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Home of the Sliders - Tuckahoe
Tuckahoe Elementary School
Home of the Sliders
Family Handbook
6550 N. 26th Street
Arlington, VA 22213
Mitch Pascal, Principal
Francis Legagneur, Assistant Principal
APS 2011-17 Strategic Plan
The APS School Board has an adopted strategic plan for the 2011-12 through 2016-17 school
years. This plan focuses on five important goal areas:
Goal 1: Challenge and Engage All Students
Goal 2: Eliminate Achievement Gaps
Goal 3: Recruit, Retain and Develop High Quality Staff
Goal 4: Provide Optimal Learning Environments
Goal 5: Meet the Needs of the Whole Child
Tuckahoe Elementary School Mission Statement
The mission of Tuckahoe Elementary School is to develop responsible, life-long learners by
providing a quality education through inquiry-based, differentiated, and multi-sensory instruction in
a nurturing environment that maximizes classroom, outdoor, and technological resources.
Tuckahoe Elementary School Belief Statements:
We believe that showing respect, being responsible, and remembering the rights of others
promotes good citizenship.
We believe in fostering the appreciation of diversity in our community and the world.
We believe that instruction should be relevant, challenging, and engaging.
We believe that differentiated instruction addresses all children’s needs.
We believe that home-school communication is an integral part of a successful school community.
Tuckahoe Staff 2015-2016
Staff Member
Email is:
first name.last name
Mitch Pascal
Main Office
Asst. Principal
Francis Legagneur
Main Office
Admin Asst.
Lee Califf
Main Office
Jane Magill
Main Office
Mirna Lopez
Main Office
Catrina Moran
Main Office
Robin Andersen
Pre-K Asst.
Sonya Robinson
Pre-K Asst.
Mary Sible
Bridget Bishop
Miriam Miglino, Asst.
Aja Campbell
Jill Poth, Asst.
Jessica Everett
Tracey McDonnell, Asst.
Stacy Mason
June Gardner, Asst.
Tracey Morgan
Cindy Geddes, Asst.
Rebecca Altvater
James Brent
Kirsten Mirick
Lisa Morse
Lindsay Sackett
Sara Antognoli
Alexandra Dolinsky
Kristine Howard
David Koppelman
Anne Sill
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Theresa Coffman
Kim DiNardo
Tim Grasso
Michelle Strickland
Jill Weaver
Ani Arzoomanian
Erin Herbert
Julie Lindeman
Katherine Payne
Jennifer Witt
Ramsay Cogen
Brian Gadzinski
Erin Puhl
Dina Valente
Sarah Weisz
Rebecca Kallem
Hillary Sloate
Haley Wetsel
Charmaine Jenkins
Sigrid Vollmecke
Mimi Kramer-Roberts
Maragret Cox
Ana Garcia
Cristina Rivera-Jimenez
Corinne Reilly
Math Coach
Lindy Millman
Vocal Music
Katelyn Kyser
Olga Tislina
Bolormaa Jugdersuren
Jessica Wagoner
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Inst. Music
Phys. Ed.
Kris Angerthal
Floyd Corkins
Mike Diaddigo
Bruce Ferratt
Christine Burke
Alethea Price
Margaret Egan
Special Ed.
Lori DeFranza
Kathryn Howell
134 A
Erica Midboe
Sarah Moody
Susan Wulf
Anna Hartwick, Asst.
Sunji McNear, Asst.
Irma Terrazas, Asst.
Holly Nisco
Media Center
Karent Dunlap, Asst.
Media Center
Mary Sible, Asst.
Media Center
Alyssa Falbo
Marnie Lewis
Media Center
Sp.Ed Coordinator
Patricia Jones
Lindsey Visbaras
Social Worker
Laura Weil
Alice Blair
Kristin Emery
Ext. Day
LaToya Hill
Shauna Min
Crystal Sukhee
[email protected]
Clinic Aide
Kathy Robinson
[email protected]
Cafeteria Mgr.
Rosalba Gomez
Head Custodian
Brian Allen
Nana Akomeah
Duc Trieu
Nghia Vuong
Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
Daily Schedule
The regular school day is from 9:00am –3:41pm. On selected dates, generally Wednesdays, APS
follows an early release schedule. On those days, students are dismissed at 1:26pm. Early Release
days for the 2015-2016 school year are: 10/8, 10/21, 12/9, 2/10, 3/3, 3/9, 4/20, 6/22, 6/24.
The first bell rings at 8:50, and students are to sit outside their classrooms quietly until
teachers invite them in. It is important for students to not arrive at school prior to 8:40,
unless they are in Extended Day, as staff is not available to supervise students in the hallways
before this time. Families who need child care before school are encouraged to register for the APS
Extended Day program. More information can be found at http://www.apsva.us/Page/24427.
Students arriving after the bell has rung at 9:00 must stop in the office for a late pass.
Students participating in Extended Day are called first for dismissal. They meet in the multipurpose room. Kindergarten and 1st grade students are escorted by Extended Day staff.
Walkers and car riders are dismissed next, and exit through the front door of
the building. Parents who are waiting for walkers are asked to not congregate
in front of the door, to provide clear , uncongested access for students and
staff exiting the building. Car riders congregate in the fenced area in front of the building and
wait to be picked up at that location. Please see the Kiss & Ride information below and on the
map on the next page that illustrates the procedures for Kiss & Ride at both arrival and dismissal.
Bus Riders are called next as their buses arrive. Students are encouraged to
listen to bus announcements carefully so that they do not miss their buses. In
the event a student does miss his or her bus, the front office staff will call a parent
or guardian to come pick the student up at school. Kindergarten and 1st grade bus
riders must be met by an adult at the bus stop, or the bus drivers are instructed to
return the child to school.
School Safety Patrols escort kindergarten students from their buses to their classrooms in the
morning and from their classrooms to their buses at the end of the day.
Any changes in dismissal plans must be sent in writing. Without prior written notice,
students will be dismissed according to their standard dismissal plans. If students are in
Extended Day, a note needs to go Ms. Hill as well as to the classroom teacher. Teachers are
not checking email at dismissal time, so emails sent just prior to dismissal with regard to changes
in plans for the day may not be seen before students are released.
Tuckahoe AM Drop Off
Kiss & Ride Drop
Fenced paved areanot used AM
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! We’d like to share Kiss & Ride information for new families and as a
reminder to returning families. Please follow the appropriate patterns as indicated for entering and departing
the parking lot during drop-off and pick-up time. Pull as far toward the end of the Kiss & Ride area as possible,
maintaining a single line of traffic. Additionally, please do not move or drive through, or around, any traffic
cones that might be in place. During and/or following inclement weather, please note that procedures may be
temporarily modified. Please do not park cars so that the Kiss & Ride route is blocked, or in handicapped
spaces if not authorized to do so.
Buses do not all arrive at the same time, so please be cognizant of keeping the intersection clear, as noted on
the maps. This way if buses still need to enter the loop they will be able to do so.
Tuckahoe PM Pick-Up
Kiss & Ride Pick-Up
Students waiting
for pick up
Key Kiss & Ride Reminders
Student safety is our top priority. Please drive slowly through the Kiss & Ride line and obey
posted signs and traffic cones.
One line of traffic should always be maintained. Please do not pull out to go around another
car. At dismissal it may be necessary to loop around through the line again if your child is not
outside for pickup yet when you get there.
At dismissal, please have a sign with the family name in the windshield. This will help expedite
getting children to their cars.
Cell phones should not be used while moving through the Kiss & Ride lane.
During arrival and dismissal cars may not park in the Kiss & Ride lane.
Adults should stay in their cars. Patrols and/or staff members should be on hand to open doors
and help students in and out of cars.
Drivers are asked to make right turns out of the parking lot to help keep traffic moving.
Please remember it is unlawful to pass a school bus, even in the parking lot or driveway, if its
lights are blinking, or if it is loading or unloading children.
Bus Transportation
The APS Transportation Office has identified students for bus service as those living more than one
mile from the school and sends letters to eligible families. Students are expected to maintain
appropriate behavior on the buses and at bus stops to ensure everyone’s safety. While riding on
school buses:
Students are to remain seated.
Nothing should be held outside a bus window.
Students keep hands and feet to themselves.
Students treat others with respect and follow all directions given by the bus driver.
Bus patrols are available for those who need assistance, and to help keep the driver from being
distracted, but it is the bus driver who is the authority on the bus. Patrols are authorized to
report riders who are not following bus rules.
Students who do not follow bus rules will meet with staff patrol sponsors or administrators.
Repeated noncompliance with bus rules can result in an assigned bus seat, as well as suspension
or revocation of bus privileges
Any questions or concerns about bus transportation are best discussed with the Transportation
Office. The Call Center phone number is 703.228.8670 and is staffed from 6:00am-6:00pm daily.
Daily attendance at school is very important to your child’s academic progress. If your child is absent
from school, please call the school attendance line at 703.228.8320 to report the absence. Please
provide the following information when leaving your message: child’s name, teacher and reason for
absence. Parents and families also must send a signed and dated written note when the student
returns to school explaining the reason for the absence.
The following are considered excused absences from school:
• Illness, quarantine, doctor or dentist appointment
• Observance of a religious holiday
• Violent storms or State emergency
• Summons to a court of law
• Death in the family
• Severe family emergency
• Suspensions
A doctor’s note is required for five or more consecutive days of absence in order for the absences to
be considered excused. To the extent possible, please try to schedule doctor appointments outside
of school hours as late arrival and early pick ups do disrupt instruction. Please note that going on
vacation/traveling is not considered an excused absence according to state law and APS School
Board Policy. Families are encouraged to plan trips/vacations around days when school is not in
session. This avoids disruption to the learning environment and ensures that students are not missing
instruction and opportunities for learning. Missed learning experiences cannot easily be made up
though worksheets, and teachers often have not planned lessons in detail weeks in advance. Therefore, teachers may not be able to provide work ahead of time for vacations that take students out of
school. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maximize the learning opportunities for your
Bicycle Rules
Students are permitted to ride bicycles to school.
• All students riding a bicycle or scooter must wear a safety helmet.
• Bicycles and scooters must be ridden in a safe and responsible manner.
• Bicycles should be secured to the bike rack with a lock at the school’s front entrance.
• Tuckahoe and APS are not responsible for an unlocked bicycle.
• As per Arlington School Board policy, skateboards are not allowed on school grounds.
Our cafeteria can be a busy, nosiy place. While we recognize the need for students to socialize and
do not enforce a silent lunch period, the experience can be mitigated when students adhere to the
following Cafeteria Rules:
Follow all directions given by any adult.
Use indoor voices.
Stay in your seat unless given permission to get up.
Use table manners while eating.
Clean up trash, table area, and floor before leaving.
Students wishing to buy breakfast may do so beginning at 8:40am. A menu is sent home at the
beginning of each month. You may also view the menu at http://www.apsva.us/Page/30673.
Breakfast: $1.55 (Regular) or Free (Reduced)
Lunch: $2.75 (Regular) or $.40 (Reduced)
Milk: $0.75
Parents can pre-purchase meals at https://www.myschoolbucks.com. Also, cash or a check may be
sent with your child to be given to the Cafeteria manager.
Our school nurse, Crystal Sukhee, rotates days at Tuckahoe with other schools. The clinic aide, Ms.
Robinson, is at Tuckahoe every day. Office personnel are on call if a child is not well or has been hurt
and the nurse and clinic aide are not available. Parents/guardians are notified of serious illness or
injury that occur at Tuckahoe. The clinic should be notified of any medical or health concerns about a
child to ensure proper procedures are followed in the school. In the event a student becomes too ill to
remain at Tuckahoe the clinic will call the designated person on the Emergency Information Form.
Positive communication between home and school is vital to a successful school experience for
each child. We have made building relationships through open, honest communication a priority for
us this year as we endeavor to support all students.
School Website
Our school website can be accessed at www.apsva.us/tuckahoe. Information is frequently updated
including the school calendar and special events, and staff emails are linked with their names and
bios for your convenience. Tuckahoe is also on social media, and this year information can be found
on Facebook (www.facebook.com/APSTuckahoe). Several staff members also have Twitter
accounts, and Mr. Pascal and Dr. Legagneur can be followed by @TuckPrinc and @TuckahoeAP,
Friday Folders
Friday Folders, or “backpack mail,” are sent home weekly. These should contain reviewed student
work as well as notices from the school, PTA, and/or district about upcoming events and opportunities. Each teacher will share specific procedures for Friday Folders.
Teacher Contact
All staff members have APS email access using their first name.last [email protected] There are
also email links on the Tuckahoe web site. Teachers generally check email before school, after
school, and at lunch. If an urgent matter arises during the school day, calling the school office will
be the quickest way to get a message to a staff member.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences are a special time set aside for you and your child’s teacher to meet
individually. The goal of the fall conference is for you and the teacher to get to know each other and
talk about your child. In the spring, you will discuss your child’s progress and set goals for the rest of
the school year. This year, the first of each conference date is an early release day and the second
date is a full conference day.
Fall Conference Days: October 8-9, 2015
Spring Conference Days: March 3-4, 2016
Teachers and parents can always meet at other times throughout the year. The best way to do this
is to schedule a mutually convenient time. Teachers often have meetings and other commitments
before and after school, so unfortunately teachers may not be able to meet and have an impromptu
conference without it being previously scheduled.
School Talk
Once a child is registered for school, parents/guardians should receive APS School Talk, an
email news service offered by Arlington Public Schools. If you do not receive this automatically, you
can subscribe by visiting http://www.apsva.us/schooltalk. Once registered with APS School Talk,
families will receive Mr. Pascal’s monthly Tuckahoe Times Newsletter along with other important
information from the Tuckahoe PTA and APS. This is the best way to receive the most current information about what’s happening at Tuckahoe.
The Parent Teacher Association invites all parents and staff members to join for the upcoming 20152016 school year. The PTA meets monthly to discuss events and plans
designed to support Tuckahoe and continue its strong legacy of community support and participation. Additional information regarding the PTA,
Officers, ways to get involved, and its bylaws can be found at
http://www. apsva.us/Page/14970. The first PTA meeting of the year is at
the beginning of Back to School Night on September 17 in the gym. Other
PTA meetings are held in the library and are from 7pm-8pm. This year the PTA is sponsoring child
care during meetings for parents who need it. PTA Meeting Dates for 2015-2016 school year:
October 6
December 1
February 2
April 5
June 7 (Book Swap/Ice Cream Social)
November 10
January 5
March 1
May 3
Extended Day
The Arlington Public Schools Extended Day Program is a service to families that provides a
planned, out-of-school time program for students whose parents are employed, in school or incapacitated. This is a fee-for-service program with eligibility requirements. The program offers safe,
supervised, asset-building activities which are designed to meet the needs of students. The program
is operated by Arlington Public Schools staff. If Arlington Public Schools announces a delayed opening, the before-school Extended Day Program opening is delayed by the same number of hours.
The daily hours for the Extended Day Program are from 7:00am to 6:00pm.
Tuckahoe Codes of Conduct: The 3 R’s
Across the school, we follow Tuckahoe’s 3 R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Remembering the
Rights of Others. The 3 R’s form the basis of classroom expectations and provide a common language for all in our school. As they are taught to students, we review:
Yourself, others, and school property
Listen to directions given by all staff members
The privacy of others in the restroom
Come to school ready to learn
Walk quietly in a single-file line in the hallways
Keep your hands away from student work and school displays
Throw away all trash in the classroom, hallways, playgrounds, and bathrooms
Remembering the Rights of Others
Every student deserves a safe and clean learning environment and it’s OUR responsibility
as a community to ensure EVERY Slider is granted this right
Appropriate Dress
Tuckahoe does not adhere to a strict dress code per se, but we ask that parents/guardians ensure
that all children are dressed appropriately for school activities as well as for comfort. The active
learner will climb on playground equipment, run outdoors, and sit on rugs in the classrooms and
library. On days when your child has PE, sneakers should be worn. Shirts and blouses must fully
cover the chest, midriff and back. Clothing should not contain any messages with offensive language or those referencing drugs, sex, weapons, or other violence. If staff deem articles of clothing
to be distracting to the learning process, students may be asked to turn the item inside out or call
home for a change of clothes.
This year Fridays are designated as Slider Spirit Days. Each Friday students and staff are invited to
wear Tuckahoe clothing or the school colors, blue and yellow. On designated Fridays throughout
the year alternate School Spirit Days will be celebrated and announced in advance.
Personalized Device Initiative
Once fully implemented in the fall of 2017, the personalized device initiative will provide each student in grades 2 through 8 with an iPad and each student in grades 9-12 with a MacBook Air for
their educational use. Students are being provided these tools for their individual use so that their
work and other educational materials and resources can be stored for easy access.
These devices enrich the learning environment and offer teachers an additional resource with which
to personalize instruction for students. In a highly technological world, it is critical that students learn
to be responsible, ethical users of technology.
Why does APS have a Personalized Devices Initiative? The program is rooted in the district’s mission: “Arlington Public Schools instills a love of learning in its students and prepares them to be responsible and productive global citizens.” To prepare students for an ever-changing world, APS recognizes the need to engage students in 21st century learning experiences. Toward that end, and in
alignment with the 2011-2017 APS Strategic Plan, the teachers of APS are committed to fostering a
personalized learning environment where each student is challenged and engaged in relevant and
meaningful learning.
Expectations for all Tuckahoe students regarding acceptable technology use are based on the
Arlington Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy 45-2.1. Parents can view information regarding the
usage of iPads in the classroom, privacy, acceptable websites, and additional answers to questions
regarding the Personalized Device Initiative at http://www.apsva.us/digitallearning.
Electronic Devices
Cell phones: Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school, however the cell phone
must be turned off and kept in backpacks during school hours. Cell phones may be used only for
emergency purposes. If you need to contact your student during the day, please call the Main Office
at 703-228-5288.
Other electronics: Electronic devices, such as personal MP3 players, game devices, etc. are
not permitted at school. Non-approved devices will be confiscated and parents will need to pick
them up from the school.
Safety throughout the school day is extremely important to us. Once the bell
rings at 9:00 the front doors are locked. ALL visitors (parents, volunteers,
substitute teachers, etc.) are asked to enter the building by ringing the buzzer
at the front door, and must report to the office to sign in. Visitors are asked to
wear a Tuckahoe visitor’s badge while in the building. Staff members have
been encouraged to ask any adult not wearing a badge inside the building to
report to the office.
Homework Policy
The Arlington School Board believes strongly that homework is one important component in the
educational process. Homework consists of academic or other activities assigned by the teacher to
be performed primarily outside of class by the student by a certain date, without the direct supervision of the teacher, and assessed by the teacher after it is performed.
Homework should:
Prepare for, relate to, build on, reinforce, and/or enhance learning in the classroom.
Encourage a student’s sense of responsibility, develop a sense of personal accountability,
promote learning, and improve study habits.
Strengthen the communication between home and school.
Be appropriate for the age and stage of development of the student.
Acknowledge individual differences among students through differentiation when feasible.
Teachers should clearly explain assignments to students and make the assignments available to
students and parents by a variety of means, with the understanding that homework is primarily a
student/teacher interaction. In general, the following total amount of time spent daily on homework
over four nights a week represents an average for the typical student.
Grade K: maximum of 15 minutes plus an additional minimum of 15 minutes of reading or
being read to
Grade 1: maximum of 20 minutes plus an additional minimum of 20 minutes of reading or
being read to
Grade 2: maximum of 30 minutes plus an additional minimum of 20 minutes of reading or
being read to
Grade 3: maximum of 45 minutes plus an additional minimum of 20 minutes of reading
Grade 4: maximum of 60 minutes plus an additional minimum of 30 minutes of reading
Grade 5: maximum of 60 minutes plus an additional minimum of 30 minutes of reading
Progress Reports
Written progress reports are distributed twice a year for Kindergarten students. Progress is noted in
terms of skill mastery being met, progressing, or at a beginning level.
In grades 1-5 students receive four written report cards each year at approximately nine-week
intervals. In grades 1-2 students are noted as making or not making expected academic progress.
Beginning at grade 3, the standard report card uses letter grades to identify the extent to which
students are meeting grade level expectations in academic content areas. Work habits, social skills,
and effort are also noted on report cards as well as narrative comments from students’ teachers.
Celebrations in the Classrooms
Birthday celebrations are held at the discretion of the teacher. Please check with your child’s teacher
before scheduling any celebrations. We ask that all treats, cupcakes, etc. be limited to the number of
students within your child’s classroom. Students will not be permitted to visit other classrooms to
deliver treats to other staff members and/or other students.
We do have a number of students with specific food allergies or other medical conditions that affect
the types of foods they can eat. Please consult the teacher about food items that can be accepted in
the classrooms, and consider healthy treats or birthday treats other than food for students to share
with their classmates. Teachers can assist in offering ideas for alternatives to sweets if needed.
Lost and Found
Lost and found items will be placed in a bin located near the stairwell leading
to the gym. Please check the area frequently to retrieve lost personal
property. Lost items that remain at the end of each semester will be
donated to a local charity.
Emergency Drills
As part of the standard safety preparedness plan, we are required to practice and
participate in a number of safety drills each year. These include:
Fire Drill: Instructions for exiting the building are posted in each room. Fire
drills are conducted once a week during September and once a month during the
rest of the year.
Earthquake Drill: In the event of an earthquake or any type of serious structural damage to the school building, all staff and students are required to follow the
emergency procedures outlined in the emergency folders, which can be found in
every room. The PA system will be utilized to instruct staff and students during this
procedure. Staff and students will practice this drill annually.
Lockdown Drills: A lockdown will be initiated in the event of an emergency inside the building
that affects the daily operation of Tuckahoe. Staff and students will practice the drill twice annually,
generally in September and January.
Secure the Building/Shelter in Place: The drill will be initiated when it is determined that it is
not safe for children or staff to leave the building due to unsafe environmental or air quality conditions.
Tornado Drill: During a tornado warning or drill, students and staff stay inside on the lowest
level, inside a windowless, interior hallway, or room in a "drop, cover and hold" position. Staff will
escort students to identified sheltering areas, take roll, and stay with their students. Staff will be
notified when the drill is over.
Playground Usage
The playground in the front of the school is reserved for students during the school day. School
personnel do not supervise students on the playground before or after school hours unless they are
in the Extended Day Program. Any student wishing to use the playground before or after school
hours needs to be supervised by a parent or guardian. All students have been instructed on the
playground rules and usage for safety and respect of others.
The playground at Tuckahoe Park is a county facility that the school can utilize
during the school day. Generally it is students in grades 3-5 who visit the Park
playground at recess time. While students are supervised by school personnel,
it is a public facility and open to use by others. The Tuckahoe Playground
Committee has drafted rules for Park playground use that have been shared
with students.
Field Trips
Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are required to sign a Field Trip form prior to a student attending any
field trip, regardless of location or duration. Children will not be allowed to attend any field trip without a signed consent form on file. APS policy does not allow for verbal permission to be granted by a
parent or guardian for a field trip. The staff is very grateful to receive signed permission forms in a
timely manner, allowing for a better planned and engaging field trip. Parents may be asked to chaperone a field trip. If you are available to do so, please do not bring any younger siblings as they are
not permitted to ride on the school bus and it can take attention from chaperoning assigned
Inclement Weather
Decisions to close school or delay school opening are made by the Superintendent after consulting
local agencies. When there is no change in operations, the APS web site and hotline say that the
status for APS is unchanged. Decisions are usually announced and posted no later than 5 a.m.
Check for changes in APS operations at:
APS School Talk (email, phone and text messages)
Arlington Alert (go to www.arlingtonalert.com to sign up)
Online at www.apsva.us
APS Hotline: 1-866-322-4277 (for messages in English & Spanish)
APS TV (AETV) - Channel 70/FiOS Channel 41; Arlington County – Channel 25/FiOS
Channel 40 · Social Media: www.facebook.com/ArlingtonPublicSchools; www.twitter.com/
The APS Mobile App (Download it from iTunes or Google Play)
All Local TV and Radio Stations

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