Safety Zone - New York Parking Ticket


Safety Zone - New York Parking Ticket
 3 Secrets Revealed about a NYC Safety Zone “A picture is worth 1000 words and a bunch of bucks” Lawrence Berezin 2 3 Safety zone pictures explained
The top photograph shows typical roadway markings
for a safety zone. The yellow arrow points to an ASP
sign. It is like a Venus Fly Trap waiting to snap up
your money. It matters NOT what the ASP hours
are...A Safety Zone trumps a parking sign.
The middle photograph shows silver car parked with
just a tiny winy bit of its front end touching the tiny
tip of the safety zone. It is parked illegally. There is
no "tiny winy" in NYC parking ticket land. The
parking sign on the sidewalk side of the safety zone
shows an ASP sign and a no standing sign. If the
silver chariot violates these parking rules, it can win
separate parking tickets for each separate parking
The bottom photograph shows a car parked illegally
on the roadway side of a safety zone, and a parking
sign. You can, never, ever park in this fashion. You
may as well light your hard earned dough on fire.
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