh for the third time
with an all too limited Fringe run, the
leading piano playing comic Kev Orkian
will this year explain why he’s the world’s
favourite foreigner. If you’ve never seen
him perform, check out his website for
some quite spectacular musical clips.
theSpace @ Symposium Hall/13-25
If Kylie were a stand-up comic, she
would be Lucy Porter. Not only is Porter
of a, ahem, similar height, but more
importantly, her act has made her into a
gay icon. The reason? Behind those
impossibly good looks (she doesn’t seem
to age) is a strong women with real
talent. Don’t underestimate her; she has
one of the best delivered sets around.
Stand Comedy Club1/2-26 Aug.
Fresh from becoming the winner of
the Best International Act at the Brighton
Fringe this year is Canadian Mae Martin.
Unbelievably, at the age of 23 she’s
already celebrating a decade of ‘doing
comedy’. She’s very funny, and her
tomboy good looks make her extremely
popular with gay ladies… nice. Just the
Tonic at the Caves/2-26 Aug.
Michael Pope sold his successful
US midtown bike messenger company to
pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a
filmmaker. Out of money and with only
half of a terrible film in the corner
(opposite the piles of unpaid bills), he
desperately scanned the back of the
Village Voice where he found the ad:
‘Men. Phones. No Sales’. Michael Pope
is Gay for Pay. Laughing Horse @ The
Phoenix/2-26 Aug. FREE
The world is shrinking, the
economy’s shrinking and comic
songwriter Mitch Benn is shrinking. In
Jan 2011 he weighed 25 stone (that’s
350lb if you’re American and 160kg if
you’re properly foreign). By last year’s
Edinburgh Fringe he had lost ten stone.
How did he do it? Where’s it gone? How
the hell did he reach 25 stone in the first
place? And the real question; what will he
(and we) do now? Music. Mirth. Morbid
obesity. Stand Comedy Club3/2-26 Aug.
comedy previews
The News at Kate used to be one of
those shows that seemed far too good
for the Free Fringe - then the Free Fringe
got really, really good. Kate
Smurthwaite’s annual satirical show
returns for another year in which she,
‘explores the news, being in the news,
and being on the news’.
Ciao Roma/4-25 Aug. FREE.
Berliner, Otto Kuhnle has survived
the wild punk and squatter era of the 80s,
has seen the Berlin Wall fall and is now
witnessing his old run-down district
Neukölln changing into a trendy area.
Five years ago, in his street you still got
paid to live in one of the flats. Now they
rent the same hovels to hipsters from all
over the world at exorbitant prices… that
they still find really cheap. Join Malcolm
Hardee Award Winner and Henning
Wehn’s partner in German Humour as he
makes his solo debut at The Fringe, in an
hour of Teutonic mirth, music and yes gnome juggling. Assembly George
Square/2-26 Aug.
Straight from a sold-out run in the
US City of Brotherly Love, three
performers standing at a crossroads of
sexuality come together to perform a
funny and remarkably revealing, Slightly
Awkward Peep Show. Whether it’s
coming out... as straight - or questing for
the elusive orgasm, their brutal honesty
is your awkward peep into Jamison
Foreman, Jennifer MacMillan and Daniel
Student’s naughty bits. Fingers Piano
Bar/4-18 Aug. FREE
Paul Foot returns to Edinburgh with
a brand new show that will delight and
amuse his connoisseurs. His description
of his show follows but, as anyone who
knows him is fully aware, this bears little
or no direct relevance to what he will
ultimately perform. Here it is anyway:
“Deep within the sinking sands of the
Perspex jungle of youth, in the forgotten
nebula of nothingness, comes an objet
d’esire: a trombone fruit. Needless to say,
it’s another warm year.” Underbelly,
Cowgate/2-26 Aug.
Have you ever fantasised about
starting your own religious cult? That’s
the premise behind Rod is God - an
imaginative new dark comedy from the
people behind Late Night Gimp Fight.
Judging from their other shows, they’re
not afraid of risk-taking when it comes to
their comedy, and it should be all the
better for it. Pleasance Dome/1-27 Aug.
Meet Ethan Addie – a young and gay
Australian hot mess that identifies with
Beyoncé, but not the gay community.
Leaving home at 17, dropping out of a
chemistry degree at 19, moving to
London to inadvertently live with a rent
boy, his first love (Jehovah’s Witness)
breaking up with him by texting to say he
needed to be tested at 22 - and finally
‘settling down’ in queer-friendly
Melbourne, or so he thought... This anticamp rising star has made a lot of
Rookie Mistakes in his time; learn more
in his Edinburgh Fringe debut. The
Street/15-25 Aug.
performs a reverse strip tease as she
combines burlesque and comedy –
including a discussion of how she deals
with Racist bikini waxers and polar bear
asylum seekers. Meanwhile, Stephen tells
all about being dragged up by his
Northern parents, Ronald and Geoff.
Laughing Horse at Bar 50/3-12 Aug.
With Storytellers’ Club, we have
another opportunity to see this firm
Fringe favourite. Each night a group of
comics gather to tell bedtime stories.
The line-up changes for every show, and
it’s a great way to see your favourite
comedians in a different light. Pleasance
Courtyard/Aug w’ends.
When Stephen K Amos is truly on
fire, he is one of the very best in the
business. Take a sneak peak at his next
show, with this ‘work in progress’. Stand
Comedy Club3/2-26 Aug.
We’ve raved about the husband of
comedian Bridget Christie enough
already. Just go and see Stewart Lee.
The Assembly Rooms/2-26 Aug.
Possibly the most famous
Scandinavian lesbian comedian, novelist
and actor in the world – Sandy Toksvig,
is appearing in Edinburgh as part of her
first major UK tour. A uniquely witty
afternoon of stand-up, stories and
fascinating facts is promised. Pleasance
Courtyard/17-23 Aug.
Scott Agnew is an openly gay
Glaswegian, with a story to tell - and, by
all accounts, a filthy one at that. Last year
Martin Walker in ScotsGay wrote,
‘Imagine the gay son of Amy Winehouse
and Billy Connolly. He is the antidote to
Craig Hill’s light campery’. This year
Angew takes us into, ‘the little known
world of the gay man’s sauna - a tradition
going back centuries…’ Take a look at his
totally out of date website, which details
his 2009 show at The Underbelly. Stand
Comedy Club4/2-26 Aug.
Is Simon Anstell the most
successful openly gay comedian working
today? Fresh from gigging in New York
City, USA, the ‘Do Nothing’ and
‘Grandma’s House’ star returns to
Edinburgh with his sellout show, ‘Numb’.
The Bongo Club/20-26 Aug.
Manchester born comics Zoe Iqbal
and Stephen Bailey reunite in Edinburgh
in, Subject to Change. Comic actor, Zoe,
What’s it like being the son of a
comedian? Character comic Milo
McCabe presents a funny and moving
show based around the life of his father,
old school comic and New Faces finalist,
Mike. Milo plays different people from his
Dad’s past in an idiosyncratic show that
examines the changing nature of British
comedy since the seventies, as well as
the issue of having a comedian for a
father. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug.
Imagine the bitchiest, most caustic
drag queen and then trap him in a
women’s body. Add a strong dose of well
crafted and intelligent material and you
get Jo Caufield – one of the very best
comics around. Need we say that gay
men love her? Stand Comedy Club1/126 Aug.
pic by Steve Ullathorne
Readers of ScotsGay Fringe
coverage over the years will already know
that we adore openly the gay Weegie,
Susan Calman. She’s been flexing her
satirical muscles as a News Quiz and
HIGNFY regularly and it shows. Shooting
from the hip in her most personal and
political show yet, This Lady’s Not for
Turning Either will be a real Fringe
highlight. Underbelly, Bristo Square/127 Aug.
Young lesbian comic, Suzi Ruffell, is
bringing her hotly anticipated debut
show, Let’s Get Ready to Ruffell, to
Edinburgh. Ruffell opens the door on her
inability to grow up, her social ineptitude
and desperate need to fit in. Pleasance
Courtyard/1-26 Aug.
SGfringe 11
stewart lee
Well you could say that, but when I won
two British Comedy Awards I wasn’t
mentioned in any of the rundowns of the
winners in any of the newspapers except
for The Guardian and The Independent.
The same goes for my BAFTA award. They
just missed me out of all the lists in the
tabloids. In a way that’s a victory. To have
managed to win these things is great, but
to still be of no interest to celebrity
journalists means you’ve done it without
being known. So if I could manage to
carry on like that that’d be really good,
because obviously being thought of as a
celebrity compromises you as a comedian.
Unless you’re John Bishop and a lot of
your routines are about knowing famous
footballers and things like that.
In a way, then, you think it’s advantageous
to be marginalised?
Yeah, it is. It’s much better. Because I
don’t have to spend any money on
advertising. I don’t have to employ joke
writers or go on panel shows. I just sort of
plod along at my own pace. And every
now and then the Daily Mail tries to stir
things up against me, but when you look
on their guestbook afterwards it’s clear
that most of the Daily Mail readers don’t
know who I am, or have any idea what I
do, because they say things that just don’t
relate to me at all. So in a way it’s quite
good. Even when they try to make
something up about you, it doesn’t really
stick because there’s no target for it to
stick to.
Do you think mainstream comedy has
trained audiences not to have to do any
thinking for themselves?
Yeah, I do. But I think there’s been a
backlash. Weirdly, I think it might be
economically driven as well, because the
thinking audience is valuable to
advertisers, because they can sell them
certain types of products. But to be honest
I think this Jimmy Carr tax avoidance thing
is pivotal. I think the public need to get
fed up with stand-ups, and then the
distinctive ones will be left standing. It
might be a watershed moment. I think the
assumption will be that any comedian on
stage is a cunt and has stolen loads of
money and therefore isn’t entitled to talk
about anything. It might make it difficult
for everyone. When I was investigated by
the Inland Revenue I got a rebate. I’d like
to point that out. (Laughs.)
What do you think of Jimmy Carr’s position?
First of all, in his defence, what he’s done
is a tiny drop in the ocean compared with
what some of David Cameron’s friends in
business have done. Which is why it’s so
funny when Cameron chose to single out
Jimmy Carr. It’s clear that no one’s
advised him. He hasn’t talked to anyone
pic by Gavin Evans
12 SGfringe
“It’s awful for gay
people at the
moment to have
these major
institutions down
on them, but it’ll
probably force
the issue and I think
that’ll be a
good thing.”
pic by Steve Ullathorne
Who better to interview a
comedian than another
comedian? Andrew Doyle
talks to Stewart Lee about
his recent “wave of
popularity”, Twitter, gay
marriage, and Jimmy Carr’s
tax avoidance.
Were you surprised to be recommissioned
for a third series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy
Yeah, I was. I was really surprised
because there hadn’t been much
enthusiasm for the second one. You can
be grateful for a commission, but it’s like
awards; you can’t think they mean
anything. They’re all a result of such a
chain of random events. If you start
thinking there’s a rational logic behind
commissioning procedures, then you have
to ask why was Horne and Corden on?
Would I be worse than Horne and Corden if
my show didn’t get recommissioned? But I
am grateful for the work, and I’m really
grateful that lots of people lobbied on
behalf of my show. I’m grateful and I’m
pleased, but I don’t think it means that I’m
any good.
According to Brian Logan at The Guardian,
you’re now TV’s “favourite funnyman”. How
do you feel about that?
That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Most people
don’t know who I am. I got between half a
million and a million viewers for my last
series, and if you look at the level of
hatred for me online, the people who don’t
like me absolutely hate me. I’m only the
favourite funnyman of a coterie of
journalists writing for liberal broadsheets.
Maybe he means you’re his favourite
I don’t even think that’s true. I think when
a journalist writes opinion pieces like that
they have to sum up their readers’
feelings. But I don’t even think he’s done
that. There are plenty of people going on
the Guardian website saying that they hope
I die of Crohn’s disease and things like
that. It’s weird to be part of a consensus,
especially when that consensus isn’t
reflecting general public feeling. And you
worry about being flavour of the month
before you then disappear. But obviously
this is what I do, I’ve got to do it forever,
and hopefully I’ll be able to ride out this
problematic wave of popularity.
But I wonder to what extent the media are
trying to create that perception. Doesn’t the
media determine what people think?
and he’s just opened his mouth. If handled
properly, this could bring down the
government. To pick on Jimmy Carr when
you’re giving knighthoods to CEOs who are
evading much more is absurd.
And hasn’t George Osborne got a four
million pound trust fund in an offshore
Yeah. And Cameron’s father ran a system
for offshore banking to avoid tax.
It’s hilarious.
It is hilarious. And it would be brilliant if
Jimmy Carr did his next show all about
that and gave all the money to charity.
That would be really interesting. But this
perception that Jimmy Carr is in some way
left-wing has always struck me as funny.
There isn’t any indication of him having
any political affiliation at all, although his
material would suggest if he did have one
it would be right-wing anyway. This might
be the end of irony comedy. The idea that
you’re being ironic about the weaker
members of society doesn’t really work if
you’ve concealed millions of pounds a
year which would have gone towards
helping them.
I know that a lot of your on-stage anger is
feigned or exaggerated. But when you talk
about Twitter in your new show, the anger
seems authentic. Am I right?
I hate Twitter. I can’t stand it. It’s full of
people who don’t know what they’re
talking about, who have done no research,
making ill-informed pronouncements that
have a personal impact on other people.
Every time I look on Twitter I get really
annoyed and I’m glad that I don’t have an
account. This week I looked up Jimmy
Carr to see what people were saying. And
just twenty-four hours after the story broke
Nicky Clark, the disability rights
campaigner, had said that I had been very
quiet about all this, and suggested it was
because he had paid for my stand up DVDs
to be made.
What does she mean?
Exactly. I’ve been quiet about Jimmy
Carr? I don’t have a newspaper column. I
don’t have a blog. I’m not on Twitter. So
what does she fucking mean? And as for
him paying for my stand-up films: there’s a
bit in one of my books when I say that in
2005 Jimmy Carr said he would fund a
DVD of mine if I wanted one because I
hadn’t made any. But I didn’t do it
anyway. If I was on Twitter I’d now be in a
war of words with her.
So you prefer just not to respond to these
I’m so irritable and paranoid. I couldn’t
cope with going on Twitter in order to
engage with people saying things about
me that aren’t true. It would drive me
But for less well know comedians Twitter
and Facebook can actually be really helpful
in terms of generating an audience.
I can see that about it, and I wouldn’t want
it to stop. But I hate this assumption that I
should be involved in it. If you’re a
comedian now you’re supposed to be
transparent, you’re supposed to be
blogging about your life every day. But if
you live in the public eye it makes the onstage character less credible. Your last
show was like that, wasn’t it? We were
meant to think: has he really done the
things he’s talking about or not?
Is your on-stage persona a character, then?
Up to a point. I mean, obviously there is a
considerable overlap with me. In my
current show, the Stewart Lee comedian
complains about Russell Kane’s show.
Stewart Lee, the man talking to you now,
wouldn’t complain about Russell Kane’s
show. I haven’t seen it. But the Stewart
Lee on stage would think that because
Russell Kane’s got a streak in his hair, he
can’t be any good. Stewart Lee the
comedian is more pedantic and
pessimistic than I am.
I personally wouldn’t have said that
Richard Hammond should have his head
smashed off in a car accident, but the
comedian Stewart Lee would get to that
point as a result of a forty-minute logical
14 SGfringe
“What Jimmy Carr’s
done is a tiny drop
in the ocean
compared with what
some of David
Cameron’s friends in
business have done.
To pick on Jimmy
Carr when you’re
giving knighthoods
to CEOs who are
evading much more
is absurd”
pic by Gavin Evans
stewart lee
I hear a lot of people on the circuit having a
dig at the big mainstream comedians. Do
you think you’ve started this trend?
I wouldn’t have thought so. When I started
stand-up in the eighties there was such an
identifiable difference between the
mainstream television comedy and
alternative comedy – a lot of people did
jokes about Benny Hill and Bruce Forsyth
or whoever. And I think what’s happened –
although it’s got nothing to do with me – is
that this identifiable difference is back
again. In 1979 there were a lot of hugely
wealthy tax-dodging people presenting
television programmes and using gag
writers to create generic material. And
there were lots of people doing little clubs
called alternative comedians who didn’t do
any of that. And now, thirty years later,
we’re in exactly the same position. If
there are a lot of people doing jokes about
them, it’s because the mainstream comics
are funny and ridiculous in the same way
as they were thirty years ago.
Do you think having children has changed
who you are as a comedian?
Absolutely. First of all, on a practical
level, I don’t have time to write word-forword a two and a half hour show and learn
every line of it. It has to be generated on
stage up to a point. So obviously that
changes the tonality of the show; it sounds
more conversational and less scripted.
Secondly, I find that I’ve felt more engaged
with society since having children. I
wouldn’t say this is true of childless
people generally, I wouldn’t want to speak
on their behalf, but it’s certainly true for
me. It’s changed me because when I was
young, it was easy and amusing to affect
cynicism. But I think if you’ve got children
you can’t afford to be entirely cynical
because you have a stake in the world, and
you have to hope for their sake that things
are salvageable. You have to be more
optimistic, and that does change what you
write about.
People know you as an outspoken atheist.
Do you have any views on the Church of
England’s reluctance to give up on the gay
marriage issue?
I think it’s really bad. Because as a lapsed
Protestant I like to berate my Catholic wife
with the moral superiority of the Church of
England and now I can’t even do that.
It does feel a little desperate, like they’re
fighting a battle they’ve already lost.
It’s over. It’s over. It just makes them look
ridiculous. It’s awful for gay people at the
moment to have these major institutions
down on them, but it’ll probably force the
issue and I think that’ll be a good thing.
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s a good
bloke really, but he’s a broken man now.
I’ll bet he’s really glad to be retreating
back into the world of academia rather
than having to fight this battle, because it
probably will split the church. And for a
lot of gay people who are religious it’ll be
nice for them to go to a church they feel
they have a connection with, but who don’t
seem to despise the fundamental core of
their being. I think it will work out for the
best in the long run.
Finally, what can we expect to see in the
third series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy
It will be more abstract. I’m hoping that
the third series will include a three-minute
silent image of a piece of gingerbread
being thrown into the air. That’s the only
idea I’ve got at this point.
Stewart Lee:Carpet Remnant World
The Assembly Rooms
6.05pm 2-25 August
Andrew Doyle: Whatever it Takes
The Caves, Cowgate
8.00pm 2-27 August
cabaret previews
Tell us about ‘Monstrous Acts’
I like to call Monstrous Acts my 9 day wonder in that it was conceived and completed in as
many days. I had 2 actors and a theatre standing idle. I had 2 ideas. One was a ghost
story, the other prison drama. Of course the idea of lots of horny prison sex was very
appealing and ultimately won out. The actors in the original production, both straight,
jumped at the chance to be fearless with the physicality of the piece. However it was only
after doing some very quick research that I came across a very interesting albeit little
known fact on the life of possibly history’s most notorious serial killer. I wanted to write a
story about how a man can attempt to redeem himself through the love of another. How
love, acceptance and forgiveness can flourish in the darkest of places. I already had the
visuals in my head when I started to write and was always one scene ahead of the actors.
It is very visual and sensual but also very confronting with a haunting soundtrack. I think
people will walk away very moved by the experience. It has a beautiful sadness about it.
The two plays couldn’t really be more different.
This was an opportunity to show Edinburgh audiences the variety of work we sometimes
do. One is very dark but powerful, the other such a fun ride. They both look like they were
written by very different minds. They compliment each other and also showcase the skills
of our ensemble.
You’ve been described as one of Australia’s most prolific writers? What got you into it?
I had no choice in the matter. As part of my training to be a director I also had to come up
with my own script as well. To wholly involve myself in the organics of a piece. I also liked
the idea of telling my own stories. That is why I always tend to direct the first production
of any of my work. Everything you see is what I saw in my mind as I wrote it. I go from
funny little comedies to broad historical pieces if the idea takes me. I saw the statue of
David so I wrote a play about Michelangelo. I read sense and Sensibility so I wrote Jane
Austen’s Guide To Pornography. I am not limited or restricted to one genre. I have plenty
of ideas. I just hate having to sit down and write the damn things. I am always amazed
when I have finished something as I rarely remember the 5.30am writing sessions. I
usually call everyone up and tell them I have finished. It is becoming ho-hum to many of
my friends. But the one thing that really makes me write is an advertised deadline.
Who is your favourite writer?
I do not consider myself particularly well read. I do read a lot of non-fiction, biographies
etc. I like the facts. Fiction is what I try to create.
What other shows on the fringe are you keen to see and why?
Anything that does not have willy wobbling about. I have enough in my shows. Between
flyering and operating 2 shows my time management skills will be tested. it will be quick
grabs of whatever takes my fancy on the day.
What do you love/hate about Edinburgh?
I love it all. The rain, the smells, the angry locals, the foulmouthed youngsters asking for
cigarettes, the terrible theatrics throughout the Royal Mile and the fact that i am ten
thousand miles from home but doing what I love. Bring it on, I say.
Monstrous Acts
C aquila
9.30pm 2-27 August
Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy
C aquila
6.25pm 2-27 August
16 SGfringe
You’ve heard of burlesque, but have
you heard of bearlesque ….? Hairy
Pretty Things Dave the Bear and ‘close
friend’ Mister Meredith return to the
Edinburgh Fringe, this time hairier
(thanks to Regaine), prettier (thanks to
surgery), and thingier (thanks for
nothing) than ever. Combining naughty,
seductive blues and hip hop covers and
hairy, smoky original jazz and R‘n’B
songs with award-winning (Berlin)
comedy boylesque. Fingers Piano Bar/425 Aug. FREE
Jonny Woo is the ‘Tranny Superstar’
who previously gave Edinburgh
audiences the brilliant ‘Night of a
Thousand Jay Astons’ and ‘International
Woman of Mr ‘E’’. It’s good to have the
hard working Jonny back – this year in a
modern cabaret featuring his latest
creation, Wonder Woo-Man. Expect
surreal, intelligent character comedy in
drag from a master/mistress at the top of
their game. Assembly George Square/126 Aug.
Tells us about ‘Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy’
Written and first performed in 2011, it centres on an elderly gay man Harold coming to
terms with loneliness and mortality who inadvertently hooks up one day with a young
street rent boy. Their business arrangement develops into something deeper and almost
farcical as Harold attempts to bring some stability to the young man’s life by suggesting
that he adopt him and as a way of curing Harold’s loneliness. What ensues is a hilarious
struggle between greed and desperation. It has savage one liners, multiple costume
changes, bad wigs, double entendres aplenty and tongue firmly in cheek as Harold and
rent boy Johnny find something within each other they were not looking for. It was written
to showcase the talents of these remarkable actors.
Phrases like ‘rare and unique talent’
abound at the Fringe but Dusty Limits is
the genuine article. To have him perform
as part of the Free Fringe shows just how
far this festival within a festival has
come. Be warned, you’ll probably want to
put the entire contents of your purse in
his collection bucket after the show.
Expect sex, drugs, swearing and singing.
Turn up early. Laughing Horse @ The
Counting House/2-19 Aug. FREE
If you’re very lucky you might still be
able to get hold of a ticket for
Fascinating Aïda, performing at the
Fringe as part of their UK tour. This show
will include several numbers hot off the
press, plus a few old favourites including
their infamous anthem to budget travel,
Cheap Flights (eight million plus hits on
YouTube) as well as the Dogging Song, a
fond homage to the joys of al fresco sex.
Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug.
The Lady Boys of Bangkok are an
entertainment institution like no other.
Pulsating with latin beats of fiesta,
infused with chart-topping sounds. Add
laughter, surprises and you have the
unforgettable party that is the lady boys,
returning with their new show as part of
the Carnival Queens tour. Comedy
cabaret at its most magnificent!
Meadows Theatre Big Top/4-26 Aug.
Keris, Catherine and Brooke are
known collectively as the Sundaes, the
larger than life trio who offer stunning
vocals, hilarious comedy and outrageous
costumes. Their latest show,
Knickerbocker Glory! promises to be an
absolute hoot. We at ScotsGay are
looking forward to getting to know these
larger than life ladies a whole lot better –
can you keep a secret? So can we! You’ll
have to wait for SGfringe issue 3 for
more details! In the meantime, go see the
show! SpaceCabaret @ 54/3-25 Aug.
The rather unimaginatively titled
Friday and Sunday Fundraiser does
exactly what it says in the title - helping
raise money for Scottish sexual health
outfit, Waverley Care. Coordinator,
Stephen Martin is keeping tight lipped
about the line up for now, but judging by
previous years we can expect the cream
of the Fringe. And it’s free. We’ll see you
there! New Town Bar/Fri & Sun in Aug.
Watch out boys! Lynn Ruth Miller the Fringe’s favourite cougar - is back for
another round of outrageous comedy and
songs. If there is a more talented 78 year
old comedian still working in the world
today we’d like to meet them. To call her
a Fringe institution is an understatement.
She’s more of a national treasure.
Sapphire Rooms/4-25 Aug. FREE
Hosted by Dave the Bear, Claire
Benjamin and Mister Meredith, Magic
Faraway Cabaret presents a different
enchanted world every night with a
mash-up of themes such as Banarnia,
Doctor Who Does Dallas,
Steviewonderland and Tina Turner Prize.
With its nightly Raise a Dead Celebrity
spot, this is inventive, entertaining and
intelligent cabaret that changes nightly so
you can come again and again. The
Voodoo Rooms/4-25 Aug. FREE
Mickey and Judy is an hilarious
musical memoir, chronicling Michael
Hughes’ childhood obsession with Judy
Garland and his journey from psychiatric
ward to off-Broadway. With anecdotes
from his doctor’s charts detailing his
childhood propensity for cross-dressing
and a musical score that borrows from
Broadway classics and the Judy Garland
songbook. Space Cabaret @ 54/3-25
Songs! Jokes! Stockings! There’s a
party in Mister Meredith’s Christmas
Crack and you’re invited. Celebrate the
true meaning of Christmas: shopping,
drinking, shagging, telly and drugs.
Musical tales of random lays, peculiar
diets and Doctor Who - all those things
that make the winter holidays special, but
with added summer! Le Monde/4-25
Q& A
‘Lashings’ is everyone’s favourite
queer feminist burlesque collective - but
you already knew that. In this year’s
Fringe show they’ll be sharing their
stories of an Alternative Sex Education.
Expect tales of terrible teachers, songs
about sub-standard shags, and plenty of
alternative perspectives - delivered with
lashings of wit and charm. This isn’t
about imposing a different set of
standards; it’s about expanding the realm
of what’s possible. It’s as easy as ABC
(that’s Asexuality, BDSM, and Consent).
The Bongo Club/3-17 Aug.
Briefs slams together a beef-caked
and disorderly line-up of Australia’s
award-winning mischief-makers in a
circus-infused variety show for the notso-faint-hearted. Host Shivannah,
love-child of the ringmaster and bearded
lady, leads a ragtag team of skilful
buccaneers in a contortion of vaudeville,
burlesque, dance and clowning. Raw and
savvy, a mix political conscience,
theatrical rule-breaking with heaps of
clever parody and good old fashioned
entertainment. Underbelly, Bristo
Square/1-27 Aug.
SGfringe 17
Q& A
A d v er t i se in
What is your new show about?
Nothing really
What is most unusual experience you’ve had as a stand-up?
Realising that getting booed offstage in a godless caravan park does wonders for your
What makes you happy?
My connoisseurs. They are effectively my family. Everything I write is for them.
What makes you angry?
A lot of things make me angry. In fact there’s a section of my show this year dedicated to
things that make me angry.
It’s not as
e x pe n si v e a s y o u
t h i nk
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My phone contract. I wish iPhone would just sod off. I much preferred my blackcurrant
What other shows will you be seeing at this year's festival, and why?
Probably very few. I’m performing every day and find it hard to relax in the run-up to a
show. If connoisseurs who come to see my show are also in a show and they tell me
about it then I try to go along though. I support my connoisseurs in all of their
endeavours, be it cleaning window sills, landscaping roundabouts, clog-making, anything.
Kenny Larch is Dead
18 SGfringe
dance preview
pic by Steve Ullathorne
Fl a s h M ob !
Underbelly, Cowgate
7.30pm 2-26 August
C o n ta ct M a r ti n Ma n n
[email protected]
0131-661 6037 / 07850 576106
Dance worlds collide! This
dynamic show is packed with energy
as stars from your favourite dance
reality shows take centre stage.
Tommy Franzen, Alleviate, The ATeam Corporation, Brosena and
more familiar faces from shows
including Got To Dance, So You
Think You Can Dance and Move It
Like Michael Jackson join forces for
the biggest dance fusion Edinburgh
has ever seen! Watch as Latin meets
lockin', jazz joins jump jive and
contemporary goes Celtic! This feelgood production celebrates the world
of dance, building to a spectacular
finale that guarantees everyone is on
their feet! Directed by Gary Lloyd.
Assembly Hall/2-27 Aug.
SGfringe 19
Scotland’s Loud and Proud Choir
returns to the Fringe with a concert
supporting Waverley Care. Performing in
the stunning acoustic of Stockbridge
Parish Church, the a cappella singing
sensation offers another remarkable
programme to transport the audience
from Scotland’s shores deep into Eastern
Europe and across the Atlantic.
Traditional Scots songs combine with
pop favourites, stirring anthems and
moving ballads, reflecting the diversity of
the choir and ensuring the delight of all.
Book early - this is a real Fringe hot
ticket, with previous performances
selling out. Sponsored by MHD Law LLP.
Stockbridge Parish Church/25 Aug.
Tell us about your brand new Edinburgh show ‘Thinking Bad Thoughts’
I just can’t control my big mouth. Apparently I don’t have the ‘polite conversation gene’
that most normal people have. I’ll notice something, say it out loud to my friends and
they’ll react in horror. So this show is me letting out all my bad thoughts...
Like, I read Abercrombie & Fitch have a policy where they only employ slim, attractive
young people, and it made me think, “I wonder if Greggs The Baker have the exact opposite policy?” And, if health food is so fucking good for you, why does everyone working in
those shops look like a cadaver? I also found out I’m NOT legally married to my husband!
We got hitched 10 years ago in New York but apparently we didn’t fill in all the correct paperwork. So that got me thinking...... “Hey, I’m single, what would it be like to be single
again?? Would I choose to marry the same person??”
You are hugely popular with gay men and women.
Well gay people have very good taste! I used to work behind the bar at Bang in London,
which then changed its name to G.A.Y. (like Bang wasn’t obvious enough?), and I spent 5
years writing on the BAFTA winning Graham Norton TV show, so I’m a full-time card-carrying fag hag. Gay audiences bring out the worst in me, it’s like being egged on by your
mates. I will be even meaner and more outrageous because I know you will love it!
I do think it’s very important that my show is inclusive; it’s not just heterosexuals who hate
their partners.
You’ve done a fair bit of TV acting too.
Yes, this year along with “Thinking Bad Thoughts” I’m also doing a play with Phil Jupitus
called Coalition. It’s a comedy about the coalition government. I play the Lib Dem Chief
Whip. I’m completely cynical and have some killer lines, basically I just come on, act like a
complete bitch and leave’s such a stretch!
Is it true that you started in comedy by setting up your own club in a bar basement?
I actually started by entering an open-mic competition on a dare when I was drunk. I was
so drunk I can’t remember being on stage let alone anything I said. But I won the competition! I went back to that club the following week and performed sober. I died on my arse!
That’s when the MC told me the best way to get good is to perform every week. So I borrowed £50, bought a microphone and small amp, and set up my own club in a basement
bar opposite Hampstead Heath. It was a great room, brick walls, low ceiling and a little
cocktail bar in the corner, perfect for comedy; or a brothel, but I went with the comedy. By
running a club I got to learn about the business and was able to watch really good comedians. Also, because it was my club, I could book myself every week!
Of all the comics appearing on the fringe this year, who makes you laugh the most?
Jo Caulfield.
What do you love/hate about Edinburgh?
I love the fact that you can stand on Princess Street, in the middle of the city, and still see
mountains and the sea. The countryside is right there but so is Zara and Top Shop. That’s
the ideal way to see the countryside. It’s such a beautiful city. Walking home after a nightout is like being drunk in Fairy Town. And the people are so friendly. Especially in Scotmid.
Oh sorry, I’ve just confused friendliness with nosiness. I don’t think there’s anything I hate
about Edinburgh, apart from tourists standing in the middle of the pavement OBLIVIOUS
Thinking Bad Thoughts
20 SGfringe
Stand One
8.15pm 1-26 August
Following last year’s sell-out Little
Shop of Homos! the London Gay Men’s
Chorus Ensemble are back for a fifth
year, to premiere their new musical
comedy, Hi-de-Homo! Set in a holiday
camp of yesteryear, expect their usual
variety of magical musical styles
including Irving Berlin, Elton John, The
Smiths and Lady Gaga, show-stoppers
from favourite productions and their
famous brand of homo humour. This
summer, let the boys put the camp into
your holiday! C Venues/12-18 Aug.
Do you prefer TV, radio or live stand up?
I like them all. I just filmed Mock The Week and I’ve a show on BBC Radio Scotland at the
moment, “Laughing In All The Right Places”, it’s me interviewing comedians about traveling the world doing comedy. But ultimately I prefer the freedom of live Stand-Up. I can say
anything I like and no one can ‘edit’ me. And I like having audience involvement in my
Edinburgh shows, so every show is different. And we’ve talked about everything! Last time
I asked audience members where they lost their virginity. The show before that I asked
how many sexual partners they’d had.
The whole town gets an unexpected
makeover when a stranger arrives on
Mammary Lane - in Molly Wobbly’s Tit
Factory - this musical comedy by Paul
Boyd. Join the good shopkeepers of Little
Happening as they plot to get a few
things off their chests. Heavily laden with
big laughs, catchy songs, and leaky
implants, this rampant tour-de-force
sticks a finely-tuned musical hypodermic
firmly into the bosom of today’s surgeryobsessed culture. A must see for fans of
The Rocky Horror Show, Jerry Springer:
the Opera, or Avenue Q. This is the adult
musical comedy Sweeney Todd wishes
he was in! The Assembly Rooms/1-26
How many Fringe shows is that now?
This is my 9th show. But I prefer to count my career in dog years, so this is actually my
first Fringe show and I’m only 21. For the 25 time. I think when I get to 10 shows they
should let me do a “Supermarket Sweep” round Harvey Nichols.
How about baroque music and
characters from ancient history, seen
through the pink eyes of a German gay
choir? The highlights of Handel’s famous
opera Julius Caesar - Losing Your Head
in Egypt are condensed to this
extraordinary and spectacular version by
composer Alexander Strauch. He created
a clever blend of original and
contemporary choral and piano music,
containing elements of baroque, avantgarde and Egyptian pop. C Venues/15-18
Q& A
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Edinburgh International
In the next
Issue of
22 SGfringe
Edinburgh International Book Festival
Yet again there will be hundreds of events in Charlotte Square Gardens between
the 11th and 27th Aug when this Festival comes to Edinburgh. Masses of events for
children also and a special children’s bookshop.
Many of your favourite writers will be there, reading and discussing. There will be
a chance to see and hear Carol Ann Duffy, our lesbian Poet Laureate, at 11.30am on
Sat 25th Aug. She is sure to be reading from her latest collection, The Bees, which
includes moving poems about the loss of her mother.
Will Self appears later that same day (9.30pm) talking about his new novel
Umbrella (an item surely selling well this summer!) focusing on a munitions worker
who falls into a coma. Is her disease a microcosm of the technological revolutions of
the 20th century?
Simon Callow appears on Sat 11th August at 4.30pm: in this Dickens bicentenary
year he has written, “Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World.” – Dickens
and his life as theatre.
Sun 12th sees Alasdair Gray, a legendary must for fans of one of the greats of
contemporary Scottish literature. “Lanark” is now 40 years old, but still a very relevant
read. Gray has just published his collected short stories – 75 of them, 12 new. He is on
at 6.30pm.
A L Kennedy is there on Mon 13th at 11.30am. Her most recent novel was The
Blue Book, but she has also produced a series of essays on the problems facing
writers today and her own descent into illness last year.
The distinguished Irish gay writer Colm Toibin will appear at 3pm on Mon 13th.His
new collection of essays has a eye-catching title: New Ways to Kill your Mother. This is
about famous writers – Synge, Yeats, Thomas Mann and many others, their families
and the effects they have on those around them.
The ever-popular lesbian top crime writer Val McDermid, who hails from Kirkcaldy,
will be appearing at 4.30pm on the 14th. She will be with Prof. Sue Black, director of
the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at Dundee University in a session
called, “Crime Fiction on the Dissection Table.”
Important one coming up.......Amnesty International each year runs a series on
Imprisoned Writers and issues relating to creative freedom. An event of special interest
to our readers will be the one entitled, “Love is a Human Right.” Amnesty campaigns
against the persecution of the LGBTI community wherever that occurs. On Fri 17th Aug
at 5.30pm this event will feature extracts from works by and about people who have
been criminalised or tortured because of their sexuality.
More and more....the delightful Jackie Kay with her short stories “Reality, reality,”
at 8pm on 17th; Liz Lochhead at 8pm on 19th and again at 4.30pm on Tue 21st;
Jeanette Winterson at 6.30pm on Mon 20th with her life-affirming new work, “Why be
happy when you could be normal?”. Then Polly Toynbee with David Walker at 3pm on
Sun 26th with, “The Verdict,” – their analysis of the last British government – that’ll
cheer you!
This is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about the hundreds of other
events at this Festival, pick up a copy of the full programme, The World in Words, free
at many venues, or look on
Susan Calman
David Mills
The Ginge, the
Geordie and the Geek
Jen Brister
Kev Orkian
Lucy Porter
Mister Meredith
Mitch Benn
Monica Bauer
Otto Kuhnle
Paul Boyd
Andrew Doyle
Lady Boys of Bangkok
and online at
The World Explodes into Edinburgh from 9th
Aug to 2nd Sep. This year the Festival is taking into
account the World Shakespeare Festival and the
Cultural Olympiad. At the same time, director
Jonathan Mills is concerned, as he says, “to
introduce audiences to the thrilling virtuosity of a
new generation of talented performers.”
A work of interest to an LGBT audience will be
David et Jonathas – a reinterpretation by Charpentier
in 1688 of an Old Testament tragedy – the story of
the love between two men that comes from a book
by Tony Challis
that offered so much damage to sexual minorities –
indeed to human sexuality. This is presented by Les Arts Florrisants at Edinburgh
Festival Theatre between 17th and 20th Aug.
Another mind-expanding opera is The Makropoulos Case by Leoš Janáček. This
was a very forward looking work for the 1920s when it was written, about the desire
for eternal life and youth and the unwanted consequences this can have. The
mysterious opera diva Emilia Marty seems to know much more about this than she
should... At the Festival Theatre 11th and 13th Aug.
There is plenty of dynamic and youthful dance available, including New York’s
famous Juilliard School of Dance. With choreographers from the school and from
Spain and Sweden their show comprising The Waldstein Sonate, Gnawa and Episode
31 Is sure to be stunning. 25-27 Aug at Edinburgh Playhouse.
Bathsheva Dance company’s Hora is another thrilling spectacle of movement,
deliberately working without soloists. Playhouse, 30th Aug to 1st Sep.
Ballet Preljocaj “draw you into an all-consuming exploration of human rituals,
beliefs and relationships” And then one thousand years of peace exists in a postapocalyptic world. At Edinburgh Playhouse, 17th-19th Aug.
Villa + Discurso goes into the dark heart of one or the 20th Century’s many savage
episodes. This is 1970’s Chile, in Villa Grimaldi, the torture and extermination centre of
the Pinochet regime. Guillermo Calderon’s work exposes “both a terrible heritage and
the great humanity it inspired.” 20/21st Aug at The Hub.
Shakespeare appears with A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As you like it) the
Russian Dmitry Krimov’s take on the play from the Chekhov International Theatre
Festival. 24th-26th Aug at The King’s Theatre. The Royal Shakespeare Company brings
us the Shakespeare’s tragic poem The Rape of Lucrece, performed by the stunning
singer Camille O’Sullivan. Those who saw her show last year will recall her very vibrant
This has been a very short intro to a few if the glittering host of events. Find out
more by picking up a copy of the sky-blue-with-doves programme, widely available, or
go online to This will open the door to a fabulous festival.
Reviews of many of the above pieces will be published on Or, for
more information on all EIF events go to
...other events
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