Medieval Timeline


Medieval Timeline
Gregorian Chant It is named after Pope Gregory I, Bishop of Rome from 590 to 604, who is
traditionally credited for having ordered the simplification and cataloging of
music assigned to specific celebrations in the church calendar.
Began Monophonic Organum – early rise of polyphony (homophonic texture) Example: Resonemus hoc natali (announce the birth {of Christ})
93A603A131FD&feature=results_main Modern Example – Kyrie Eleison (Mr Mister – inspired by chant) Motet Rose from chant and organum (first polyphonic). Later became secular. Example: Quant en moy Troubadours – travelling song and story tellers. First to tell stories through songs, music for entertainment. Individual expression. Instrumental music – used mainly for dance / entertainment Example – Estampie Flutes, drums, plucked strings (like the lyre and lute), bowed strings (like the viol, a predecessor to the violin family), early organs 

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