BossaCucanova Summer2015


BossaCucanova Summer2015
Electro-bossa pioneers
DJ Marcelinho DaLua, bassist Marcio Menescal and
keyboardist Alexandre Moreira burst onto the
international dance music scene in the late 90's with
Revisited Classics, a collection of both new and old
bossa nova songs given new life and vigor through the
application of funky breakbeats, skillful turntablism,
electronic manipulation and adventurous mixology.
And all of it is irresistibly danceable!
Bossacucanova's idea of fusing the smooth sounds of
classic bossa nova recordings with up-to-the-minute
electronic elements has now taken hold worldwide.
But Bossacucanova's approach is unique, in part
because the trio treats bossa nova as the main dish
and the breakbeats, electronica and other
embellishments as garnishes, rather than the other
way around. With one bare foot in the sand of
Ipanema and the other on the dancefloor of some hip
Rio nightclub, they bring an extroverted spin to the
music Jobim once described as "cool and contained."
“After 15 years on the road, we are more than a big
band—we are a large family!” says an excited
Menescal. The current line-up has been together
over a decade now: DJ DaLua, Moreira on keyboards,
and Menescal on bass, along with percussionist Dado
Brother and vocalist Cris Delanno. The band also
rotates in Flávio Mendes on guitars and vocals and
Rodrigo Sha on vocals, sax and flute.
“Bossacucanova love their heritage and
strive to make their forbearers proud
with distinctive upbeat tracks
somewhere between bossa and samba.”
“the group has mastered its
distinctive corner of the
intersection of Brazilian and
electronic genres”
-Huffington Post
“.. a big departure into
the future...the
beats and
melodies are
guaranteed to
shake any dance
floor around the
world” - WOMAD
AVAILS: 2016-2017
LINE-UP: 5-7
Territory: North America, UK, Europe
BOOKING : mel Puljic, [email protected]
[email protected]