Our Studios - Manchester Craftsmen`s Guild


Our Studios - Manchester Craftsmen`s Guild
About MCG Youth & Arts
Founded in 1968, MCG Youth & Arts is a center for arts and learning. Students may participate in programs
including, but not limited to, courses in ceramics, photography, design and digital arts; career and college exposure activities; and exhibits by internationally renowned artists who also conduct workshops with
MCG students. Additionally, MCG Youth & Arts hosts a number of educational opportunities for principals,
teachers and the community, and offers public access to its art gallery at no cost.
Our Facilities
The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild is housed in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired building on the shores of the Ohio River. Construction of the
facility at 1815 Metropolitan Street helped transform a former brownfield site into a world class professional arts center. The MCG Youth & Arts
facilities consist of our four world-class studios, each designed to provide students with a professional art-making experience.
Ceramics Our ceramics studio is equipped with a slab roller, 18
potter’s wheels, a myriad of hand-building tools, 3 electric kilns and 4
gas kilns including raku. Our well-equipped raw materials lab allows
our students to create an endless variety of glazes in pursuit of their
creative vision.
Design Our design arts studio is equipped to teach a variety of artistic processes. We have sewing and embroidery machines, easels, all the
equipment for screen and traditional printmaking as well as up-to-date
computer workstations. Whether your interest is quilt-making or sculpture, our staff strives to reveal help you release your creative genius in
the medium of your choice.
Digital Our digital arts studio is divided into a PC and a Mac lab. To
facilitate our students exploration of print, web and video arts, all our
computers are loaded with industry-standard software such as Adobe’s
Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Adobe Premiere Pro,
Sony Acid Music and Garageband. Our green screen room allows students to place themselves in new, exciting and even virtual learning
Photo Our photography studio is equipped to teach traditional
film-based photography – including darkroom techniques – as well
as digital imaging. Additionally, we have computer workstations with
industry-standard software for image correction and large format photo
printing. Our professional-grade portrait studio completes the mix.
For more information, call 412-322-1773 or visit us online.