March, 2012 - Mystic Shores



March, 2012 - Mystic Shores
Volume III, Issue 3
March 2012
Board Elections Process
Inside this issue:
Happenings in the
From the Board
Committee Reports
Committee Reports
Committee Reports
A Long Time Ago
Here Birdie Birdie
Safety First
Texas Property Taxes 11
Homestead Info
Committee Reports
Nancy Evans Hanley
at 830-935-2169
to have your ad placed
in “The View from
Mystic Shores.”
Mystic Shores property owners will
vote for four new Board members at
the annual meeting on Saturday, April
21. Annual meeting materials, including a proxy form and voting instructions, will be mailed in mid-March to
all owners. Ballots will be available at
the meeting. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting or return
their proxies to the Association to
ensure a quorum for the meeting and
to have their votes counted.
Property owners will see very little
change in the election process from
prior years. AMS will conduct the election at the meeting for the Association
in a fair and impartial manner, as they
have for several years. Each lot has one
vote for each of the four open Board
positions and AMS has procedures to
ensure that each lot is voted only once
and votes are properly counted.
The new Texas laws required two
changes in the election process:
(1) ballots must be signed and
(2) absentee ballots voted prior to the
meeting cannot be counted if an issue
included in the ballot is amended at the
meeting. Vote counters cannot disclose how an owner votes. Because of
the second change, the Association will
be mailing only “directed proxy” forms,
which will allow owners to mark their
choices of the candidates. A ballot
form can be requested; however, owners voting by absentee ballot will risk
having their votes not counted.
The Board Election Process, approved
by the Board at the March 2 quarterly
Board meeting, is available on the
Documents page of the Association’s
website at
The Association’s attorney has confirmed that this Process complies with
applicable Texas laws. The AMS procedures for registering owners at the
meeting and tabulating votes are attached as an appendix to the Process.
Water Rate Update!
Confidential settlement negotiations are now in progress between Coalition for
Equitable Water Rates (CEWR) and San Jose Water, owner of Canyon Lake Water
Service Company (CLWSC). Simultaneously, an additional request for information
has been filed and our CEWR lawyers and consultants are preparing for the final
rate hearing on March 26. The final rate order is expected in the fall.
At this time, CEWR is working to raise $21,000 for final hearing expenses. Donations can be made via the website at WWW.CEWR.NET. And, if you wish to be
advised of ongoing developments, you can sign up for email updates on the website.
Page 2
Questions or
Concerns about
Amenities? Contact the Property
Owners Association at (210) 8297202.
Don’t Forget!
Annual Meeting,
Board Election,
and BBQ will be
held April 21.
Ladies’ Bible
Study — 2nd
Spring session,
“James: Mercy
Triumphs” by Beth
Moore, will begin on
Monday, March 26 at
7 p.m.
All interested may
enroll by contacting
Margaret Schaefer at
2011 Federal
Tax Returns
and Extension
must be postmarked on or
before April
17, 2012. This
is also the last
day you can
make 2011
to your IRA.
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Happenings In the Neighborhood . . .
Numerous groups provide avenues to share mutual interests and develop friendships within
the community. Know of other regular neighborhood activities? If so, please email information to Nancy Evans Hanley at [email protected]
Bible Study
- Ladies Bible Study Weekly study Monday’s - 7 p.m. - Contact Margaret Schaefer at
[email protected]
- Couples/Singles Bible Study Every other Sunday evening - 6-8 p.m. - Contact Lois and Floyd
Johnson at [email protected] or 830-935-2907.
- Ladies Power Walking MWF - 8:30-9:30 a.m. - Meeting place varies - Contact Mary Daniel
at 830-885-4495 or [email protected]
- Mens Basketball League NEW Organizing now—Tues and Thurs—6 p.m.—Basketball Court
at Lake Park—Contact John “JAG” Aguirre at 210-827-0311 or [email protected]
Games and Hobbies
- Bridge Contact Consie Javor at [email protected] or 830-885-6920 - Open for subs
Ladies 2nd and 4th Friday - 1-5 p.m. - New tables based on interest.
Couples Monthly.
- Ladies Bunko Two (2) groups currently
Nights 2nd Wednesday Monthly - 6 p.m. - Currently a waiting list - Contact Maggie Simpton
at [email protected]
Nights 3rd Wednesday Monthly - 6 p.m. - Sub list available - Contact Linda Rodriguez at
[email protected] or 830-935-4757.
- “No Mean Women” Book Club 2nd Thursday Monthly - 1-3 p.m. - Contact Peggy Blanton at
830-935-2802 or 830-708-2819.
- Seam Sew Happy Ladies of Canyon Lake 1st Wednesday Monthly 8:45 a.m. until 2 p.m. North Shore United Methodist Church - Contact Nancy Evans Hanley at [email protected]
- Stitchers 3rd Thursday Monthly - 7 p.m. - Meeting place varies - Currently a waiting list Contact Pat Ermel at [email protected]
- Men’s Lunch Group 3rd Wednesday Monthly - 11:30 a.m. - Contact Tony Stewart at
[email protected]
CRRC is offering a "Better Choices, Better
Health Workshop" for those with ongoing
health conditions (diabetes, heart disease,
arthritis, COPD). It is presented by the
Alamo Area on Aging for six weeks beginning
April 2 through May 7. Please contact CRRC
Seniors Programs at 830-964-2937 (leave a
message) for more information or to sign up.
Easter Sunrise Service
in Mystic Shores
Sunday, April 8, 7:00 a.m.
(come as early as 6:30 a.m.)
Pot Luck Brunch following!
Call 935-4858 for details.
Hosted by the Rieker’s
at their home
Dress for outdoors;
inside option in case of rain
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
March Quarterly Board
Meeting—The Board held its
regular quarterly Board meeting
on Friday, March 2. Highlights
from the meeting are summarized
below. More information will be
available in the meeting minutes.
Committee Reports—Each of the Association’s six committees reported. The ACC reported several committee
accomplishments for the last quarter and noted that, as of
February 29, there were 462 completed residences and 16
residences under construction in Mystic Shores. The Communications Committee is working on updating the directory and improving the website. The Conservation Committee has completed a deer survey, is planning Wildlife
Backyard Habitat classes for the spring and may organize
a neighborhood birding group.
The Maintenance Committee reported that fence painting
along FM 306 has started, trees in the common areas have
been trimmed and they have recommended a new landscaping company to the Board. The Neighborhood Watch
Committee continues to be active and has contacted local
law enforcement about additional patrols for Mystic
Shores. The Social Committee will be hosting a youth
Easter Egg Hunt and the annual BBQ.
Update on Bluegreen Issues—The Board reported that a
conference call was recently held with the Dan Koscher,
President of Bluegreen Communities, and Bluegreen’s local attorney. Bluegreen agreed during this call to give the
Association an easement for the large Mystic Shores
monument on the sales office lot and our respective attorneys are working on an easement agreement. Mr. Koscher
stated that Bluegreen’s plan for the sales office lot is to
continue operating the current sales office there. He would
not comment on whether that lot is part of the announced
sale of the Bluegreen Communities business, citing a confidentiality agreement. Bluegreen has recently announced
publicly that closing for this sale has been delayed, with a
current deadline of April 30.
It was recently discovered that lot 1929, the “windmill lot”
on Mystic Parkway, which Bluegreen had promised Mystic
Shores lot purchasers would be an Association common
area, was not deeded to the Association at the time of the
turnover in April 2009. Bluegreen recently listed this lot
for sale and executed a contract to sell the lot to the adjacent property owners. After the Board contacted Bluegreen and the property owners (who have advised they
would prefer the lot be common area), the contract
Volume III, Issue 3
Page 3
was canceled. Bluegreen stated during the conference call
that they would respond to the Board’s request to deed
the lot to the Association.
The Board also announced that Bluegreen has contacted
the Association and confirmed that Bluegreen Corporation will complete the “Lake Park #2” near the Mystic
Shores boat ramp after the sale of the Bluegreen Communities business closes. This park should have 16 picnic
tables and 25 parking spaces with private gated access
for Mystic Shores property owners.
Annual Meeting—The Board approved the annual meeting materials that will be mailed to all property owners in
mid-March and the Board Election Process (see page 1).
Executive Session—After the executive session, the
Board announced:
- One of the missing garage lawsuits has been settled on
favorable terms;
- The landscaping contract recommended by the Maintenance Committee was approved, which is expected to
save at least $5,000 for the Association, with better service; and
- A new contract is being negotiated with AMS, which is
expected to result in at least $7,000 in savings.
“The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake” is published 10 times each year by the Mystic Shores Property
Owners Association Board of Directors. The newsletter
staff is composed of resident volunteers who gather and
prepare the enclosed information for the benefit of
property owners in the Mystic Shores subdivision, Comal
County, Texas.
Inquiries should be directed to:
The Board of Directors
c/o Association Management Services
Steve Brown, Mystic Shores POA Manager
1600 NE Loop 410, Suite 202
San Antonio, TX 78209
Mystic Shores Communications Committee
contributors: Carol M. Little (Chairperson),
NANCY EVANS HANLEY (Editor), Connie Bickers, Mary
Daniel, Charlotte Mann, Sharon Russell, Maggie Simpton,
and Michael O. Varhola.
Ad Hoc Contributor—Paula Rieker
Page 4
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Linda’s Cell: 830-609-8347
Volume III, Issue 3
JB’s Cell: 713-504-6793
[email protected] or [email protected]
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Winter Rain = Wildflowers
Page 5
By The Conservation Committee
Our drought is not over, we’re told. However, the wonderful winter rains have helped
germinate a couple years worth of wildflower seeds that have just been waiting for this
weather. Let’s identify a few of the bountiful blooms that you are surely seeing in your
yards here in Mystic Shores.
Hill Country will be shimmering blue with a flush of Bluebonnets this spring. If you don’t
have them in your yard, you can buy plants in the spring and establish a small bed of them.
The deer seem to eat them in my front yard unless I protect them with a wire fence. In the
back yard where it is fenced, I started 6 plants 5 years ago and now have hundreds. I don’t
water or fertilize them at all. I pull the plants when the seed pods are brown (they are annuals and won’t come back). By that time they will have thrown their seeds all over. Late
summer I will start to see the little plants starting up. This has worked so much better than
scattering seed in the fall. If I want plants in new places, I just throw
CONEFLOWER some of the seeds around as I am pulling up the spent plants.
Another early spring wildflower that you will surely see is the Prairie Coneflower (Mexican Hat).
It is a perennial, so it will continue to come up wherever you see it this spring. It will also continue to multiply by seeds that germinate in the fall. It is lovely mixed with our wild grasses or
massed in a wildflower garden. The deer don’t bother this hardy fellow, and they are extremely
drought tolerant, so you can grow them anywhere in your yard that you want. Your problem will
be that they will spread and multiply rapidly. They have a deep taproot, so they are hard to pull
by hand. This plant supplies not only nectar but small seeds that our small finches enjoy.
If you are very lucky, you may have some Texas Paintbrush on your property. I
have only found one plant in my yard and it only blooms in years that we have rain.
This plant is semi parasitic. Its roots will invade the roots of nearby native grasses
and take nutrition from them. If you want to introduce these lovely natives, you
can buy seed or it is possible to buy plants that are already attached to a grass. If
you find some, be sure to let the seed pods form and dry before mowing since
these are annuals and won’t come back from
the roots.
We have a couple of kinds of wild Verbena that
will be blooming. One form has ferny, prostrate growth and forms dense mats if it gets any water. It will bloom for months if
the rains continue. Its sister tends to send its clusters up away from the mat of
green leaves. The Verbenas are full of nectar for the early butterflies. You will find
that the deer don’t much bother the native verbenas but will lunch on the cultivars
that you buy at the nursery.
After these natives have finished their show,
look for the odd looking Antelope Horn plants. The first time I saw the bloom of this
plant, I was blown away. It looked like a green—white wax globe with multiple little parts. The plant grows prostrate and has long thin leaves on the trailing stems.
It is a milkweed and has a white, sticky sap if you break the plant. After blooming it
sets long brown pods that are filled with thousands of seeds on feathery little parachutes. This plant is a great plant for caterpillars. So, if you love the Monarchs and
Queen Butterflies, leave these strange plants in place when you find them. The
flowers’ nectar is popular with our native bees and many butterflies.
See the pictures of these wildflowers in color on our blog:
Sources: Wildflowers of Texas by Geyata Ajilvsgi (a Hill Country resident) and
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center website (
Page 6
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Sound Bite from the Communications Committee By Carol M. Little
The updated property owners’ directory has been
posted on the website with all changes and additions
of which we have been advised. Again, many thanks
to the many property owners who contributed their
information. Please note that you will still need to
advise AMS of mailing address changes for your newsletter and for your annual meeting materials.
We are moving ahead with the new website design.
Because we have been advised that our site will be
down for several days during the transition, we will
not migrate to the new site until AFTER the annual POA
meeting and election. This is to ensure that we have a
website available during the important days leading up
to the meeting.
As we migrate to the new website, we plan to refresh
and augment the photos we currently use. If you have
photos of Mystic Shores that you think should be on our
website, please forward electronic copies (JPG files with
good resolution) to me at [email protected]
ACC Update
By The ACC
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) received and processed over 25 requests for extensions for
individual property owners within the last three years, several of these were for over three extensions
on the same project. Most project extensions were for landscape installation, primarily due to the
unprecedented drought conditions.
The ACC encourages owners to complete their projects within time required by the Mystic Shores
DCCRS and Design Guidelines, which is one year for residences and six months for other projects. For
those times when unusual circumstances do not permit an owner to meet the deadline, the ACC is
establishing a process to assist property owners with needed time extensions and reduce the ACC’s
administrative workload. The ACC’s proposed process, which will be submitted to the Board for
approval, includes criteria for the owner to request up to two extensions.
The ACC expects that most projects will not need more than one extension. A second extension might be
granted if the owner requests it with compelling reasons for a second extension and a reasonable projected date of completion. The ACC always strives to facilitate project completion, keeping in mind the
sensitivities of the owner, the owner’s neighbors and the community at large.
Residences: 4
Other applications: 21
Non-residential extensions requested: 1
462 completed
5 completed this quarter
19 under construction
4 started this
Planning to make changes to your lot or residence? Before starting work, check the DCCRs, Sections 9.1
and 9.4, to determine if an application needs to be filed. All documents that govern construction
requirements and restrictions in Mystic Shores are available from the Mystic Shores POA website.
April 13-15, Burnet — Bluebonnet Festival —
April 21-22, New Braunfels — Folkfest —
April 27-28, Fredericksburg — Hill Country Wine & Music Festival -
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Keepin’ In Step with the Social Committee
Page 7
By Janet Ryan
Committee is busy coordinating several events
for the coming months. The first event is the
Meet the Candidates mixer on Friday, March
23, from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. at the Lake Park
Pavilion. We hope everyone comes to meet the
board candidates and talk to them in person.
Those who attend are invited to BYOB and
bring an appetizer to share with other property
Also in March we are sponsoring the annual
Easter Egg Hunt for children in Mystic Shores.
The hunt will be on Saturday, March 31, from
3:00 until 4:30 p.m. in the area around the
Lake Park Pavilion. Children will hunt eggs,
decorate cookies, guess the number of jellybeans in a jar, and participate in
various games. Parents are asked
to bring one dozen filled plastic
eggs (no chocolate, please). We
are also asking each family for a
donation of one canned good or
non-perishable food item to be
donated to the CRRC food pantry.
Watch for more information on
this fun event!
New homeowners in Mystic Shores enjoyed good food and conversation at
the Welcome Coffee held at the home of Debbie Kortlang on February 16.
There, committee members had a chance to personally greet and visit with
new homeowners who have recently moved into Mystic Shores. Pictured
from left to right are: Charlotte Vogelpohl, Carol Little, Tina Wing, Linda
Neely, Carol Cupples, Pamela Ray, Beverly Matthewson, Priscilla Shumaker,
Amanda Fory, Terry Green. Not pictured, Barbara Knight.
The Annual Meeting and BBQ will
Easter Egg Hunt at Lake Park—2011
be held on April 21. If you have
not made your reservation
for the BBQ, be sure to do
so before March 31.
Please check the
March 23 — MIXER: Meet the Candidates — 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. — Lake Park Pavilion
February issue of this
March 31 — Easter Egg Hunt — 3:00 until 4:30 p.m. — Lake Park Pavilion
newsletter for the RSVP
April 21 — Annual BBQ — 12 noon until 4:00 p.m. (food served until 2:00 p.m.) — Lake
and Registration Form.
Park Pavilion
This is an important
June 8 — MIXER: Learn about the opportunities available at the Community Resource and
election and mixer. We
Recreation Center (CRRC) in Sattler — 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. — Lake Park Pavilion
hope everyone will be
September 14 — MIXER: Meet a Master Gardener and enjoy a plant exchange — 7:00
able to attend!
until 9:00 p.m. — Lake Park Pavilion
October 2 — MIXER: National Night Out — Lake Park Pavilion
October (TBD) — Halloween Party — Lake Park Pavilion
Page 8
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
A Long Time Ago . . .
The ninth in a series on the history in and around Mystic Shores
A long time ago, when area settlements were connected only by
gravel roads and a low-water crossing over the Guadalupe River, the
Fischer community was a major hub
of activity. Folks from all around
gathered in Fischer to swap farming
tips, buy general merchandise, mingle at the local saloon, dance and
socialize at Fischer Hall and bowl at
the Fischer Bowling Alley. In
Fischer, located just north of where
FM 484 meets Highway 32, Mystic
Shores residents can experience a
rare slice of living history.
yond this home (on the right) is the
site of the old cotton gin. The prominent Fischer Store –the third building
to house the store - is open from 9:00
a.m.—5:00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays,
and Saturdays “unless it’s just too
cold.” The store has many antiques for
sale and offers a glimpse back in time.
Many items of historical significance
are on display, like Herman Sr.’s check
stock from the bank he ran out of the
store, old post office cabinets and
equipment, and the store’s liquor
license which cost $450 in 1903. Behind the store is the old gas station,
By Paula RIeker
all live in Fischer, and a Fischer
brother runs the family ranch, designated as a Texas Historic Ranch for
having run productively for over 150
years with family ownership. The four
Fischer siblings all grew up in Fischer
and attended Fischer School. They
love and appreciate the area’s history,
including personal recollections of the
711 Ranch when it was in operation.
Jan and Dennis Hubbard now own
Willie’s home and embrace the rich
history of Fischer. In addition to their
bed and breakfast business, they own
and operate the Fischer Haus
Herman Fischer, Sr. (born
Cantina with a full calendar of
1826) immigrated to New
singer/songwriter performBraunfels from Germany, first
ances. Recent performers Shake
settling north of Seguin near
Russell, Susan Gibson and Kevin
Geronimo in 1849. There,
Welch have each been tremenHerman fell in love with Anna
dous. Upcoming shows include
Lindemann. Anna’s family
Chuck Pyle on April 13, Danny
resettled near Blanco, and
Schmidt and Carrie Elkin on
Herman travelled the long disApril 28, and Terri Hendrix and
tance there to court his sweetLloyd Maines on May 12. The
heart. On one of his journeys,
Cantina, a tribute to the old
he experienced the tall grass,
Fischer saloon, is largely made of
trees and abundant springs in
recycled materials from old
Sisters Charlene Fischer and Jeri Porter inside Fischer Store.
what is now Fischer. He setFischer and surrounding buildFischers managed the post office there from 1875-1992.
tled Fischer in 1853 and made
ings, including 100 year-old
it his home with his new wife.
hard-as-nails oak which creates
Herman’s brother, Otto (born 1831), which was relocated to accommodate
a perfect acoustical venue that one
also resettled in Fischer. Herman
the modern post office. To the right of singer/songwriter says "makes the
established the general merchandise the store stands the old gristmill. Besound come out of the Cantina like a
store, post office and bank, and he
hind the store is Herman, Jr.’s home,
shotgun." The Hubbards enjoy
became known as “Store” Fischer,
built in 1910. And next door is
“extending the history of Fischer as a
and Otto, who pursued the livestock brother Max Wilhelm’s (or “Willie”)
social hub to attract folks from all
aspect of country life, was known as home, built two years earlier. Around around to enjoy good music together.”
“Stock” Fischer. Together, they built the corner is the famous Fischer Hall
a community that has survived the
and historic nine-pin bowling alley
Fischer community activities are
winds of change.
and, down the road, is the old Fischer
posted at www.fischerstore
School Community Center. To follow the Fischer
Today, you enter Fischer (from FM
Haus Cantina, check the news page at
484 crossing Hwy 32) and see the
Charlene Fischer, who operates the or become a
home of the Fischer’s maternal
Fischer Store, loves to share Fischer’s
Facebook friend of Fischer-Hausgrandmother on the right, a home
living history with folks from all
built in 1918 from a Sears & Roearound, and says, “To know the prebuck home kit that arrived in secsent, you need to understand the past”. Next time you are zooming by Fischer,
slow down and savor the historic
tions over time. The open lot beCharlene, her mother and two sisters
charm so close to home!
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Page 9
Page 10
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Here Birdie Birdie . . . Chirp Chirp
Imagine a cold, very rainy early
morning in late November. You’re
down at the lakeside park, shivering
under one of the smaller shelters,
wondering why in the world you volunteered to help the five hardy souls
from a Comal County birders’ group
when you could be in the warmth of
your home, reading the paper and
drinking coffee. You think to yourself, “This is nuts! What birds are
going to be out in this weather?!”
And you would be wrong.
This scene is where two of us found
ourselves last November. We had
offered to fill in for a member of the
Conservation Committee, who normally works with this group when
they’re watching birds in Mystic
Shores. When we signed up, it was
still late October, sunny and warm.
We thought we’d be able to tag
along, see some cool birds, and learn
as much as we could. Who knew the
weather would be so bad?
But once the birders set up their
equipment and began to watch, we
stopped shivering and began to listen.
Through the raindrops, they spotted
(I say “they” rather than “we,” because we weren’t always sure we
were seeing what they were!): common mergansers, killdeer, coots,
belted kingfisher, great egret, piebilled grebes, osprey, meadowlark,
house finches, great blue heron, kestrel, gadwall, cormorant, mourning
dove, wigeon, lesser scaup, canvas
backs, redheads, Northern shovelers,
vespers, savannas, phoebe, Egyptian
geese, titmice, chickadee, shrike,
golden-fronted woodpecker, chipping
sparrows, white wing dove, and song
Safety First
Volume III, Issue 3
By Mary Daniel
sparrows. Get out your bird books
and have a look!
All these sightings in the space of a
few hours. Some of the birders are
especially good with bird calls, and
were able to track the birds that
way. Other birders have incredibly
powerful binoculars, and we were
able to watch up close an osprey
eating a big fish that he had just
caught and brought to a tree stump
We really did see some cool birds,
and we realized just how much we
had to learn about birding in the
Hill Country. There are a number
of birding groups nearby, and
they’re always glad to have company, even if you don’t quite know
what you’re looking for.
By Mary Daniel
As spring approaches, most of us are eager to be outside again. That means we’ll see more people out on the roads,
biking, running, and walking. There is much to observe in the springtime in Mystic Shores, ranging from the benign—
birds and wildflowers and fawns—to the more fearsome—snakes and feral hogs, for example.
Along with the wildlife, there are other kinds of traffic in our neighborhood that we need to look out for. As new homes
go up, so do the numbers of work trucks on our streets as plumbers, painters, carpenters, and concrete trucks share the
roads with us. As we all know, it’s easy to exceed the speed limit in Mystic Shores, because of the long stretches with
few homes and fewer people. Those of us who have received tickets are especially aware of this! And so it is always
good to remember some basic safety suggestions as we move into this next season.
Bikers, runners, and walkers need to remember to wear fairly bright clothing, particularly early in the morning or at
dusk. If we are exercising at night, it is crucial to wear reflective gear. We should not use headphones and iPods, so
that we can hear the traffic around us. Runners and walkers must
walk against the car traffic (as per state law), and be prepared to
move quickly to the side of the road as vehicles approach.
All of us on the road —the trucks, cars, and pedestrians —face some of
the same problems. Both fog and sunshine can render us nearly blind.
Blind curves and hills present a challenge to everyone, and we must be
both vigilant and cautious as we approach them, as we don’t know
what we’ll find on the other side.
Let’s continue to look out for one another in our neighborhood,
whether we’re behind the wheel or in front of it, and thus make it
an even better place to live.
The View from Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake
Volume III, Issue 3
Page 11
Texas Property Taxes—Homestead Exemptions
Texas homestead exemptions remove part of your home’s
value from taxation. Only one home may be considered for
this exemption. And the home must be owned by individuals (no corporations or other business entities). In order
to claim the exemption, a copy of the applicant's driver's
license and motor vehicle registration must be submitted with the homestead application. The address on the
driver's license and motor vehicle registration MUST
match the address of the homestead exemption.
Once you receive the exemption, you do not need to reapply unless the chief appraiser sends you a new application.
Forms should be filed with the Comal County Appraisal
District at 900 S. Seguin Avenue in New Braunfels between January 1 and April 30. The forms are simple to
complete and can be easily done by the homeowner and
there is no need to contract with outside services.
Additional exemptions are available for disabled persons
and homeowners 65 and over. If you become eligible for
an additional exemption after you have already claimed
the general homestead exemption, you will need to file an
additional application.
In Comal County, there is now a “local option” which permits homeowners with adjacent properties to file for a
homestead exemption which includes the adjacent properties (up to a total of 20 acres). It is not necessary to “replatte” your property to accomplish this and the properties remain as separate records in the property tax system. An additional form (not available on the website) is
required to accomplish this. The form, entitled
“Residential Homestead Local Option” is available at the
county appraisal district office at 900 S. Seguin Avenue in
New Braunfels. A personal visit may be worthwhile to
ensure this is accomplished correctly. Additional information may be found at:
A Report from the Maintenance Committee
By Carolyn Besselman
We have been working with the Comal County Road Dept. for some time now, trying to get more blue reflectors put on
the roads here, in front of all fire hydrants. Many were already here, but as newer streets have been put in, many hydrants have none in front of them. These are important because it helps the fire departments see where the hydrants
are, especially at night. The Road Dept. informed Carolyn in January, that this project has now been turned over to the
fire department. Jerry Besselman talked with Canyon Lake Fire Dept., and was told that they are gathering all the data
as to where the reflectors need to be placed and that the project should begin in the next six months.
All of Mystic Shores is patrolled by seven members of the committee. One of the biggest issues we are having right now
is trash blowing all over due to high winds and many beer cans and such are being thrown on the side of the roads
more frequently. We would appreciate any and all help in keeping these picked up as this area is so huge. Our trash
pick up folks do stop and get what they can from the lake park and other parts of Mystic Shores, but it is going to take
everyone’s help.
Neighborhood Watch . . . Keeping Us Safe
By Randy Robertson
We currently have 39 members that make up the neighborhood watch team. We had a meeting in February with a
great turnout of 20. If you are interested in becoming a member of the neighborhood watch committee, please contact
Randy Robertson at [email protected]
The neighborhood watch committee is not only committed to the safety of the homes in our community but also the
safety of the neighbors on our streets. A greater presence of the Comal County Sheriff’s department checking speeds in
Mystic Shores is forthcoming. Car decals are important and were designed to let MS property owners know that you
live or have property here. We encourage everyone who lives here to have one on their vehicle. New property owners
should receive two at no charge. Additional decals can be purchased from our property management company, AMS
(210-829-7202), for $5.00. PLEASE NOTE: Decals will be for sale at the Annual Meeting. Remember to report any nonemergency, suspicious activity to McKinley Security at 210-829-7623 or to the Comal County Sheriff’s Department at
830-620-3400. Call 911 for Emergencies. Let’s keep our neighborhood safe!
Burglar comment of the month: Do you really think I won't look in your sock drawer? I always check dresser
drawers, the bedside table, and the medicine cabinet. Here's a helpful hint: I almost never go into kids' rooms.
1600 N.E. Loop 410, Suite 202
San Antonio, TX 78298
March 2012 Newsletter
Meet the Candidates on March 23!

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