Verti-Crete Newsletter Q3 2010



Verti-Crete Newsletter Q3 2010
Third Quarter 2010
Verti- Crete News
“The Evolution of Precasting”
Pioneer Crossing: Making A Difference
Pioneer Crossing:
Making A Difference
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Opportunities AwaitDOT Approval
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Most people would find it daunting to do over 128,056.5 sq. ft. of fencing- making 652 posts and
over 1,200 panels in just 4 short months- but Owell Precast rose to the challenge. Owell began
work on the Pioneer Crossing project in April 2010. Pioneer Crossing is a 2+ mile stretch of new
highway road located in Utah just off the American Fork exit on the I-15 freeway and continues
on through Lehi and Saratoga Springs. Each panel consists of two parts: earth retaining and noise
wall. With the sound wall on top, the maximum wall height is 17’. Once installed, the panels and
posts were stained using Stone FX.
Verti-Crete Annual
Association Meeting
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Introducing: Verti-Crete’s
Newest Licensee
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Opportunities Await- DOT Approval
Robert Shanaman of Northeast Precast has had a remarkable experience with NJDOT, something
we can all learn from.
The New Jersey Department of Transportatiom had a 1900’ fence project along the highway exit
and entrance ramps in South Jersey. They knew of Verti-Crete and our capabilities, and they
wanted to install our fence but were hesitant. The NJDOT became worried that the public would
accuse them of wasting funds due to the expense of the beauty and look of real stone. It was
decided to keep the design of a fencing unit along the highway basic and plain- flat with no real
stone texture.
Northeast Precast stepped in and explained the cost effective reasons that real stone would have
for a wall along the highway. The look for real stone would cost less and provide more beauty
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Verti-Crete News
Pioneer Crossing: Making A Difference
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On the first of January 2010, Owell was invited to review the
project details. The project was originally bid to cover 80,000 sq.
ft. and grew to be over 120,000 sq. ft. of noise wall. With only 4
short, expedited months to build and install- as well as stain (both
the noise wall and median) - Owell committed to getting the job
done. Jared Johnston (Project Manager of Owell Precast) was
able to utilize the quality and strength that the Verti-Crete molds
create to produce double the original capacity needed to finish
the project. With hard work and determination, Owell Precast
was able to produce an average of 46 Ashlar-Slate panels and 22
Ashlar-Slate posts per day- pretty remarkable! In order to keep up
with production, Mike Balls (Staining Manager of Owell Precast)
and team stained the panels and posts throughout the installation
Wildlife: A Red-Tail Falcon caused the job to shut
down in 2 sections until the fleet flew away. If a Sand Piper
was spotted near the site, the section could not be worked on
for at least 8 months until the Sand Piper cleared the area and
no eggs were to be found. One was found but mysteriously
disappeared shortly after and was never heard from again!
Luckily, because it found friends elsewhere, they were able to
continue on with the project after only a short delay.
Power Line Issue: The 345 KV Power Lines in the
area controlled 2 major cities. The fencing unit HAD to stay 18’
below the lines to avoid service interruptions or even worse,
electrocution. This power line would sag greatly in the heat
of the day and obviously could not be shut off- Owell Precast
found a way to work around this problem.
In the midst of installing, there were six substantial problems that
arose in which Owell had to overcome.
The first section of panels had footings installed in 2’ of
water. Due to weather and other environmental conditions, Owell
had to chip through 2’ of solid ice and consistently fish out the
carp that would be found swimming around the posts.
Owell Precast later discovered that the water table was
so high that the noise wall had to be redesigned to accommodate
this water problem. The water level rose around the footings
causing instability. The soil turned to muck 5’ below the surface
when footings needed to be 15’ deep. Accordingly, the footings
needed to be redesigned. The company Old Bran was heavily
involved in this process of the erection. They created a steel casing
that burrowed 19’ into the ground and could now find the dry
dirt needed to stabilize the footings that would be placed insideroughly 15’ deep. This cost the project an additional one million
dollars to fix the entire problem.
To stay below the 18’ standard, the work crew would begin
their day at 3am in hopes to avoid the “sag”. During this time,
and even though the 18’ distance from the power line was
observed, one could feel the electric vibrations through the
posts as they were being installed. A representative from the
power company would arrive each day to sit and watch the
work process and be sure that all involved kept their distance
from the power line. As equipment or people got too close, the
Rep would blow an air horn and temporarily shut down the
job (coincidentally- about the same time that the power lines
began to sag).
Step-Panel Molds: Owell Precast had to build
special molds for this project to reflect 42-step down panels
at different degrees. This took a lot of time and concentrated
commitment from everyone to complete in a timely manner.
Sculptured panel centered between step-panels on street corner.
60’ Line Of Sight Rule: The fencing unit needed to
remain 60’ away from all stop lights. Once the fence was installed
on the street corner, it was discovered to be too close to the stop
lights and needed to be reconstructed. A portion of the fencing
wall was cut off to accommodate the need.
The last Ashlar-Slate panel was installed on July 29, 2010.
There are four beautifully sculptured panels with great
detail throughout the fencing unit. Owell Precast was able
to complete this project in the 4-month deadline given and
overcame many obstacles through various weather and
ecological conditions. Rather than let the difficulties end the
work, Owell Precast found solutions to opportunities within
their own market.
2010 Quarter 3
Opportunities Await: DOT Approval
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than it would to install a simple and flat surface along the fence
panels. With the help of local public city opinions, NJDOT finally
relented and included the Ledgestone design in their plans. The
public has been thrilled with the design intent and beautifuication this adds to their area.
Due to cost factors and appearance, NJDOT now has a cost
effective substitute by using the Verti-Crete 8’ fence system
rather than sound walls throughout the state. Great News for the
Northeast Precast business!!
Verti-Crete’s Newest Licensee:
TAL Stone Fence Inc.
Emile Beaudry, President
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Emile Beaudry- founder and owner of TAL Stone
Fence Inc.- began a tradition of commitment,
passion, and dedication using the best products in
the industry. Established in 1983, TAL Stone Fence
is now one of Western Canada’s premier producers
with a broad and growing range of precast
products for residnetial, commercial, and municipal
construction markets.
(Left to Right): Emile Beaudry, Sandy Beaudry
5th Annual Verti-Crete Association Meeting
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
The 5th Annual Verti-Crete Association Meeting will be held
at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Banquet will be on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 from
6:30 - 9:00pm (MST).
“Given how tight the economy is- we
almost didn’t come, but I’m so glad we did!
Being here has given me more leads and
solutions that I expect will turn into more
revenue than I did in all of last year alone...”
- Bob Barker, C&M Precast
Come build your support network and participate in this opportunity to receive additional training and knowledge in the
precast fence business! You will enjoy a dinner with your fellow Verti-Crete producers, share experiences on how to best
promote your business, learn how to endure and grow through
a tough economy, build with your available resources, and
overall increase your business success. Begin making travel
arrangements now- this is a night you won’t want to miss!
We invite all those attending to also visit the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 18-21, 2011.
Verti-Crete will be exhitinng at booth # N937. We look forward to this event and seeing you there!!
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