White Excalibur AD:Nutrifaster A4 leaflet


White Excalibur AD:Nutrifaster A4 leaflet
White Excalibur AD:Nutrifaster A4 leaflet
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Credit: www.garyrolfe.com
Gary Rolfe, arctic explorer,
dog musher and endurance
athlete, lives in Greenland
with his 12 dogs where fresh
food isn’t always available.
He says:
“For so long lightweight nutrition
meant living off junk sold as
“expedition food”. With an
Excalibur Food Dryer
I pack top notch nutrition-rich
foods I’d always considered
to be impracticable luxuries,
like plump fresh fruit and
Gary with two of this year’s pups,
six-week old Bigness and Gus
The Excalibur Food Dryer
Tasting Is Believing
• Prepare and dehydrate your own lightweight
expedition food
• Gentle drying preserves nutrition and
concentrates flavour giving a superior,
natural alternative to pre-packaged
shop-bought trail food
• Perfect for dehydrating delicious
energy-rich trail snacks, cereal bars,
vegetable crisps, meat jerkies,
fruits and fruit leathers, soups,
casseroles and more
• Ideal for mountaineering clubs,
major expeditions, adventure
centres, outdoor professionals
and expedition outfitters
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