Exceptionally restored traditional property in a picturesque village


Exceptionally restored traditional property in a picturesque village
Exceptionally restored traditional property in a picturesque
Property id: OH0165
Location:Lasithi, Maronia
Kind of property:Traditional House
Size of building:50 m²
Size of land:60 m²
Old stone house situated in the village of Maronia close to Sitia at the east of Crete. This property has two
living rooms separated by an old-style arch, large windows, and a kitchen at a slightly raised floor level.
There is one bedroom with one bathroom on this floor. Two tree branches cross the bedroom’s ceiling and
the bed’s head-rest is designed on the wall with stones. There is also a storage room with an external
access. What makes this property unique is its exceptional design. Originally, there was a spring of water
going through the house that was used as a means of maintaining watermelons at a low temperature. This
whole structure has been reserved and shaped into a fountain covered with glass at the interior of the
This traditional residential development is situated in the centre of one of the most picturesque villages of
eastern Crete: Maronia, 7 kilometers from the town of Sitia in Lasithi prefecture. Lasithi has some of the
most historical and beautiful mountainous villages of Crete. It also represents one of the few locations of
the island that have remained untouched and virgin. The reason for this is mainly because of infrastructure
which until recently was not as intense as in the rest of the island. Currently major road works are taking
place in the area and the Sitia airport extension has now been completed in order to be able to
accommodate international carriers.
Sitia Port: 10 minute drive
Sitia Airport: 15 minute drive
Iraklio Port: 150 minute drive
Iraklio Airport: 140 minute drive
Aghios Nikolaos: 50 minute drive
Ierapetra Port: 45 minute drive
The above price includes the agency fees exclusive of notary costs, registration fees and/or VAT which are
borne by the acquirer. The offers apply subject to error, former sale, price change or oblivion. The
mentioned surface is the gross livable surface (incl. interior and exterior walls).
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