Inspirations Winter 2013



Inspirations Winter 2013
WINTER 2013/2014
P R E S B Y ’ S
2000 Joshua Road
Lafayette Hill, PA 1944-24430
“Inspired Service” 2013…
Most Successful Yet!
early 160 friends,
aging. One of the region’s largest
residents, benenon-profit organizations, its
factors, corporate
mission is to improve the quality
of life for older Philadelphians or
Presby Board and
people with disabilities and to
staff gathered on
assist them in achieving their
October 24th
maximum level of health, indeat The Hilton
pendence and productivity.
Philadelphia City Avenue for the
Im Ja Choi is a KoreanPresby’s Inspired Life “Inspired
American entrepreneur who
Service” fundraising event. This
founded Penn Asian Senior
year’s event was held in tribute to
Services, Inc. (PASSi), a
the Philadelphia Corporation for
community-based, non-profit
Aging (PCA) and Im Ja Choi,
organization serving ailing
Sharing a moment at Presby’s “Inspired Service” event on
founder and president of
Asian-American seniors with
October 24th are (from left) Mistress of Ceremonies and
Jenkintown-based Penn Asian
language barriers. Today, PASSi
senior advocate Willo Carey, of WHYY; Presby’s Inspired Life
Board member Rev. Randy Barge; Holly Lange, president &
Senior Services, Inc.
now provides homecare services
CEO of honoree PCA; Honoree Im Ja Choi; and Presby’s
“Inspired Service” was
to seniors in nine different
Inspired Life President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria.
organized as a fundraising initialanguages.
tive to garner support for
“Both PCA and Im Ja Choi
low- and lower-middle income residents who receive charitable
have created opportunities for seniors in need to enjoy a greater
support funds in our market rate communities, as well as for life
quality of life,” Judee said. “In doing so, they share similar
enrichment activities throughout Presby’s Affordable Housing
missions with Presby of serving those in greatest need.”
Hallmarks of the evening included a rousing performance
This year’s event marked the fourth “Inspired Service.”
by Mt. Tabor AME Church’s Victory and Praise Choir; Mistress
With net proceeds totaling more than $46,000, it turned out to
of Ceremonies Willo Carey, who shared her passion for senior
be a milestone fundraising achievement for this particular event,
advocacy through her leadership roles at WHYY; the premiere of
which began in 2008.
the new “Moments in Ministry” video, featuring Presby’s
“Thank you to all of our event sponsors and individual
ministry in action as described through resident testimonials;
benefactors for making this year’s event such a success,” said
and exciting silent and live art auctions, featuring work created
Presby’s Inspired Life President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria. “Your
and donated by Presby residents.
generosity is at the heart of our ministry.”
“It was an inspirational night for Presby, our honorees and
Presby’s “Inspired Service” Award has become synonymous
the entire senior services vocation,” Judee added. “’Inspired
with excellence in senior care and services by highlighting
Service’ momentum is growing, which will further compound
individuals’ and organizations’ achievements in advancing senior
our ministerial offerings for the betterment of our residents in
services, particularly for those in greatest need.
financial need.”
Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2013, PCA is a private
organization serving as Philadelphia County’s area agency on
For photographic highlights from “Inspired Service” see page 4.
Rydal Park Resident Honored for Philanthropy
ydal Park resident and generous
benefactor Betty J. Sieber (seated,
second from left) is honored at
the 28th Annual National
Philanthropy Day Awards
Luncheon, held on November
20th at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel. Joining
Bette are (seated, from left) Donor Relations
Manager Latoya Carroo, Betty’s friends
Rosemarie Grogan and Nancy Rector, and (back
row from left) Board member William G. Young,
Jr., Rydal Park Executive Director Stuart
Skinner, President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria,
Executive Director of Mission Support Megan
Cantalupo and Presby Board Chair Skip
Dittmann. Hosted by the Greater Philadelphia
Chapter of the American Association of
Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the event pays
tribute to the Philadelphia area’s most generous
benefactors at AFP-member organizations. Bette was selected for the honor for her significant generosity toward The “Call To
Care” Capital Campaign for The Joseph C. Scott Medical Center at Rydal Park, which culminated in 2012. About her philanthropic contributions that led to the honor, Bette commented, “I devote my time and resources because I am very passionate about
helping others.”
At the Heart
Dear Friends:
For me, this season represents family,
that special time of year when we gather
with loved ones who help shape who we
are. This sense of family is particularly
palpable at Presby’s Inspired Life, where
an increasing number of people from all walks of life define
our family and help to shape our ministry.
What a milestone year 2013 has turned out to be for
Presby’s Inspired Life! In this issue of “Inspirations” you will
learn of our significant advancements in the areas of expansion, service delivery, as well as fundraising and strategic
planning. These advancements would not have been possible
without the support and partnership of our Presby family:
donors, corporate friends, faith congregations, residents, their
families, team members and volunteers, all of whom comprise
Presby’s family and are responsible for our achievements.
We’ve enhanced our brand, logo, mission statement and
website to further relate our communities with the parent
entity, Presby’s Inspired Life. This creative endeavor modernizes our overall “look” while better unifying our myriad
communities and services under one entity.
In a strategic move to further compound our already
exceptional memory care programming, a specialized task
force embarked upon researching and modernizing service
delivery standards for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other
memory affecting disorders in various settings. This new
“Memory Care Center of Excellence” is designed as an innovative approach with educational components, which ultimately
will be offered to the greater community.
Our Affordable Housing Ministry is growing, as we
celebrated the groundbreaking of our sponsored Wynnefield
Place affordable housing community, to be located in the
Wynnefield/Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia. This
planned, 48-unit housing project is unique in that it
represents a combination U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development and Pennsylvania Housing Finance
Agency Tax Credit project.
We once again hosted our traditional “Inspired Service”
event. This year, we paid tribute to the Philadelphia
Corporation for Aging and Im Ja Choi, founder and
president of Penn Asian Senior Services, for their achievements in advancing the field of senior services for those in
need. Thanks to our generous sponsors and individual
benefactors, it turned out to be a fundraising achievement
for this particular event, which began in 2008.
And, in one of my favorite activities as President & CEO,
we honored our most dedicated team members for their
longevity at our Annual Service Awards in October, where one
of our Rydal Park team members marked 35 years of service.
So at this time of year, I will give much appreciative
thought to our Presby family, which helps turn possibility into
reality, sets our mission into action and never ceases in its loyalty to our ministry and, ultimately, those we serve. Than you!
Many blessings for the holiday season!
Judee M. Bavaria
Presby Team Members Honored for Service and Dedication
resby’s Inspired Life honored team members for their exceptional
dedication at the Annual Service Awards, held on October 16th.
Hosted to commemorate team member anniversaries in five-year
increments, the event continues to grow each year with more team
members celebrating milestones in their tenure.
“The Service Awards is one my favorite events because it represents
an opportunity to pay tribute to our most dedicated employees,” said
President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria. “Their loyalty sets a wonderful example for all
of us to follow.”
In total, 83 team members were honored for their dedication, totaling a collective 900 years of service. The evening culminated with an award of distinction when
– celebrating 35 years of service – Rydal Park Maintenance Supervisor Rick
Crotinger was honored for his exceptional service, which began in 1978 when Rydal
Park was only four years old.
“Such loyalty is extremely rare in today’s ever-dynamic job marked,” Judee added.
“The fact that so many team members continue to maintain Presby as their employer
of choice speaks volumes of their dedication and the special people who enact our
mission every day.”
Presby’s Memory Care Programming…Transforming
Excellence Through Innovation
resby’s memory programming for residents with Alzheimer’s
disease and other memory-affecting disorders is strategically
poised to become an area of excellence,” said COO Jim Polaski.
“So that we may further build on that foundation, the Memory
Care Area of Excellence Committee was formed.”
Consisting of an interdisciplinary team of professionals from
Presby’s market rate communities, as well as the Board of Directors, the
Committee’s main charge is to create a holistic, dynamic, innovative and
research-based program that does not replicate the dated standards of dementia
Presby’s Memory Care Area of Excellence
care, but instead reinvents life for seniors with memory challenges. The philosCommittee (front row from left) Interim
ophy behind the care mix is to lead with a positive approach, encouraging
Spring Mill Administrator Carisa Livingston,
creativity, self-direction and collaboration.
Director of Quality Improvement & Clinical
For the past several months, the Committee has been hard at work identifyRisk Management Bette McNee, Rosemont
Administrator and Memory Support Area of
ing memory support procedures, from pre-admission through discharge, with
Excellence Committee Facilitator Marina
consistent reassessments that will ultimately lead to formalized criteria.
Hacking, and (back row from left) COO Jim
“Because Presby serves older adults in various life settings — such as independPolaski, Rosemont Director of
ent living, personal care and skilled nursing — the concepts illustrated in this new
Environmental Services Darren Wagner,
program were designed to transcend all levels of care,” said Director of Quality
Rosemont Director of Dining Services
Improvement and Clinical Risk Management Bette McNee. “What’s more, the
Bernadette Butler and Presby’s Inspired Life
Board member Dr. Marilyn Dyson.
benefits of the program are also applicable to affected older adults living in the
greater community.”
By honing and standardizing this area of expertise within Presby communities, the ultimate goal is to offer training and family support to the greater community through Presby’s “Inspired Academy” education initiative, further compounding Presby’s
renown as a regional leader in senior services.
“For residents with memory loss disorders, the more we know about their lives, not simply their medical history, the better
we can enrich their lives while we care for them,” added Memory Care Area of Excellence Committee Facilitator and Rosemont
Administrator Marina Hacking. “Additionally, the more we know about their care needs, the better equipped we will be about
hiring potential caregivers.”
The Committee will continue their work toward the goal of publishing a best practices manual, which is currently in production.
“Team members at Presby and caregivers and families in the community will soon have even more tools to deliver the best
possible memory care to residents,” Jim added. “It’s our way of creating a ‘gold standard’ that will further define this area of
excellence while ultimately enhancing the quality of life for affected older adults.”
Presby Team Members Rally In Support at Annual Walk to
End Alzheimer’s
resby’s Inspired Life team members rallied together early on Sunday,
November 10th to particpate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s
Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease, held in South
Philadelphia at the Sports Complex. The event raises awareness and
funds for care, support and research for Alzheimer’s Disease, the
nation’s sixth-leading cause of death. It is held annually in more
than 600 communities across America, and the Delaware Valley’s event boasted significant turnout, with more than 6,000 walkers participating. The Presby team
consisted of a representative from the Board of Directors, staff from market rate
communities, as well as the Community Support Center. “As Presby team members, we are more than employees, we are advocates,” attests Spring Mill Resident
Assistant and event participant Stacey Williams. “As senior care professionals, we need to show our support for those with Alzheimer’s
Disease.” Here, donning their purple shirts – the signature color of the Alzeheimer’s Association – the Presby team included (from
left) former Spring Mill Activities Coordinator Alex Wathen, her friend Trevor Gillespie, Spring Mill Charge Nurse Shardae Taylor,
Rydal Park Move-in Coordinator Laura Wiater, Spring Mill nursing assistant Eboni Drake, Rydal Park Facilities Services
Coordinator Katie McClurg, Spring Mill Resident Assistant Stacey Williams, Presby’s Inspired Life Board member Dr. Marilyn
Dyson, Rydal Park nursing assistant Tara McFarland and Presby Director of Staff Development Vickie Miller.
President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria
congratulates Rydal Park Maintenance
Supervisor Rick Crotinger (second from
left) for 35 years of service during the
October 16th Employee Service Awards.
Joining them are Rydal Park Executive
Director Stuart Skinner (second from
right) and Executive Vice President &
COO Jim Polaski.
“Inspired Service” Highlights
Brand Enhancement Initiative Yields Stronger
Parent Corporation Identity, New Mission Statement and
a New Website
Vice President & CFO Cindy Hoffman (left)
A Executive
Board Vice Chair Alan Griffith (center) and wife Marla
Griffith (far right) welcome to “Inspired Service” representatives
from ParenteBeard, an event Silver Sponsor, (from left) Marc
Ross, Abbey Loftus and Brian Gabriel.
Presbyterian Village resident and benefactor
B Rosemont
Joyce Malott (center) and Rydal Park Director of Facilities
Craig Pierre and wife Cathryn explore resident artwork during
the silent auction portion of the evening.
Inspired Life Board member Rob Reeves with
C Presby’s
Bruce Givnish of Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, an event
Bronze Sponsor.
n a Board of Directors-endorsed endeavor to further accentuate the Presby’s Inspired Life parent “brand” throughout
the Greater Philadelphia Region, Presby embarked upon a
brand enhancement initiative throughout 2013. The yearlong effort, which included input from residents, staff and
volunteers alike, has led to a new logo, mission statement
and website.
“We have not changed our name; we will remain Presby’s
Inspired Life,” said President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria. “What’s new
is our logo, which better relates to those of our communities, tying all
of our ministries together under one brand.”
The new logo features the tagline, On a Mission to Inspire,
which denotes not-for-profit, faith-based action that instills a sense of
inspiration and spirit among residents.”
D “Inspired Service” 2013 began on just the right note with
a rousing performance by the Mt. Tabor AME Church
Victory and Praise Choir.
New Mission Statement:
In Gratitude…Presby’s
Inspired Life thanks the
following sponsors for
helping to make “Inspired
Service” a success:
“To Provide Exceptional Living Experiences for Older Adults.”
This new statement explains what Presby’s Inspired Life does in a clear, concise and memorable sentence. Utilizing the words
“exceptional living experiences” distinguishes Presby’s Inspired Life from other retirement community developers, communicating
that Presby offers not simply outstanding accommodations, services and amenities, but also an “exceptional” lifestyle.
Coming in December, a
new and improved website,
Hirtle Callaghan & Co.
LevLane Advertising
Citizens Bank
Penn Asian Senior Services
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
Prelude Services
Prime Business Systems
TN Ward Company
he new site is technologically up-to-date
and further engages visitors to explore
Presby’s various ministries. With virtual and
photographic tours, as well as faster
response mechanisms, the new website also
acts as a marketing tool to entice potential
new residents and donors, as well as volunteers and team members.
Judee M. Bavaria
Healthcare Services Group
Johnson, Kendall & Johnson
BRONZE SPONSORS Latsha Davis & McKenna, P.C.
Morrison Senior Living
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Young, Jr.
Presby Breaks Ground on Wynnefield Place
Apartments…Affordable Housing Ministry Set to Expand!
eighborhoods are only as
good as the people who
comprise them and, most
assuredly, Philadelphia’s
Wynnefield neighborhood is one of the best,”
said Executive Vice President & COO
Jim Polaski as he welcomed guests to
the October 23rd groundbreaking of
Wynnefield Place Apartments. “Today is a
celebration of our partnerships that help
make affordable housing a reality for
seniors in need.”
Sponsored by Presby’s Affordable
Housing Ministry, Wynnefield Place
Apartments will feature 48 one-bedroom
apartment homes for economically-disadvantaged seniors; it will create opportunities for them to live an enhanced quality
of life that they may otherwise not have
known. The project is unique in that
it represents a combination U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) and Pennsylvania
Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) project. The Philadelphia Redevelopment
Authority (PRA) also played a key role
in the project through their partnership
and efforts in garnering the land on
which Wynnefield Place Apartments
will stand.
“HUD’s Section 202 housing grant
and their Section 8 Housing Subsidies
combined with PHFA’s low-income tax
credits will create unparalleled affordability for Wynnefield Place residents,”
added Executive Director of Affordable
Housing Bill Canteen.
Presby Board and staff, vendors,
contractors, elected officials, as well as
members of the Wynnefield/Overbrook
Revitalization Project and Civic
Association gathered on the construction
site for the festivities.
Pennsylvania Senator Vincent
Hughes, Pennsylvania’s 7th Senatorial
District, and Philadelphia City
Councilman Curtis Jones, Philadelphia’s
4th District, are staunch supporters for
bringing Wynnefield Place Apartments
to fruition. They charted a course for
advocacy in the Wynnefield/Overbrook
neighborhood that paved the way for
Wynnefield Place Apartments to become
With construction to last approximately one year, Jim Polaski added, “All
of us at Presby’s Inspired Life look
forward to celebrating our partnerships
with the Wynnefield Place Apartments’
grand opening in late 2014.”
Breaking ground on Wynnefield Place
Apartments during the October 23rd event
are (from left) Presby Board member
William G. Young, Jr., Executive Vice
President & CFO Cindy Hoffman,
Vice President of Finance Jennifer Kappen,
Executive Director of Affordable Housing
Bill Canteen, Philadelphia City
Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. with a
member of his staff, and Executive Vice
President & COO Jim Polaski.
Spring Mill Named “Best Personal Care Living”
in Montgomery County
or the fourth consecutive
year, Presby’s Spring Mill
community received the
“Best of Montgomery
County 2013” distinction
for its personal care services
from readers of “The Times
Herald” newspaper. Proudly displaying
Spring Mill’s banner of distinction are (from
left) Spring Mill Interim Administrator
Carisa Livingston, residents Vickie Sarli and
Ron Klenk, Spring Mill Director of
Marketing Lisa Seonia and Executive Vice
President & COO Jim Polaski. “This award
is a testament to the excellence care, services
and amenities found at Spring Mill,” said
Director of Marketing Lisa Seonia.
Professional Briefs...
tuart Skinner has been appointed Executive Director of Rydal Park. In announcing
his appointment, Presby’s Inspired Life Chief Operating Officer Jim Polaski said this
is an exciting time for new leadership at Rydal Park with a strategic three-year
repositioning plan having culminated in July 2013. Stuart’s exemplary leadership,
clinical, administrative and business skills will help solidify Rydal Park’s stance as a
premier continuing care retirement community, Jim said.
“I am enjoying working with Presby’s Inspired Life management, as well as Rydal Park
residents and staff to further accentuate Rydal Park’s exceptional renown,” Skinner said. “My goal
is to ensure the enhanced, spirited living experience that residents expect and deserve through
Rydal Park’s superior services and amenities.”
Previously, Stuart enjoyed a 15-year tenure with Catholic Health Care Services (CHCS) of
the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. His executive positions with CHCS included his most recent
role as Deputy Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, as well as Director of Facility-Based Services
and Administrator of the CHCS Immaculate Mary Home. Prior to CHCS, Stuart held leadership positions with Albert Einstein Medical Center, Crozer-Keystone Health Systems, Golden
Slipper Uptown Home and The Philadelphia Geriatric Center.
Stuart Skinner
Executive Director, Rydal Park
egan Cantalupo has been promoted to Executive Director of Mission Support
at Presby’s Inspired Life, a role she assumed after serving as Acting Director of
Philanthropy since June 2013. Megan joined the Presby’s Inspired Life ministry in June 2012 as Director of Annual Giving.
In announcing the promotion, President & CEO Judee M. Bavaria said,
“In her new, elevated role, Megan is responsible for the design and implementation of strategies to further advance the organization’s fundraising initiatives in the areas of
major gifts, annual giving, corporate and foundation support, as well as church and community
relations and communications.”
A seasoned fundraising professional, Megan has 17 years of experience in fundraising, stewardship and cultivation that includes tenures at St. Joseph’s University, where she served as
Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s Fund; and at West Chester University, where she served as
Director of Alumni Relations. In this capacity, Megan was the main liaison between nearly Megan Cantalupo
80,000 college graduates, the university’s administration and the alumni association. Megan also Executive Director of Mission Support
served in fundraising and alumni leadership roles at Holy Family University and Niagara
The Sowers’ Society…Helping Our Mission
to Bear Fruit
he Parable of the Sower contains the message that although sometimes one’s
efforts do not bear fruit, success can still occur with determination and faith.
In the parable, a sower dropped seeds on a path, on rocky ground and
among thorns, but the seeds did not grow. He then — after much effort —
dropped seeds on fertile soil and they grew a hundredfold.
At Presby’s Inspired Life, “The Sowers’ Society” was founded to honor
those who generously made a commitment to bequeath Presby’s Inspired Life in their
estate by planting the seeds of generosity. In doing so, they lovingly help to ensure the high
quality of life for our residents in need while perpetuating their own legacy.
You too can be a Sower at Presby’s Inspired Life by helping our mission bear fruit
through a planned gift. To learn how, contact the Office of Mission Support at