newsletter-2016-01-29 - Sunnybank State High School


newsletter-2016-01-29 - Sunnybank State High School
Boorman Street
Sunnybank QLD 4109
29 January 2016
Principal’s Report
Welcome to our first newsletter for the 2016
school year.
We extend a very warm welcome to all of our new students and
their families. We also welcome our new International students.
Thank you to the parents and caregivers who joined us for
our welcome assembly in the hall on the first day of the year.
It is wonderful to partner with our families as together, we
commence in investing in the learning and educational journey
of your child.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3323 8111
Fax: 07 3323 8100
child to give their personal best to their academic studies and
our school community.
Our School Priorities
Our school priorities for 2016 are:
• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Pedagogy (Quality Teaching and Learning)
These are underpinned by:
• High expectations of and for all
• Data informed decision making
• A culture that promotes learning
We expect students to:
• Attend every lesson of every day on time, ready to
• Dress correctly in the appropriate school uniform
• Invest in their learning – giving their personal best
Tracey Cook Tania Williams David Becker
Deputy Principal Deputy Principal
Our Focus: Every Student Improving and
Our school year has commenced well with our formal
assembly. Students are settled into school routines and classes
with a strong focus on learning. Our vision of Many ways to
excellence means that we encourage and provide opportunities
for all students to shine. Our focus and theme for 2016 is Every
student improving and achieving. This means we expect each
• Represent their school with pride both within the
school and in the community
• Abide by school rules, policies and expectations
Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning
Our PBL program underpins our focus on all members of our
school demonstrating appropriate behaviours. As a school, our
expectations are:
• Respect: we demonstrate respect when we behave
in a considerate and well- mannered way
• Responsibility: we demonstrate responsibility when
we are accountable for ourselves, our belongings
and our environment
• Readiness: we demonstrate readiness when we are
willing and prepared to participate in our schooling.
Our Outstanding Success Continues
We are exceptionally proud of our success and student
• 100% of our Year 12 OP students achieved an OP
1-15. This is a significant improvement and the
school’s best record in history, with over 70% of
students achieving an OP of 1-10.
• 100% of our Year 12 students graduated with their
Queensland Certificate of Education.
Deirdre Aldridge
Science, HPE
Robyn Pedler
Senior Schooling,
Home Ec, VET
Kerry Schloss
Kelly Niland
Creative and Practical Arts
Kym Everett
Head of Special
Education Program
Laraine Goldman
Head of English as
an Additional Language
• 100% of our Year 12 graduates succeeded in
completion of their VET certificates, with many
receiving multiple certificates
• 100% QCIA achievement for our Year 12 SEP
• 95% of our Year 12 University bound students
received an offer for further study
• Our School-wide attendance rate exceeds the state
for students attending 85% - 100%
• Our enrolments continue to grow. Our school
predicted 590 students to commence the school
year and we have already exceeded our targets. This
is a wonderful reflection of our community confidence
and the profile of Sunnybank State High School. We
thank you.
Heads of Department/Heads of Special
Education Units
Heads of Department are not only part of the support structure
for students but are strategic and curriculum leaders also. The
Heads are the first port of call regarding their subject areas. The
Heads of Departments are:
Chris Norrie
English, Humanities
Louise Brier
Master Teacher
Narelle Stable
Business, Dig/Tech,
Library, LOTE
Year Coordinators
Year Coordinators play a key role in overseeing the social and
emotional support for students. They oversee a range of
programs and parents and caregivers are encouraged to
contact them regarding any issues involving their student.
Charmaine Lucock
Pathways Coordinator Years 10-12
Welcome to our new Staff
• Kelly Hill, Science and Maths
• Adam Christie, Science and Maths
Wendy Hall
Year 12
David Magoffin
Year 11
• Victoria Boulter-Groening, English and Humanities
• Nick Bray, HPE and Maths
• Yilly Yao, Industrial Technology
• Natalie Carrington, EALD
• Lyndall Faragher, Music
School times
A reminder that students need to arrive at school by 8:25am at
the absolute latest as our first roll class commences at 8:35am.
School commences for all students at 8:55am (Monday)
8:35am (Wednesday) and 8:40am, (Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday) and concludes daily at 2:45pm (2:35pm Wednesday).
Charmaine Matthews
Year 10
Gabe King
Year 9
School assemblies
Formal, whole school assemblies are held on Mondays and it is
expected that students are in full formal uniform on Mondays.
These occasions often involve invited guests. Formal uniform
must be worn on all days when students do not have physical
education classes. Details regarding uniform requirements are
in the Student Diary.
Resource Hire Scheme
Erin Garbutt
Year 8
Rosy Kalamafoni
Year 7
Resource Hire Scheme payments for 2016 are now due.
Students will be issued with their text books when parents have
made their payments for the Resource Hire Scheme. There is
a 5% discount if payment is made before 19 February. For
student success, it is vital that all students have their text
books, and other materials made available to them, when
resource scheme payments are received by the school. A
number of payment options can be negotiated through meeting
with the Registrar, Mrs Richter. Outstanding accounts from
previous years must be paid prior to students undertaking any
extra-curricular activities.
Parents and Citizens’ Meeting
We welcome and encourage our parents to be active
participants in key decisions regarding the school. We extend a
warm welcome for our parents to attend our first P&C Meeting
on Tuesday 23 February, commencing at 6:00pm in the School
I look forward to an outstanding year ahead.
Tracey Cook, Principal
Student Resource Scheme
The Sunnybank SHS Resource Scheme ensures all students
have the necessary resources for their education and saves
parents and caregivers financially and the need to shop for and
find books and other resources required. The P & C Committee
agreed and endorsed the fee of $400.00 which includes a
technology charge of $45.00 which will contribute to
maintaining our IT resources to a very high standard.
The Resource Scheme Form for 2016 can be collected from
the school office and there will be a 5% discount if there are
three or more students in the family or payment is made by 19
February. For financial hardship, special arrangements can be
made; please contact the Business Services Manager on 3323
8110, all discussions will be confidential.
Margaret Richter, Business Services Manager
Rewards Trips 2015
On Friday 27 November, more than 150 students headed out
on the Positive Rewards Trips for semester two.
Congratulations to all the students who were nominated by their
teachers to attend the trip. It was fantastic to see so many
students enjoy this day at the cinema and Wet’n’Wild.
The end of year rewards trip to the cinemas was a fun day
out for all involved! Eighty students in plain clothes met at the
auditorium after school had commenced for the day. Teachers
were delighted with the wonderful behaviour of the students,
who quickly organised themselves into groups according to
their choice of movie. Special thanks to the senior students
who assisted in the organisation of students into groups before
departure. After a mid-morning lolly and chips snack, we
walked to the newly refurbished Sunnybank cinemas, where we
enjoyed our movies in the comfort of private cinemas, in luxury,
leather reclining chairs. Students were again commended by
staff, on the way they left the cinemas – spotlessly clean! We
walked back to school, where we enjoyed a pizza party. Thank
you to Ms Hall, Mr King and Ms Finney for accompanying the
students on excursion.
On the same day another 85 students loaded on the bus and
coach to head down to Wet’n’Wild ready to get amongst the
slides and pools. The weather was fantastic and excellent for
a day of swimming and adrenaline. On arrival, Wet'n'Wild was
full with coaches from schools all across Brisbane, luckily our
students stayed till late and had the advantage of enjoying the
park when many schools had left. Well done to all students
on their conduct throughout the day, they were respectful and
responsible ambassadors of Sunnybank SHS and very helpful
to the staff in setting up our area, unloading and loading the
food and drinks for the day. Thank you to Darran Miah who
drove the second bus for us and Mrs Cox, Mrs Chataway and
Mr Magoffin who always cook up a great sausage sizzle for our
students at Wet’n’Wild.
The trips to the cinemas and Wet’n’Wild have become a
biannual and yearly event to celebrate and reward our students
for their efforts and behaviours during the year. We all agreed
that it was an absolute pleasure to join the students for this day
out and were again thrilled to identify as staff and students of
Sunnybank High School. The students exemplified excellence
in their behaviour, maturity and respectful attitude. Thank you
to all who were invited on our rewards trip for engaging in such
a positive manner and showing the community what wonderful
young citizens we have in our school. I am looking forward to
attending the next rewards trip in June this year.
Mrs Garbutt and Ms Kalamafoni,
Year Coordinators
HPE News
Education Queensland’s sun safety policy
requires students to wear hats when doing
physical activity. Students need to have a
hat for all HPE lessons. If a student forgets
their hat on an odd occasion, rather than
exclude them, the school has a number of hats that we can
lend students. These need to be laundered after each use so
we do need quite a few hats. If you have suitable unwanted
bucket hats or caps, they can be donated to the school by
handing them in at the HPE or Science staff room.
Looking forward to a great year of sport.
Deirdre Aldridge, HOD
Sunnybank SHS Library
Welcome to 2016
Our library is open from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
Monday to Friday. Before and after school,
the emphasis is on work. If you’re in the
library during those times, you’ll be working
on your school work and assignments.
During breaks, please respect the work
needs of others. The lounge area is available for quiet reading
and social connection. The meeting rooms are available for
quiet study.
Homework club will be running after school again this year.
Further details will be provided later. Library staff are happy to
assist you with your research for assignments.
All books in the library are available for borrowing unless they’ve
been placed on hold by class teachers. Borrowings are for
fourteen days. If you don’t finish your book within the fourteen
day period bring it into the library and, if a hold hasn’t been
placed on it, we’ll extend the loan for you.
The library catalogue is available via the school intranet and also
online at: You
can search for a book and place a hold on the book. Library
staff will put the book aside and let you know when it’s available
via student notices.
If we don’t have a book that you’d like to read, let library staff
know. If it’s a suitable addition to our catalogue we’ll purchase
it and let you know when it’s available for borrowing. Orders for
student requests are submitted once each term.
Elaine Cobb, Teacher/Librarian
Immunisation Program Comes to Schools
The vaccinations will be conducted by a team of specially
trained registered nurses.
A consent form for each vaccination offered will be given to your
child to bring home. Please read the information carefully, sign
the consent form if you wish your child to be vaccinated and
return the consent form to the school. If you haven’t received
the consent form please make contact with the school for the
information on 3323 8111.
Parents are encouraged to ensure their children have breakfast
on the morning of vaccination.
Information has been provided with the consent form about
diseases, vaccines and the School Based Vaccination
Program. If further information is required please, visit or call 13 Health on
13 43 25 84.
Homestays Required for Study Tour
Are you looking for the opportunity to share your home,
our unique Queensland lifestyle, our variety of food and
Consider becoming a Homestay provider for Sunnybank High
School’s International Student Program!
We are looking for friendly and reliable providers for who are
able to offer a safe and caring family atmosphere, treat the
student as a family member, speak English as their first
language, encourage English conversation and are located
within easy reach of the school.
You will need a spare private bedroom with wardrobe, student
desk and lamp and to provide nutritious meals and snacks
each day. Also, you will need a Commission for Children and
Young People check (Blue Card) and will receive financial
This year Brisbane City Council's Immunisation Service is
providing free vaccinations for all Year 8 and Year 10 students,
as part of Queensland Health’s annual School Based
Vaccination Program. The scheduled visit dates and times as
confirmed with Brisbane City Council Immunisation Services
(BCC) are as follows;
Please contact: Dee Venter 3323 8111, International Student
Coordinator, Cricos Provider Number: 00608A
FIRST TERM VISIT: Thursday 25 February, 1:30pm HPV1
SECOND TERM VISIT: Tuesday 24 May, 9:00am HPV2 and CHICKENPOX
THIRD TERM VISIT: Thursday 14 July, 1:30pm
FOURTH TERM VISIT: Tuesday 15 November, 1:30pm
- HPV3
Come and try Scouting and see why young
people from six years of age make up a
global movement of over 40 million. Our
motto is ‘Be prepared for new adventure’. To
find out more about modern Scouting in
Queensland, please go to
Scouting has been giving the youth of
Queensland the ability to develop socially,
intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally for over 100
years in Queensland.
All Year 8 students are being offered vaccination to protect
against HPV and Chickenpox and while Year 8 and Year 10
students are being offered protection against diphtheriatetanus-pertussis (whooping cough).
Male and female students in Year 8 are also being offered
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to protect against the
Human Papillomavirus.
Scouting Information Day
Be Prepared…..for new adventure!
Rove McManus Sir Richard Branson Bill Gates David
Beckham Dick Smith Venus Williams Mariah Cary Neil
Armstrong Sir Paul McCartney Peter Garrett Billy Connolly
Harrison Ford Ian Skippen Celine Dion Barack Obama
Michael Jordan Jamie Durie Steven Spielberg Patrick Stewart
Shane Jacobson Bear Grylls Michael J Fox David
Attenborough – All of these people were in the Scout
Movement…… Since 1907 over 500 million other young people
worldwide have also benefited. Want to add your name?
Salisbury Scout Group invites you for an information day on
Saturday 6 February 2016 between 11.00 am to 2.00 pm
at 180 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury. Contact Chris at
[email protected] or call 0407 668 512 for more
information or simply participate in our section nights to see if
your child likes scouting activities:
• Joeys (6 to 7 years) Wednesdays 5:30 pm to 6:30
• Cubs (8 to 10 years) Tuesdays 7.00 pm to 8:30 pm
• Scouts (11 to 14 years) Fridays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Brothers St Brendan’s RLFC
Sign On
Sunday 7 February, 10:00am – 4:00pm
Kookaburra Park, Beaudesert Rd, Rocklea
Contact: Kerrie Whiteman, Club Secretary, 0449 835
[email protected]
Important Dates
Advance Notice of Important Dates
February 8
Senior leader Induction
February 9
School Swimming Carnival
February 11
School Photos
February 16
School Photos Catch Up
February 18
Year 7 Parent Welcome BBQ
February 23
P&C Meeting 6.00 pm Library
February 24
Interschool Sport Week 1
February 25
Immunisation Yr 8

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