Hotel in Hook | Innkeeper`s Lodge


Hotel in Hook | Innkeeper`s Lodge
Monday to Saturday, 12–5pm is
LU NC H C LUB F R O M £ 5 . 5 5
Served hot or cold with custard,
Cornish vanilla ice cream or cream
Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
All our jackets are home cooked and served with a garnish of crisp salad leaves, tomato, red onion and cucumber
Taw Valley Mature £4.25
Cheddar and Baked Beans (v)
Chilli Con Carne £4.75
Juicy Prawns in our Homemade Lightly
Spiced Mayonnaise
Bacon, Fried Onion and Mushrooms
Chicken in a BBQ Sauce and Taw Valley
Mature Cheddar
Topped with Taw Valley mature Cheddar
and soured cream
Topped with Taw Valley mature Cheddar
Toasted Triple Decker Club
Chicken breast, bacon, Taw Valley mature
Cheddar, mayonnaise, crisp salad leaves
and tomato in toasted white bloomer.
Served with a garnish of crisp salad leaves,
tomato, red onion and cucumber
Fish Finger Hand battered fish goujons, crisp
salad leaves, tomato and tartare sauce
Ham, Cheese and Chutney Dingley Dell ham, Taw Valley mature
Cheddar, tomato and apple chutney,
crisp salad leaves and tomato
Prawn and Avocado Juicy prawns and avocado bound
in our homemade lightly spiced
mayonnaise and crisp leaves
Callestick Farm Cornish Ice Cream
Choose one of the following flavours,
vanilla, Belgian chocolate, strawberry,
butterscotch brittle or For adults only! indulgent sea salted caramel and
whisky ice cream
Served hot with custard, Cornish vanilla
ice cream or cream
served 12–10pm
Served with Cornish vanilla ice cream and
raspberry compote
A Victoria sponge topped with
strawberry jam, custard syllabub and
clotted cream mousse, finished with
toasted flaked almonds, served with
Cornish vanilla ice cream
Bakewell Dilemma £4.25
White Chocolate and £4.35
Raspberry Blondi Cheesecake
Victoria Trifle Served hot or cold with Cornish vanilla
ice cream or cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding BAGUETTES
As British as the weather, come rain or
shine we have got it covered! Choose from
our Bakewell ice cream cake served with
raspberry flavour sauce or our cherry
Bakewell sponge pudding, served hot with
custard, Cornish vanilla ice cream or cream
Served on your choice of white or malted baguette
with a garnish of crisp salad leaves, tomato,
red onion and cucumber
Great British Sausage and Onion
Enjoy your sandwich on a white or malted bloomer
with a garnish of crisp salad leaves, tomato,
red onion and cucumber
Exclusively for over 50s
Gold award winning Lincolnshire
sausages, homemade crispy onions
and coarse grain mustard mayonnaise
Steak Melt Rump steak, sautéed onions and
melted Taw Valley mature Cheddar
Hunters Chicken Chicken breast, bacon,
Taw Valley mature Cheddar
and BBQ sauce
from every Sirloin Steak we sell
will go to the Willow Foundation.
Willow Foundation is a charity registered with the
Charity Commission in England and Wales,
number 1106746.
For more information visit:
Simply grab an application form from a
member of our team or visit:
And now, collect reward points as you spend!
Terms and conditions apply.
Make a meal of it: Add chips to any sandwich or baguette
Get 25% off food with our Diamond Club offer.
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become a member today.
& a chance to
We continue to source quality ingredients from British Red Tractor Farm Assured farms.
C heck out our S i ster Pubs at DoDropI
Leicestershire Stilton, Taw Valley mature Cheddar, Dingley Dell ham, Saxon silverside of beef,
Stuffed belly of pork, Turkey breast, West Country shoulder of lamb, Dingley Dell pork and
caramelised red onion burger, Lincolnshire sausages, Callesticks Farm Dairy ice cream. DoDropInns DoDropInns
(v) these dishes are suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians, whilst we take care to preserve the integrity of our vegetarian products, we must advise that these products are handled in a multi-product kitchen environment.
(*)All weights are approximate uncooked weights. Meat and poultry dishes may contain bone, fish and shellfish dishes may contain bone and shell. If you suffer from an allergy please make us aware as our menus
may not list every individual ingredient. All dishes are prepared in a kitchen where products containing nuts, seeds and other allergens are handled and prepared. This means we may not be able to guarantee our
food will not contain traces of a specific allergen. Upon request, our staff will be happy to supply further information regarding the ingredients in our foods and cooking methods so you can make your own informed
decision as to whether a specific dish is likely to be suitable for you. Although we try we can not guarantee all products are GM free. All prices include VAT at the current applicable rate. Menu items may contain
traces of alcohol. (^) made from chopped and reformed onion. (‡) See lunch club promotion for full range of drinks available.
Can’t decide?
To He l p W e ’ v e m arked
o ur favo urites wit h a
Topped Nachos £7.75
Tortilla chips, Taw Valley mature Cheddar,
soured cream, jalapeños and tomato chilli salsa
topped with your choice of fajita spiced chicken
or chilli con carne
Fisherman’s Platter £9.95
Hand battered fish goujons, peppered
mackerel, cod fishcakes, mini prawn cocktail,
spiced breaded prawns, served with
tartare sauce, bloomer and butter
Combo to Share Perfect for Two £4.85
Pork, chicken liver and real ale pâté with a
tomato and apple chutney and toasted bloomer
Prawn Cocktail Juicy prawns on crisp salad with our
homemade lightly spiced mayonnaise
and bloomer and butter
Spiced chicken strips, duck spring rolls,
onion rings^, BBQ chicken wings, breaded
mushrooms, cheesy garlic bread, potato wedges,
tortilla chips with garlic mayonnaise and
wild cannon BBQ sauce
Boxed Camembert (v) Baked Camembert with rosemary, honey
and white wine, served with chopped
hazelnuts and cranberries, garlic bread
and a tomato and apple chutney
Breaded Mushrooms (v) Served with crisp salad and
garlic mayonnaise
Soup of the Day (v) See our chalkboard for today’s choice.
Topped with crispy croutons and served
with crusty bread and butter
Marinated pieces of chicken breast in a
rich, creamy and lightly spiced masala
sauce with rice and naan bread
Goan Sweet Potato Curry (v) Diced sweet potatoes cooked with onions,
garlic, ginger, green chilli, coconut cream,
served with rice and naan bread
Corned Beef Hash Served with poached egg and HP™ sauce
Served with mushy peas and tartare sauce
Cheesy Garlic Bread (v) Topped with Taw Valley mature Cheddar
Pan-fried Tiger Prawns and Spanish Chorizo
Make it a Feast (v): £2.50
By adding a red onion, coriander and tomato
salad, two onion bhajis, two poppadoms,
a vegetable samosa, two sweet potato curry fritters
and spiced cucumber and mint raita
Chicken and Bacon Caesar Grilled chicken breast and bacon served
on a bed of crisp salad leaves, topped with
croutons and Parmesan
Mackerel “Niçoise” Fillets of peppered mackerel with a salad
of boiled egg, new potatoes, fine beans,
olives, red onion and slow roast tomatoes
Sweet Potato and Feta (v)
Gold award winning Lincolnshire sausages
with homemade ‘bubble and squeak’ mash,
Yorkshire pudding and red onion gravy
Slow Roasted Pork Belly
Hunters Chicken Tender chicken breast, Taw Valley
mature Cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce,
with chips and peas
Scottish Venison Pie Venison, mushrooms and bacon in a
rich red wine sauce, served with
root vegetable mash and
cauliflower and leek gratin
Wexford Chicken Grilled chicken breast topped with
mushrooms, creamy peppercorn sauce
and melted Leicestershire Stilton,
with chips and peas
Scampi and Chips £7.95
Grilled fillet of plaice with prawns, lemon
and parsley butter, served with new potatoes
and a medley of green vegetables
Warm Moroccan spiced sweet potato
and feta on a salad of soya beans, roasted
pepper, mint and coriander, dressed
with a spiced yoghurt dressing
Fish Pie £8.55
Beef Lasagne Dingley Dell Pork Burger
Pork and caramelised red onion burger
with apple BBQ sauce and topped with
crispy onions
Beef, Bacon and Cheese Burger
Cajun Spiced Bean Burger (v)
Chilli Burger £8.55
Beef burger topped with chilli con carne,
Taw Valley mature Cheddar, sour cream
and American mustard
Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Burger
Layered with Taw Valley mature
Cheddar and soured cream
Chicken and Chorizo Pappardelle
S T E A K & G R I LL S
All of our steaks and grills are served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato
8oz* Sirloin Steak and Onion Rings^
Softer in texture, this cut will
give you fantastic flavour however
you like it cooked
8oz* Rump Steak and Onion Rings^
Mixed Grill £13.50
Half a chicken breast, gold award
winning Lincolnshire sausage,
4oz* rump steak, 5oz* gammon steak,
onion rings^ and a fried egg
goes to the Willow Foundation
10oz* Gammon Steak and Eggs
A firm textured steak with good flavour
and is best when grilled rare to medium
Add to your steak or grill: Diane Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce or
Wild Cannon BBQ Sauce
From the Garden
Fillet of Plaice £10.55
Layers of rich beef Bolognese and
pasta topped with a creamy cheese sauce,
served with crisp salad and garlic bread
Fish and Chips Breaded scampi, chips, peas and
tartare sauce
Beef burger, half a chicken breast,
bacon, Taw Valley mature Cheddar,
onion rings^ and BBQ sauce
Breaded pork loin topped with
garlic and herb butter, served with
homemade mash and a medley of
green vegetables
Grilled leg of lamb, served with
boulangère potatoes, braised
red cabbage and rosemary and
balsamic jus
All our beef burgers are served in a toasted bun with a side of chips and a chilli tomato salsa
Ultimate Burger Ribbons of pasta, strips of chicken breast
and Spanish chorizo sautéed with olives
and basil, tossed in a tomato chilli sauce,
served with garlic bread
From the SEA
Hand battered fish fillet, chips,
mushy peas and tartare sauce
Pork Escalope Leg of Lamb Steak Served with peas, gravy and chips or
homemade mash
Available from 5pm. For more information ask a member of our team.
Beef chilli topped with a lime and
coriander cream, with rice, fajita spiced
tortilla wedges and Taw Valley
mature Cheddar
Baby back ribs in a sticky BBQ sauce,
served with homemade coleslaw,
chips, grilled baby corn and onion rings^
Chilli Con Carne Full Rack of Ribs Rolled and stuffed with sage and onion,
on homemade spring onion mash and
served with roast apple and coarse grain
mustard cream sauce
British Steak and Batemans Ale Pie
Gourmet burgers
Marinated with lemon and oregano,
served with homemade tzatziki, roasted
new potatoes and grilled vegetables
Cooked in a tomato, chilli and
rosemary sauce with crusty bread
Chicken Tikka Masala Homemade Jacket Potato Shells
Cod Fishcakes £3.95
From the land
Grilled Chicken Breast Filled with Taw Valley mature Cheddar
and crispy bacon, with soured cream
2 courses for £9.45 or 3 courses for £11.95
Bangers and Mash S tart ers
Potted Pork and Real Ale Pâté
Smoked haddock, white fish and prawns
in a delicious creamy sauce, topped with
homemade mash and Taw Valley mature
Cheddar, served with new potatoes and a
medley of green vegetables
Gardeners Pie (v) £7.95
Roasted carrots, onions, parsnips and
potato in a cream and wholegrain mustard
sauce with peas and sweetcorn in a baked
mature Cheddar suet pastry, served with
homemade mash, braised red cabbage and gravy
Courgette and Mushroom Lasagne (v)
Courgette, mushrooms and bulgar wheat
layered with pasta and topped with a rich
cheese sauce, served with crisp salad and
garlic bread
Smoky Vegetable Goulash (v)
Courgettes, cannellini beans and red onion
in a smoked paprika, chilli and tomato sauce,
served with sour cream, rice and garlic bread
Sunday Lunch
Traditional Sunday Roast See our chalkboard for this week’s choice of
meat served with new and roast potatoes,
stuffing, a chipolata, homemade Yorkshire
pudding, vegetables and gravy
Come and see us at the
bar to place your order
Monday to Saturday, from 5pm is
Chips with Garlic Mayonnaise (v)
Side Salad (v)
Served with vinaigrette dressing
Onion Rings^ (v)
Cheesy Garlic Bread (v)
Topped with Taw Valley mature Cheddar
Bread and Butter (v)
Homemade Mash (v)