Aug/Sept - 125 LIVE


Aug/Sept - 125 LIVE
Aug-Sept 2016
The Center Piece
Senior Center
Mission: To enrich the lives of older adults
w w w . 1 2 5 l i v e m n . o r g
121 N. Broadway
Farewell Party for the Senior Center
[email protected]
Monday – Thursday
9 am – 4 pm
Friday 9 am – 1 pm
Contact Us:
Business Office
Shari Brandvold
Cindy Sogla
Executive Assistant
Emily Knutson
Executive Director
Sally Gallagher
Bill Upton, Chad Wandler,
Dave Malcomson
Membership Information
Call the Business Office for
current prorated pricing:
Reduced and complimentary
memberships are available
for anyone in need. Currently
Prorated until we move to
125 LIVE.
Prorated Parking Fee:
The parking lot is on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Metered
parking on the street or parking
in the Center Street Ramp are
other available options.
After being in ‘The
Castle’ for 37 years, it is
time to say goodbye to
our ‘home away from
home’. The Rochester
Senior Center moved
into the Armory in the
spring of 1979, and it
took another year to
finish the 3rd floor –
known as Fred Reed
Hall. This building has
been such a huge part
of so many lives. We
have had so many fun
times here and one
can’t help but feel
nostalgic about leaving
this home.
As we have grown over the years, the building, sadly has not; hence the reason for
all the hard work and many, many months and years of planning to create our ‘New
Home’. Though we will be moving soon to 125 LIVE, we want to celebrate one more
time in ‘The Castle’. Please join us for a farewell party on Thursday, Sept. 15th in
Fred Reed Hall. We’ll have refreshments and reminisce about our time here. Please
think of your favorite memory and write it on cards provided during the party! We’d
love to hear your stories!
Celebrating Cindy!
Retiring after 42 years of service
We also invite you to join us in August for a heartfelt
goodbye and thank you to our employee, Cindy Sogla,
for her many years of service to the Center.
See party details on page 8!
Center will be Closed:
September 5th for
Labor Day
16th – 30th
for the move to 125 LIVE
To Register: Call 507.287.1404
Special Events
3 PM
12:15 Blood Pressure Clinic
1:30 to
*Reservations and Pay in Advance
9:00 Kitchen Band
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
12:45 Greenware Ceramic Trip 1:00 Grief Support Group
(No Foot Care Today)
7AM to
10:30 On the Markets
9:30 Yoga*
State Primary Voting 10 to 3 Senior Advocate** 10:00 The “Original” Book Club
8 PM Location
12:30 Card Making &
12:00 AARP Property Taxes**
10:30 On the Markets
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
(No Foot Care Today)
**Appointment Required
9:30 Yoga*
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
9:30 Yoga*
1 to Cindy Sogla’s Open
(No Zumba Gold Today) 2:30 House Retirement Party
10 to 3 Senior Advocate**
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
9 to 3
8:30 Breakfast Club (Off-site) 12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
(No Senior Advocate 9:00
4 PM
10 to 3 Senior Advocate**
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
Special Events
9:30 Yoga*
Quilt Sale
Foot Care Clinic**
125 LIVE Update
at the Rec. Center
No Ladies Bible in August, Young at Heart
Singers meet every other week in August
(10th & 24th)
*Reservations and Pay in Advance
**Appointment Required
7:30 MN State Fair Trip! 10:00 ATLC Volunteer
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
1:00 Grief Support Group
Center is CLOSED
Labor Day
12:15 Blood Pressure Clinic
9:00 Kitchen Band
10 to 3 Senior Advocate**
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
10:30 On the Markets
10 to 3 Senior Advocate**
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
12:30 Card Making &
10:00 The “Original” Book Club
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
3:00 Senior Sages Kickoff Event
12:00 Foot Care Clinic**
Senior Center
Farewell Party
Stay tuned for details!
The Senior Center will be closed from September 16th - 30th for the move to our new home. We will see you at 125 Live!
8:30 Breakfast Club (Off-site)
4 to 6 125 LIVE Community
Update at the
Recreation Center
Page 2
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On Going Weekly Groups/Activities
Lounge Opens
Business Office Opens
Pool Room Opens
Quilting (Ladies)
Cards & Games
Basic Exercise
One Topic, One Hour
Freedom Flexibility
Intermediate Bridge
Hand & Foot
Adult Coloring
Center Closes
Lounge Opens
Business Office Opens
Pool Room Opens
Ping Pong
Cards & Games
Ceramics-No Staff
Silver Treads Square Dance
Hand & Foot
Creative Needle Work
Texas Hold-Em Poker
Square Dance Lessons
Center Closes
Lounge Opens
Business Office Opens
Pool Room Opens
Cards & Games
Circuit Training
Ladies Bible Study
Young at Heart Singers
Freedom Flexibility
Zumba Gold
Contract Bridge
Hand & Foot
Center Closes
Keeping you in the loop!
To ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date
information for 125 LIVE, please call the Business
Office to be put on the email updates list!
125 LIVE has an anticipated opening date of
October 3rd!
Beginning September 1st, you can sign up for your 125
LIVE membership at the Senior Center Business Office.
Senior Advocate, Missy Brenhaug, will be available
to meet with individuals seeking financial assistance
(confidential) for memberships. Appointments will be
scheduled on Wednesdays from 10 am - 3 pm and can
be scheduled by calling the Business Office (507) 2871404. After the opening of 125 LIVE, Missy will also be
available on Fridays from 10 am - 3 pm.
Lounge Opens
7:30 Lounge Opens
Business Office Opens
8:00 Golf (Seasonal)
Pool Room Opens
9:00 Business Office Opens
Ping Pong
9:00 Open Computer Lab
Cards & Games
9:00 500 Cards-*Open
9:00 Pool Room Opens
9:00 Ceramics-No Staff
Open Art Studio
11:00 Knitting
500 Cards-*Open
1:00 Center Closes
Double Pinochle-*Open Our 1st Floor Lounge and Dining
Texas Hold-Em Poker Tables are Open for members to
gather for non-organized cards,
Center Closes
*Open Non-Organized
All are Welcome!!
Groups with a lot of materials (quilting, ceramics, Silver
Treads, etc.) will be contacted individually by staff to
create a transition plan to 125 LIVE.
In order to provide members and participants with
optimal opportunities for programming the newsletter
will now be published on a quarterly basis! This issue
features programs and information for August and
September. The next newsletter will be mailed in
September and feature programming, special events,
and 125 LIVE news for October through December! If
needed, please make sure your group submits any
information or announcements by September 1st to
the Business Office.
Capital Campaign
Remember current Members who have either joined by
March 1st or renewed an existing membership prior
to 125 LIVE opening, will receive their first 6 months
of membership at half price! In addition, if an existing
member has joined prior to March 1, 2016 and
chooses to upgrade their membership to a dual
membership (spouse wants to join) when 125 LIVE
opens, they will still receive the half rate member
discount for the first 6 months.
As of July 20th
Member Campaign:
$2.3 Million
$2 Million
$1.5 Million
$1 Million
Stay tuned for a 125 LIVE Open House date.
We invite you to attend a Farewell Party for the Senior
Center during the afternoon of Thursday, September
15th in Fred Reed Hall.
In order to move contents to 125 LIVE, the Senior
Center will be closed for all activities from Friday,
September 16 to Friday, September 30th. We will
see you October 3rd at 125 LIVE!
games, puzzles, TV, Library and
Internet use from 7:30 am until
the Center closes. Please check
in under Lounge on the Kiosk.
Goal: $150,000
Raised: $131,269
Overall Capital Campaign:
Goal: $2.3 Million
Raised: $1,126,543
Thank you to all
who have donated!
You make the difference!
Help us to identify individuals and businesses who
might consider supporting our Campaign! Email your
ideas or call us: [email protected] or (507) 287-1404.
Page 3
To Register: Call 507.287.1404
You asked! We answered!
Q: If I want to bring a friend for the day, will
he or she have to purchase a day pass?
Q: Is there a day pass for Community Fitness?
No! Each year our existing members will receive 3 guest
passes to be used for anyone of qualifying age who wants
to experience 125 LIVE for the day. This can be the same
guest who comes three times per year, or two or three
different guests once per year. After three guest passes
have been used, members’ guests will have to either
purchase a day pass or a membership (Additional guest
passes may be provided later through special promotions.).
We look forward to allowing everyone the opportunity to
see all that 125 LIVE has to offer!
Yes, individuals who do not have a fitness membership are
welcome to come in and utilize the fitness center as a
fitness member during specific times for a fee of $10. This
gives participants access to the fitness center and group
fitness classes. Also, individuals wishing to participate in
social activities may do so for $8/day. If an individual would
like to do both as a guest they can do so for $13/day.
Q: Will there be a pass or punch card just for
the warm water pool?
At this time we feel confident individuals frequenting the
pools will find the Fitness Membership to be the best value.
Staff will continue to monitor once 125 LIVE has opened
and will revise as necessary!
Q: Can you explain more clearly what’s
included in each membership level?
For more information on what each membership level will
include, please visit
Q: Will there be an Open House?!
YES! Staff cannot wait to share the 125 LIVE facility with
the members and the community. We anticipate having
several open houses to allow an opportunity for everyone
to come see all that 125 LIVE has to offer. No official dates
have been set, however, we will be communicating these
as soon as we know.
Q: Can my spouse still join and get the
half rate existing member discount for the
6 months?
Yes. If an existing member has joined prior to March 1,
2016 and chooses to upgrade their membership to a dual
membership when 125 LIVE opens, they can still take
advantage of the half rate member discount for the first
6 months.
Q: How will people know that parking is free?
Q: What kind of furniture will be in 125 LIVE?
125 LIVE will be equipped with senior-friendly tables,
chairs, and lounge furniture to meet each program
area need.
Q: Can you explain more about how it works
to freeze your membership?
Individuals who will not be utilizing their membership
due to travel, surgery, summer or other varying reasons,
may freeze their membership for up to 3 months out of
each calendar year for a nominal fee of $5/month.
This means the individual will not be charged the full
membership fee, however, will pay $5 to stay active in
the system. This “Freeze” allows the member to keep
information in the system, but does not have to rejoin
and pay the administration fee upon their return.
There will be signs posted and like anywhere else you
go, people assume it is free and open parking unless
gated or posted otherwise!
Providing services in
Rochester for over 32 years.
Q: Will the computer lab still be open to
the public?
Yes, however the computer lab will be an amenity that
will require a Social Membership. Therefore, the general
public, ages 50 and older, may come in and use the
computer lab by purchasing a Social Day Pass for $8.
This not only allows them to use the computer lab, but
also provides the opportunity to take advantage of all the
other great social activities taking place that day!
Nursing - Therapy - Home Health Aide
Homemaker - Companion
Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Waiver, Private Insurance, Private Pay
Page 4
Or Visit
Q: Do you need to be a member to volunteer
at 125 LIVE?
No! We highly value our volunteers and at 125 LIVE,
membership will not be a requirement. However, if you
are volunteering for an event that requires membership
to participate, you will need to purchase a day pass in
order to stay after your volunteer shift is complete.
Q: Will there be monthly lunches or some
type of gathering again like there was at
the Senior Center?
Although not fully defined, staff anticipate offering many
special events and gatherings at 125 LIVE. We look
forward to 125 LIVE being a fun social gathering place!
Q: Will our groups be run the same way as
they are now?
With the new Program Manager beginning Aug. 15th, we
anticipate there being a collaborative relationship between
the group leaders, participants, and the Program Manager
for the program development and implementation. It is the
goal of the 125 LIVE staff to engage the entire group!
Q: What are we bringing with us and what
are we buying new for furniture and
There is some equipment within the Senior Center that
we know needs to be updated and some still in good
condition. Where applicable, we will be purchasing safer
and more senior-friendly furniture and equipment. Until
we have raised the needed replacement funds, some
equipment will be moved to 125 LIVE. We ask that if
you have not done so, to make a donation to the Capital
Campaign and help us to purchase the furniture/equipment
that we are still in need of!
Q: Will 125 LIVE be a facility designed only
for the elite?!
Absolutely not! 125 LIVE is designed for everyone! This
community-wide initiative will be a facility to fit everyone’s
needs. Not only offering social, intellectual, and fitness
opportunities, 125 LIVE will be a senior hub of resources
and location for public health initiatives! 125 LIVE will not be
for the elite of Rochester, but for everyone, regardless of
income. Though the membership fees of 125 LIVE are
comparable to similar facilities in Rochester, financial
support will be provided to anyone who may need help in
paying. We want everyone to be able to take advantage
of all the great programs and amenities at 125 LIVE!
Page 5
The finish line
is in sight!
The long awaited end to construction is near and the
transition to 125 LIVE is in sight! We need your help
to make the same hold true for our Capital Campaign!
We are still in need of donations to reach our movein goal of $1.6 Million. We need your help for the
required funds to purchase furniture and equipment
for our new home! Just some of the items we are
still in need of: kitchen appliances, library shelving,
ice machines, coffee makers, pottery wheels, kilns,
quilting tables, poker table tops, art work, personal
services equipment, lounge seating, the rest of the
pool tables, scales, even door knobs! There is still
much to purchase and we have been doing what we
can by going out in the community to raise funds.
We ask that you spread awareness of the still attainable
goal with your friends, family, and anyone you know
that is willing to help make a difference in the lives of
older adults! All donations large or small are extremely
appreciated and make a big impact overall.
We need everyone’s help to make this a success! We
always appreciate your support and doing what you
are able to. We are excited that our journey to 125
LIVE is almost complete and can’t wait for you to
experience all that our new home will have to offer!
Friendly Reminder!!
For members of the Senior Center whose membership
has lapsed, if you wish to receive the first 6 months
membership discount (half-price) you must renew your
membership before we move into the new Center.
Please be sure to renew your membership today!!!
—Thank you!
To Donate to 125 LIVE and
help keep older adults active
in our community:
- Visit
- Mail in the pledge form on page 15
- Stop by the Senior Center Business Office or
call (507)287-1404
You make the difference!
To Register: Call 507.287.1404
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Won’t You Join Them?!
As of July 20, 2016 the following have donated towards our Capital Campaign:
Anonymous - Many who chose to
remain Anonymous
Kiwanis Club of Rochester
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
Mayo Clinic
Rochester Commercial Banks Association
Zumbro Auxiliary Eagles 2228
Senior Center Ceramics Group
Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation
Senior Center Book Club
Smith Schafer & Associates
Five O’Clock Designs
Senior Center Quilting Group
Ryan Windows & Siding, Inc.
Eagle Drug of Rochester
Zumbro Area Eagles #2228
Glenn’s Motorcoach Tours
Fiesta Cafe & Bar
Rochester Exchange Club
Ranfranz & Vine Funeral Homes
Texas Roadhouse
TGM Pizza
Donna Hoehne Travel Agency
Modern Woodmen of America
Pool Room Players
Mr. Douglas Abrahamson
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Adams
American Legion Wm. T. McCoy Post 92
Mr. Dennis M. Anderson
Gail Anderson
Mr. John Bakke
Mrs. Sharon Barsness
Appliance Village
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bentz
Mrs. Judy Berg
Bill Bertrand Memorials
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Blum
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Bower
Shari Brandvold
Jennifer Brennan
Mrs. Linda Browne
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brumm
Ms. Judith Buol
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cairns
Mr. Donald D. Carlson
Mrs. Edith Castrodale
Mrs. Dorothy Cooper
Mr. Martin Cordes
Mr. Bob Martin
Ms. Judith McCabe
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCoy
Estate of John McFarland
Ms. Onea McPherson
Ms. Sandra Means
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Melin
Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Nesler
Mr. & Mrs. David Oeth
Mr. Derlen Oldenburg
Otto Bremer Foundation
Allyson Palmer
Michaels Restaurant
Pappy’s Place
Hubbell House
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Pasch
Mrs. Bernice Patterson
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.
Mrs. Joanne Peterson
Ms. Esther Pfeifer
Canadian Honker
Ms. Kathryn Rayburn
Ms. Sondra Reed
Ms. Helen Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Richter
Ms. Martha Riley
Mr. & Mrs. William Ringenberg
Mrs. Lois Rink
Vince Robichaud
Mrs. Angie Rustad
Mrs. Penny Ryno
Mr. & Mrs. Don Sagdalen
Mr. Michael Salscheider
Ms. Margie K. Schaaf
Mr. Dan Schiefert
Mr. Daniel Schroeder
Mrs. Arona Schuck
Gary Schueller - Remax Results
Ms. Mary Schwager
Andy’s Crossroad Liquor Store
Mrs. Beverly Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. James Sloan
Mrs. Cindy Sogla
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Stenehjem
Mrs. MaryLou Stewart
Mr. Walter Stobaugh
Mr. David Stockwell
Mrs. Lucinda Stockwell
Mrs. Marie Dickhut
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dillard
Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Dilley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Elwood
Kari Etrheim
Zumbro Valley Medical Society Alliance
Bob Gander Plumbing & Heating
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garr
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Garske
Glynner’s Pub
Kylie Goenner
Ms. Mary Jane Goode
Mrs. Julie Gran
Mrs. Pat Gregerson
Ms. Donna Grever
Page 6
Mrs. Ruth Guy
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Haeflinger
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Harnack
Mrs. Annette Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Hartman
Mrs. Barbara Henoch
Ms. Sharon Henzel
Mrs. Marie House
Dr. Dwight Jennings
Kate Jirik
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Johnson
Mr. Donald Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Johnson
Ms. Lois Jorstad
Mrs. Eileen (Riki) Jursik
Ms. Nancy Kane
Mrs. Marilyn Kastler
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Knaak
Emily Knutson
Hunt’s Silver Lake Drug Store
Ms. Nancy Kolaas
Jennifer Koski
Mrs. Mary Kuehn
Ms. Marjorie Kyllo
Miss Beverly Livesay
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lynch
Mr. David Malcomson, Jr.
Mrs. Vivian Malcomson
Roosters Bar & Grill
Mrs. Patricia Markwardt
John & Lois Rink
Noah & Elliot Stockwell
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Tangalos
Mr. Clyde Taylor
Senior Center Texas Hold-Em Poker Group
Mr. & Mrs. Darren Timm
Mrs. Betty Torkelson
Mr. & Mrs. John Trnka
Dr. Ericka Tung
Mr. Brian Uhlenkamp
Bill Upton
Mrs. Jan Vilen
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wagner
Mrs. Terry Wagner
Mrs. Betty Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Wandler
Mrs. Yvonne Weeldreyer
Mr. & Mrs. Loren Weisbrod
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wente
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Werle
Mr. & Mrs. David Wernecke
Mr. & Mrs. James Wignes
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Willkomm
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wottreng
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wright
Or Visit
Thank you to all who came out to participate in our
25th Annual Hole-In-One Million $ Shoot-out!
Thank you to all the prize sponsors, Tee Box sponsors, and a special thank you to Sterling State Bank for being our
major sponsor again this year. Thank you to the Hole-In-One Committee for taking this on, and to all the volunteers
who helped in making this year’s event a success. As of July 15th, our net profit is at $29,000 (our best year ever)
and will go toward the Senior Center’s operating budget! We truly appreciate all of your efforts and commitment!
Page 7
To Register: Call 507.287.1404
Special Events
Castle Quilter’s Movin’ Out Sale
Thursday, August 25th from 9 am - 3 pm
(RSC Club Rms)
Last chance! You’ll have one more opportunity to find
some great deals before the move to the new center!
Memory Cafe
At the Rochester Public Library
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
(May through August) 10:30 – 11:30 am
Meeting Room B
Free. Open to the public. Refreshments provided.
Senior Center Farewell Party
The Rochester Public Library will host a Memory Café which
gives people with dementia the opportunity to share their
stories and socialize with others who have concerns about
their memory. If you are caring for someone with dementia,
please attend as well! You will have the opportunity to enjoy
regular, positive social interaction with others in similar
circumstances in a safe, welcoming environment.
Thursday, Sept. 15th in Fred Reed Hall
Stay tuned for time and details!
(announced on
Diversity Discussion Group
Monday, August 8th from 1:30 - 3 pm (RSC Rm 218)
The Diversity Council in Rochester is working on a project
with the United Way to gather community groups to
discuss their experiences and aspirations for the Greater
Rochester area community. Join the United Way for a
discussion group!
Cindy’s Retirement Party
Thursday, August 18th. Open House from 1 - 2:30 pm
Our wonderful bookkeeper, Cindy Sogla, has been with
the Senior Center for an amazing 42 years! Please stop
by for cake and refreshments, and most of all to express
your gratitude for her service and well wishes for her in
the future! Read her goodbye letter on page 9.
Breakfast Club
Senior Day at MN State Fair
Thursday, September 1st
$26 Members, $30 Non-Members.
The sights, sounds, food, and daily parade! The Minnesota
State Fair is one of the nation’s largest and best-attended.
There is so much to see, do, and experience!
Trip includes: Deluxe motor coach transportation, with
restroom. Admission on your own at the gate (discount
for 65+ = $8 off).
Minnesota Senior of the Year Program is 10:30 am at
Leinie Lodge Bandshell.
Leaving the Senior Center at 7:30 am and Hobby Lobby
at 7:45 am. *Please be prepared for extreme MN August
humidity/heat and lots of walking. Please call 287-1404
to sign up by August 19th.
Meets 4th Tuesday each month
at 8:30 am
Everyone is welcome!
August 23rd at Grandma’s Kitchen, 1514 N. Broadway,
September 27th at Perkin’s South, 1818 S. Broadway,
125 LIVE Community Information Updates
Bob Fick Room (Recreation Center- 21 Elton Hills Drive)
Events will be held:
Thursday, August 25th at 4:00 pm
Thursday, September 29th at 4:00 & 6:00 pm
Open to the public, but we encourage our current
members to attend as well! It provides a great
opportunity to learn more about 125 LIVE and have
your questions answered!
Page 8
Thank you
Tax Volunteers!
Thank you to all the AARP Tax-Aide volunteers who
helped in 2016! We appreciate your help and all
that you do. The community is grateful to have such
a wonderful service and we know you work hard to
provide it! We hope each of you will join us again
next year as we continue to offer this amenity at
125 LIVE.
Or Visit
Thank you Morning
Pride Lions!
Thank you to the Morning Pride Lions for another
great Charity Golf Classic! We appreciate you making
this fun event benefit the Rochester Senior Center
and funds help to Enrich the Lives of Older Adults.
Thanks again for another great year!
Cindy’s goodbye letter:
Greetings all!!
After working for Senior Citizens Services Inc. for 42
years, I have decided to retire. I have seen how much
fun you all have in your retirement and now I want to
try it! I can’t imagine getting up in the morning and
NOT jumping in the car to drive to work but am willing
to give it a whirl! Living in Lake City but working in
Rochester has resulted in (I figured this out one day in
my spare time) 676,200 miles driven and numerous
vehicles! By the way, only ONE speeding ticket and
NO accidents in all those years and miles. That’s why
I am not pushing my luck any longer and calling it
quits. I have made so many friends here and sadly,
have lost many friends. Working here has never really
felt like a “job”. I have enjoyed my role and the many
challenges that came with it. I can honestly say that
not any two days are alike and that is what’s so great
about this place. But the best thing about the Center
is you – the members. You have given me a wealth
of knowledge on life and how to live it. For that I am
forever grateful. I will miss you all! Thank you for being
in my life all these years.
P.S. I will visit you at 125 LIVE. It will be awesome!!
Support at the
Rochester Senior Center
Grief Support - Will This Hurt Ever Stop?
Thursday, August 4th & September 1st at 1 pm
Typically meets the 1st Thursday of the Month
Facilitated by Marianne Maruca, Grief & Support Educator
Receive support, resources, and understanding during
one of life’s most difficult experiences. You do not have to
go through the grieving process alone. Come and share
tips and thoughts about enjoying this time of year without
your loved one. All ages welcome, free, and open to the
general public.
Free Blood Pressure Check Clinic
August 2nd and September 6th,
12:15 - 12:30 pm
Comfort Home Health Care will be at
the Center on the 1st Tuesday of the
month, in the Dining Room. Free, no RSVP required.
General public and all ages invited.
Foot Care Clinic
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Thursdays, 12-3:30 pm and
4th Thursday 9 am - 12 pm: Kay Plotner, RN
Wednesdays, 12 - 3:30 pm, Rhonda Rocap, RN
Trimming nails and addressing other problems such
as corns, calluses, and ingrown nails. Cost: $20/Member
per visit. $25 Non-Member. Appointments required.
TAXES – Rental and Property Rebates:
Thursdays: August 11th
Sessions are planned for rental rebate or property tax
refund filings. Call the Rochester Senior Center Tax
Line at 507-424-6407 to schedule an appointment.
Appointments are scheduled on a first come basis
from Noon to 3:00 pm.
Senior Living &
Memory Care
Join us for our weekly Dessert and Coffee Social, every Tuesday at 2:00PM
Page 9
To Register: Call 507.287.1404
Outdoor Activities
Adult Technology
We NEED MORE Golfers! Learning Center:
Friday August and September Golf Schedule
August 5
August 12
August 19
August 26
Northern Hills (back 9)
Soldiers Field
Soldiers Field
Northern Hills (back 9)
Hadley Creek
9 am, Soldiers Field (back 9) and
Tee-time is at 8 am.
-If others meet you on the back nine, let them play through.
When meals follow or precede golfing, it is an additional
charge to the golfer.
Green Fee: $15
Cart Rental Fee: $14 per 2 people
Hadley Creek Green Fee: $10.74
Cart Rental Fee: $6 per seat
Eastwood —281-6173
Soldier Field—281-6176
Northern Hills—281-6170
Hadley Creek—529-4119
Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of Open
Computer Labs scheduled almost every Friday, 9 a.m. to
12 p.m. Participants do not have to be attending classes to
take advantage of Open Computer Lab. On most Fridays
the Lab is staffed with volunteers so seniors can use the
lab to practice, ask questions, read their email, etc… The
lab will be open, however, no staff will be available during
the Adult Technology Learning Center volunteer meetings.
The next meeting is scheduled for Friday,
Sept. 2nd (no meeting in Aug.).
If you have questions or concerns call the
Business Office, (507) 287-1404 or the
Adult Technology Learning Center Line
at (507) 424-6413 and leave a message.
Tuesdays & Thursdays (September 6, 8, 13, 15)
(No prereq. Each series = $20/Member )
9:30 - 11:30 iPad (Fundamentals)
12:30 - 2:30 Windows 10 (Fundamentals)
3:30 - 5:30 Apple Mac (Fundamentals)
Seminars and Workshops
Windows 10 Overview
Wed. Sept. 7th - 9:30 to 11:30
Fitness with Fitbit
Mon. Sept. 12th - 12:30 to 2:30
Android (Fundamentals)
Wed. Sept.14th - 3:30 to 5:30
5:00 PM-9:00 PM
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Art at the Center
The “Original” Book Club
Adult Coloring Club
Thursday, August 11th &
September 8th at 10 am
The Book Club meets the second
Thursday of the month. $2 donation,
Members only.
Facilitated by: Dave Dunn and friends
August: The Witness by Nora Roberts
September: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Mondays 1:00 – 3:30 pm
It’s a hit! We are continuing with Adult Coloring Club and
extending the times! Don’t know what adult coloring is?
Coloring is no longer just for kids! It’s a fast-growing pasttime that utilizes coloring as a way to lift your mood, reduce
anxiety, and relieve stress. Crayola even makes adultspecific coloring books available at most local retailers.
One Topic, One Hour
Art with Luke
Every Monday at 10 am
Group leaders: Terry and Nick Nielsen
Members only
Our former art instructor, Luke Austin, will be teaching a
class series in August. This will be a continuation of what
AJ was teaching and will include all mediums.
5 week August Session: Wednesdays from 2 – 3:30
On the Markets
(Aug 3rd – 31st)
August 2nd & September 6th at 10:30 am
Greg Snider, Attorney, CFP®, ChFC®, Morgan Stanley
$35 Members/$45 Non-Members
August: How to Produce Income in a Low Rate
Environment (Consider Options?)
With interest rates at historic lows you may be finding it
difficult to produce the level of income you would like. This
class will introduce Covered Call Writing and discuss how
you can utilize this options strategy to potentially generate
income on your equity portfolio. If you are looking to
generate income, establish an upside selling price target or
to partially reduce the risk of stock ownership you may want
to consider writing covered calls.
September: Continuing the discussion.
Driver Refresher
Register at the Business Office (507)287-1404. Students
are asked to bring their own paper and paints. These
classes include instruction on oil painting, watercolor
painting, drawing with or without color, and acrylic. Luke
will work individually with each student. Beginners and
experts alike are welcome!
Open Art Studio - (No Instructor)
Thursdays 12:30 - 2:00 pm Rm 219
Come and spend time with other artists at our Open
Art Studio! Bring something you’d like to work on while
enjoying each other’s company!
Driver Refresher Class (4 hours)
Classes will resume again once we have moved to
125 LIVE.
Rochester Chapel
1624 37th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901
Randy Vine
“Know your options:
Call for no-cost advance
planning appointments
in your home.”
Chad Sietsema
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To Register: Call 507.287.1404
Exercise: On Going
Classes and Programs
Yoga for the Young at Heart
$3 Member/$5 Non-Member
*Free (Silver & Fit approved insurance plans)
The Silver & Fit program is designed for older adults! By
exercising regularly and meeting new people, you can be
Silver, Fit, and Fabulous® too! If you think your insurance
offers this benefit to you, come in to the Center and we
can see if you qualify for Free Exercise!
Instructor: Kaethe Boyer
Basic Exercise Mondays, 9:30 am, Fred Reed Hall
Set to music, this class includes exercises to get
your heart pumping, along with strength training
using hand weights, resistance bands and a semi
soft ball. Improves balance and coordination. May be
performed seated or standing. Open to all abilities.
Freedom Flexibility
Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30 am, Fred Reed Hall
This class is designed to reduce pain and stiffness and
maintain or improve mobility, muscle strength and functional
ability. Includes range of motion and endurance building
exercises, stretching and relaxation. Open to all abilities.
Circuit Training
Wednesdays, 9:30 am, Fred Reed Hall
Seven stations with a total of fourteen exercises
designed to improve strength, stamina, mobility,
balance and coordination. Open to all abilities.
Fridays from 9:30 – 10:30 am
$20 Members, $25 Non-Members
August Session: 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th
Join us for Hatha Yoga! In these classes we will learn
basic yoga postures and breathing techniques that will
increase flexibility, balance and strength. Variations of
yoga postures will be introduced, including using a chair
and other every day props, to support a safe and
enjoyable practice for all.
Instructor Ann Mosey is certified
by the National Yoga Association
and the Kripalu Yoga Institute.
She has been teaching yoga for
over 20 years and has over
35 years of professional
dance experience.
*Please bring your own mat if you can.
**Must pre-register at the Business Office (507)287-1404
(We need at least 6 attendees each class or class may
be cancelled).
Pickleball is the fastest growing sport
in America and RAPA (Rochester Area
Pickleball Association) is part of that
excitement. We play most days and
several evenings each week. Our website is: Please check there for
our scheduled times.
Zumba Gold
Wednesdays, 11:30 am, Fred Reed Hall
A Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends a variety
of upbeat music and contagious steps to form a “fitness
party” that is downright addictive. Join us to have fun and get
fit! *Class is primarily standing, but participants always have
the option of utilizing a chair for some or all of the songs.
On the website, there are also videos for
beginners. This sport is for all active adults
and we welcome new players. Call Jan at
(507) 319-4695 with any further questions.
211 2nd Street NW Rochester, MN 55901
Companionship • Light Housekeeping • Errands & Shopping
Meal Preparaon • Alzheimer’s Care • Personal Care
Serving Southeast Minnesota since 2003. Veteran-Owned. 24/7 On-Call Staff
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Tickets for the Kick-off Dinner and Expo are available at:
Senior Center (507-287-1404), Elder Network (507-285-5272),
Family Service Rochester (507-287-2010), Salvation Army (507-288-5191)
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To Register: Call 507.287.1404
Capital Campaign Donors - Thank You!!
(June 14-July 20)
Membership in May
16 Renewals
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cairns
Kiwanis Club of Rochester
Mrs. Vivian Malcomson
Otto Bremer Foundation
Senior Center Book Club
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
John & Lois Rink
Gail Anderson
and those who continue to make monthly pledge donations
Center Donations - Thank You!!
(June 14-July 20)
Anonymous in memory of Friends
IBM Employees
IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign
Local Independent Charities of America
Mrs. Germaine Little
Ms. Sharon Henzel
Ruth Stevens
Bill & Mary Boyne
Clarice Evans in memory of Helen Drewes
Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Nesler in memory of Lloyd Truax &
Marvin Muller
Lucinda Stockwell in memory of Marilyn Tischer
Quilting Group in memory of Diane Menning
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Krolak in memory of Peg Wente
The Waters on Mayowood
Pat Zirbes in appreciation for Tom Adams’ computer help
Janet Stenberg in appreciation for Tom Adams’
computer help
Frank Richason in appreciation for Tom Adams’ & Dave
Alexander’s computer help
Nancy Rieke in appreciation for Tom Adams’ computer help
Rochester Exchange Club
2 New Members
3 Honorary Members
New Members
Milford Garness
Nancy Hanson
Deceased Members
Marjorie Gamm
Diane Menning
Marilyn Tischer
Bill & Winnie Bean
Carol Bressel
Claudette Lynch
Lisa Puhl
Steve Thomas
Vern & Bridget Westbrock
Boxes for moving
Books for the Library
Fabric for Quilters
Books for the Library
Fabric for Quilters
Thank You!
I want to take this opportunity to
thank all the staff and members at
the Center!
I will be leaving the Senior Center and starting an
in-home daycare in order to stay home with my
own children. I have valued the time spent here
and have really enjoyed getting to know you as
members. I will miss seeing your friendly smiles
and hearing your encouraging words. I wish all of
you well and am excited for your future! Thank
you for everything!
—Emily Knutson
Executive Administrative Assistant
Kenosha Drive Apartments
Quality, Rent Subsidized Apartments For Seniors Ages 62 +
Located at 3461 Kenosha Drive NW, Rochester
Call Vicki: (800) 466-7722 X231 - Apply Online:
• Large community room
• Activity/exercise room
• Elevator service
• Outdoor patio and gas grill • On-site laundry facilities • 54 one-bedroom apts.
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• Accessible units available
• Service coordinator on staff
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Senior Citizens Services, Inc.
Rochester Senior Center
121 N. Broadway
Rochester, MN 55906