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A 140
A 140
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This fast and simple pressure-sealed empanadas maker, presents a clear
innovative feature: The SA 140, a semi-automatic machine operated by two workers
that provide some supplies, combined with a dough-wrapper cutting module and a
stuffing-grading module, that turns it into a fully automatic A140F equipment, which
reaches a production of up to 3000 empanadas per hour, ideal for space-constrained
spaces and that uses just a single-phase electric power supply.
The A140F operates with a double channel feeder which enables the
production of two empanadas per cycle. This machine also includes a dough-wrapper
cutting module, an inlet polyurethane belt conveyor, a stuffing-grading feeder, a
pressure-controlled sealing post and a rejecting system that drives the empanadas
onto the outlet strip belt conveyor.
Application – A 140
The A140F´s finished product consists in an empanada composed by a folded-over
dough sheet with different stuffing inside it, sealed through a tight and homogeneous
pressure process which, in turn, allows the possibility of varying pressure intensity and
sealing patterns.
The A 140 in automatic mode receives a thick-dough roll, flattens it according the
require thickness, cuts the dough sheet wrappers, discards dough trimming and finally
graduates the stuffing to be encrusted. The machine moves the product towards the
closing area, applies pressure-sealing, and conveys it to the ejecting area through the
exit conveyor belt. Once the finished product is out, it is up to the customer to decide
on the next step process he will choose: packing, tray packing, freezing, etc.
Sealing pressure is extremely intense in order to prevent empanadas from opening
during baking process.
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The A140 Unit includes Ergal 60 aluminum, Teflon-coated CNC empanada
sealing molds. These molds can be easily changed and replaced with, to achieve
different sealing patterns and different empanada sizes and forms, of up to Ø140 mm
for disc-shaped pieces and of up to 70 x 140 mm for rectangle-shaped ones. Thanks to
the double channel feature, the machine can simultaneously produce two different
types of empanadas, in terms of shape, sealing, size and/ or stuffing.
Dough-Wrapper Cutting Module
This integral self-supporting module can be attached to the SA 140 primary
machine. The equipment has an inlet table that allows a 300 mm-wide dough belt and
also an additional table to in-feed the folded dough as it comes from the dough flattener
machine. A 1 to 4 mm range precision gauge helps to regulate dough thickness and at
the same time to make successive rolls or foldings be spliced together in order to get
the machine to work in a continuous way. Work speed is automatically adjusted by the
operation of a variable-frequency drive on an output shaft.
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Next, dough sheets are grabbed by a rotating mold cutter and simultaneously
dough trimming is ejected out and collected from the machine rear side, in order to be
completely reprocessed. Dough trimming collector can be easily asembled to the
primary machine. The resulting dough shaped sheets are conveyed via the band belt
towards the sealing molds at a rate of 3000 pieces per hour.
The Double-Hopper Stuffing-Grading Module
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The self-supporting stuffing-grading module can be moved and assembled to
the SA 140 primary machine. This equipment has a dual mechanism that enables
independent double-hopper operation, making it possible to work with two different
fillings at the same time. This grading and dropping system shows an exclusive design
duly protected by invention, industrial model and utility model Letters Patents. Having
been tested with a wide variety of handmade fillings, it has proved to be suitable for
any type of stuffing whatsoever, as it can be clearly noticed on the videos showcased
in our company web site. The system can be easily disassembled for cleaning
Some stuffing options
The pictures show some of the varied ingredients our machine can work with,
showing the inclusive capacity of its stuffing-grading module as it can be observed on
the video showcased in our website. Above pictures relate in the given order to the
following ingredients:
Cheese and onion
Meat chopped by knife with potatoes
Chicken in cubes
Mozzarella with ham in cubes
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Fine ground beef
Chicken in pieces
It is worth remarking that these fillings are entirely handmade, of a hard type
and containing suspended solids. By this time, these type of fillings couldn’t be
automatically dosed by any existing device on the market. Creamy fillings, which have
not been included in this sample, such as “humita” (a creamed-corn mix), vegetables
with white sauce, can also properly fit our grading unit.
A 140 - Technical Specifications
1000 x 2050 x 2450 mm
Compressed air (consumption at a
maximum 6 bar pressure and air flow)
97 L / min
500 Kgr
Production Capacity
Up to 3000 empanadas per hour
Electric Power Supply: 220 V + T
(Single-phase) (110V if required)
Entirely assembled with Scheneider Electric
Electronic components, Festo pneumatics,
SKF rotating equipment, Chiorino band
belts, Tramec gear reducers, Weg motors
Power consumption:
2,8 Kw
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