WoodCo Energy Ireland Unit D Cahir Business Park, Cahir, Co



WoodCo Energy Ireland Unit D Cahir Business Park, Cahir, Co
H e a d O ffic e : Wo o d C o E n e rg y SA ,
R te d e C o u rgen ay 3 8 , 2 9 0 0 Po r rent r u y, Swit zerland.
t: +41 324668008
Wo o d C o E n erg y Irel a n d
Un i t D C a h i r B u s i n es s Pa r k , C a h i r, C o . T i pperar y, I reland.
t: +353 52 7445330
w: w w w.wo o d co - e n erg y.com
e: i nfo @ wo o d co - en e rgy.com
The Pre-packaged Plug & Play Plantroom
EcoCabin takes away the hassle of
installing a large commercial heating system comprising of Boilers,
buffer tanks, pumps etc.
The EcoCabin is a ‘Plug and Play’
solution that is supplied in a
pre-packaged plant room.
The Agri-business sector in particular, poultry, pig and mushroom producers have benefited enormously
from biomass heating. These sector
require significant amount of heat.
In particular the poultry sector has
seen many non-financial benefits
too e.g. Improved Bird welfare (no
harmful ammonia or CO2 from LPG
heaters), better FCR (Food Conversion ratio) and the litter stays dry
which is better for birds feet and
their welfare.
The EcoCabin is a pre-packaged
plant room that is ‘plug and play’.
It contains the boiler, buffer tank,
pumps, flue system and controls.
Each EcoCabin is made to the customers specification and can also
include the fuel store
All EcoCabins are fully pressure
tested for leaks and dry-fired to
ensure all components on the boiler are working before leaving our
factory. All EcoCabins are plumbed
with mappress crimp pipework and
lagged with clad to ensure excellent
efficiency and high class quality.
A selection of Kingspan aluclad panels and colour choices are available
should the client require an EcoCabin to match their existing building
Select one of WOODCO’s commercial boilers, Buffer tank size and fuel
store size.
WOODCO uses some of the world’s
leading component manufacturers
in the construction of its EcoCabin
e.g. WILO, Alfa Laval, Poujoulat and
David Fryday
125kW EcoCabin
Irish Mushroom Farmer

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