Welcome to Year 9 2015



Welcome to Year 9 2015
Welcome to Year 9 2015
Dream team aka Tutors
Mr Dennis Brown
Mrs Gaenor Clarke
Mrs Helen Mansfield
Mr Joe Dombroski
Ms Raewyn Casey
Mrs Sandra Milliken
Mrs Juliet Jack
Support team
Mrs Viv Jones
Mrs Bronwyn van der Geest
Learning Leader
Learner Support
Mr Chanel Houlahan
Ms Jane Falkiner
Guidance Cousellor
Guidance Counsellor
Mrs Deb Plummer
Team members with special
Mr Mark Haslam
AP Pastoral Care / Acting Director Sport
Mr Jason Gurney
Ms Kate Dickson
AP Teaching and Learning
AP Communication
Mrs Lorna Rood
Director of Performing Arts
Extra Special team members Wellness Centre
Mrs Fleur Cray - nurse
Mrs Eve Daniels – attendance officer
Role of Tutors
• Daily contact with students – lunch eating time
• Daily school admin: notices, newsletters, general day-today school information
• Pastoral care of students
• First contact for students and parents
Expectations and Standards
• Respect and Courtesy
• Pride in uniform – Hats worn T1 and T4
• Appropriate Behaviour – Kristin MS Step System
• Commitment to Homework – 11/2 hrs per night (5 nights a
• Participation, Involvement, Opportunity
Our Aim in the MS Environment
• Enjoyment
• Challenge
• Communication
• Being connected – sharing and caring
• Promoting friendships
• Responsibility
• Leadership
Focus for Year 9
• Firm Foundation
• Balance
• Creativity
'Give me a firm place to stand, and I will
move the earth'.
Archimedes, 287-212 B.C
From then to -
So what’s different about Year 9?
From this -
To this!
• Independence
• Responsibility
• Planning
• Organisation
Tutor Class Design
• 158 students
• 30 new enrolled students
• 7 tutor classes
• Majority of tutors take their class for a
School programme
• English, Humanities, Science, Health with tutor group
• Mathematics - streamed
• PE separated into boys and girls in some groups
• Language and Option classes teamed with
other classes
• 4 Option subjects – 2 per semester
• Language and FPS full year programme
Differentiated learning
• Staff undertake continuous professional
• Individual learning needs and styles are catered
• Gate programme – cluster, AI, workshops
• Learner support – in class and withdrawal
• 5 nights a week 1 – 1/12 hrs maximum
• Student forum
• Diary
• Calendar on MyKristin
• Post it notes
• Clarify with teacher / negotiate
• Contact teacher for queries / concerns
• Ongoing - Formative and summative
• End of each unit in some cases
• Links with other subjects
• Student forum for notification
• Range of assessment tools and options
Pastoral Care
• Tutors
• 2 x Pastoral care periods
• Mentoring
• Tutoring
• Homework club
• After school Maths clinic
Leadership opportunities
• Class Captains
• Project groups
• Clubs
• Mentors
• Coaching
Student Rewards
• Bouquets in the newsletter
• 10 o’ clock club
• Gotchas
• Attitude and Perseverance award
• Academic Awards ceremony
• Prizegiving
• Tent pitching on Wednesday 18 February P3,4. Tents to be left
at school
• Gear check – rainjacket, polyprop top and bottom, tramping
shoes/boots, hat/cap in named bag – Wednesday 18 February
P3,4. Gear to be left at school
• All students meet in GYM carpark at 11.30am on Sunday
22 February
• Packed lunch, afternoon tea and drink to be brought in
• We will return on Thursday 26 February at 2pm in the
Auditorium carpark
• No school on Friday 27 February
Camp Reminders
• Homebaking / biscuits AND packet of muesli bars to be
brought and given to tutor teacher
• No cellphones, ipods, electronic games
• No fizzy drinks, lollies or chewing gum
• Please limit your child to ONE bag and a backpack
• Normal school rules apply
Camp – just to let you know:
• All adventure activities will be taken by professional outdoor
• All instructors are proficient in First Aid
• We have a doctor and nurse on our Camp
• Please ensure that your child has appropriate medication and
you have informed us of any conditions
• Aim – involvement, challenging boundaries, achieving personal
goals, building and consolidating friendships
The Last Word
William Butler Yeats once said:
‘Education is not the filling of a pail
But the lighting of a fire’
Let’s hope our students burn brightly this year!

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