ergophobia - Student Cuts


ergophobia - Student Cuts
Fiction film
Fraser Stewart
About the film
Ergophobia is the work to describe the fear of work. This short film departs from the point where work become ones life.
Living to work instead of working to live. In the film we are introduced to two characters who each perform their own distinct
type of labor.
Both characters: Fraser Stewart
This film was written and directed by: Fraser Stewart Camera work by: Irma Oldenburg
Technical specifications
Length: 4.25 Format: Quicktime, 16/9, 1920 by 1080p
About author
make performances, films and sculptures which all have a per-formative element.
I work often with linguistics and scenarios which involve both the thematics of
humor and tragedy. Where My studio is situating In the new west area of
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have exhibited throughout The Netherlands, The
UK, Germany, and Sweden. The mythology of the work I make is often drawn
from my interests in the balance between humour and the tragic. The mediums of
work include performance, film, photography and sculpture with an importance
placed on biographical references to past memories. I often find that we use
humour to deal with traumatic experiences from our past. I work predominately
from the perspective of performance, making my self as the performer or the
audience. Im interested in public interaction and experience. More importantly I
wish to entertain with performance, to create tension and excitement, not only for
my self but for the audience or viewer.
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