mrs. flutterbee`s music and movement assemblies


mrs. flutterbee`s music and movement assemblies
Mrs. Flutterbee assemblies are Fun, Educational, Interactive, High-Energy and create a
“Super Playful” atmosphere for all to experience. These music and movement presentations
include dancing, singing, sign language, props, puppets and books and a variety of
Educational Songs, like; “Monkey Mambo”, “A to Z Jazz”, “Diggin’ ‘Dem Shapes”, “Good
Words” and many more. Video clips and song clips of Mrs. Flutterbee’s Public School Music
and Movement Presentations and Fun songs can be viewed and heard at
Mrs. Flutterbee’s goal is to provide a quality interactive Music and Movement Assembly that
will get kids excited about learning. With our silly and heart felt songs, stories, and games, it’s
easy to keep your feet dancing and your heart soaring. With the variety of genre songs
styles that Mrs. Flutterbee offers, (Jazz, Pop, Country, Mambo & more) our audiences are
engaged and inspired throughout the entire presentation. Here are just a handful of
examples of some of the elements that we focus on to help young learners enjoy their
educational music experience with Mrs. Flutterbee:
1. Learning the Alphabet (combined with big movements like jumping jacks)
2. Patterning (AB Patterns – subjects covered: Fruit, Pets, Colors and Transportation, for
example: “bike, train, bike, train”, and then a pause comes to give students time to
guess, “what comes next”)
3. All About Me (Family – Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle,
Cousins, foster families, adopted families and step families)
4. Music and Movement (Body Movements with Jumping, Skipping, Hopping, Moving to
the right and to the left, all strategically designed in combination with Mrs. Flutterbee’s
songs, in order to teach children how much fun learning is)
5. Shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, oval, diamond, etc)
The 45 minute Mrs. Flutterbee Music and Movement Assembly is one that will provide for
lasting memories and promote the joy of learning in young children. Mrs. Flutterbee, Kati
Bee, has shown an exceptional ability to maintain the attention of her group with her highly
energetic and engaging presentations. Whether Kati Bee presents to 20 or 200 children, they
all feel special with Mrs. Flutterbee!