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Avidia Bank
Avidia Bank
Commitment to Customer Service
Avidia Bank: Opening Doors for Everyone
About Avidia Bank
Avidia Bank is a mutual community bank created in 2007 from a merger
of two 150-year-old institutions. Focused on serving businesses, families
and individuals who work and live in Central Massachusetts, Avidia’s
stated goal is “to make a difference, create opportunities and open doors
for everyone” who banks with them.
Avidia Bank serves the financial
needs of businesses, families
and individuals in Central
Massachusetts and beyond through
its branch network and its extensive
investment in technology. The
bank and the Avidia Charitable
Foundation support the efforts of
hundreds of service organizations
to help improve the quality of life for
people throughout its market area.
Constantly seeking to improve its extensive line of financial services,
Avidia Bank is also committed to meeting its clients’ ever-evolving needs
and enhancing the customer experience.
While Avidia may be considered small in comparison to regional and
national banks, its size does not reflect its level of commitment to
customer service. Unlike many other community banks, Avidia provides
24/7 accessibility to customers via a toll-free telephone number and
secure personal and business electronic banking, as well as email
and phone access during regular business hours (with officers’ email
addresses and direct phone numbers published on its website).
Customers are even able to connect with the bank over social media
platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Avidia believes that fostering solid connections with customers is a top
priority and smart business. “The success of our employees in building
relationships with customers and neighbors forms the core of the bank’s
success,” says Mark R. O’Connell, President & CEO of Avidia Bank.
Avidia Bank
Commitment to Customer Service
STEP 3: Select a Date and Time
Customers are presented with an always-current online
calendar showing available days and timeslots for their
STEP 4: Provide Contact Information
Bringing Bankers and Customers Together
While automated systems work for many transactions,
customers sometimes prefer a person-to-person
conversation with a live banker at one of Avidia’s seven
branch offices for assistance with:
Personal banking
Opening an account
Discussing new account options
Filling out a credit card application
In addition to other contact options, visitors to the
homepage of the Avidia Bank website see a bright
orange “Click to Schedule” button. Introduced in 2014,
this convenient service enables prospective and current
customers to easily schedule an appointment with branch
staff members.
Avidia’s online appointment setting is a simple process
that takes just minutes. From the home page, customers
can click on the “Click to Schedule” button to be guided
through these four easy steps:
STEP 1: Select a Branch
Customers provide relevant information in a short online
form (name, email, phone, and any additional comments
they’d like to add).
Immediately after following these four quick steps, the
customer’s appointment is confirmed and a confirmation
email is sent. Customer feedback on “Click to Schedule”
is positive. After all, who likes waiting in a line to be
served? Avidia’s staff is equally bullish, reporting that the
online appointment scheduling system helps them to be
more efficient and gives them more time to provide the
personalized service customers expect.
In-person and phone appointments help Avidia Bank
nurture close relationships and build trust with
customers. “For lenders to be successful, they must have
a genuine rapport with their customers. The relationship
invariably becomes more than a business transaction;
it becomes a personal friendship,” says Bart Murphy,
Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer of
Avidia Bank. Murphy explains that the most rewarding
part of his job is “the satisfaction of knowing our bankers
are working in harmony with their business partners —
the banks’ customers are benefitting and the bank is
growing. It is the ultimate win-win.”
The computer screen shows an online map of Avidia Bank
locations. Customers pick the branch that’s closest to
STEP 2: Select an Appointment Type
Customers then choose from a menu of different
appointment types (e.g., business checking, consumer
checking, consumer lending, health savings account, or
residential lending).
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