Moving Photography Studio is an interdisciplinary project alluding to


Moving Photography Studio is an interdisciplinary project alluding to
Moving Photography Studio is an interdisciplinary
project alluding to the craft of mobile
photographers. Since 2012 Agnieszka
Pajączkowska drives along the Eastern border of
Poland in her old Volkswagen T3. She prepares
photoportraits on request of people who she
meets. After preparation, she prints the portraits
and exchanges them for groceries and
In summer 2016 Moving Photography Studio is going to
travel through selected villages of Lower Silesia –
collecting experiences and stories from their inhabitants .
The project of Moving Photography Studio combines the
tools from visual arts field with a dash of documentary,
and experience of working with communities. Author uses
photography as a medium on the border of art, research
method, documentary tradition, history of craft, everyday
practice. Her biggest interest lies in memories, traces and
narratives connected with: historical processes (interwar
period, shaping of the border, postwar displacements,
communist Poland), everday life in villages, female
perspective, perceptions about the East, beliefs abo ut
The offer to create a photographic portrait is a pretext to
meet people and learn about their stories. Photography –
printed on site, alluding to the functional and domestic
character of family photos – is a “currency” exchanged for
stories and vegetables, fruit, eggs, meals, water, as well as
time spent together. The portraits belong only to the
photographed individuals and are not published by the
The author collects a visual and textual documentation of
On the exhibition a selection of photographs and texts will
be presented, collected during the five years of Moving
Photography Studio when it travelled around no rtheastern Poland (Warmia and Masuria, Podlasie, the
Lubelskie, and sub-Carpathian regions) and Lower Silesia.
Agnieszka Pajączkowska – a graduate of Cultural Studies,
researcher of everyday photography practices, the creator
of interdisciplinary and cultural projects, a promoter of
cultural activites, a PhD student at the Institute of Polish
Culture of UW. Since 2012 has has been in charge of
Mobile Photography Studio
( In her activities
she combines academic thinking with creative practice and
promotion of culture. She is interested in the history of
photography craft and its utility, as well as every day
practices, archives and local history. She was a co -creator
of the following projects: Tożsamości odzyskane [trans.
Identities Recovered], Interwencje, Migawki i Seminarium
wizualne [Interventions; Snapshots; Visual seminar]
(Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych “ę”), Wizualny
Eksperyment Muzealny [Visual Museum Experiment]
(Stowarzyszenie Katedra Kultury). Coś, co zostanie
[Something that Remains]. Local activities with Zofia Rydet
Sociological Record (The Zofia Rydet Foundation). She
belongs to the Traveling Culture Animators, she co-creates
the Kolektyw Terenowy [Terrain Collective], which
develops the idea of combinig ethnography, promotion and
art. In 2015 she received a scholarship from the Ministry
of Culture and National Heritage in the field of “Visu al
arts”. She collaborates with Towarzystwo Inicjatyw
Twórczych “ę”, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, History
Meeting House.