Board Summary - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation


Board Summary - Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Board Summary
May/June 2014
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Ata ... uvva ... from the IRC Board!
Spring has arrived in the ISR! The ice roads to
Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik finally closed in May, which
means picnic season is upon us! We hope you enjoy
reading the IRC Board Summary, which is mailed to
beneficiaries following every IRC Board meeting.
June 5, 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the
signing of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. IRC
will take the opportunity to celebrate and also
to commemorate the reopening of the Inuvialuit
Corporate Centre Building.
IRC Board Meetings
The following board meetings are scheduled for the
rest of the year. Additional meetings will be held by
teleconference as required.
Community events in the ISR this summer include
the Inuvik Petroleum Show (June 23 to 25),
Kingalik Jamboree in Ulukhaktok (June 14 to
15), National Aboriginal Day (June 21), Oceans
Day (July 20), Great Northern Arts Festival (July
11 to 21), Billy Joss Open Golf Tournament (July
18 to 20), Circumpolar Northern Games (July
21 to 27), Inuit Circumpolar Council General
August 26, 27 and 28, 2014
November 18, 19 and 20, 2014
Around the ISR
♦ Enrolled beneficiaries over the age of 18 picked
up their IRC Distribution Payment cheques
of $551.57 on May 1 from their Community
Corporation offices. Those living outside the ISR
received their cheque in the mail.
IRC and IDC staff began moving back into the
Inuvialuit Corporate Centre at the end of May.
All structural damage to the building has been
repaired, fire damaged areas of the building have
been replaced and finishing work like painting,
flooring and millwork is being completed. The
overall floor plan of the building has not changed
but all areas of the building will see a significant
improvement. For further enquiries, contact IDC.
Assembly (July 21 to 24), Shingle Point Summer
Games (July 18 to 20) and Ikhalukpik Jamboree
in Paulatuk (August 8 to 11).
Don’t forget to attend IRC’s Annual Corporate
Tour of the communities. The Chairs of IRC and
all subsidiary corporations will be making reports
and addressing concerns from beneficiaries. For
the schedule, contact your local CC. 
Left: Medal of Bravery recipients Constable Andrew Aucoin,
Larry Angasuk Jr., Teddy Omilgoituk and Constable Todd
Glemser stand with Governor General David Johnston.
(Photo by MCpl Vincent Carbonneau) Right: Patrick Wolki
receives his office administration diploma at the Aurora
Campus graduation ceremonies in Inuvik May 9. (Photo by
Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
Summary of IRC Board Motions and Update
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Distribution Payments for Beneficiaries Page 4
 Community Development Division
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 Education, Training and Career Development
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 Inuvialuit Land AdministrationPage 10
 Community Corporation Reports
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 List of Newly Enrolled Inuvialuit Beneficiaries
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 Questions from Beneficiaries
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 General News and Events
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Vol. 19 Issue 2
May/June 2014
Page 1
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Summary of IRC Board Motions and Meeting Update
At the IRC Board meeting of April 14 to 17, Nellie Cournoyea,
Chair and CEO, welcomed members Billy Archie (Aklavik),
Duane Smith (Inuvik), Lawrence Ruben (Paulatuk), Vernon
Amos (Sachs Harbour), Vince Teddy (Tuk) and Colin Okheena
(Ulukhaktok). Darrell Nasogaluak (Tuk) was an observer at the
Below is a summary of the motions passed and an update of
some of the on-going issues (those not covered elsewhere).
Beneficiaries are urged to contact their Community Corporation
or IRC for more information.
Motion 27/14: ICG Consolidated Financial Statements
The Board accepted the Inuvialuit Corporate Group consolidated
financial statements for 2013 as presented.
Motion 28/14: IRC Non-consolidated Financial Statements
The Board accepted the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation nonconsolidated financial statements for 2013 as presented.
Motion 29/14: IRC Distribution Payments
In accordance with the IRC Distribution Policy, the Board
approved a distribution payment of $551.57 to each beneficiary
of the Inuvialuit Trust.
Motion 30/14: Inuvik ILAC Appointment
The Board appointed Hank Rogers Sr. as Commissioner of the
Inuvialuit Land Administration Commission - Inuvik for a fiveyear term expiring December 31, 2018.
Motion 31/14: ILAC Appointment
The Board appointed Albert Elias as Chief Commissioner of the
Inuvialuit Land Administration Commission for a three-year term
expiring December 31, 2016.
Motion 32/14: Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation
The Board appointed Vernon Amos and Colin Okheena to the
Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation.
Motion 34/14: Beaufort Delta Agenda Negotiations
The Board approved the Director of Intergovernmental Relations
to negotiate with territorial and federal government program and
services arrangements in accordance with the updated Beaufort
Page 2
May/June 2014
Delta Agenda. The Board approved the use of a portion of
Devolution Resource Revenues for improving programs and
services. The Director of Intergovernmental Relations will report
back to the Board in August 2014 on the results of negotiations
and provide recommendations on the use or allocation of revenues.
Motion 36/14: ICC General Assembly Appointments
IRC appointed Nellie Cournoyea, Vernon Amos and Vince Teddy
as delegates for the Inuit Circumpolar Council General Assembly
to be held in Inuvik July 2014.
IRC 2013 Financial Report
The 2013 audited consolidated financial results for the Inuvialuit
Corporate Group indicated revenues of $80 million and earnings
of $32 million - down slightly from the preliminary view but
still well ahead of the year’s budget. The major change from
preliminary results is due to adjustments to insurance accounting.
The investment pool is sitting at $377 million, up from $367
million in 2013. NorTerra revenues in 2013 totaled $497 million,
up 9% from 2012.
Self-Government Agreement-in-Principle
The Board recommended a special teleconference meeting be
held for approval of the Chair and CEO to sign the Inuvialuit
The Inuvialuit Self-Government Chief Negotiators for IRC, GNWT
and the Government of Canada finalized the Chief Negotiators’
Draft of the Self-government Agreement-in-Principle. At the IRC
Board of Directors meeting in February the Board approved the
Inuvialuit negotiators to initial the Agreement-in-Principle.
The Agreement-in-Principle is a significant milestone and the
Inuvialuit negotiators did not anticipate any further revisions to
the draft. They are scheduled to initial the Agreement-in-Principle
on June 10, 2014.
Left: Peggy Day shares the history of Reindeer Station during a staff trip.
Right: Nellie Cournoyea, Aurora Campus Director Doug Robertson and
Boot Lake MLA Alfred Moses Boot at the unveiling of the commemorative
carving marking the site of Grollier Hall, a former residential school.
(Shawn Giilck/Inuvik Drum)
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Summary of IRC Board Motions and Meeting Update
IRC 2013 Audit Committee Report
The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the integrity of
the Financial Report and controls within the Inuvialuit Corporate
Group. The committee meets three times per year.
The Atausiq Inutut Titirausiq Task Group
Beverly Amos and Lillian Elias represented the Inuvialuit on the
Atausiq Inutut Titirausiq Task Group on Standardization of Inuit
Writing System in Ottawa.
The audit, completed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, found the
consolidated financial statements of IRC and its subsidiaries were
presented fairly. IRC’s financial performance and cash flows for the
year ended in accordance with International Financial Reporting
Standards. Upon review of the 2013 Financial Statements for the
Inuvialuit Corporate Group and discussions with the auditors and
representatives of management, the Committee recommended
their acceptance by the Board.
Sandra Ipana and Catherine Katigakyok joined Beverly and
Lillian and attended the pre-summit meeting in Ottawa March 24
to 26. Together, Inuvialuit delegates, Carleton University linguists
and others discussed the feasibility of one Inuit language writing
Participants travelled from across Inuit Nunangat to take part in
the meetings held in Ottawa in March. 
Inuvialuit Harvesters Assistance Program (IHAP)
All communities have distributed IHAP funds without any major
issues. For 2014, successful applicants by community are as
Sachs Harbour
Outside ISR
2 Total
Bottom left: Jordan Archie and Annie Erigaktoak watch the ice chiseling
competition at the Mad Trapper Rendezvous in Aklavik Easter weekend.
(Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison) Bottom right: Meeka Kisoun
and her daughter Iona enjoy an outing to Reindeer Station. Below: The
Atausiq Inuktut Titirausiq Task Group members being introduced to the
language writing system meeting participants from across Inuit Nunangat.
May/June 2014
Page 3
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Distribution Payments for Beneficiaries
In accordance with the IRC Distribution Policy, the Board
announced a distribution payment of $551.57 to all enrolled
Inuvialuit beneficiaries over the age of 18 in May 2014. A total
of $2,404,855.35 was paid to 4,360 beneficiaries enrolled in
the Inuvialuit Trust. IRC subsidiaries - IDC, IIC, ILC and IPC contributed to the distribution.
In 1997, the IRC Board of Directors adopted a Distribution Policy
that took into account the following two guiding principles as
outlined in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA):
“The Inuvialuit enrolled in the Inuvialuit Land Rights Settlement
shall share equally in the benefits received by the various Inuvialuit
corporations and distributed through the Inuvialuit Trust;” [section
6(4)(a)] and
“Restrictions shall be placed by the Inuvialuit Regional
Corporation from time to time on any financial distributions from
the Inuvialuit corporations to encourage the preservation of the
financial compensation for the benefit of future generations of
Inuvialuit.” [section 6(4)(d)]
In 2012, the IRC Board approved a new Distribution Policy to
reflect the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
(IFRS) for its accounting procedures. This change required
unrealized gains or losses in the investment portfolio to be included
in computing the income of the Inuvialuit Corporate Group.
The 2014 distribution payments are based upon 15% of the Average
Comprehensive Income for the preceding 10-year period as
determined from IRC’s audited consolidated financial statements.
IRC Distribution Policy
The IRC Distribution Policy ensures that there is a sufficient
reinvestment of profits to guarantee the preservation and growth
of the land claim capital for future generations of Inuvialuit.
Page 4
May/June 2014
The establishment of the Elders Assistance Program and Inuvialuit
Harvesters Assistance Program, as well as the core funding of
the Inuvialuit Education Foundation, the Inuvialuit Charitable
Foundation and Community Corporations were all made possible
through such reinvestments.
Distribution Policy History
Since the inception of the IRC Distribution Policy in 1997,
enrolled beneficiaries have received the following payments:
Year Beneficiaries
Left: Emma Dick picks up her IRC Distribution Payment cheque on
May 1 at the Inuvik Community Corporation. Right:Tori Hendrick and
Brandon Day pick up their IRC Distribution cheques. This year 4,360
IRC beneficiaries received cheques for $551.57. (Photos by Esther Ipana)
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Community Development Division (CDD)
Evelyn Storr, Executive Director, presented an extensive report
on CDD activities to the IRC Board of Directors.
Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) had a busy quarter. Its
partnership with the Northern Games Society and Inuvik Youth
Centre will be renewed this year and can hopefully be expanded
to other communities within the ISR. ADI is partnering with the
Ulukhaktok DEA for a breakfast program in the school and is
planning to sponsor similar programs in Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk,
Paulatuk and Sachs Harbour this year. In addition, ADI will be
sending out letters to the communities of Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk,
Paulatuk, Sachs Harbour and Ulukhaktok for proposals for onthe-land programming.
Nutrition North Canada
All Nutrition North Canada (NNC) funding has been used and
plans to fund NNC workers in the ISR will be advertised once
funding has been secured. The DREAM Global Food Procurement
Research Project in Aklavik has a symbol for the project, which
was designed by three students at Moose Kerr School – Marissa
Kovacs, Deanna Lynn McLeod and Ocean McLeod. The
Ulukhaktok Ice House Project has been postponed and in its place
the community held a successful muskox harvest.
Health Services Integration Fund
Meghan Etter has been busy organizing on-the-land workshops
and is working with Rita Green in Tuktoyaktuk to deliver onthe-land programs. Meghan and John Stuart Jr. are analyzing
the data from their survey work and should have a report by the
end of the summer. The Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF)
held a Forgiveness Workshop with Fred Luskin March 11 to 13.
It was extremely well received. HSIF participated in the TRC
National Event in Edmonton March 27 to 31. The main focus of
the program now is to revisit the work plan with Beaufort-Delta
Health and Social Services and work on action items.
Resolution Health Support Workers Program
Resolution Health Support staff, along with Inuvik Cultural
Support Workers (CSW) Lillian Elias and Albert Elias, delivered
on-the-land programs during the last quarter. Jeffery Amos
attended the Men’s and Women’s GTC Workshop as a guest
speaker. All Resolution Health Support staff, with the exception
of Jeffery, attended the TRC National Event in Edmonton. Some
staff hosted a Northern Room during the event. This was well
received and enjoyed by northerners in the Edmonton area.
Community visits were made to Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik to
present information on the Group Independant Assessment Process
(IAP) Funds. Resolution Health Support Workers and Cultural
Support Workers continue to meet with and assist clients on a
daily and weekly basis in Inuvik and the surrounding communities.
Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative
A 28-day wellness program was held at Reindeer Station in
partnership with IRC for the month of March. Staff from the
Mamisarvik Treatment Centre delivered the program. The program
was well received by participants.
Research Matters
ArcticNet has confirmed they will be covering the additional costs
needed to keep the Inuit Research Advisor (IRA) position open,
due to Nasivvik closing and no longer funding the position. IRA
has been busy with the Northern Contaminants Program reviewing
research proposals. IRA is Chair for the Regional Contaminants
Committee and will be receiving additional funding to carry out
these duties.
Continued on page 6
Left: Freddy Rogers and Lorraine Elanik provided a great meal to IRC
and IDC staff at Reindeer Station. Right : Lucy Kuptana welcomes IRC
and IDC staff to Reindeer Station during a staff outing.
May/June 2014
Page 5
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
More Community Development Division
Language and Culture
The Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre (ICRC) received
additional funding in order to hold a regional workshop to consult
with communities on the implementation of the Inuvialuktun/
Inuinnaqtun Language Plan. In addition, ICRC sponsored two
adult language classes, one in Inuvik and another in Paulatuk.
funding to help with their programs.
Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth (CCAY) hosted a
Regional Economic Conference with youth from Inuvik, Aklavik,
Tuktoyaktuk and Paulatuk attending. The National Aboriginal
Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy completed mental health
surveys and more Injury Prevention Workshops were held.
The Inuvialuit Language Officer continues to visit with and
provide support for the language teachers at schools and Child
Development Centres in the ISR. The Ulukhaktok Language
Office continues to work on many projects in the community and
provides assistance to staff in the ICRC.
Inuvialuktun with Elders
The Tuktoyaktuk District Education Authority, with the support
of the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre and IRC, ran a new
program in Mangilaluk School called Inuvialuktun with Elders
for kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.
ICRC published Inuvialuit hunting legend Qattayana by storyteller
Johnny Ruben Qummana, with funding from federal and
territorial governments and the Beaufort-Delta Education Council,
as well as eight new easy reader books.
The program helped students become familiar with and fluent
in Inuvialuktun by bringing elders from the community into
the classroom. It also brought them closer with elders, helping
to show them how important they are for youth, the school and
the community. Elders worked with instructor Betty Elias and
the students’ homeroom teacher, telling stories and bringing in
artifacts or pictures to discuss. The students looked forward to
these lessons.
Inuvialuit Child Development Programs
Staff at the Child Development Centres were busy preparing for
the end of the year.
There will be 51 preschool graduates from all five Child
Development Centres in May and June. Staff are always
encouraged to use the language on a daily basis with children to
encourage revitalization of the language.
Community Wellness
The Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program has hosted cooking
and sewing classes which have given participants the opportunity
to share their parenting experiences. The NWT Literacy Council
held a workshop in Inuvik, which CPNP workers were invited
to attend. The three-day workshop provided information on how
to incorporate literacy in a fun way to their cooking classes. The
communities that attended now have an opportunity to apply for
The Tuktoyaktuk District Education Authority would like to thank
the following elders for their participation in the program:
Fred Wolki Rita Green
Molly Nogasak William Nasogaluak
Lucy Carpenter Boogie Pokiak
Frank Umoak Charles Gruben-Nuligaq
David Nasogaluak Eva Raddi
Bessie Elias (Raddi)* Eunice Nasogaluak
*Bessie passed away recently. We send our condolences to her
family and friends.
Left: Mikaela Cockney-MacNeil, a Grade 12 at East Three Secondary School, conducted a study on sleep learning for the Beaufort Delta Regional Science Fair. She earned a spot at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Windsor, ON for her project. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
Right: Students at Mangilaluk School in Tuktoyaktuk participate in the Inuvialuktun with Elders program. (Photo by Mangilaluk School)
Page 6
May/June 2014
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Education, Training and Career Development
Candace Morgan, Chief Human Resources Officer, attended the
IRC Board meeting to provide a report and answer questions.
Lorna Gruben-Matthew (Aurora College)
Business Administration Diploma
The Human Resources Department is responsible for education,
training and career development. Check out the Facebook page
for Human Resources under “Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Human Resources,” which provides support information to
students, connectivity with ASETS funded clients, promotes job
opportunities and presents success stories.
Diane Archie (Royal Roads University)
Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies
Terrance Allen (Aurora College)
Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
Jeanelle Arey (Aurora College)
Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
Inuvialuit Education Foundation
The Post-Secondary Financial Assistance Program (PSFAP) is
providing 44 post-secondary students with monthly funding. 23
are in diploma programs and 21 are in degree programs.
Students interested in learning more about IEF’s programs can
call 867.777.7029 or toll-free at 1.855.777.7011.
One of the IDC Scholarships valued at $1,000 has been renamed
in memory of Frederick Lawrence (Larry) Gordon. Scholarship
recipients for Winter 2014 are as follows:
Statistics on IRC/IDC Inuvialuit Staff
HR compiled statistics regarding the hiring of Inuvialuit staff for
IRC and IDC, both full-time and casual. Currently, 79% of staff
are Inuvialuit.
Jacqueline Thompson
Coady Duncan
Cassandra Norris
Lance Gray
Courtney Larocque
Michel Lindsay
Kate Snow
Diane Goodliffe
Debbie Dillon
Staff Development
Several staff are involved in training and mentorship programs.
They include Jamie Day (ASETS program and HR functions),
Cheryl Day (Administrative functions), Jodie Maring
(Administrative and Project Coordinator functions), Clara Elias
(Accounting), Terrance Allen and Jeanelle Arey (Carpentry
Apprenticeships) and Barry Jacobson (five-day IT course through
Global Knowledge).
BPE-BEd-Secondary Education
Bachelor of Management
Bachelor of Education
BSc Physical Education
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Science
Master of Arts
Business Administration Diploma
Business Administration Diploma
The following beneficiaries are taking part in staff development
through formal education and training:
Maureen Cournoyea (SAIT)
Information and Records Management Certificate
Clara Elias (Athabasca University)
University Certificate in Accounting
Patrice Stuart (Athabasca University)
Bachelor of Management
Left: Musicians Greg Nasogaluak, Leanne Goose and Vaughan Poyser at the Taste of the Arctic event in April. (Photo by ITK) Right: Preston
Dosedel picks up his IRC Distribution Payment cheque at the Inuvik Community Corporation May 1. (Photo by Esther Ipana)
May/June 2014
Page 7
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Education, Training and Career Development
IRC ASETS (Ends March 2015)
Under IRC ASETS (Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training
Strategy), funding was provided for a variety of on-the-job training
initiatives. This included training with Stanton Group, Children’s
First Society, various IRC and IDC departments, NTCL, the
Inuvialuit Communications Society, R&M Holt Construction,
the Inuvik Youth Centre, E. Gruben’s Transport and Northwind
ASETS also contributed to Environmental Monitor Training,
the Wildlife Monitor Training Program and Safety Certificates,
Workplace Readiness and Safety Certificates and other various
training opportunities.
Sunchild E-Learning Program
The Sunchild E-Learning Program in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk had
a 69% success rate from February to June 2013, with 36 courses
started and 25 courses completed. The program had an 87%
success rate from September 2013 to January 2014, with a total
of 50 courses started and 42 courses completed. Three students
received their Grade 12 diploma in June 2013 and one student
received their diploma in January 2014.
Additional Training
In partnership with the Mine Training Society in Yellowknife,
one student completed the Introduction to Underground Mining
Course in Inuvik. Assistance has been provided to youth travelling
from the communities to the Regional Skills Competition and for
two youth attending the annual Students on Ice expedition in the
Arctic. Through the Northern Student Education Initiative, funds
were provided to offer counselling support for students attending
post-secondary education in Edmonton.
Personal Credits Program
Sandra Elanik and Dodie Lennie have conducted information
sessions in all ISR communities and have also presented in Fort
McPherson, Tsiigehtchic, Yellowknife and Edmonton. They have
now revisited all communities in the ISR for follow-ups and
application assistance.
2014 Aurora College Graduates
Aurora College’s 2014 Convocation took place on May 9 at
Ingamo Hall in Inuvik. Congratulations to all Inuvialuit
Office Administration Certificate
Bambi Amos (Sachs Harbour)
Mary Firth (Inuvik)
Sharon Green (Sachs Harbour)
Lisa Rogers (Inuvik)
Lauren Ruben (Paulatuk)
Terilyn Storr (Aklavik)
Alice Thrasher (Inuvik)
Patrick Wolki (Inuvik)
Business Administration Diploma
Shannon Ciboci (Inuvik)
Debbie Dillon (Inuvik)
Crystal Dawn Lennie (Inuvik)
Teacher Education Diploma
Twyla Amos (Inuvik)
Looking for Employment?
Employment opportunities with the Inuvialuit Corporate Group and other organizations can be found at:
IRC Human Resources Facebook Page. Search for Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Human Resources.
IRC Website –
Inuvik Drum / NewsNorth.
New North Network (Inuvik community channel).
Jobs North, the Northwest Territories Job Bank – www.
Inuvialuit Career Centre – located (temporarily) at 125 Mackenzie Road in Inuvik.
Community Employment Officers.
Community organizations –Job postings are distributed to Community Corporations, Hamlets, government agencies, HTCs
and other contacts within each community.
All IRC/IDC staff are provided with notices of job postings for IRC/IDC positions and are encouraged to forward to their
For help with all job searches, applications, or career planning, contact the Inuvialuit Career Centre (Inuvik 777.7095 or toll-free
1.855.777.7011) or the local Employment Officer in your community.
Page 8
May/June 2014
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Inuvialuit CEDO
Jim Kinney, CFO, met with the IRC Board to provide a report
and answer questions.
CEDO met its program targets for 2013-2014 and handled
$505,000 in contribution agreement funds. It is evaluating
whether to submit an Alternate Service Delivery proposal.
CEDO is continuing to provide support to entrepreneurs and
community projects and is assisting with preparations for the Inuit
Circumpolar Council (ICC) General Assembly to be held in July.
CEDO is always seeking proposals for community-driven projects
and community-owned ventures or small business development.
Kunnek Resource Development Corporation
Kunnek Resource Development Corporation (KRDC) shareholders
voted unanimously to reinstate the company to the Corporate
Registry. The Shareholders Agreement and registry application
are completed and they are scheduled to conduct regular meetings.
This year KRDC distributed 15,000 lbs of reindeer meat, which
signifies its final contribution as its debt has now been paid off.
Paulatuk Visitor Centre Corporation
The Paulatuk Visitor Centre Corporation (PVCC) is operating
successfully and had another profitable year in 2013. On-site
hotel manager training began April 1 and is set to include onthe-job training in April and a combination of distance education
coursework and on-the-job training in May.
Above: More than 100 Beaufort Delta residents took to the ice road April 6 to watch the reindeer herd crossing near Bar-C. (Photo by Nathalie
May/June 2014
Page 9
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA)
ILA staff includes Mike Harlow, Chief Land Administrator, Patrice
Stuart, Land Use Applications Coordinator, Tina Steen, Office
Manager, Janet Elias, Environmental Monitoring Coordinator,
Shawna Wilson, Environmental Management Coordinator, Cailin
Maki, Land Use Research Coordinator and Glenna Noksana,
Administrative Assistant.
Inuvialuit Land Use Applications
ILA uses an internet-based Land Use Application System (LUAS)
to allow applicants to submit applications to and work with
ILA online throughout the project cycle. It is available at www.
In the first quarter, ILA processed the following new and renewed
Land Use Permits/Licences: Parks Canada for Arctic Base Camp
trips and a Hornaday River gauge; the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk for
Kudlak Lake access; and the Geological Survey of Canada for
climate change monitoring.
NTCL conducted activities on Inuvialuit land in the Mackenzie
River without receiving permission or getting the project reviewed
by EISC. ILA has been in contact with NTCL and they have paid
the required fee.
Environmental Monitor Program
ILA is working with HR to compile environmental monitor
training results to evaluate training effectiveness. They are also in
discussions with Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission
(WSCC) to evaluate compliance of the Environmental Monitoring
Program. ILA will prepare Environmental Monitors for the
summer Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway construction season and
the Bar-C Remediation Project.
Land Use Inspections
ILA carried out inspections of Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway
construction and, in conjuction with the GNWT Department
of Lands, completed an aerial inspection of the entire highway
alignment. ILA will continue to inspect Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk
Highway construction sites and other projects as they arise.
Geographic Information System Strategy
ILA’s goal is to establish a comprehensive Geographic
Information System (GIS) of all past and current land use activities
on Inuvialuit lands.
The Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway Project
ILA’s goal is to ensure the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway Project
is carried out as per authorization issued by ILA. ILA is attending
regular meetings with regard to the project and has issued several
amendments and changes to permits. Environmental Monitors
are working regular shifts on the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway
and both the GNWT and contractors are being cooperative. ILA
is developing a granular material calculation methodology with
the GNWT and has developed materials posted in Inuvik and
Tuktoyaktuk to inform residents of the work and recommending
residents to stay away. To date, it appears there have been few
instances where the public have been a cause for concern.
ILA worked with the GNWT to ensure seasonal shut down was
properly carried out and to plan anticipated summer activities. ILA
will conduct regular inspections as required, provide information
to the IRC Board and public and work to ensure the administration
of amendments are clear and efficient.
Clean-Up Activities
Imperial Oil will be conducting clean-up activities at BAR C,
north of Inuvik, this summer. ILA and IOL have worked out an
action plan and ILA will be monitoring project progress.
Left: A blast goes off at the gravel source pit of the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison) Right: SAMS School is
demolished in May as hundreds watch. The school first opened in 1959. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
Page 10
May/June 2014
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC)
Wayne Gordon, Chair, and Denny Rodgers, General Manager,
met with the IRC Board to review the results of IDC’s operations
and answer questions.
IDC reports that work on the IRC Corporate Centre is on schedule.
The Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway continues to benefit several of
the Joint Ventures and wholly owned companies. Stanton Group,
AOGS and Inukshuk Geomatics will see steady work over the
next three to four winters and have been increasingly busy this
past winter.
The acquisition of Nunasi shares in NorTerra have been a
significant step forward for IDC and they look forward to a
prosperous future.
IDC Properties and Stanton Group
Residential occupancy is at full capacity. There have been no major
issues with any of IDC’s commercial or residential properties to
date and preventative maintenance is ongoing. Stanton Group
continues to benefit from the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway and
sales at the Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk stores are up 19% and 13%
respectively. Sales will drop slightly once the camps begin to
close but Stanton Group is still on track to contribute a significant
management fee.
Akita Equtak
Currently there are two rigs located in Alberta and one in BC. Rig
#60 is contracted to Vermillion Energy and is operating in Edson,
Alta. Rig #63 is contracted to Keyera near Fort Saskatchewan,
Alta. Rig #61 is contracted to Apache near Fort Nelson, BC and
is currently drilling three wells estimated at 100 days each.
Joint Venture Companies Managed by Partners
Inukshuk Geomatics continues to provide party chiefs and office
support to EGT on the northern end of the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk
Highway. They will work through the winter season and provide
survey and drafting technologists, as well as project management.
Inukshuk Geomatics will also be working in Nunavut on the Sturt
Point Dew Line remediation project to be completed in 2014.
Nappaq will be bidding on a number of GNWT projects in Inuvik
and the surrounding region. Work continues on the PWGSC
contract to build a base camp in Tuktuk Nogait National Park. 
Aklak Air
Aklak Air just completed a contract in March supporting the
University of Washington with ice camp support off the west coast
of Banks Island. They also completed fuel caching requirements
in the High Arctic for the Federal Government and the GNWT to
do a polar bear study by helicopter.
Arctic Oil and Gas
AOGS has secured the camp catering work for the InuvikTuktoyaktuk Highway and currently has 37 employees. They are
providing catering to three 30-person camps and one 70-person
camp. They are also providing catering to one 60-person camp
and one 20-person camp for Northwind Industries. In total, they
are serving 725 plates of food per day. All food related items are
being purchased at Stanton Group.
Left: Melba Mitchell of Inuvik skins a muskrat during the jamboree.
(Photo by Sandra Griffin) Right: Skidoo racers take a tight turn in Aklavik during the community’s Mad Trapper Rendezvous Easter weekend.
(Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
May/June 2014
Page 11
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Community Corporation Reports
Aklavik Community Corporation
Billy Archie reported that Aklavik CC has received their Brighter
Futures funding allocation from IRC. The Board recently met to
review applications and do the allocations. Their Brighter Futures
Coordinator will be on maternity leave and Aklavik CC reports
they will be hiring for a term position until her return. Aklavik CC
is pleased to welcome Frederick Arey as Employment Officer.
Congratulations Fred!
The last leg of the Inuvialuit Harvester’s Assistance Program
process is being completed and Aklavik CC is waiting for
successful applicants to submit their approved credit arrangements.
Reindeer meat has been distributed to Inuvialuit households as
caribou have not been around for a while. This initiative was
well received.
Aklavik CC was able to purchase new room furnishings for the
Aklavik Inn thanks to CEDO, and are in the process of getting
rid of old furniture. The ADC Board is also working closely with
CEDO to begin training a manager for the Inn. This is currently
in the planning stage.
The annual Mad Trapper Rendezvous was held April 18 to 21
and was a huge success. Thank you to organizers and volunteers
who helped out!
Inuvik Community Corporation
Duane Smith reported that Inuvik CC has been busy in the last
quarter with Community Corporation building construction,
Reindeer Station activities, Brighter Futures program allocations
and their AGM on May 10. Construction on the new building is
proceeding as scheduled. Anyone interested in a quick tour is
welcome to call the CC office.
Inuvik CC reported that numerous activities have been run out
of Reindeer Station so far this year. A 28-day wellness program
was just completed and CDD should provide a report on this. In
addition, there was an outing with elementary school children,
a one-week men’s wellness camp and an IRC staff outing. Field
maintenance equipment was obtained with the assistance of
CEDO, as well as electrical lighting and capability. Inuvik CC is
greatly appreciative of the support. The ICC Office Complex is
nearing completion and will provide a stable, consistent facility
for various cultural programs including sewing classes, language
classes and, if suitable, drum dancing. Stay tuned for more
information on the grand opening!
Plans are underway for a Youth Leadership Program to promote
culture, language, on-the-land skills and leadership. Inuvik CC
is also working with the Inuvik HTC to deliver various on-theland programs.
Brighter Futures program allocations have been made. Inuvik
CC is continuing their Northern Games Program at East Three
School until the end of the school year with the assistance of Steve
Cockney, Abel Tingmiak and James Day Jr.
Page 12
May/June 2014
The CC’s audit has been completed without any issues and Duane
reported their finances continue to be well managed. This has
been due to the Board’s commitment over the years to conserve
funds with the goal of constructing their own office complex and
establishing a stable on-the-land facility at Reindeer Station.
The Board met with ILA regarding Bar-C remediation. In addition,
most Board members visited the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway
construction site, its camp facility and gravel source extraction. All
members understand the IFA application intent and are generally
supportive of it.
Inuvik CC congratulates IDC on its acquisition of NorTerra. In
closing, Duane Smith remarked, “We have a very busy next few
months ahead of us with a focus on our region.” He continued,
“(It is) time for us to prepare but also to be proud and celebrate
who we are and what we have achieved.”
Paulatuk Community Corporation
Lawrence Ruben reported the IHAP program went ahead
smoothly with four members approved. Paulatuk CC has
completed its Brighter Futures proposals and is awaiting funding
to start programs. They have had some programs run through
John Stuart Jr. and CCYA, including tapestry, storytelling and
a drum dance workshop. CEP workshop went ahead as scheduled
with the community members in attendance learning how to fill
out the required forms.
Paulatuk CC reported the community is anxiously awaiting the
spring thaw so they can head out to fishing holes and prepare
camps for the goose hunt. In closing, Lawrence Ruben remarked,
“With condolences going out to the families who have lost loved
ones, our prayers are with you.”
Below: Competitors in the plank walk at Inuvik’s Muskrat Jamboree try
to stay standing as they race to the finish line. Other activities included
skidoo races, traditional games and snowshoe races. (Photo by Nathalie
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Community Corporations Reports
Sachs Harbour Community Corporation
Vernon Amos reported that Sachs Harbour CC’s reindeer meat
has been distributed, with 38 boxes being delivered to Inuvialuit
households. All IHAP and Brighter Futures funding allocations
have been made.
In closing, Vince Teddy remarked, “Jamboree and spring season
has arrived. God bless everyone with happy and safe travels,
hope all Inuvialuit enjoy life out on the land!” Tuk CC would like
to congratulate Bill and Lucy Cockney on their 60th wedding
anniversary on May 1. Happy anniversary Bill and Lucy!
Sachs Harbour CC’s AGM has been postponed until June and
tentative dates have been set for the IRC Corporate Tour. The CC
would like to welcome board members Tony Lucas Sr. and Earl
Esau, who joined following the resignations of Samantha Lucas
and Paul Kowichuck.
Ulukhaktok Community Corporation
Colin Okheena reported that Ulukhaktok CC had a very busy last
quarter with IHAP selections, Brighter Futures programming, the
community muskox harvest and other business.
Tuktoyaktuk Community Corporation
Vince Teddy reported that Tuk CC was busy in the last quarter
with meetings, community planning and other business. Donations
were made to funeral assistance, the TCC Care Fund, the Jason
Jacobson Youth Centre, the Elders Committee, the women’s shelter
and the Craft Shop.
Between February and April meetings were held regarding IHAP
allocations, Brighter Futures funding and self-government. In
addition, Tuk CC took part in meetings with the Beaufort-Delta
Regional Council in Inuvik and Conoco Phillips.
Tuk CC reported that the 2013-2014 Brighter Futures Funding
Program concluded another successful year. There were no issues
regarding programming and they are looking forward to another
year of activities in the community.
The Tuk Youth Committee is currently fundraising for a trip
and have been busy doing different fundraising events. The
Jason Jacobson Youth Centre is still overseeing the bottle depot,
which offsets the costs of operation and maintenance. Tuk CC is
overseeing the Aimayunga Shelter and has hired two full-time
family violence workers. They will be available Monday to Friday
4 p.m. to midnight and midnight to 8 a.m. In addition, the women’s
shelter will have someone on-call on weekend. The Tuk Elders
Committee continues to operate and carry out their mandate. They
are currently looking for funding and look forward to providing
programming to elders and youth in the community.
Tuk CC reports that Rosemary Lundrigan will be doing
enrolment forms with parents/guardians who have children under
the age of 18. She will begin teaching Taimani at Mangilaluk
School before the end of April.
The Employment Office continues to help clients with EI
applications, resumes and seeking out employment opportunities.
In addition, she will be helping with Personal Education Credit
applications for beneficiaries who have not yet completed their
Tuk CC reports that work on the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway
has added much to community life. TCC will help ILA and the
GNWT in any means possible to ensure it is constructed safely
and follows ILA and government regulations for environment,
wildlife and highway standards.
Ulukhaktok CC has been busy wrapping up Brighter Futures
programs for 2013/2014 and held a meeting to allocate possible
proposals for this coming year. In lieu of the ice house project, the
community held a muskox harvest and hired guides, camp cooks
and other workers. Approximately 30 muskox were harvested
and distributed to the community. A community feast was held
to celebrate the success. Ulukhaktok CC would like to thank
Jullian MacLean, Jiri Raska and Health Canada for this much
needed project.
Donna Akhiatak has returned to work as Ulukhaktok CC’s
Ikayukti. They would like to congratulate her on her successful
completion of her course in Office Procedures at the Learning
Centre. They would also like to thank Lily Alanak, her
replacement, for her commitment during the time she spent with
Ulukhaktok CC.
Gilberte Olifie has been elected as Vice Chairperson for
Ulukhaktok CC until the next election. Congratulations Jill!
Joseph Kitekudlak Sr. has been appointed UCC Director until
the next election. This seat was previously held by Laverna
The Nunamin Illihakvia was a huge success. A celebration feast
was held and was well attended by community members. At
the feast participants were able to showcase their finished work
from the sewing and tool making modules. A photobook will
be published soon in both Inuinnaqtun and English. A video
compilation will also be completed. Ulukhaktok CC would like
to acknowledge and sincerely thank all those involved in this
huge undertaking. The ongoing support from our community,
hardworking staff, and Tristan Pearce and his university students
must also be recognized. Koanakpiakaffi tamaphi!
Ulukhaktok CC would like to send their sincere condolences to
the family of the late Rene Taipana Oliktoak. Taipana was one
of the eldest people in Ulukhaktok and lived a long and full life to
the age of 99. She was a mother to 18, as well as a grandmother,
great grandmother and great-great grandmother to numerous
people within our community and surrounding area. She will be
dearly missed.
In closing, Colin Okheena remarked, “Lastly, we hope all have
a safe and successful spring season! Namakpakluhi!”
May/June 2014
Page 13
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
List of Newly Enrolled Inuvialuit Beneficiaries
Congratulations to the following newly
enrolled beneficiaries, many of whom
just turned 18 and received their first
IRC Distribution Payment. The Inuvialuit
Enrolment Committee met on April 11,
2014 to review applications.
Freddy J.K. Alanak Jr.
Adam C.O. Alanak
Cynthia M. Amos
Daniel E.C. Anikina
Graham K.N. Anikina
Attella R. Arey-Vinnicombe
Arnold J.H. Archie
James B. Arsenault
Jeremy R. Augart
Chanse M. Ballas
Kelsey D. Bernhardt-Young
Austin T. Blake
Chavaughn D.C. Blake
Pamela J. Cadrain
Doly K.E. Carpenter
Samuel H. Chase
Kaitlyn K. Christie
Nathaniel W.B. Cockney
Nicholas W.B. Cockney
Kelsey W.J. Conley
Charlie W. Conley
Jesse R. Dare
Joshua Davies
Brandon B. Day
Arielle C.L. Devilliers
Preston D.M. Dillon-Lucas
Orion P. Donovan
Preston R. Dosedel
Prairie D. Edwards
Peter J. Egotak
Kirstin R.P. Ekpakohak
Angel C.M. Elanik
Charli J. Elanik
Janessa R.L. Elanik
Chelsea M. Elias
Kristen F.P.N.A. Elias
Tianna A.P.R.L. Elias
Lori A. Felix
Brooke A.C. Fenton
Jesse J. Fournier
Connor S.N. Gislason-Ross
Kyla C.M. Goose
Edwin F.D. Gordon
Joel N. Gordon
Mickey H.E.A.J.D. Gordon
Thomas R.H. Gordon
Colten C. Gruben
Dang-Dang N.P.A. Gruben
Page 14
May/June 2014
Effie J.R.L. Gruben
Faith A. Gruben
Keyaira H. Gruben
Crystal C. Harrison
Tori C.R. Hendrick
Eric M.R.H. Hokanak
Yza G.G. Hudson
Elizabeth M. Illasiak
Matthew W.A. Jacobson
Eliana J. Joe
Curtis M. Kaglik
Shane D. Kaglik-Knutson
Brendan J.N. Kanayok
Laura A.C. Kangegana
Davonna C.R.M. Kasook
Jaylene C.R. Kasook
Jon M. Keogak
Vanessa A.L.A. Kimiksana
Rhea M.P. Klengenberg
Danielle F. Kongayona
Nelson S. Kongayona
Kiefer K. Kowana
Kevin R. Krengnektak
Delaney J.O. Kulbisky
Nikita C. Larter
Kira J. Loreen
Monica T.L. Loreen
Brittney M.A. Lucas
Calvin W.K. Lucas
Hanna L.M. Lucas
Kierstyn T.D. Lucas
Mariah S.N. Lucas
Wyatt C.D. MacWatt
Elliot C.C.A. Malgokak
Christien D.R. Mangelana
William J.K. McIntyre
Connor T. McLeod
Cullen T.K. McLeod
Angel Memogana
Jason A. Michaud
Mahayla D. Miller
Kathleen M. Milton
Devaughn F.R. Nasogaluak
Alisa L.C. Nogasak
Sacha F.E.R. Nogasak
James N. Nokadlak
Kanelsa J. Noksana
Natalie E. Noksana
Kimberly N.R.E. Nuttall
Brandon Okheena
April A. Olifie
Bradley M.S.N. Olifie
Clara A. Omilgoituk
Terryl D.J.D. Omilgoituk
Aggeliki Orfanos
Sotirios Orfanos
Bobbi-Jo M.M. Panaktalok
Herbert D. Pekok
Serena M. Pierro
Carmen E.C.P. Pogotak
Nina M.L. Pokiak
Robyn M.D. Rinas
Dustin T. Rogers
Melanie R.J. Rogers
Logan T.B. Ruben
Ruben A. Ruben Jr.
Cecil B.J. Ruben-Bennett
Tanisha J. Sacobie-Gruben
Jozef D. Semmler
Loretta L. Seniantha
Heather M. Shand
Zoe C. Simard
Megan D.A. Simon
Georgina L.T. Skippings
Kyle R.P. Storr
Hayden J.A. Stuart
John R. Tedjuk
Tiffany J.M.D. Thrasher
James M. Thrasher-Pokiak
Emily H. Van Dyk
Jordan T. Van Dyk
Sarah J. Van Dyk
Janean R. Voudrach
Kane L. Voudrach
Brandon P.D. Wake
Tyson E.T. Whitbread
Brennan F.M. Wolki
Kiefer K. Wouters
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Questions from Beneficiaries
Thank you IRC for the Distribution Payment cheque. Why is
my cheque less than the announced payment?
When the Inuvialuit Trust (Trust) assembles the annual Distribution
Payment to beneficiaries, it is approached by various creditors that
have amounts owed to them. These range from creditors with
court awarded judgements on whose behalf the Territorial Court
of the NWT has served the Trust with a Garnishee Summons
under the Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act to companies in
the Inuvialuit Corporate Group.
When the Territorial Court of the NWT serves the Trust with a
Garnishee Summons, the Trust is obligated to pay monies due to
the beneficiary named in the summons directly to the Territorial
Courts for payment to the Judgement Creditor. In many instances,
the judgement claim is so large that the entire Distribution Payment
for 2014 has to be remitted to the courts with no funds left over
to satisfy any remaining creditors.
Two other significant creditors are Stanton Group and Inuvialuit
CEDO. As part of Stanton’s credit application, the beneficiary
applicant assigns their right to Distribution Payments from the
Trust as security. This means that he/she authorizes Stanton to
apply such payments against overdue balances. As for CEDO, loan
agreements are secured by an Assignment of Payments in which
the borrower, in the event of a default, authorizes their Distribution
Payment to be made to CEDO until the indebtedness is paid in
full. Where the repayment schedule has not been maintained, the
loan is technically in default and is therefore fully recoverable.
If your Distribution Payment is less than $551.57 the cheque
stub should identify amounts deducted and to whom they were
remitted. For those that did not receive a payment, in place of a
cheque stub, you would have received a Payment Advice which
indicates the amounts deducted and remitted to your creditors.
When can a person apply to enrol with IRC?
A person that is 18 years old, or who will turn 18 on or before
the annual meeting of the Enrolment Committee, can apply to be
enrolled. The Committee meets in April of each year to review
the applications received during the year.
How is a beneficiary eligible for membership in a Community
The by-laws state that active membership can only be given to
those beneficiaries who have lived in the community for at least
six months. To maintain membership, members must be residents
in the community for six out of the last 12 months. If a beneficiary
moves from one community to another, he/she will be eligible for
membership in the new community but at the same time loses
eligibility in the old community. Once that period of residency
is established, the onus is on the beneficiary to apply to the new
Community Corporation. Beneficiaries can only be members of
one Community Corporation at a time.
There wasn’t a cheque for me at the Community Corporation
on May 1. I am an enrolled beneficiary. I moved about a month
ago. Where is my cheque?
If there was no notification of a change of address received at IRC,
the cheque would have been mailed to the last known address on
record. If that is the case, the cheque will either be forwarded to
you (if you have left a change of address with the post office) or
returned to IRC as undeliverable. IRC will then forward it to you
at your new address. As this may take some time, it is vital that
IRC knows of any changes of address immediately!
What are some of the IFA enrolment rights and benefits?
There are many rights and benefits provided by or derived from the
IFA. Beneficiaries benefit from training, employment and business
opportunities in the region. Students eligible to enrol can receive
financial support from the Inuvialuit Education Foundation. Elders
receive annual payments. Every beneficiary receives a distribution
payment annually. Inuvialuit businesses may be eligible to register
in the Inuvialuit Business List. As this is a non-exhaustive list,
please contact IRC for more information. 
Left: Sunchild students Melanie Keevik, Terri Gruben, Stephanie Felix
and Chantal Gruben with instructor Yohann Cottin. The students were
watching the live webcast from the Truth and Reconciliation Event in
Edmonton as a way of learning about residential schools and their impact.
(Photo by Lynn MacKinnon) Right: Agnes Noksana lines up to receive her
diploma in office administration at the Aurora College Aurora Campus
graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held May 9 at Ingamo Hall in
Inuvik. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
May/June 2014
Page 15
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Nappaq Design and Construction
There’s a new name in the northern construction business. Nappaq
Design and Construction, created in October 2013 as a Joint
Venture between IDC and Mid-West Design and Construction, will
create employment and take advantage of business opportunities
in the region. Nappaq means “to build” in Inuvialuktun.
Below: Nappaq contractors at work on a construction project in Inuvik.
Work continues on the PWGSC contract to build a base camp in
Tuktuk Nogait National Park. Future projects of the full-service
design and construction business could include the new RCMP
Detachment in Inuvik, the Town of Inuvik water treatment plant and
various government projects, according to IDC General Manager
Denny Rodgers. Employment opportunities in the Western Arctic
will range from general labourers to skilled tradespersons.
Mid-West Design and Construction was founded in Medicine Hat,
Alberta in 1980. The company quickly grew to serve agricultural,
industrial and commercial markets. In 1983, Mid-West opened
a sister company, Southwest Steel Products, in Grande Prairie.
Both companies have become leaders in general contracting and
won numerous awards. Mid-West was the successful contractor
for the new Aklak hangar, which was completed on budget and
ahead of schedule. 
Northern Industrial Sales (NIS)
In 2007, Northern Industrial Sales (NIS) was purchased by
the NorTerra Group of Companies, adding to the group a
supply company that would service the mining, forestry,
government, building supply and oil and gas sectors. This
addition complemented the existing businesses, including heavy
equipment manufacturing and design, marine operations, logistics
management and procurement and commercial airline operations.
NIS, as part of the NorTerra group of companies, is 100% Inuvialuit
owned through the Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC).
NIS continues to be an established provider of industrial supplies
and equipment, building supplies, safety, janitorial and special
order supplies products and has developed long-term relationships
with customers in the mining, forestry, oil and gas, industrial,
government, and community business sectors operating in
Page 16
May/June 2014
North-Central BC, Alberta, Yukon, the Northwest Territories and
NIS has branches in the NWT (Inuvik, Yellowknife, Norman
Wells); Yukon (Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Dawson City); BC
(Terrace, Chetwynd, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Quesnel);
and Alberta (Edmonton, Fort McKay, Grande Prairie). NIS also
services locations in Iqaluit and Cambridge Bay, NU and Hay
River in the NWT.
On August 30, NIS will hold a customer appreciation day at its
Inuvik branch. Stop by and check it out! The branch is located
next to Stanton Distributing at #15 Industrial Road.
Below: Northern Industrial Sales (NIS) President Dave Balicki and
Inuvik Manager Wade Midgett at the NIS store on Industrial Road.
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
News Around the IRC and Beyond
IRC Staff Day at Reindeer Station
IRC had a great staff outing at Reindeer Station on April 4 with
sunny weather, a tour of the facility, soup and donuts in the main
building, story-telling, games and learning about the history of the
area. Special thanks to Lucy Kuptana for organizing the event,
to Peggy Day for the stories and history of the area and Evelyn
Storr for the fun games.
Medals of Bravery
In April, Inuvik youth Larry Angasuk Jr. and Teddy Omilgoituk,
as well as RCMP Constables Andrew Aucoin and Todd Glemser,
were honoured with Medals of Bravery by Governor General
David Johnston in Ottawa. They received the medals as a result
of their bravery on October 16, 2011 when they faced intense
heat, smoke and flames in the attempt to rescue two children
from a burning house in Inuvik. Larry was able to bring one of
the children to safety, but Teddy, trying to reach his little sister
in an upstairs bedroom, became overwhelmed by smoke and had
to rush outside.
ICC Construction
Construction on the new ICC Office Complex is nearing
completion. The building will provide a stable, consistent facility
for various cultural programs including sewing classes, language
classes and, if suitable, drum dancing.
Remembering Grollier Hall
A commemorative carving has been placed at the Aurora Campus
of Aurora College in Inuvik to mark the site of Grollier Hall, a
former residential school. The carving was created by Inuvialuit
artist Abraham Ruben. Nellie Cournoyea, Aurora Campus
Director Doug Robertson and Boot Lake MLA Alfred Moses
Boot attended the unveiling.
Canadian North
On March 31, Canadian North launched a new rewards program Aurora Rewards. Passengers will now be able to earn points when
travelling with Canadian North and then use those points for future
travel or for gift cards and merchandise. For more information,
Canadian North is the official airline of the Inuit Circumpolar
Council (ICC) General Assembly, taking place July 21 to 24
in Inuvik. Special fares and flights have been added during
the big event, so check out
news/0044867-canadian-north-official-carrier-inuit-circumpolarcouncil-general-assembly to find out more.
Possible Merger of Canadian North and First Air
On April 11, NorTerra Inc. and Makivik Corporation announced
that they have agreed to enter into discussions for a possible
merger of Canadian North and First Air. The process is subject to
the successful conclusion of negotiations and regulatory review,
which could take many months to complete. During this process,
flight operations and services at Canadian North and First Air will
remain independent. More information can be found at www.
Left: Fred Arey and Kenny Rogers work on the Inuvik Community Corporation Building. (Photo by Duane Smith/ICC) Right: A Canadian North
plane at Inuvik’s Mike Zubko Airport.
May/June 2014
Page 17
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
News Around the IRC and Beyond
Top left: Six-time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes plays animal muk during a community feast at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex in May. She
was in Inuvik as part of Clara’s Big Ride, a campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison) Top right:
Aurora College president Jane Arychuk embraces Kelli Coote and Roberta Cardinal as Diane Reed looks on. Kelli and Roberta were presented
with the Board of Governors Service Quality Award in May during the Aurora Campus graduation ceremony. Middle left: Dora Raddi, Marjorie
Ovayuak, Josephine Nasogaluak and Shaylene Lundrigan take part in the traditional clothing contest at the 2014 Beluga Jamboree in Tuktoyaktuk.
(Photo by Rosemary Lundrigan) Middle right: Clara poses with Northern Games demonstrators Dang Dang Gruben, Steve Cockney, James Day
Jr. and Kyle Kuptana following the community feast. Bottom left: Jon Amos stands with sister Twyla Amos following the graduation ceremony for
Aurora Campus students in May. Twyla received her diploma in teacher education. Bottom right: Keenan Carpenter of the Inuvik Drummers and
Dancers performs at the opening ceremonies of the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison) Next page: On April 6 the
Reindeer herd crossed the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk ice road near Bar-C. (Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison)
Page 18
May/June 2014
IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Abbreviation Glossary
AANDC: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
ACC: Aklavik Community Corporation
AOGS: Arctic Oil & Gas Services Inc.
CC/CCs: Community Corporation(s)
CEDO: Community Economic Development Organization
FJMC: Fisheries Joint Management Committee
GNWT: Government of Northwest Territories
ICC: Inuvik Community Corporation
ICG: Inuvialuit Corporate Group
ICRC: Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre
ICS: Inuvialuit Communications Society
IDC: Inuvialuit Development Corporation
IEF: Inuvialuit Education Foundation
IFA: Inuvialuit Final Agreement
IGC: Inuvialuit Game Council
IHAP: Inuvialuit Harvesters Assistance Program
IIC: Inuvialuit Investment Corporation
ILA: Inuvialuit Land Administration
ILAC: Inuvialuit Land Administration Commission
IPC: Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation
IRC: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
ISDP: Inuvialuit Social Development Program
ISR: Inuvialuit Settlement Region
ITK: Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
JS: Joint Secretariat
MGP: Mackenzie Gas Project
NEB: National Energy Board
NTCL: Northern Transportation Co. Ltd.
PCC: Paulatuk Community Corporation
SHCC: Sachs Harbour Community Corporation
TCC: Tuktoyaktuk Community Corporation
UCC: Ulukhaktok Community Corporation
Toll-Free Number
Did you know the IRC has a
toll-free number?
1 (855) 777-7011
In order to reduce telecommunications costs from
collect calls, IRC has set up a
toll-free number.
♦ Please
use this number when calling long distance:
1 (855) 777-7011
♦ Please
note the IRC’s main number is now:
1 (867) 777-7000
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Bag Service #21
Inuvik, NT
X0E 0T0
Tel: 1 (867) 777-7000
Toll-Free: 1 (855) 777-7011
Fax: 1 (867) 777-7001
The previous number 1 (867) 7772737 will expire at the end
of 2014.
May/June 2014
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IRC Board Summary Newsletter
Taima ... Taima ... IRC News Roundup
IRC is pleased to welcome Terry Cook to the Accounting
Team as Accounting Manager. Terry will report to the
Corporate Controller and provide support to processes
managed by the Accounting Department Leadership Team.
In addition, he will assist with various special projects
undertaken by the ICG Accounting Team.
Jodi Maring is joining the IRC team as Inuit Circumpolar
Conference (ICC) Assistant. She will report to Peggy Jay,
the Director of Beneficiary and Community Relations. As
ICC Conference Assistant, Jodi will assist with the planning
and preparation for activities associated with the delivery
of the ICC General Assembly in July.
IRC is pleased to welcome Nathan Graham as Chief
Corporate Officer. Reporting to the Chair/CEO, Graham
will be responsible for the business performance of the
Inuvialuit Corporate Group, including the key areas
of managing, integrating and communicating with the
principle subsidiaries Inuvialuit Investment Corporation
(IIC), Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC),
Inuvialuit Land Corporation (ILC) and Inuvialuit Petroleum
Corporation (IPC).
Lauri Forcade is joining IRC as Corporate Legal Assistant.
Reporting to the Legal Counsel, Lauri will provide a variety
of legal and administrative duties for the Inuvialuit Corporate
Group, IDC Board of Directors and IIC Board of Directors.
IDC Properties is pleased to welcome Chris Trimble,
who is moving from a casual to indeterminate labourer
position. Chris will report to the Maintenance Supervisor
and assist the IDC Properties team with general repairs
and maintenance.
Communications Department
Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
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Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
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May/June 2014
Inuvialuit Business List
This is an important reminder to all businesses on the Inuvialuit
Business List. Please inform IRC of any changes to contact
information – contact person, mailing address, business
address, telephone, fax, email address or website.
Are You Enrolled? Or Turning 18 This Year?
If you are Inuvialuit and over 18 years of age, you are eligible
to apply for enrolment as a beneficiary. Please contact Emily
Arey, IRC’s Deputy Enrolment Registrar at 867.777.7000
or email [email protected] for more information on
enrolment, and to obtain an application package.
Change of Address? Keep in Touch!
A mailing list is generated for all issues of IRC Board Summary,
the mailing of ISDP’s Elders Benefit Payment and the Inuvialuit
Trust’s annual Distribution Payment. If you have moved
recently or are living at another address, please don’t wait
until the last minute to advise IRC of your change of address
- advise us when you move instead!
Thank you for your photos, good wishes, comments and
greetings. We encourage all beneficiaries, particularly those
living outside the ISR, to use this newsletter to pass on
greetings and news all year round. Just email Peggy Jay,
editor of the IRC Board Summary, at [email protected]. 
Funding Support
The publication of the IRC Board Summary newsletter is
supported by a contribution from the Aboriginal Peoples’
Program, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Canada (AANDC).
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