jackie j press release final


jackie j press release final
Jackie Joachim - Chief Operating Officer
About Jackie...
ROI Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of
Jackie Joachim as the new Chief Operating Officer. Jackie
brings a wealth of experience to the company. After 9 years
with the Bank of Montreal, Jackie is leaving her position as
Vice-President, Professionals Banking to join the ROI team.
A seasoned professional, Jackie has 25 years of experience
in the healthcare sector. She began her career in banking
where she learned how to finance health care practices. With
10 years of experience in practice management, she
developed and delivered seminars to healthcare professionals
across the country, coached hundreds of practitioners for
planning, marketing, patient education, human resources and
financial management. She has been a key note speaker at
both national and provincial association conventions where
she has had the privilege of speaking with thousands of
practitioners across Canada. She understands how a practice
works and the unique needs of healthcare professionals. Her
personal goal for practitioners is to see them be strong
business people who are able to take pride in their profession
and reap the benefits of their hard work.
Instrumental in helping build the BMO brand in the healthcare
sector, Jackie led her own sales team, worked with account
managers across the country and strategized with the national
head office. Jackie is well respected by her colleagues, other
Financial Institutions as well as Industry people.
Jackie graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor
of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science. She regularly
participates in continuing education courses involving
Negotiating Skills, Leadership, Advanced Selling, Financial
Analysis and Presentation Skills.
Timothy A. Brown welcomes
Jackie Joachim to ROI Corporation
Jackie is a welcome addition to ROI Corporation in her new role
as Chief Operating Officer, where her professional expertise will
make a worthy contribution to a winning team.
[email protected]
(905) 278-4145

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