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Agnes C. Davis Agnes C. Davis
Agnes C. Davis
Motivational Speaker,
Speaker, Swimming
Swimming Expert,
Expert, Family
Family Fitness
Fitness Consultant
Consultant and
and Entrepreneur
Five years ago, Agnes Davis, was
wrongfully terminated from her job as
Cardiovascular Perfusionist at a top
New York City hospital and had to
reinvent her professional life. She was
broken, broke and depressed.
She needed a lifeline and it happened one
day with an appearance by brand expert
Donny Deutsch on the Today show. “There I
was sitting on my couch, pondering what to
do next and Deutsch spoke to me directly (at
least that’s what I thought when I heard the
message),” says Davis. “He was saying that
although the economy had collapsed, it was
the best time to start a business. Then
Deutsch said, ‘Do something you love, make
a niche and the rest will come.’ I love to
swim and decided to open a swimming
Agnes has been swimming since she could remember. As a child, she grew up on Long
Island in a small family of four that enjoyed the water. Her swimming continued through
high school and college. She worked as a lifeguard and taught swimming to her friends
as a hobby.
Davis researched swimming and discovered the staggering statistics and the lack of
knowledge about drowning. Agnes acquired her American Red Cross recertifications in
CPR, Water Safety Instruction, and Lifeguarding in the spring of 2009. With eight drownings in NYC, during the summer of 2009, it was clear that every child and adult needed
to learn how to swim and learn water safety.
Agnes Davis went back to school with the last bit of money in her account to get the
necessary certification in swim safety and launched swim swim swim I SAY™. swim
swim swim I SAY™ focuses on providing top-notch swim instruction. The company is
five years old and is now her part-time job. Davis started with three clients, which has
grown to over 100, and teaches quality swimming to children and adults in Harlem, the
Bronx, and New Jersey.
The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, writes, "The best means to prevent water-related
injuries is to learn how to swim." swim swim swim I SAY™ is one of the few female
minority-owned and operated swim company in New York City.
Agnes Davis’ Media Appearances
WPIX-11 (New York)
WABC (New York)
WNBC Today Weekend (New York)
AOL Parenting
Yahoo News
Satellite Radio:
Sirius XM – Sway In The Morning (Shade 45)
Steve Harvey Morning Show/WBLS-FM (New York)
BlogTalk Radio (internet)
The Daily Beast
DNAInfo New York
Black Enterprise
Amsterdam News
The Network Journal
The Brand New Mommy
She Runs It
Autism Speaks
The Make A Splash Foundation
American Red Cross
United States Swimming Association
Minority Women Business Enterprise
National Drowning Prevention Alliance
Media Impressions
Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY™, has coached and motivated over 1000
individuals using swimming as an empowerment tool. Davis has also generated over 60
million in media impressions.
Workshop Topics/Programs
Agnes Davis, CEO of swim swim swim I SAY™
Motivational Speaker for Life Changes, Swimming Instruction Expert, Family Fitness
Consultant and Entrepreneur
Most Requested Presentations:
Turn A Setback Into A Winning Comeback
Be prepared for the unexpected in life. Sit still, devise a winning plan, and tap into your
passion. Real steps on getting your mojo back after a major setback.
Live Bold, Trust and Jump Into Your Destiny
Having a great idea is only the beginning. What do you do next when you have no net
and backup plan? Write a plan, research, and turn your business idea into a pot-of-gold.
Swimming Is Not Only An Olympic Sport But A Great Life Investment
For so many, swimming is not a sport they engage in or view as a natural way of life.
Hear from a swimming expert on how to turn this around completely . Have the
knowledge to pick the right swimming program, instructor, and environment, and learn
to swim while changing your body, mind, and fitness level with other sports.
Togetherness: Family, Fun and Fitness
Family time is limited with juggling work, school, and life. Swimming as a sport can help
build confidence, laughter and communication. Learn NOT to allow one’s fear of water to
limit you from having family fun while staying healthy.
Navigating The Entrepreneurship Journey To Achieve Success
What is in your business arsenal? Understanding the relationship you have with money
is imperative to market one’s brand/business. Invest in a website, a public relations
expert, and social media to take your brand to the next level.
Testimonials on Agnes Davis
“You are terrific!! Henry felt so good about himself...and wants to do more!!!” - Lisa
“My swimming classes helped me immensely. When I started in June, I was embarrassed to take a swimming class; I simply could not swim. I actually have to thank you
for helping me accomplish such an enormous goal” - Samantha H.
“Every time I went to other swimming classes, they taught us weird stuff that did not
work. I notice the whole time I was in the water that I had to hold my nose. Agnes taught
me how to blow bubbles under water so I didn’t hold my nose anymore. I have improved
in my swimming a lot. I also had a lot of fun.” - Tiffany S.
"As a 36-year-old black woman who has always wanted to swim, jumping in the pool at
this age was a bit daunting. But Agnes and Swim, Swim, Swim I SAY absolutely calmed
my fears. Agnes is brilliant, warm and funny. She also offers a lot of personalized attention. Without a doubt, Swim, Swim, Swim I SAY is great for beginners of all ages!"
- Monique S.
“When we first arrived with our 6-year-old daughter, Gigi, we were struck by Miss Davis'
infectious enthusiasm for teaching kids how to swim. Agnes was able to make Gigi feel
immediately safe and comfortable. Miss Davis promotes a trust, which allows her to be a
powerful instructor and coach. Thanks to her program "swim, swim, swim, I SAY” our
daughter spent her summer swimming in pools and the ocean with ease and delight.
Thank you for all you do for our children dear Agnes!”
"We LOVE this program! 'Swim Swim Swim I Say' and Agnes are amazing! We just
finished our second class, and we are definitely going back next year. Thanks to this
program, our 7 and 5 year old swim on their own, love the water, and we get the
tremendous joy of seeing our kids eagerly greet the water almost everyday! Look
forward to starting back up with lessons in the fall, thank you!" - Monica
“Thanks so much for your message. Ava was SO enthused about her lesson with you!
She told me about everything you taught her and was clearly quite proud of her accomplishments. She was pleased that you let her go at her own pace and seems to be looking forward to her next lesson. She even compared you quite favorably to her last
instructor, whom she adored. All in all, we are THRILLED! I was so sorry I was unable to
be there on Sunday, but I will look forward to being there next time. Thanks a million for
all of your efforts!” - Miriam
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is Agnes Davis a great speaker for individuals looking for direction or
navigating the waters of entrepreneurship?
A: Agnes walked the entrepreneurship journey firsthand with the rug being pulled out
from under her. She has made her mistakes, learned from them, and always has a
positive attitude. Davis is not afraid to share her story, which makes her very relatable.
The passion that drove her to succeed is the passion she will bring to her speaking
Q: Why is there a range given for Agnes Davis’ speaking fees?
A: Agnes’ fee schedule reflects many different components including: what type of
presentation is requested, whether or not travel is required, the time commitment
required, size of audience, and the degree of customization involved for the
Q: Can we request Agnes to speak on a specific topic or will she choose to deliver
a presentation to fit the audience you have conveyed would be present?
A: Either one can be arranged. Agnes has expanded knowledge concerning the stated
above areas plus many lateral associated topics.
Q: What subject areas does Agnes most frequently address in a presentation?
A: Agnes has experienced a great deal of disappointment, success and lessons well
learned while she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, family fitness, swimming
expertise, and youth development. Her experiences have made her qualified to speak on
an array of business topics, customer service, repeat customer base, and knowing when
to remix one’s business to succeed. She is passionate about swimming and saving lives
through drowning prevention.
2014 Rate Sheet for Agnes Davis, CEO, swim swim swim I Say
Speaking Engagements:
$2500 to $7500
Keynote Address
Workshop, seminars and conference
Formal Presentation
$2500 to $3500
*Please contact Agnes Davis’ representative for pricing/details
Additional requirements:
• All speaking engagements require Client to cover Speaker’s business class travel
meals, and any necessary lodging expenses
• For out-of-town engagements, Agnes Davis, travels with a personal assistant,
Manager, or publicist
• Client to cover (1) airline ticket to cover this individual airfare
• Client to cover expenses, i.e., ground transportation, dining and rental car/parking if
necessary. A per diem amount maximum of $150 per day is expected for speaker
Parties to sign a formal Speakers Contract:
(1) Reserves Agnes Davis, availability and speaking services on a given date or dates
(2) Confirms the compensation agreement associated with the event
(3) Includes an invoice for mandatory 50% speaker’s deposit
(4) Binds each party to a set of agreed upon services and conditions
Contact information
[email protected]

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