7000 Head Herd Dispersal



7000 Head Herd Dispersal
7,000 Head Herd Dispersal
Tuesday, January 5th 10:00 AM (MST)
Bliss Dairies • 1420 Milky Way Lane • Delta, Utah 84624
Sale conducted on site
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Total herd dispersal:
6100 head Holstein milking cows
833 head Holstein dry cows
189 Holstein bred through springing heifers
Herd consists of:
2000 head 1 lactation milking through dry cows
2300 head 2nd and 3rd lactation milking through dry cows
Remainder of herd 4th lactation and up
Herd is milked 3x daily in rotary barns. 70# milk per day average, 250,000 SCC. The herd is A.I. bred to Wagyu bulls, the
provider of the Wagyu semen would like to contract calves back for a premium above Holstein bull calves. Call for more information.
All cattle will be preg tested and TB tested prior to sale day. Cattle will be sorted for type, quality and lactation status.
Cattle will be sold in semi-load groups.
The dairy is located 130 miles south of Salt Lake City.
Hotel accommodations: Days Inn, Delta, Utah (435) 864-3882
(509) 865-2820 • www.toppenishlivestock.com
Chad Lowry
(208) 861-2224
Troy Frazier
(509) 386-3077
John Top
(509) 840-0342

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