TriVu VW Case Study



TriVu VW Case Study
Case Study
2014 VW Super Bowl Commercial: Wings
The Opportunity
To generate verifiable YouTube views at scale and create social media
buzz in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl XLVII. The campaign
targeted sports, entertainment and viral videos with a message that
focused on Volkswagen's engineering core strengths.
What Worked
 The program produced needed scale and also uncovered a better
buy strategy that greatly reduced cost-per-view.
 Premium placements on music videos on the official Bruno Mars
YouTube channel was effective in drawing an audience. His existing
popularity, in addition to his appearance on the Super Bowl halftime
show, earned a great number of views for the campaign.
 Gaming (as a lean-forward content area) was a top-performing
segment. When paired with secondary interest targeting, it appears
that users who watched this content were directly aligned with VW’s
core messaging and demographic targeting.
What We Learned
The immediacy of the Super Bowl drew viewers away from content related
to the upcoming Olympic Games. As a result, “Winter Sports” did not
perform as well as “Red Zone”. Viral videos were reliable in terms of having
a high view-through rate, but available trending video inventory is limited.
1/21/14 - 2/5/14
Impressions contracted:
Impressions Delivered:
+/- vs. Target:
Above TArget
Click Through Rate (CTR):
Reporting & Insights:
Areas to Explore
“Lean forward” videos, typified by “how to topic” videos performed
exceptionally well. Addressing the underlying instructional or tutorial
messages within these videos and applying them to other interests and
topics will likely yield success in generating efficient views.
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[email protected]
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Here’s the Challenge:
Online video ad revenues are projected to grow from $4 billion in 2013 to over
$9 billion by 2017. More advertisers are diverting TV budgets toward the
skyrocketing digital video format. As they look to buy online video, there are
challenges: will their branded videos appear next to objectionable content?
What video channels work best? Is it scalable? TriVu Media solves those issues
for advertisers.
Digital Ad Spending
= Billions U.S. Dollars
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
What We Do:
TriVu Media provides a smarter way to buy ads on YouTube, ensuring your digital video ad buying experience will be
easy, transparent and brand safe. Because we segment YouTube content into TV-like “channels,” clients can view
precisely where their ads will run pre-bid. TriVu will optimize your message in the YouTube universe without
sacrificing brand security.
Experience Unmatched Brand Safety and Transparency that Guarantees the Quality of
Your Ad Placement, Thanks to TriVu Media’s Segmentation of YouTube Content.
See actual videos, pre-bid, to ensure content suitability
Take advantage of privileged access to select, respected YouTube publishers
Know the scale and reach of targeted videos before you even bid
Enjoy an Optimized YouTube Buying Experience
Determine your own thresholds and pricing parameters
Utilize our proprietary pre-bid database for unique actionable exchange insights
Scale campaigns on top-performing videos in real-time
Capture Audiences with a Tailored User Experience
Scan & tag your content before it enters an exchange to ensure relevance for the targeted user
Diversify your campaigns with both in-banner and in-player ads
Use pre-bid knowledge of adjacent content to better contextualize your ad
Target Just Like TV—but Better
Segment videos into “channels” that allow you to target audiences nearly identically to traditional TV
Leverage our insights to capitalize on these traditional channel segments in real-time
Avoid sluggish TV buying schedules, and repeat successful campaigns immediately
Leave TV in the rearview with targeting based on demographics, time of day, viewing device, and
countless other factors
TriVu Media: an Adknowledge Company
From its offices on four continents, Adknowledge also specializes in native video, social media marketing through
Facebook and Twitter, as well as apps and mobile. We use our expertise and proprietary, smart technology to unlock
your digital audience.
Adknowledge World Headquarters
4600 Madison Ave., 10th Floor, Kansas City, MO 64112
Call us today. 816.931.1771
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