Agua Atmosférica Fuente Inagotable


Agua Atmosférica Fuente Inagotable
From the total amount of fresh water in the planet, most of it is blocked in glaciars. From
the net amount we are able to consume, there are billions of liters of water that generates
daily in the atmosphere thanks to the natural cycle of water and we are not making use of
it at all.
Generation and condensation of atmospheric water machines
(patented technology)
Purifies water through an advanced technologic filtration system
that renders a unique and exceptional water quality
Eliminates airborne bacteria thanks to the patented and awarded
system Halo Pure, unique in the
Cleans air from particles thanks to the electrostatic filter
Analytical results show that it is the healthiest water on the entire
Desktop equipment for home and office can generate up to 20 litres
of water a day and is able to store up to 13 litres (production depends on
Air dehumidification produces a more comfortable environment and
thus a much better performance of air conditioning systems
relative humidity and temperature)
Industrial equipment can generate more than 15.000 litres per day
Exclusive Stainless Steel Coil
Low consumption (337 Watts
standby and 600 Watts during
Easy to install and operate
Sieze 37,8cm Length x 40cm
Width x 52cm Height
Weight 39 Kgs
Working continously to kill
bacteria daily
Simple & low cost maintenance
(no UV / no Ozone)
Refrigerant R134a
(environmental friendly)
Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator
(>15.000 litres/day)
Recycling Atmospheric Water
Bottling Machine
Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator
Mod. 300 (Up to 1.150 litres/day)
The water generated is considered to be of excellent quality
due to the low levels of Total Disolution of Solids TDS (< 20
ppm or 58mg/L) Artícle of the WHO relating the TDS levels in fresh drinking
water with health
Water is condensed directly from the atmosphere, it does not
collect high concentrations of heavy metals as ground, river or
lake waters. Levels are significantly below the Maximum
Concentration Accepted (MAC)
The hardness of water (in the form of calcium carbonate) is
the lowest in the market, levels are around 53mg/L compared
to ground waters 100mg/L Artícle of the WHO relating the hardness of fresh
drinking water and health
The system is not entirely based on distillation, so the water pH
is between neutral and slightly alkalyne, completely safe and
healthy. Pure distillled waters present a slightly acidic pH, not
recommended due to evident unhealthy factors