OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament


OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament
March 10–12, 2016 | Schottenstein Center
OHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament
Public Parking
No payment required
Public Parking
$5 cash
Public Parking
Only after 4 p.m.; $5 cash
RV Parking
$25 cash
Permit Parking
OHSAA permits only
Accessible Parking
State placard required
No Event Parking
Tow-away zone
Event Shuttle
Paid parking is required in all parking
facilities unless otherwise designated
on this map. Use pay machines located
in surface lots.
Visitor permits (day passes) and garage
vouchers are not valid for event parking.
Annual CampusParc Permit Holders
Presentation of an event hangtag is
required for no-cost entry into lots sold
at an event rate, regardless of final
Information current as of publication and is
subject to change without notice.