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www.fsnb.org.uk - Fresh Start New Beginnings
90% of sexually
abused children
know their abuser...
Whether sexual abuse happened in the past or is happening
now to your child/children, you must report it. At Fresh Start
- new beginnings, once the abuse has been reported we
can offer advice, support and therapy and help with coping
strategies for a brighter future.
Once your child has been referred to us, we’re here for
them for as long as they need us. There doesn’t need to
be a conviction in order for us to work with your child - we will
believe, them, we will help them; we will offer a safe place
for your child to understand their feelings and to begin to
rebuild their confidence and realise that there is no shame,
and no blame on their part.
At Fresh Start - new beginnings, we also work with you, parents
and family, to help you cope with your own emotions and to
understand your child’s reactions and how best to help them.
We’ll listen, we’ll be there
The Treatment Service for Child Sexual Abuse
To disclose Child Sexual Abuse contact the
Police on 101