Volume 49, Number 2



Volume 49, Number 2
The VOICE of St. Thomas 1
March/April 2014
Sunday Service Schedule
Contemporary Service ~ 8:00 a.m.
Fellowship Sharing ~ 9:00 a.m.
Sunday School ~ 9:15 a.m.
Traditional Worship ~ 10:30 a.m.
Senior Pastor:
Rev. William R. Miller
Youth Pastor:
Joel M. Jackson
Director of Music Ministry:
Brian P. Luckenbill
Kathy A. Oberly
Office Hours
Monday thru Friday
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
[email protected]
Order #1: Tulip
(circle one)
Order #2: Tulip
(circle one)
Order #3: Tulip
(circle one)
Ordered By: ___________________________________________
“Making Christ’s love the
center of our praise,
teaching, fellowship
and service.”
Total Flowers Ordered: ___________ Amount Due: ____________
Orders are due by April 6th! Additional forms are on windowsills!
The VOICE of St. Thomas 2
The Story will continue through the end of May. We've covered a lot of territory since
September! Through each chapter we've seen God's plan unfolding before our very
eyes. As we conclude the Old Testament in mid-March, we'll switch gears to more
familiar passages about Jesus' ministry and the early church.
I've personally been blessed through this project. I've enjoyed reading portions of scriptures I often skip! It's
been great to see God's hand at work through thousands of years of history. As we come down the stretch, hang
in there and finish strong.
The book of 2 Timothy 3: 16 reminds us that "all scripture is inspired by God" and this fact has been driven
home all through our readings. It is my prayer that all of us will be inspired to dig deep into the word as a result
of this program.
Rev. Bill Miller
Words of Thanks ...
... to the St. Thomas trustees. Our current trustees are Bill Brandt, Josh Jonas, Scott Lorah, and Larry
 Where are you at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning? If you are the trustee of the week, you're unlocking
St. Thomas doors, turning up the heat in winter, turning down the air conditioning in summer, and
getting the building ready for services. And after services, you're closing everything down.
 Tired of removing snow at home? The trustees also take care of the sidewalks and entrances at church.
 What's it like to change a light bulb in a large sanctuary light? First of all, the heavy light must be
lowered from the ceiling so you can reach the light bulb!
The volunteer service of a trustee includes the above and much more. Projects managed by the trustees in 2013
 Replacing the sanctuary breaker box and providing switches in various locations to turn on the sanctuary
lights and preprogrammed groups.
 Stretching the sanctuary carpet to remove bumps.
 Installing water shut-off valves in the furnace room.
 Fixing stairway rubber risers.
 Installing a motion-sensitive light outside the library entrance.
 2-3 coats of polyurethane on the new building doors and weather stripping between the doors.
 Installing 24 door kickplates.
 The TnT Sunday School room makeover - ceiling redone, lights and light switches installed, walls
painted, radiator covers installed.
 Installing wooden covers in the sanctuary to hide our new window shade mountings.
 Installing a sturdy wooden stand in the balcony for our new sanctuary projector.
 Setting up Heritage Hallway.
Many of these projects were completed with volunteer labor by our trustees and their family members and
friends. For others, the trustees obtained bids and the most cost-effective contractor was selected to do the job.
Thank you to the trustees for their volunteer service to St. Thomas!
Betsy Reifsnyder
Suggestions for individuals or groups to be
featured in future Words of Thanks articles
gratefully accepted.
The VOICE of St. Thomas 3
Sunday School Superintendent
We're in the middle of winter in Berks County. The January Meeting was cancelled because of cold and the rescheduled meeting in February was snowed out. Mark your calendars because we will try again on March 3rd!
The Easter Egg Hunt will be held the Saturday before Easter Sunday, April 19th, at 1:00 p.m. in
Umbenhauer Park. It would not be the first time that it snowed on the morning of the egg hunt,
but unless there is lightening, that is when it will be.
We will need many small pieces of individually wrapped candy to put in the plastic eggs for the
hunt (100 + dozen). Look for a tote for your candy donations in the library. We will fill the eggs
following the late service on Palm Sunday. Each child also gets a bag filled with treats and many other goodies.
This is a joint outreach for the Bernville Area and it is a way to reach some of the unreachable. Meet us in
Beatrice Hall following the 10:30 service if you would like to help fill eggs and baggies.
St. Thomas is about half way through The Story, and it's a great journey. We took December off so we could do
the children's Sunday School program. The classes need a lot of time to prepare for the programs. The Easter
Story in our Story Bibles is on Easter Sunday. Sunday School will have their normal class time and will have
The Story lesson to celebrate Easter.
Mother's Day will be a special program by the Mime Troupe. The program will be held in
Beatrice Hall because they needed a larger stage for their 40-person Troupe.
Brian is always on top of VBS and organizes it really well and the process has started. We need you to sign up
and help make VBS a great outreach.
John Bartsch
Crusader Plus
The Crusader Plus Sunday School Class recently had a change of officers, with Barry and Betty
Himmelberger stepping down from their position as Treasurer. The class wants to thank Betty and
Barry for their 12 + years of service to the class. Carol Troutman will be attempting to fill their
shoes in this role and Thane LaFollette remains as Assistant Treasurer.
Danny Berger remains as President and Bob Walker has replaced Scott Lorah as Vice-President. Thanks also to
Scott for his service to the class.
We continue viewing our DVDs of The Story, followed by class discussion utilizing The
Story - Participant's Guide to facilitate our class discussions.
Carol Troutman
The VOICE of St. Thomas 4
February 2014
The Struggle
Half Stitched Amish Quilting Club
The Amish Bride
The Haven
Brunstetter, Wanda
Brunstetter, Wanda
Clark and Gould
Fisher, Suzanne
Kentucky Brothers
Ray of Light
True Honor
The Mercy
The Fiddler
Texas Charm
An Amish Christmas
Gray, Shelley
Gray, Shelley
Henderson, Dee
Lewis, Beverly
Lewis, Bevery
Mills, DiAnn
Wiseman, Fuller, Cameron & Long
Days of Redemption #2
Secrets of Critterdon Co. #3
Stoney Ridge Seasons
The Rose Trilogy #3
Home to Hickory Hollow #1
A Young Woman After God's Own
A Young Woman's Walk With God
Let's Walk the Talk
George, Elizabeth
George, Elizabeth
Carlson, Melody
Carlson, Melody
Dobson, Danae
On the Runway #2
On the Runway #1
What in the World is Going on?
Walking with God in the Desert
Jeremiah, Dr. David
Vander Laan, Ray
Becoming the Parent God Wants You to
The Purpose of Christmas
Leman, Dr. Kevin
Warren, Rick
The VOICE of St. Thomas 5
News and Information for YUM: The St. Thomas Youth Ministry
God’s Not Dead: This is a great movie being released to theatres around our country on the weekend of
March 21. It has not yet been announced as to what theatres will host the film in our area. As soon as it is
announced you will be made aware. We will make plans to see it as a youth group. If you are not able to
attend when the youth group does, I encourage you to have a movie night with your family. God’s Not Dead
stars Kevin Sorbo as an atheist college professor who challenges a student to prove to him that God does not exist. The
movie follows the student through interviews and circumstances as he discovers the truth that God is not Dead!
Coming Together: Everyone get ready for this annual meal and time of fellowship hosted by our youth
ministry. We invite all members of our congregation who are over the age of 60 and all youth in grades 712 to join us for this delicious meal on March 23. This year’s meal includes salad, ham, green beans,
roasted red potatoes, and cherry pie. Besides the delicious food, the youth will offer fun activities and
games that promise to bring enjoyment to everyone in attendance.
Get Your Donuts and Coffee: Starting on March 9, the mission trip participants will be selling Reading
Roasters Coffee and Krispy Kreme Donuts. The actual date when the coffee and donuts will be available for
your consumption will be Monday April 7. Support our mission trip and satisfy your breakfast desires! For
mission trip participants, all orders are due on Sunday March 30.
Leadership Training: On April 5, Messiah College will once again host its leadership training event for
youth leaders and youth. Everyone in our ministry is strongly encouraged to attend. Adult leaders will learn
about youth culture and how to engage the youth both in and outside of our church. Students who attend will
consider how to witness to their peers and how to be leaders within the church to bring about God’s desires.
Those attending the event should arrive at the church at 7:00 AM. We will return sometime around 6:00 PM. The cost for
this event for student participants is $30. If you need assistance in paying for the event please speak to Pastor Joel.
Release the Feast: This is the theme for this year’s 30 Hour Famine. We will host our famine event at St.
Thomas Church on May 2-3. Our event will include spiritual growth, learning about those people we are helping
through our fast, great games and fun, plenty to drink, and community service projects. We will have no food.
Well actually, we will conclude our time together with a delicious meal provided by the families of those
participating. Students who participate in the famine participate in a nation-wide event sponsored by World Vision. This
event seeks to feed hungry children throughout our world. For every $1 a student raises 1 child gets fed for 1 day.
Students will receive their sponsorship packets on March 16 at Sunday Evening Youth Group. As a congregation, we can
all be a part of this event by sponsoring the youth who are sacrificing their food for 30 hours so that children around the
world can have full bellies and experience the love of God.
Service Saturday: On Saturday May 3, our church will once again serve our neighbors by going throughout the
community doing yard work and painting. All 30 Hour Famine participants will be part of our team, but it is not
limited to those youth. Everyone in our church community is encouraged to come and serve. Those not doing the
famine will gather at 8:00 AM for breakfast. Following breakfast, everyone will meet in Beatrice Hall to divide
into work teams. Join us as we spread God’s love in our community.
SOFA Sunday: Our annual youth service is on April 27. The youth will lead both worship services in order
to celebrate the work that God has done through our community in the past year and specifically through our
work with the SOFA Project. It is truly a joy to offer this ministry to our community and we thank each
person within our congregation who supports this ministry. On SOFA Sunday, we will also promote a
collection of non-perishable food items for our pantry.
The VOICE of St. Thomas 6
News and Information for YUM: The St. Thomas Youth Ministry Cont'd.
For the Fridge (Other Upcoming Activities):
May 17: Car Wash and Bake Sale
May 29: Chicken BBQ Sale to Support the Choir and the Mission Trip
June 1: Baccalaureate
June 1: Mission Trip All Team Meeting
June 7: Community Yard Sale Bake Sale
June 13: End of School Celebration
10:30 Service
Please arrive at your station no later than 10:10 and plan to stay until the service starts. Thank you.
Main Entrance
Library Entrance
Elevator Entrance
Mar. 2
Chester & Jean Luckenbill
Lynwood & Helen Mack
Ruth Koenig
Mar. 9
Larry & Bonnie Rentschler
Susan & Jerry Gernert
Arthur & Anna Mae Smith
Mar. 16
Donald Lynn
Forrest & Corrinne Wagner
Edwin & Linda Swope
Mar. 23
Charles & Scarlett Seifrit
Bill & Bridget Brandt
Henry & Sue Breidegan
Mar. 30
Beverly Hinnershitz
Michael & Mary Harcar
Gerry Ruth
Apr. 6
Larry & Bonnie Rentschler
Susan & Gerry Gernert
Arthur and Anna Mae Smith
Apr. 13
Jennifer Williamson
Darrell & Diann Weishaar
Dick & Grace Reber
Apr. 20
Helen Marshall & Donald Kline
Millie Lessig
Harvey & Sally Marshall
Apr. 27
Ed & Dot Meredith
Gladys Eyer
Jerry & Mary Walsh
May 4
Eric & Stephanie Troutman
Tom & Candie Stewart
Rod & Mary Eaken
May 11
Bill & Karen Miller
Carol Zellers
Josh & April Jonas
May 18
Irene Blatt
Charlotte Dreibelbis
Shirley Miller
May 25
Gerry Ruth
Erma Groff
Larry & Kelly Groff
If you are not on the Greeter List and would like to be, please call the church office or
Peg Henderson at 610-693-8039 (email: [email protected]).
The VOICE of St. Thomas 7
St. Thomas was originally a union church - with an Evangelical Lutheran congregation (not the Friedens
Evangelical Lutheran congregation) and a Reformed congregation. Thank you to Donald Kline for sharing
some memories of the union church days. The two congregations alternated Sunday services and the Lutheran
congregation at St. Thomas was quite small. Donald's mother was Lutheran and his father was Reformed.
Donald's family - including his sister, Helen (Kline) Marshall - attended both Lutheran and Reformed services,
as did other families. St. Thomas had one Senior Choir and one Sunday School, but two church councils (two
of what we call today the Consistory). As an example, look at the 1936 picture in Heritage Hallway:
A picture of the St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church Council, on the occasion of the "Home
Coming," September 13, 1936. Pictured are: Charles Schrack, Recording Secretary; Alfred Rentschler, Trustee; Jacob
Bordner, Elder; Charles Davis, Elder; Floyd Hardinger, Deacon; Stephen Strause, Deacon; John W. Showers, Treasurer;
Charles C. Wengert, Financial Secretary; Rev. Raymond C. Miller, Clerical President; Edwin I. Showers, Lay President; and
Isaac Showers, Trustee.
The predecessor to St. Thomas Church and to Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church was the Northkill Church also known as St. John's Union Church. The brick building shown in Heritage Hallway photos was built in
1791 and was located on the north side of the graveyard behind Friedens Church.
One of the Heritage Hallway photos is labeled: "Presented to St. Thomas Union Church by Calvin L.
Faust and family in honor of his wife, Maggie L. (nee) Obold. Northkill Creek Union Church. This
church building was erected in the year 1791. 100th anniversary celebrated May 30 and 31, 1891. Photo
taken by J. H. Reigle (editor's note: spelled Riegel elsewhere), Bernville, Pa."
More information on the Fausts. Calvin (1879-1963) and Maggie (1880-1923) Faust are buried in St. Thomas
Cemetery. The Thursday, August 31, 1911 Reading Eagle (page 8) reports the following about the Fausts. Calvin Faust was
a railway mail clerk on the Pennsylvania main line between New York and Pittsburg, living in Harrisburg and on a visit to his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Faust, in Bernville (reported in the Bernville news item). "Mrs. Calvin Faust and daughter,
Margaret, of Harrisburg called on Michael Riegel and family" (reported in the Mount Pleasant news item).
J.H. Riegel is mentioned as a Bernville photographer in the Bernville Pennsylvania: 1851-1976 history
book (page 47).
More information on the Northkill Church 100th anniversary celebration in 1891. The Reading Eagle
(Sunday, May 31, 1891, page 2) reported: "Bernville's Centennial Celebration. A larger attendance than on
Saturday is expected at Sunday's services at St. John's Union church centennial celebration. Saturday's exercises all passed
off according to programme and were interesting throughout. The church was handsomely decorated, and a feature of the
programme was the excellent singing. Rev. John Smith, Mahanoy Plain (editor's note: in Schuylkill County); Rev. Dr. J.E.
Hiester, Annville (editor's note: in Lebanon County); Rev.Hugo Krahn, Phila.; and Rev. Adam M. Weber of Mt. Airy,
Lancaster county, are here and will take part in Sunday's services."
And the Reading Eagle (Tuesday, June 2, 1891, page 3) reported: "Collected at the Centennial Celebration.
Bernville: The collection at the Union church during its centennial celebration amounted to $104. The receipts at the
refreshment stand amounted to $136. A committee from Camp 113, P.O.S. of A. (editor's note: the Patriotic Order Sons of
America), collected $26.36, which was presented to William Feather to defray the expense of placing the soldiers' graves in
proper shape. The choir raised $3.70 which was also presented to Mr. Feather."
Cont'd on page 8
The VOICE of St. Thomas 8
The St. Thomas Sunday School also has a long history.
recognition from the early 1900's:
Heritage Hallway contains two certificates of
Pennsylvania State Sabbath School certificate, 1911, stating:
"This certifies that the St. Thomas Union Sunday School of Bernville, Pa., having attained each point of the County
Association Standard of Excellence, is hereby recognized as a Front Line Sunday School and this Certificate of
Recognition is issued upon the Recommendation of the Berks County Sunday School Association to be in effect for
one year from date. 2nd day of June, 1911."
International Sunday School Association certificate, 1917, stating:
"This certifies that the V.X.L. Class of the St. Thomas Reformed Lutheran Sunday School of Bernville, Pa., having
fulfilled the requirements as to organization, is recognized as an Organized Sunday School Class. 11th (?) day of June
Look for more articles on Heritage Hallway and St. Thomas history in future VOICE issues.
Save money on your 2014 Hersheypark tickets
by purchasing discounted tickets through
St. Thomas Church.
(Baked Goods Available)
Sunday, April 27, 2014
11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Cost: Adult - $8.00
Children 6-10 - $4.00
Sponsored by the Worship Choir
St. Thomas Church
Senior Plus
(Ages 9-54)
(Ages 3-8 & 55-69)
(Ages 70+)
$ 32.00
$ 27.75
$ 21.50
All tickets include $0.85 amusement tax
See Brian Luckenbill or call the church office to
order tickets.
Tickets must be ordered and prepaid by
Sunday, April 6th.
Tickets are valid any regular public operating
day throughout the season.
A Friday transformed
The cross was not a senseless tragedy but the most important redemptive act in human
history. For all who down through the ages have put their trust in Jesus, the cross is their
highest blessing as it turns Black Friday into Good Friday.
The VOICE of St. Thomas 9
---"I'm here for you"---
Compassion Sunday
May 4, 2014
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge
fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9
• About every minute a child dies of malaria, a preventable and treatable disease.
• An estimated 57 million primary-school-age children worldwide don’t attend school.
• About 2.4 billion people live on less than $2 per day, making them extremely vulnerable to natural disasters,
illness, food shortages or instability of any kind.
• 18,000 children die each day due to conditions of poverty.
• 1 billion children (nearly half of all the world’s children) live in poverty. Hundreds of millions live in extreme
• Each day, 8,000 newborns in developing countries die within a month of birth.
• 640 million children live without adequate shelter.
• There are 1.1 billion people in developing countries without access to clean water.
COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL was founded on the belief that children are precious to Christ’s heart and
strategic to building His kingdom. But millions of children in developing countries find themselves fighting to
stay alive each day. For them, poverty is a crushing obstacle.
The Church is the solution to releasing children from poverty. Compassion works through local churches in
developing countries to combat poverty by introducing children to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ while
also providing of their economic, social and physical needs.
The philosophy is simple: Save a child; Change a community; Transform the world. That’s why Compassion
is committed to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.
Our St. Thomas family currently sponsors 90 children. Are you part of our support group? For $38 a month,
you can give a child medical attention, food, and an education. It also provides a chance for a child to hear and
respond to the gospel message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. New child packets will be arriving
shortly. See Brian Luckenbill for more information.
The Story: If you have not yet received your Story Bible and would desire a copy, please see
Pastor Miller or Pastor Joel. Story Bibles cost $10.00 / each.
The VOICE of St. Thomas 10
The Lenten season begins on March 5th with our Ash Wednesday
service. We will gather at 7 p.m. to usher in this special time of year.
The Worship Choir will offer an anthem and Rev. Miller will preach
from the gospel of John to introduce the phrases of Jesus where He says
"I am..." Plan on attending as we start the Lenten season.
St. Thomas, along with Friedens Lutheran, Christ Little Tulpehocken, and St.
Paul's, will share the Lenten season with services based on Jesus' "I am"
statements. As in the past we'll share soup and bread at 6 p.m. and the worship
service at 7 p.m. The loose plate offering will go to local food ministries. The
schedule is as follows:
Wed. March 12
Wed. March 19
Wed. March 26
Wed. April 2
Wed. April 9
"Introduction to Series"
"I am the Vine"
"I am the Bread of Life"
"I am the Light..."
"I am the Way..."
Rev. Krista Keisling
Pastor Joel Jackson
Rev. Bill Miller
Rev. Rod Sutliff
Rev. Rob Argot
St. Thomas
Little Tulpehocken
Friedens Lutheran
St. Paul's
Little Tulpehocken
This year Good Friday is on April 18th and we will remember this special day with a service at 7 p.m.
Communion will be served in the pew as part of the service. Good Friday is a day to remember how our
salvation was accomplished. Plan to be here for a memorable time of worship.
Easter Service Schedule
6:30 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
9:15 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Dawn Service and Communion
Covered Dish Breakfast
Sunday School Classes
Easter Musical and Communion
The VOICE of St. Thomas 11
St. Thomas Worship Choir presents:
Easter Sunday
April 20, 2014
10:30 a.m.
The Easter story is ultimately about changed lives – ordinary people transformed forever by the mercy of a
Cross and the victory of an empty tomb. This is the powerful theme of Glorious Day, an impactful new musical
that looks at Jesus’ life through the eyes of those He touched .
Vacation Bible School
June 9 – June 19
Kids love crazy, weird animals...the weirder the better. At WEIRD ANIMALS, kids will meet the
most special, unique, rare, never-before-seen animals to help kids discover what Jesus' endless
love means in their lives!
~ Sing & Play Stampede~
~One-of-a-Kind Bible Adventure~
~Imagination Station~
~Untamed Games~
~ Critter Cafe~
~KidVid Cinema~
See or call Brian Luckenbill today!
The VOICE of St. Thomas 12
Register your child/youth now to spend a week at summer camp and watch their Christian character grow. Our
Sunday School board recognizes the importance of a Christian summer camp program as a supplement to
―regular‖ Sunday School attendance. Therefore, all children who are regular attendees of our Sunday School,
whereas ―regular‖ means attending greater than 50% within the one year period prior to camp, will have half of
their camp fee paid by the Sunday School for up to one week at a Christ-centered Christian Camp. See Brian or
Nancy Luckenbill to take advantage of this offer.
The Benefits of Christian Camping
Signing your child up for a summer camp week is a very good idea! Child development professionals believe
that attending camp helps kids to mature socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically. This
belief is supported by a study on youth development done by the American Camp Association.
Additionally, Christian camps add a focus for the spiritual aspect of a child’s life. Attending a Christian camp
encourages spiritual growth, a dynamic many families believe is missing in the lives of today’s generation of
Christian camps help children strengthen and grow their character. Christian camps make Biblical values the
foundation of all of their programming.
Here are some basic benefits your child may experience from a week at a Christian camp:
 Total involvement—The spiritual, physical, social and sensory are activated uniquely and
simultaneously in our wholesome, Bible-centered camping environment.
 Outdoor learning—Through interactive experiences with the natural world a sense of wonder and a
desire for environmental stewardship of God’s world are developed.
 Growth experiences—A healthy self-confidence, independence, and desire for learning is fostered
through new and challenging activities.
 Relationship building—Opportunities to form new relationships with peers and camping staff abound,
while gaining understanding of the give-and-take of community living.
 Memory making—Great memories are created from out-of-the-ordinary experiences of weather,
scenery, campfires, physical exertion, success and failure, conversations, Bible studies, and good-olefashioned fun.
On Saturday, March 15th, the leadership of the church will gather to plan for the next few
years. Members of Consistory, committees and staff will gather for a day of strategizing and
fellowship. This event will take place in the community room of Westview Terrace in
Womelsdorf at 9 a.m. and will conclude in the afternoon. The cost is $5.00 per person which
includes snacks and lunch. Invitations will be delivered to all those in positions of leadership
in the church.
Our annual Service Saturday activities will take place on May 3rd! This is our day to serve
those of our church and community who need help with yard work, handyman projects,
painting, etc. Signups for those needing work done and volunteers will be available soon. So,
plan on coming out for a free breakfast at 8 a.m. or at 9 a.m. to be assigned to a work team.
The VOICE of St. Thomas 13
1 - Richard Messner
Eric Bross
2 - Shirley Stoudt-Rentz
3 - Margaret Henderson
5 - Cathy Arroyo
6 - Mildred Bross
Jan Keeney
Jill Klein
Robert Hirneisen
7 - Shannon Rollins
Tamara DeVries
8 - Debra Weidman
Michele Schaeffer
Edie Reifsnyder
Anna Nunemaker
10 - Linda Bartsch
Donald Triviets
Kendall Sterner
11 - Edwin Swope
12 - Larry Rentschler
15 - Myrle Schlappich
Sally Sunday
16 - Jeremy Zellers
Eliana Keeney
Heidi Rusk
Katie DeGeorge
17 - Elizabeth Ebling
19 - Jessica Himmelberger
Chad Henderson
20 - Jennifer Royles
Karl Koenig
Marcy Hibschman
21 - Linda Degler
Jane Hardick
Nancy Dingler
22 - Kimberly Smith
Matthew Hetrick
26 - Kiersten Foster
Emily Rioux
27 - Alli Himmelberger
28 - Dalton Boltz
Adam Sterner
29 - Christine Folk
30 - Kevin Zerbe
Ken Marcinkowski
31 - Josiah Sterner
1 - Shirley Berger
Emma Zellers
3 - Mildred Graeff
5 - Alyssa Messner
Thomas Paulson
Carol Loy
6 - Kara Pendleton
Vickie Cesarz
7 - David Bond
8 - Jeffrey Luckenbill
Alexis Troutman
Shirley Saunders
9 - Anna Bubbenmoyer
10 - John Bartsch
Matthew Henderson
11 - Annabelle Miller
12 - Kyle Beissel
13 - Angelique Hussman
14 - Kolby Leonhard
Helen Mack
16 - Dennis Degler, Sr.
17 - Marlene Good
18 - Jayme Burkey
19 - William Stickler
Isabella Berger
20 - Darlene Nye
21 - Susan Breidegan
Ken Heffner
Louise Wolf
Nancy Dingler
22 - Jackson Hussman
Connor Hussman
Thane LaFollette
24 - Karen Becker
German Arroyo
Jame Barnett
25 - Lynn Williamson 28 - Jessica Loy
30 - Scott Kerschner
Richard Burkey
Douglas Kline
27 - Mary Harcar
Bonnie Rentschler
The VOICE of St. Thomas 14
2 - Charles & Scarlett Seifrit
(51 years)
4 - Russell & Beverly Hinnershitz
(36 years)
5 - Luke & Lori Troutman
(9 years)
7 - Ken & Joan Marcinkowski
(44 years)
12 - Larry & Bonnie Rentschler
(48 years)
19 - John & Linda Bartsch
(48 years)
25 - Eric & Stephanie Troutman
(42 years)
28 - Joshua & Joelene Hess
(5 years)
1 - L. Kevin & Carol Zellers
(42 years)
2 - Arthur & Anna Mae Smith
(59 years)
4 - Steve & Kate Himmelberger
(6 years)
5 - Franklin & Anna Bubbenmoyer
(61 year)
8 - Ernest Sr. & Pearl Ebling
(42 years)
13 - Neil & Ashley Soulsby
(5 years)
17 - Larry & Kelly Groff
(21 years)
25 - Michael & Michele Davis
(16 years)
Bernville Community Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 19, 2014 ~ 1 p.m.
sponsored by
St. Thomas Church
Friedens Lutheran Church
St. Paul's UCC
Bernville Parks and Recreation
Boyer's Food Market
The VOICE of St. Thomas 15
Who told the women at the tomb that Jesus had risen?
A. Two men in shining garments
B. A young man in a white robe
C. An angel
D. All of the above, depending on which gospel you read
The VOICE of St. Thomas 16

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