Devil`s Lake and Treinen Farm Field Trip Dodgeball Tournament


Devil`s Lake and Treinen Farm Field Trip Dodgeball Tournament
October 13, 2014
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Murder Mystery
Wednesday, October 29
Place: Ogg Hall Lounge, 835 W.
Dayton Street
Time: 7-10pm
Come join us for a mysterious
night of fun as we work in teams
to uncover who the murderer is!
Spooky snacks will be provided.
Fall 2014 Issue 4
Devil’s Lake and Treinen Farm Field Trip
On a brisk Saturday afternoon,
BRIDGE participants traveled to
Devil’s Lake for an afternoon of fun
and exploration. Some students
chose to play a game of American
football after learning the rules from
Brett and Adam. Others participated
in hiking and discovering the natural
beauty of the area.
Following Devil’s Lake, students
went to Treinen Family Farm to pick
pumpkins from their pumpkin patch.
In order to travel from the farm to
the patch, students got to take a hay ride on a horse drawn wagon. Many students used
this opportunity to learn about the horses and the operation of American farms. At the
end of the day, every student got to take home the perfect pumpkin! It was a day to
remember. Not just for the chilly weather, but for the fun times that we had with each
Dodgeball Tournament
Save the Date!
Yesteryday afternoon, BRIDGE teams faced
off in the first ever BRIDGE Dodgeball
Tournament. International students learned
the basics of the American sport and got
to enjoy many rounds of competitive play.
During the breaks, snacks and drinks were
provided by Varsity Quarters. While there
was no clear cut winner, everyone had a
great time learning to dodge, duck, dip, dive
and dodge with the rest of their friends.
Pajama Dance Party
Saturday, November 8th
Saturday, November 22nd
Semester-end Banquet
Thursday, December 4th
More Field Trip
Mentor-hosted Pumpkin Carving Event
Mentor Cindy Fendrick hosted a fun and
festive pumpkin-carving event! BRIDGE
team members painted or carved
pumpkins as U.S. students shared stories
of family Halloween traditions with the
international students, which resulted in
a larger discussion about Halloween-like
traditions around the world.
Mentor-hosted Cookout
Mentor Eric Luckey graciously opened his house
to his BRIDGE team for a cookout and potluck.
People were asked to bring a side dish or dessert
from their home country as a supplement to the
meal cooked. Eric prepared ribs, brats, homemade
sauerkraut, corn on the cob, and a kale salad. We
had a worldly collection of desserts representing
Denmark, France, and Norway. Learning about
different ways to enjoy dessert was a great
experience for everyone and led to discussion of
lifestyle and culture in connection to our eating
A thankful “shout-out” to our BRIDGE mentors!
We are thrilled to have such wonderful BRIDGE mentors this semester. Each mentor has shown
a genuine interest in getting to know the members of their assigned BRIDGE team and has taken initiative to plan a mentor-sponsored event to facilitate another opportunity for their team
members to get to know each other better. Below is the list of our current BRIDGE mentors:
Cindy Fendrick, CALS, Director for Prospective Student Services
Tara Milliken, Wisconsin School of Business, Career Advisor for the BBA program
Dreux Montgomery, International Studies, Advisor
Anna Seidel-Quast, Visiting International Student Program, Program Coordinator
Josh Juedes, Visiting International Student Program, Sponsored Groups Coordinator
Helen Chen, Curriculum and Instruction, Master’s Student
Aaron Stumpf, Counseling Psychology, Master’s Student
Eric Luckey, Peace Corps, UW-Madison Recruiter
Alexander Blass, Engineering Physics, Teaching Assistant
Tim McCarty, Division of International Studies, Financial/Administrative Specialist
Jenna Swartz, University Housing, Residence Life Coordinator for Kronsage Hall
Amy Free, McBurney Disability Resource Center, Sign Language Interpreter
Ruben Mota, McBurney Disability Resource Center, Assistant Director
Around the World with BRIDGE
Name: Madison Hartup
Year: Senior
Major: East Asian Studies
Hometown: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Hello! My name is Madison, and I am the team leader
of the awesome team 8. I’ve been in BRIDGE for five
semesters, and have been a team leader three times
now. Each semester has brought new friends, new
experiences, and a lot of fun!
A little more about me…yes I was born in Madison, although that is not the reason my parents chose it as my name! I’ve lived in a few different places in the United States, but most of
my life was spent in a small Wisconsin town called Baraboo. It’s right next to Devil’s Lake, so if
you went on the field trip—that’s part of my hometown!
Some of my other international experiences that do not relate to BRIDGE include a one
month homestay in Tokyo, Japan while I was in high school. It’s due to that wonderful experience that I decided to study Japanese here at UW. I am currently applying for an internship
program that would allow me to work in Tokyo after graduation. I have also been to Malaysia
and Singapore for a 3-week study abroad program through the UW East Asian Studies
Department. In the future I hope to explore more of that area. International exchange
programs are very important to me. I now work with a youth exchange program through UW
Extension, and plan to seek a similar job in the future. BRIDGE is a great way for American
and international students to build that cross-cultural connection. I will miss it after
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