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the intricate workings of this exceptional
piece can be admired through the hinged
kigätion WätCh,TyFS, 7:,':,':
The model on which The LonginesAvrga
brrced,vras ä süPerh
co+# on the,:§apphire,§tass baC
o,f The
praeiSton and high .qüähty.
foday, Longlnes presents this exceptional
model whichwillno doubigo down in the
..ättryred. fu ffi [email protected], and,
lefi their mark on history. Guaranteeinf
F.ia$..Wll|l t.CO.l|e#ioh,,,,::,,,, i :,:,:,,,:, ,::i,, , ,::
The number LZ is without doubt the
rnos!,1t+rking,, nu#eral .of ,vir[ue[tX1'. any
#ätoh,,. The,Zrlrich,.wa[ahffiäkai. based.
in La Chauide-Fonds, Roman Winiger,
;decl :p piesäni hG,,tr§t,$$12 wätch
precrsion and quality, Longmes timepiecei
an;essental pärt,of the equiprnent of
winiger is
.mnaii.af..the brand's nch heritage, At
beginninf of the 20th century the name
of Längines was closel11, 5§oCiated with,
.thi pibneeii,of avlation lhosa: ;*e* and
durinfi the.ir,exploits,
appearance, quallty' and,preci*ion in.order..
to be sälecied by,äviätors: änd,,}ieär, the
name «Type A-7» given by the U.S. tumy.
Theirlarge diameter and fluted crown enabled them to be easily read and quickly
manipulat*d, e,r.n if the pilot was *eanng
.tttiCk..gt s1ihe,,angled black dral wiü
erals aiso ensured easy:
ur*buleace; lThe
.,iaa&*$ iu..pbor,.ll§ht or,
aagle,of +,fu1wa§,.qpecull11,.6**igtra.*f
the chronograph to b. *ott on the insrde
CIdi:wirh.#e aiicräft's.lhstr,uments
and the pilot could read the timepiece
.with6na,m .,hts.ar,hgr,,a .,oi,ktung
go of the controli.
elo$ance of The Lo ngines Av,tgä'
tion Watch Type A-7 single push-pieCe
chronogriph lnryediately catches the
model,,on,i2:::Dederlber 20I.2,,, Ro:man
particularly,, nd
se,häs,.ä,diärnetef:.,of 49,.mm
.An,:,haüges än.:L'7,8:8,,,caiibre,,::ä,:co rnnwheel movement developed exclusively
for Longines. The vanous chronograph
flunctions - starf stop and reset to zero can all be operated bypressing the single
pushpiece setin the fluted crown. In imitation o[the aviators'tirnepieces, the dial is
....ffigtää *t 50; m, fu
.;&|ana fu
..white *bicnümetals,,att;of*hi
up th. exceprionalcharacter of this timepiece .I.ts..i1EeXrappeä*a*Ce,is en änced
ou bracelet) sont confi6s en sous-traitance
dans les alentours de son atelier, plus precis6ment et dans 1a mesure du possible,
dans un rayon de
ngt minutes ä velo.
*affiruklng,tradition of
factured., ould,c,,r-welvStqqepieces,
with every! twelfth piece prwiding an op-
,po*t*nl,$,i€iebin1e,*e*L,[email protected]
It was wrth the idea of offering mechani-
.-*. r
ex.,piod#ced rn small series and
at an aflordable priCe (less than 5,000
francs) that Roman Wimger taunched this
firstWHI2 model. Hii fiist design ongi
und progr.r.". to fra
.ä ,#$.dr
assembly of every component needed for
the case and the dral. Ani work he cannot
do himself (engraving, applicauon of PVD
and bracelet) is subconräCted close to
Qu'est-ce qui rend cette premiöre creation
hrs workshop, wherever possible within
de Winiger si speciale? C'est le mode de
Iecture:le chiffre 12 remplace en quelque
sorte I'aiguille des heures, c'est lui qui
fait office de repäre majeur, d'oü le nom
\ /H12. En m6me temps,l'heure actuelle
defile sur le bord superieur de la montre.
Ceci explique pourquoi les chiffres sont
dans un ordre inhabituel, ä contre-sens
sur le cadran. Laffichage de la date est
t.,:Thi§ nremi:,ihs11fus {di4},,was
«dozen», since,
The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7
w,as,iilspired b, 1r.. modeis deireloped durirlc the,I930s thät,had,to meet extrernely
of,vrew of
,string[nt [email protected] foöm. rhe.point
.i$1 ,
C'est dans 1e but de proposer des montres
mecaniques en petites series ä un prix
accessible (moins de 5'000 francs), que
Roman Winiger a lance ce premier modöle WH12. A l'origine de sa premiäre
creation, il y a des dessins, puis son travail de confection de chaque composant
necessaire pour 1e boitier et l'affichage
de l'heure. Tous les travaux qu'llne peut
eflfectuer lui-mäme (grar,ure, pose de P\D
What makes this fiisi Wiruger design so
special? The manner in whlch it telb thä
time: tiie,nü*bär,,,.lq,al;sehi-,,iepläCei
thä hoü* ha*d,and,:is', täe .,mff oi, featu*e,,
,,,hence the mrne.ffi [ä..Thetüt141..time
is read across the top edge of the watch,
,which explains w$1 ghe,*umäfäIs:äie in
La WH12 est vendue en souscription ä
1'atelier Winiger llorloger. Elle est emballee dans un liwe photographique, qui
trouve facilement sa place dans la biblio-
thöque lorsque le proprietaire la porte.
Ainsi l'emballage ne devient pas si vite
un dechet. Le premier liwe est destin6 ä
ötre complete par d'aulres.
edge of the dial and the Breguet minute
urd hout hands. the whole is mounted
oh . .b1ä+k.,lal1ifiami,,$6,.. Fur,thbimore t
Franck Muller
Vintage 7 Days Power Reserve
La 7-Days Por,l,er Resen,e associe la
precision esthetique d'un mouvement
travaille dans ses moindres details, et la

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