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aquavista 5c
Sustainable Water Solutions
A breakthrough on the level of Smart
Chemical Dosing & Monitoring
Technology for Cooling Systems.
Operated by a state-of-the-art technology, Veolia’s
5C AquaVista™ Smart Chemical Dosing & Monitoring
Technology for Cooling Systems maintains all
of your system’s critical parameters -- including
inhibitor concentration, pH, conductivity and biocide
concentration. By utilizing a combination of operational
inputs, chemistry-active monitoring and system
results, the 5C AquaVista™ Smart Chemical Dosing
& Monitoring Technology for Cooling Systems can
diagnose the conditions that precede scaling, corrosion
and bio-fouling and deliver the appropriate chemical
response solution.
solution provides the key features
and functions of top-of-the-line
controlling systems.
insurance of the dependability of client operations,
reduced water consumption, and optimized Hydrex™
additives providing a ‘best-in-class’ solution for total
System provides a balanced,
efficient and safe cooling
wa te r sys te m w h i l e
achieving correct
chemical dosing,
less maintenance,
maximum asset
protection and
b o t to m l i n e
s av i n g s b y
reducing the
overall cost
of operation.
Veolia Aquavista 5C is, nowadays, considered a
pioneering innovative technology which is specifically
designed for both the integrated management of
cooling systems, and Veolia - Hydrex™ water treatment
platform revolutionizes the
concept of enhancing and optimizing cooling system
operations. It is also vital to state that this world-class
technology is -at its essence- user friendly, reliable,
and serves as a flexible sustainable solution for
Aquavista 5C monitoring system serves the purpose
of –at the same time- collecting the operational
data, calculating the corrective actions, executing the
corrections, communicating with system’s operator,
and controlling the optimum design parameters.
Features & Benefits
Employs innovative detection strategies, sensors,
Minimal chemical handling is required to reduce the
risks of the operators’ health and safe.
Remote monitoring from wherever you are supporting you to make the most of performance
and equipment status data.
concentration to avoid wastage of chemicals on
Constantly monitors changing system conditions
and stress and provide Instant insights.
Troubleshooting aids make programming easier
and re duce downtime.
Identifies deficiencies and potential for corrosion,
scale and fouling, conductivity and biocide
Real-time program adjustment and control.
Accurate dosing control is assured which optimizes
chemical usages.
Adjustment of water treatment program in
accordance with cooling tower system operation.
Control of corrosion inhibitor through on line
corrosion inhibitor detection system for correct
chemical response.
Managed Service 24/7 - full alarm management,
pre-emptive maintenance and emergency support
ensuring your business runs smoothly.
Veolia Vision Air integration and reporting (to add
Veolia Vision Air is a cloud-based program that allows
you to monitor your tower system performance, day
or night, with secure, real-time data available over any
internet or cellular connection.
Aquavista 5C is able to successfully collect system data through
the adequate usage of leading-edge sensors, programmable
logic controller (PLC), software, and water treatment chemistries.
The data includes:
> Actual Make-up and blow-down flow rates
> Cycles of concentration (COC) in open and recirculating
cooling tower
> Chemical reserve of Hydrex™ treatment chemicals
> On-line Corrosion monitoring system
> Conductivity, Chlorine, and pH digital sensors
Aquavista 5C accurately calculates the requisite corrective actions
> The Modified make-up and blow-down flow rates in order
to achieve the optimum mass balance
> Corrected dosing of corrosion, scale and microbiological
growth inhibitors
> Real-time corrosion rates for mild steel and copper
Aquavista 5C executes the corrective actions with the aim
of reducing water waste and protecting the systems which
> Increasing or decreasing the blow-down flow rates in
order to preserve the targeted COC
> Modifying Hydrex™ additives dose in order to obtain the
best protection
> Saving water from losses
Aquavista 5C remotely communicates with the system’s operator
in order to:
> Record, report and present system performance
> Compare current conditions with the defined optimum
> Send alert notifications and the actions that has been
> Controlling the system remotely using a web browsing
Aquavista 5C professionally outputs state-of-art economic and
operational advantages which include:
> Identifying the potential causes behind the system
variability and the upset conditions
> Strengthening the plant’s safety and the asset life
> Reducing maintenance and labor expenses
Cooling systems are characterized as being dynamic,
and they commonly share a set of operating objectives.
Based on the fact that various changing conditions have
the essential goal revolves around the prevention of
any accidental loss in production as an outcome of any
optimize the conditions with the aim of reducing the
long-term total cost of cooling operations without
resulting in the disruption of production, the occurrence
of a catastrophic loss, or the compromising of safety.
Aquavista 5C technology will serve as your utmost
a fully integrated platform which in turn allows you
management of your cooling system will benefit by:
> Minimizing the risk to system assets concerning
both scale and corrosion
> Optimizing the usage of clean source water
> Optimizing blow-down water and related discharge
> Facilitating reports and operating conditions
your cooling system
Aquavista 5c delivers remote monitoring of your
water treatment system and can be accessed via the
Aquavista 5c portal.
Main benefits include:
1. Remote monitoring from wherever you are supporting you to make the most of performance and
equipment status data.
2. Managed Service 24/7 - full alarm management,
pre-emptive maintenance and emergency support
ensuring your business runs smoothly.
3. Instant insights - access trend and alarm reports that
give you real insights into equipment performance.
Aquavista 5C has five levels of optimization which
Water Consumption: Due to the fact that clean water is
becoming worthy and expensive, our goal is to minimize
water losses and improve water utilization.
Chemical Consumption: Hydrex™ treatment chemicals
are keen on providing the best protection of your system,
while chemical consumption should be reduced and
controlled to lower the operational costs.
Occupational Safety: controlling operational parameters
and identifying abnormal conditions.
Operational Productivity: Increasing plant efficiency and
performance using data driven process improvement.
Human Productivity: enhancing the operational teams’
productivity using online automatic controlling system
and reporting.
• BMS free contact
• Starting the system in Auto mode with only one
• Starting anything manually at any time
• Increasing/decreasing the number of pumps, blow
down valves
• The easiness in changing the dosing time and date
• Graphical view of complete system
• Graph presentation
• Log in using a password
• Worldwide time adjustable Compact portable
panel easy to mount
Password protection:
• Three level of access
• Password protected
One touch:
• Graphical view of complete system
• Running a complete system from a single page
• Starting the system through one touch
Setting page:
• Accessing all settings on one page
• Changing time and the measuring unit
• Choosing the dosing time and range
Trends view:
• Enabling/Disabling the graph of each values
• Pump/Valve on/off status
• Conductivity reading
Today, we recover water, waste and energy. What is discarded
more respect full of our planet and its people is how
we view our business, our foot print and our contribution.
We are creating new businesses, and a new economic and social
dynamic. We are contributing to the world movement and people’s lives.
Develop access to resources, preserve resources, replenish resources:
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