Medical College of Georgia Augusta, Georgia
September 15, 1982, Volume 3 Number 37
Presidential search begins;
Hickey named chairman
The presidential search
and screening committee to
recommend candidates to
succeed Dr. William Moretz
as president of MCG has
been named and has held
its initial meeting. The
committee is chaired by
Dr. Judson Hickey, Dean
of the School of Dentistry.
Besides Hickey, other
members on the committee
include Dr. Virenda Mahesh,
Regents professor and
chairman of the Department
of Endocrinology who will
serve as committee vicechairman; Dr. Kenneth
Morse, professor of Dental
Education and Educational
Research and Development
who will serve as committee
secretary; Dr. Donald Abele,
professor of Dermatology
and Medicine; Ann Anderson,
chairman of the Department
of Medical Technology;
Lee Ault, professor of
Adult Nursing; Dr. Carl
Fairhurst, Regents pro¬
fessor and coordinator of
Dental Materials; Cathryn
Glanville, acting chairman
of the Department of Mater¬
nal and Child Nursing;
Nancy Prendergast, chair¬
man of the Department of
Occupational Therapy; Dr.
David Spearman, assistant
professor of Medicine; Dr.
Paul Webster, chairman of
the Department of Medicine
and Craig Smith, president
of the Student Government
Dr. George Echols, an
Augusta pediatrician; Dr.
Alva Faulkner, an Augusta
obstetrician and gynecolo¬
gist; Dr. James Benton an
Augusta orthopedic surgeon;
James Hamilton, president
of C & S Banks in Richmond
County; Dr. James Maughon,
director of Graduate Con¬
tinuing Medical Education
for Georgia Baptist Medical
Center and chairman of the
subcommittee on accredita¬
tion of the Medical Associa¬
tion of Georgia's committee
on education; Charles
Presley, chairman of the
board of the Georgia Rail¬
road Bank and Trust Com¬
pany; Bernard Silverstein,
president of Silverstein
Cleaners; James Weltch,
chairman of the board
(retired) of First Federal
Savings and Loan Associa¬
tion and Richard Daniel,
district agent of North¬
western Mutual Life
Insurance Company.
At the initial meeting
of the committee, held
Sept. 9, Dr. Vernon Craw¬
ford, chancellor of the
University System of Georgia,
charged the committee to
submit the names of not
less than three nor more
than five individuals, each
of which would be an accept¬
able final choice to the
committee. Crawford would
then, following consulta¬
tion with a special Regents
committee, submit one of
those individuals recom¬
mended for consideration
by the Board of Regents.
The Special Regents Com¬
mittee includes; Dr. John
Robinson III, chairman,
Torbitt Ivey Jr., and Dr.
John Skandalakis.
Hickey encouraged sub¬
mission of names of poten¬
tial candidates by members
of the search committee and
members of the MCG faculty.
Nominations and applica¬
tions will also be solicited
through advertisements in
appropriate journals and by
direct contact with admin¬
istrators at other academic
medical centers.
Also solicited are
recommendations for nation¬
ally prominent individuals
to serve on a consulting
team that would visit MCG
and provide an evaluation
of the future role of the
Medical College and its
opportunities in the field
of health education.
Factors important to the
future of the Medical
College will certainly
weigh in the consideration
of attributes deemed essen¬
tial and desirable in the
identification of acceptable
candidates, explains Hickey.
Expressing appreciation
to those who had agreed
to serve on the committee,
Hickey said, "The actions
o'f this committee may well
be the most important
function that will take
place at the Medical
College for the next several
years, for what will happen
at MCG in the future very
directly depends on what
we do. "
United Way efforts at MCG are under way with plans to
kick off the $72,900 drive Oct. 1 with the annual tug-ofwar. Steering Committee members this year are, left to
right, seated, Bruce Morgan, Alex Vaughn and Tom Pearre.
Standing, Dr. Biagio Vericella, Harold Smith and Clay
Adamson. Advance giving efforts are already under way
and a major organizational meeting is set for 3 pm Sept.16.
Phone sex surveys not MCG approved
An obscene phone caller
conducting surveys which
he claims are part of an
MCG research project has
been brought to the atten¬
tion of MCG officials.
The caller identifies
himself as an MCG employee
conducting a sex survey for
an MCG faculty member.
begins with innocuous
questions and progresses
to those of an obscene
nature. The calls have
been reported over a period
of years and recent re¬
ports indicate they are
The faculty member with
whom the caller claims to
be associated has never
conducted a sex survey.
Dr. Lois Ellison, MCG Pro¬
vost, says, "MCG is not
involved in a sex survey
and does not conduct re¬
search by telephone."
Ellison is chief advisor
to the president on re¬
search activities at MCG.
Hanging up the phone
is the most effective
method of dealing with
this form of harassment,
says Public Safety Director
Bruce Morgan.
"The caller
wants to get a response
from the victim," Morgan
says, and terminating the
call will deter his ef¬
If you receive a phone
call from someone claiming
they are conducting a sex
survey for MCG or a faculty
member here, Morgan suggests
you hang up the phone and
contact the Public Safety
Division, ext. 2911.
forts are being made to
identify the caller and
your cooperation may help.
Anyone receiving con¬
tinuous obscene or harassing
phone calls should contact
their local law enforcement
agency and the telephone
company. Obscene phone
calls are a criminal offense
punishable by 12 months in
prison and/or a $1,000 fine.
Got the parking lot blues?
With employees back
from vacation and students
returning to class, finding
a parking place may be a
little more difficult than
during the summer. As a
way of helping those look¬
ing for a parking spot to
stay sane, Beeper offers
some suggestions.
First of all, there is
usually parking space
available in the lot on
New Bailie Street between
the Georgia Radiation
Therapy Center and the
Physical Plant Shop Build¬
ing (lot 27). For those
who work in the hospital
and areas around 15th Street,
the gravel lots at the
corner of Chafee and Parnell Streets (lots 34 and
35) will also hold about
50 percent more cars than
current levels of use.
Also for people parking
above 15th Street, the
parking lot in front of
the psychiatry and derma¬
tology buildings on Pope
Avenue (lot 31) has been
changed from an open lot
to a visitor/patient lot.
The lot on Chafee Avenue
next to the other derma¬
tology building (lot 32)
has been changed to a blue
zone lot for employee park¬
Conference slated
Dr. Thomas Zwemer of
the School of Dentistry
and the Rev. Daniel Munn
Jr. of MCG's Humanities
Department will partici¬
pate in a district Pas¬
sages Conference Oct. 1
at the Augusta Hilton
Convention Center.
Sponsored by the East
Central Health District,
the day-long conference
will be open to the
public. A $12 registra¬
tion fee includes lunch
and breaks and must be
submitted to the Richmond
County Health Department
by Sept. 20.
Program participants,
in addition to Zwemer and
Munn, will include Dr.
James W. Allen, director
of the division of public
health of the State De¬
partment of Human Re¬
sources; Dr. Maurice G.
Patton, district health
director; and Jeanette
Dohnal, Mary Ann Henson,
Kathleen Miner and Jane
McCombs of the Department
of Human Resources. Also
on the program will be
Charlie Britt of WRDW-TV
and Jim Davis of WJBF-TV.
According to the con¬
ference sponsors, the
study of health, illness
and death through the pas¬
sage of life stages is
the latest phase of the
public health division's
continuing investigation
of the changing disease
patterns of the 1980s.
Thursday 9/16
Immediate Care Area tours for MCG employees, 9:3011:30 am.
Wednesday 9/22
Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Carrell Dammann
PhD, Atlanta Institute for Family Studies and
Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy,
"Strategic and Structural Family Therapy," 10:30 amnoon, Talmadge Hospital, 3rd floor, studio.
Firearms Familiarization class begins, 5:30 pm, small
To register, call ext. 2915.
Coming events
AOA Fall Honors Day - 9/24
Arlene Shirley, head nurse, and Jules Godin, director of
clinic business services, are just two of the people
you'll be able to meet during tours of Talmadge Hospital's
Immediate Care Area Thursday. The tours, being given
for MCG employees and interested members of the public,
will be offered every half hour from 9:30 am to 11 am and
are being given as part of the hospital's observance of
Emergency Medicine Week. CPR demonstrations will be
included as part of the tour.
News briefs
All keyed up
Public Safety reminds
those who ride bicycles to
MCG that it is mandatory
the bicycles be registered.
Registration is free to
the employee or student.
The registration con¬
sists of having a sticker
attatched to the bicycle
and the owner's Social
Security number engraved
on both wheel rims and the
Bicycles must be parked
in the bicycle racks pro¬
vided on campus. Public
Safety Director Bruce
Morgan says that those who
chain their bicycles to
lampposts or the ramp be¬
hind Talmadge Hospital will
have their locks cut off
and the bicycle taken to
Public Safety where they
can be picked up.
Student jobs available
If the stu¬
dent loan cutbacks and fi¬
nancial worries are giving
you more sleepless nights
than your studies, perhaps
part-time employment could
solve your dilema.
MCG's Job Location and
Development Program has
pinpointed job vacancies
in the community ideal for
students—many in healthrelated fields.
For more
information contact MCG
Coordinator, Debbie Boehner,
room 174, G. Lombard Kelly
Administration Building,
ext. 4901.
Lecturer visits campus
Dr. Lewis Barnett, Jr.,
chairman of family medicine
at the University of
Virginia in Charlottesville
and past president of the
American Board of Family
Practice, is at MCG through
Thursday lecturing and
meeting with MCG faculty
and administrators.
In addition to his dis¬
cussions with residents
in MCG's family practice
program, Barnett addressed
students and faculty Wednes¬
day on "Keeping Your Eyes
on the Ball (Some Thoughts
on Undergraduate Medical
ENT-Got our number?
The ENT Clinic extensions
have changed to 3505 and
3506. The Division of
Otolaryngology extensions
are 2047, 2048, and 2260.
Please make this change
in the MCG phone book.
Ride needed
An MCG employee needs
to make arrangements to
transport her daughter
from Dearing to Curtis
Baptist beginning Oct. 18.
The child begins school at
8:30 am and will stay in
the day care center until
her ride arrives. Willing
to share expenses. For
more information call
Melissa Williams, ext.
2451 or after hours 404/
595-7490 (collect).
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