Name ________________________________________________________________________________ Group _______
Date ________________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verb TO BE, (not) as ... as and the adjectives in
a) John (tall) _____________________________________ his father. They are both 1.7 metres tall.
b) I’ve got brown hair. Jay has got black hair. My hair (dark) ______________________________ Jay’s.
c) Bill’s dog weighs 25 kilograms and Josh’s dog weighs 30 kilograms. Bill’s dog is (heavy)
________________________________________ Josh’s dog.
d) Lisa’s blouse (cheap) ________________________________ Abbie’s blouse. Both blouses cost £10.
e) Jason’s jeans are size 38 and Robert’s jeans are size 36. Jason’s jeans are (small)
_____________________________________ Robert’s jeans.
2. Write sentences using the words below and (not) as ... as .
a) a house / a motorbike / cheap
b) Japan / China / big
c) an armchair / a sofa / comfortable
d) metal / plastic / strong
e) the sun / the moon / hot
3. Look at the picture on the right and write
true sentences about it with the words
superiority form of the adjectives. BE
CAREFUL! First, you have to choose the
correct adjective!
a) Nancy’s skirt - short / long - Lisa’s skirt
b) Lisa’s skirt - dark / light - Nancy’s skirt
c) Betty’s shoes - usual / unusual - Lisa’s shoes
d) Betty’s clothes - elegant / casual - Lisa’s clothes
4. Look at the picture and compare these two boats. Then, complete the sentences with the words
in the box.
* King John * bigger * *is * than * Queen Anne * expensive * more *
a) The Queen Anne is _________________________ than the King John.
b) The King John is smaller _______________________ the Queen Anne.
c) The Queen Anne is _______________________ modern than the King John.
d) The King John ________________________ older than the Queen Anne.
e) The __________________________ is faster than the ________________________________.
f) The Queen Anne is more _____________________________ than the King John.
5. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences using the superlative form of the adjectives in
the box, as in the example.
serious * young * short * fat * tall * long * thin * casual * curly * dark * elegant * happy
a) John
is the happiest
g) Timmy ______________________________________
b) Tom ___________________________________.
h) Sarah’s hair _________________________________
c) Clare __________________________________.
i) James ________________________________________
d) Clare’s hair ____________________________.
j) Ann’s hair ___________________________________
e) Amanda _______________________________.
k) Clare ________________________________________
f) Amanda’s hair _________________________.
l) John’s T-shirt ________________________________
6. Look at the picture and complete the
sentences with the comparative or the
superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.
a) Pete is (short) ____________________________
teenager in the group.
b) Simona’s hair is (long) ____________________
_______________ Emily’s hair.
c) Billy is (tall) ____________________________ in
the group.
d) Robert is (thin) _____________________ Pete.
e) I think Emily has got (beautiful) ________________________________________ clothes in the group.
f) Robert is (fat) ____________________________ Simona but Pete is (fat) ___________________________
7. Look at the picture in exercise 6 and complete the sentences about those people’s clothes using
the right form of TO BE, the adjective in brackets and too ... or (not) ... enough.
a) Pete’s shirt ________________________________________________________________ (small).
b) Bill’s jacket ____________________________________________________________________ (big).
c) Robert’s trousers ______________________________________________________________ (long).
d) Simona’s skirt ___________________________________________________________ (short) for church.
e) Emily’s shoes _________________________________________________________ (practical) for winter.
8. Circle the correct answer.
a) I want to buy nicer than / the nicest necklace in the shop.
b) The sleeves on this dress are shorter than / the shortest the sleeves on your dress.
c) The spring is as hot as / not as hot as the summer.
d) Please show me trendier than / the trendiest mini skirt in your cupboard.
e) I’m 1.52 metres and my sister is 1.54. I’m taller than / not as tall as my sister.
f) A sweater is warmer than / as warm as a shirt.
g) Rachel looks great! She wears more beautiful than / the most beautiful clothes in town.
h) Trainers are more practical than / the most practical flip-flops for sport.
i) Jeans are as formal as / not as formal as dresses.
j) Don’t buy that blouse. It’s more expensive than / the most expensive one in the shop.
k) My hair is longer than / the longest yours. Your hair is short.
l) The red dress is as elegant as / more elegant than the black one. I like both dresses.
9. Circle the correct answer.
a) Wear your winter coat. Your jacket is warm enough / not warm enough .
b) These trousers are small enough / too small for me. I need a bigger size.
c) The salad in this restaurant is big enough / not big enough for two people. We can order one
salad for the two of us.
d) Jeans are too casual / not casual enough for a wedding.
e) Am I too pretty / pretty enough to be a model?
f) This blouse is too expensive / expensive enough . I can’t buy it.
g) Are these flip-flops too comfortable / comfortable enough ?
10. Translate into Spanish sentences (c), (e) and (f) in exercise 8 and sentences (d), (f) and (g) in
exercise 9.
8c) ____________________________________________________________________________________________
8e) ____________________________________________________________________________________________
8f) ____________________________________________________________________________________________
9d) ___________________________________________________________________________________________
9f) ____________________________________________________________________________________________
9g) ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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