UK Teaching Tour… - Parelli Instructor Kaye Thomas , Parelli Clinics


UK Teaching Tour… - Parelli Instructor Kaye Thomas , Parelli Clinics
Kaye Thomas
Licensed 3 Star Parelli Instructor &
Licenced Foundation &
Young Horse Specialist
Phone: 02 60268566
Email: [email protected]
KAYES U P D A T E ­ J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 0
Happy New year!!!!
In this issue:
As we welcome in a new decade, I looked back over 2009 and celebrated what the year Highlights from 2009
had brought me. So many things to be grateful for…. healthy horses, good health,
Young Horse Training & a loving husband, supporting family, talented students that follow the Parelli Program,
Foundation Training
finished half of Level 4 with Jackson, completed Level 3 with Meika and Vale is well into Level 2 and just needs repetition and consistency now. My husband,Chris and l both
2010 calendar.
rode at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre as part of the Parelli celebrations. Parelli Saddles. It was an outstanding three days with Pat and Linda Parelli and l was even fortunate What’s new!
enough to receive a private lesson from Linda, which lead to lots of break­throughs with
my Finesse riding.
Australian Parelli Office
It is so satisfying to be involved in & understand the Parelli Program so
well and to have helped instigate it, since it first started in Australia. I began as a
1800 460 988
student, and was totally sold by the fact that Pat had an educational program to follow
0246 309677
and the program was deeply based, and still is, in horse psychologhy (understanding
[email protected]
life from the horses point of view) and also self development for the human, so we can be good enough for our horses. I was at the point that l was so mixed up and confused
with all the conflicting information that was out there being taught in the horse world.
My horses weren't improving because l was constantly giving them mixed messages. I didn't know what to believe! So, when l met Pat Parelli & learnt that he was developing
students to complete the final level of his program, then go into Instructor training, l
jumped at it! This isn't just about Australia but is world wide now, which is truely quite remarkable to be able to Instruct students from all around the world and to help raise the
level of horsemanship globally to. I have taught in: Sweden, Vanuatu, Wales, U.K, U.S.A, South Africa & all around Australia
and loved every part of it and the challenges that present themselves along the way. I'm so greatful to the Parelli's for
believing in me & making those opportunity's available, they are incredibly brave! The Levels Pathway (home­study program) is
still a very achievable, sequential program to follow that teaches you the keys to success with horses by understanding "horsenality's" amongst other things. Horsenality's enables us to talk accurately to the horses needs & not dominate with our own wants and needs. Being excellent with horses ­ takes alot of self­discipline & dedication! as the horse is so innately sensitive with very strong instincts as an animal of prey, so l really look forward to helping you progress your horsemanship thru 2010. We have an outstanding year ready with private lesson days, workshops, courses and playdays. You can choose what suits you best and if you can't always bring your horse along, then coming as a spectator & learn by watching and taking notes is just as good. As we continue to develop the calender let me know if you would like to hold a clinic or course near you. You can contact me on: [email protected] 1
I must also thank some very special people who have been an incredible help to me – I just couldn’t get done what I do without them… Special thanks to Marja Jarvis for running
and updating the Share Parelli site. Share Parelli is a great forum and place to keep an eye on to know what is happening in the Riverina District. For more information you can contact Marja on: [email protected] so check it out & get involved. Thanks Marja!
Also, special thanks to: Paula East, Marg Hart & Sharon France for helping with the Young Horses and Foundation Training throughout the year. Makes life so much easier if l can just develop the horses and these higher level students have the skills and knowledge to understand the process. Thanks also to Kim,
Di Carter, Megan Hill, Pat Miller, Toni & Chris Faria, Cassie Bickley, Wendy Baade and Brenda King for being so great to work with as organisers. Truely makes life a buzz working with Parelli people who are so positive, loyal & willing, as it takes a big commitment to organise courses/workshops & a solid understanding of the program to get it flowing effortlessly. So, thank­you all! Thanks also to my fellow instructors for all the learning that l received from you in and out of the
classroom, with & without horses. I love being a student and am so passionate and ready to learn,
so thanks for your team­manship. So now, it’s time to set those goals for 2010!
Have you set yours yet? What do you want to achieve in your horsemanship? Have you set yourself a good MAP (Massive Action Plan) yet? It might be to learn to read your horse better, to become more confident on the ground or while riding, to increase your leadership and to achieve your official Levels? What ever your horsemanship goals are, I am here to help you achieve them and have been really working hard trying to nut
out exactly what you all need with courses and workshops and on­going help to keep everyone
motivated and on track to achieving their dreams with horses. What are your dreams with horses? But then, to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM you must TAKE ACTION!!!! Believe in yourself and keep progressing!
When l first got interested in Parelli and understanding equine behavior, l was young and at the
point of my life that l was completely frustrated with horses and the conflicting advise l was
getting & seeing. In those days, as it still is now, any person can go and hang out their sign,
print up some business cards and become a horse trainer/dentist/trimmer/saddle fitter/breeder etc, etc. There is no qualifications needed, anyone can just start, regardless of there skill level! Being fresh from the N.T. & working on cattle stations, I was so tired of seeing this & frustrated to the point that l no longer wanted to be included in the horse industry. What l was seeing was that horses weren't allowed an opinion and if that opinion didn't suit the human, then without a doubt, force would be applied. That opinion from the horse (whether we like it or not) is what we
as Parelli students know as "feed back". This is one of the most vital pieces of information we can
get from the horse to tell us if we are on track with improving the relationship we have together. This is "reading the horse" . My fascination has lead me to where l am today with being a
Licensed Parelli Young Horse and Foundation Specialist. We are constantly being developed by Pat and Linda Parelli, so it's a never ending road of self­development (smile) Each year l have two main
intakes of horses and also develop horses, or foundation train, thru the year as the need arrives. I could write an ocean about each horses "horsenality" and the things they have taught me. It still remains one of the most interesting, complex, exacting, precise and detailed service l provide. If you have completed Level 2 and are well into Level 3 and you need assistance then please let me know as my 2010 calender is fast filling up.
Thank you to Yvette Fanning for coming to our annual camp and taking some amazing photos of us all. We look forward to having her again this year in October as well as an International Parelli Instructor! The pictures below are of some of the horses l got to ride & start in 2009. These are my average photos
(smile) 2
What’s New?
Parelli Celebration Live DVD - a fantastic overview of what Parelli is all about! $22.68 AUD from the Parelli
web shop.
Linda and Pat Parelli coined the phrase 'Natural Horsemanship' over 20 years ago, and
they have worked tirelessly to share their message of ethical horse training based on
communication, understanding and psychology. Today, Pat and Linda are the worldwide
leaders of this global movement.
When Parelli came to the LG Arena in Birmingham for the conclusion of their 2009 Parelli
Celebration tour, they joined with a new production team and a new director to create
two things: an unforgettable experience for those who were there, and a DVD that would
capture that experience for the entire world. This isn't just another horse show -- it's a
revolution that can change your life and your horse's life forever.
Get Started DVD
In the Get Started DVD, Pat Parelli will teach you to how to solve problems naturally, the
way a horseman would. Quick fixes don't work -- learn to truly solve your problems with
the natural principles of love, language, and leadership.
• See things from your horse’s perspective.
• Learn strategies that make sense to your horse.
• Understand the underlying communication and relationship issues that cause your
frustrations and problems -- and know how to fix them!
All 4 New Levels Home study packs – These new packs are just fantastic.
Learn everything from basic safety skills to the fundamentals of performance in Levels 1 4. If you want the complete picture of the Parelli approach to becoming a horseman, this
is the way to get it, directly from Pat Parelli.
• Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of Parelli.
• Learn how to set yourself and your horse up for success as you develop all Four
Savvy’s to Level 4.
• Follow a step-by-step program from wherever you're starting to wherever you want to
All Four New Levels: ONLY $259.00 Savvy Club Members SAVE $338.00
Individual Levels: ONLY $99.00 Savvy Club Members SAVE $100.00
To order any Parelli equipment or educational DVD’s please go to
and support Kaye with your sales
Kayes Clinics for 2010.
Contact Jodie Heald for information on Parelli Playdays on: [email protected] FEBURARY: Florida Parelli Ranch, USA ­ Mastery Program ­ 12th Feb ­ 14th March.
Private lessons 21st ­ 22nd ­ Rutherglen ­ contact Kaye Thomas. [email protected]..
Jugiong 5 day camp. 25th ­ 29th ­ contact Pat Miller on: [email protected]
Easter Workshops ­ 3rd ­ 5th ­ Howlong ­ contact Cassie on [email protected]
Level 2 for green horses/young horses ­ 10th ­ 12th ­ Pambula ­ contact Corinne ­ [email protected]
Adv Level 2/3 ­ Cobargo ­ 16th/17th ­ contact Corinne ­ [email protected] Karen Rohlf ­ dressage naturally ­ Melbourne ­ 22nd ­ 26th ­ contact Pat Miller on: [email protected] Karen Rohlf ­ dressage naturally ­ Young ­ 29th ­ 3rd of May ­ contact Pat Miller on: [email protected]
MAY: Advanced Level 2 ­ 8th ­ 11th ­ Echunga, SA ­ contact Wendy Baade on: [email protected]
Level One Advanced ­ 14th ­ 16th ­ Echunga, SA ­ contact Wendy Baade on: [email protected]
Level One Advanced/Level Two ­ Howlong ­ 29th ­ 31st ­ contact Kaye on: [email protected]
1st ­ Young horse Intake­ contact Kaye on: [email protected]
Young Horse Starting all June. Integration with owners on: 29th/30th contact Kaye on: [email protected] OCTOBER:
5 day Parelli Camp ­ 23rd ­ 27th ­ Howlong ­ contact Megan Hill on: [email protected] Young horse Intake ­ 31st ­ contact Kaye on: [email protected]
Start horses all month
Young horse/owners integration ­ 29th ­ 30th: [email protected]
For those of you that have received your Easter Flyer you will see that we are offering a workshop on the
Monday morning the 5th of April, called Horse Posture and Saddle Fitting. Over the years, as a Parelli
Professional, we have learn t a great deal about correct horse posture and correct saddle fit.
It has been amazing to watch my horses, & students horses transform, with this new knowledge.
The Parelli Saddles have also played a major part in this success. At the Easter Workshops we will have a
Parelli Fluidity Saddle, Parelli Dressage Saddle and the Natural Performer available for you to try on your
horses as well as learn to read your horses posture more accurately, so you can see what is happening as you
advance with your horsemanship.
A damaging saddle can often be too narrow for the horse and more conventional saddles are often shaped to
fit a stationary horse & to have the rider sit forward, more on their crutch, or to sit way back with there legs far
Neither of these are of benefit. The bars of the saddle can block the shoulders of the horse, causing the horse to
have atrophied muscling around the withers, rotated shoulders, frozen shoulders or just become sore, sour &
irritated therefore restricting their movement. Because of this, the weight is often not distributed correctly,
causing the horse to carry more weight on his forehand, so the problem intensifies.
In the picture below you will see Pat Parelli and myself working some cattle at the Colorado International
Savvy Center (ISC) both riding in Natural Performers. Photo courtesy of Coco.
I'm a HUGE fan of Parelli saddles and with the type of riding we do (Finesse, working cattle, trailriding, freestyle patterns, riding over jumps) it is the ideal, perfect saddle to keep my horses sound
and using their bodies correctly. You have to ride in one to believe in it!
We are currently thinking about our 2010 schedule (Autumn 2011) &
would love your input!
Please let us know what courses you need, to stay progressive and what would best suit your budget. My goal is to help
you achieve yours and as a Parelli Professional, I promise to inspire and support your quest for never ending self
improvement. Please email Kaye at [email protected] or any of the other organisers with your ideas & thoughts and we will consider them all!
On closing please check my schedule regularly for the most up to date course details and contact information by going
to my home page and clicking on "Schedule" or courses. If you need to buy any Equipment or DVD's etc make sure
you have logged in as a member first, & just click 'shop' and you will support your instructor with the sales commission!
Thank you! Happy horsing naturally!
See you soon
Kaye Thomas