2010 Part 2



2010 Part 2
Dear Chief Parrish:
I am writing to advice you of the praise worthy actions of personnel under your command. On the evening
of October 22, 2010 Matt Neilson, et al, were dispatched to
, Fort Pierce to assist
my elderly neighbor,
, who had fallen within her bathroom. During the course of this call,
' front door knob had become dislodged. At that time, my husband & I had been given in-home
assistance to Mrs.
on a 24 hour basis for 8 days-- after a severe fall which occurred on October 14,
2010-- and we were thoroughly exhausted. A seemingly inconsequential event such as a door knobs
failure--for us--was overwhelming and the very last thing that our overly frayed nerves needed. Also, my
husband is disabled and would be incapable of repairing same. When Mr. Neilson discovered that the
door knob needed to be reattached, he cheerfully volunteered to repaired it and did so. He went beyond
the call of duty and although on paper this action may seem to be trivial, it meant the world to us. Further,
the other EMTs who attended to Mrs.
during this call were very kind to us and added a much
needed dose of levity. (I'm only sorry that I failed to learn their names so that they could also be praised).
It was a pleasure to encounter such professional emergency responders who clearly care about those
whom they serve.
, Fort Pierce, Florida
Good morning Captain Parent,
On Thursday, September 16, 2010, I received a phone call from
, praising our Fireman.
, of
She wanted to make sure someone was aware of how our Fireman are performing his or
her jobs. She also mentioned how nice it was on the last time rescue was called out to her
house; she had already been transported to the ED that morning and was discharge.
However, during the day she needed rescue again and she called, she mentioned that our
dispatcher also were extremely professional and courteous.
She wanted to make sure and commend Mark Elliott and Remi Dieujuste, especially. She
also had her smoke alarms going off while rescue was in her house and Mark & Remi took
care of them and let her feeling safe.
Please note the following people who have responded to her home, she did not want to
leave any of them out.
Mark Elliot, Remi Dieujuste, John Kayda, John Anderson, Ron Kyzer, Bill Garrigan Andrea
Bergeron, Jesus Bayona, Adam Hutchinson, Ryan Maples, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Lt. Mele,
Sonny Walls, Captain Parent.

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