Bridal Hair, Kenra Style


Bridal Hair, Kenra Style
From the article “Bridal Hair, Kenra Style,”, May 2006.
Bridal Hair, Kenra Style
By Charu Suri
Brides will love the sateen finish provided
by Kenra’s Silkening Mist ($15.00), which
is a luxurious finish to any coiffure, be it a
chic chignon or ‘let your hair down’ look.
Used to finish Felicity Huffman’s Oscar
“do,” it comes in a superlightweight aerosol
form. When I used the mist, I was amazed
at its lighter-than-air feel, and the glossy
shine that my hair had. A new addition to
Kenra’s Platinum Collection, it curbs frizz
and repairs split ends, and has a very
pleasing smell (a waft of pomegranate).
Another product brides may want to
consider is the Volume Spray, which
has a hold index of 25, and has all-day
staying power. My hairdo was held firmly
in place throughout the day, and not a
strand came loose. Plus true to its name,
it added build to the hair without being
too sticky or goopy. Over a million cans
are sold each year.
One of my favorite products in the
Kenra Platinum line is the
Texturizing Taffy, which holds and
texturizes hair while giving a nice
matte finish. The Grooming
Pommade also can hold up a hairdo with ease, and has a waterbased formula that rinses out easily.
The new Root Lifting Spray is innovative
in its conduit, being both a combination
of a mousse and spritz, thereby preventing potential messiness. The product
contains silk amino acids, which bolster
the hair and strengthen it. The spray is
easy to use and lifts the hair right at the
roots, where you need it the most. The
result? Bride-worthy hair.
To purchase, visit Ulta Salon
(Ph: 323-878-2524).