Classic with a twist


Classic with a twist
Classic with
a twist
A visit to Jackie Phillip & Co.
A Law Firm in Frederiksstaden
Lighting at
Jackie Phillip &
Co. L aw Firm
An aura of elegance and quality welcomes visitors
the moment they set foot inside the reception
area of the company’s offices on Amaliegade.
Attorney Jackie Phillip personally chose the interior décor, which reflects the way he runs his
classic quality and a strong sense of history combined with modern, forward-looking solutions.
The same qualities associated with the PH
Snowball pendant and the PH 4/3 Table lamp
that illuminate the hall and reception area,
Classic with a twist.
Uncompromising Quality
Jackie Phillip enjoyed rapid success after starting business in 2010 as a sole proprietor specialising in business law. Now called Jackie Phillip & Co. Law Firm, the company has 15 employees.
“We are a mid-sized market player, which means we have to deliver services of the highest
quality. We never compromise on professional standards and have strict quality assurance procedures. However, we do things slightly differently. This is evident in the customised solutions
we provide for the companies we represent as well as in our website, our communication and
our interiors, all of which reflect our identity.”
The atmosphere in the Amaliegade offices is relaxed and informal. The walls are pale, the
painted woodwork with its finely carved profiles white, and the furniture soft-toned and stylish. Louis Poulsen lighting is used in all rooms. “I’ve been surrounded by Louis Poulsen lamps
ever since I was a child – so I found it natural to include them in my company décor. As with
the law firm itself, the lamps epitomise classicism while also being thoroughly contemporary.”
The PH Artichoke has been
selected as the signature fixture
for the reception area, offices
and conference room, where it
exudes elegance and comfort.
The largest rooms in the law firm
office are connected, with the
PH Artichoke acting as a unifying
design element.
An icon
The word ‘timeless’ is fully warranted when describing the
PH Artichoke and other Louis Poulsen fixtures. Since its
creation in 1958, the pendant lamp has ranked among the
world’s most influential and iconic lamps.
The version of the PH Artichoke selected for the offices of Jackie
Phillip & Co. Law Firm has white-painted leaves, a beautiful
match for the white walls, white Corian table tops and pale
Charles Eames and Arne Jacobsen chairs. The fixture equally
offsets the modern art on the walls – for example, the painting by Marie Louise Von Sperling and the black wooden wall
sculpture by Mikas Emil from WAAUW studio.
The law firm’s library, in a square through room, has custom-built
shelving from floor to ceiling. A PH Snowball provides the lighting, the curve of its eight white curved aluminium shades creating the fixture’s distinctively diffuse, glare-free light.
The law firm’s customer toilet is similarly light, classic yet
modern. The basin stands on a marble counter, with two white AJ
Wall lights flanking the antique silver-framed mirror. The fixtures
are adjustable so light can be directed where needed.
Arne Jacobsen designed the AJ lamp at the same time as Poul
Henningsen was developing the PH Artichoke and the PH Snowball – and it too has long since gained international iconic status.
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