Property and financial affairs of lasting power of attorney



Property and financial affairs of lasting power of attorney
Mental Capacity Assessments at OFH, UK - Efficient and Thorough
Mental capacity assessments at OFH are completed both professionally and efficiently.
Whether you need a CoP3 capacity assessment for property and financial affairs of lasting
power of attorney, we offer services that make the process stress free for you and your
clients, while providing a report that is thorough and meets the legal requirements. The
capacity assessments conducted at OFH are completed by a team of professionals who have
over the years assessed clients of varying complexities and dealt with a range of cases. All our
assessors are highly qualified and experienced within the health and social care sectors. They
include social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists with expertise in working with children
and adults. Considering the nature and sensitivity of mental capacity, our assessors spend
time to explain the assessment process to the client and/or their carer. Any information
provided by our assessors before or during the assessment is done in a manner that is suitable
to the client’s presenting needs and their level of understanding/communication.
How to schedule an appointment
You can schedule an appointment via our website, email or give us a call and have us arrange a
visit. We know well that the period leading up to the assessment and even after the
assessment can be tough on some clients. That is why we have dedicated staff that you can
reach at any given time with questions and enquiries concerning the whole process. They will
be all too happy to answer your questions and put your heart to rest. Our mission is to handle
the toughest parts of this process and leave you with as little worry as it’s possible.
Once you book an appointment with us, we will schedule a visit most suitable for the client.
Appropriate scheduling of the appointment is highly important in getting the best out of the
client. Hence, we try to book assessments at times when the client is more alert or when the
impact of their condition is less acute. The assessment visits are provided at the client’s home,
care home or other preferred location. We prefer to conduct the assessment in an
environment the client feels at ease in, as from experience, we found that this has a positive
impact in the client’s engagement in the assessment process.
Information required for an assessment
Our referral forms aim to obtain the information relevant to the assessment. For example,
during a capacity assessment for decisions pertaining a person’s property and financial affairs,
we will request details of the client’s assets, their daily living expenses and other relevant
information. These are important because the assessor must consider the above in relation
to the decision the client is required to make.
How long does an assessment take
On average, an assessment can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. However,
where the client requires the use of communication aids or adjustments made for any specific
difficulties they may have, the assessment could take up to two hours or more.
Schedule an appointment with OFH today and let us provide a first-rate mental capacity
assessment to answer the specific questions pertaining a client’s mental capacity.

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