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Page 1
Now, before you read one word of this amazing ebook,
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Page 5
Table of Contents:
Preface – Is this a scam?
Find out the TRUTH here!
Forward – What the experts are saying (and how to think for
You may be surprised to learn that “confusion” spreads like wildfire – and even some people you
may well respect may not necessarily know what they are talking about!
Section 1 – Introduction: My Secret Revealed.
This first section will reveal to you:
(a) Precisely what my Secret is!
(b) How my Secret gets me $12 million a year in Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising alone!
(c) How my Secret has allowed me $87 million in advertising FREE!
(d) A very clever (but virtually unknown) trick for determining within just 48 hours exactly
which keywords and phrase you should be using ONLY (and no more!)
(e) How to borrow from this information and apply it cleverly to search engine
optimization if you ever intend on using it!
A very clever trick for guaranteeing all your ads the Premium position (above the
organic results) at ALL search engines and on the FRONT page for any keywords or
phrases you ever use!
(g) My own personal trade secret that will guarantee you NEVER will have to pay for
PPCs ever again!
(h) And much, much more!
Page 6
Section 2 – Building Relevant Keyword Lists.
This second section will reveal to you:
How to generate every possible relevant keyword and keyword phrase you‟ll ever
need for anything you are ever going to sell at Google and other search engines using
How to then “filter” quality from quantity keywords and phrases for maximizing your
CTR performance so you can get as high as a 50% CTR!
(k) FREE algorithmic tools online that will allow you to do BOTH (i) and (j) just above!
A FREE video that will allow you to make use of super-precise matching options and
walk you through them step-by-step!
(m) How to actually get 100‟s of other advertisers to pay YOU to advertise on Google for
FREE (and for whatever you‟re selling on Google and other search engines using
Section 3 – Make $1 Million’s WITHOUT Selling Anything.
This third section will show you:
(n) How to use my Secret with a very simple “twist” so that you can make $1 million‟s
without even selling anything (literally you can make millions of dollars and never
even have a product!)
(o) How I personally use this simple twist to generate an “extra” $2 million a year on top of
all the other money I‟m making (and yes, this is entirely legal -- and simple!)
(p) How to get 100‟s of other people to actually make you rich for NOT even having a
product, and using PPCs!
Page 7
Section 4 – Cultivate & Nurture Your List.
This fourth section will show you:
(q) How to use an autoresponder and FREE newsletter to make your sales jump as high
as 700% or MORE!
How to get FREE articles to put into your FREE newsletter series so YOU never have to
write a single word!
(s) Which autoresponders you should use that guarantee over 99% deliverability!
How you can then use this NEW and EVER-GROWING database to jumpstart any
other NEW web-business you ever intend to do!
Section 5 – In case you want to take advantage of the 80
million people daily searching for a money-making
Because money-making opportunities are by far the largest segment of online surfers (with the
only exception perhaps being porn seekers) this fifth section will show you:
(u) How to use my special “twist” where you don‟t have to have any product but can still
leverage a massive income from this vast segment!
(v) Over 400 EXACT keywords you‟ll need in order to do this very successfully!
Section 6 – An interesting side-twist on my Secret!
This clever sixth section will show you:
(w) How to do 1 extra thing that will further eliminate all your PPC costs!
(x) And at the SAME time generate for yourself an entirely extra income stream!
Page 8
Section 7 – One more thing you can do that will allow you
another income stream of possibly $1 million yearly!
This last and seventh section will give you:
(y) Another means of more than guaranteeing you pay NO costs in PPCs ever!
(z) Another additional revenue stream that could easily result in over $1 million a year
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FREE Bonus #1 – FREE Online Advertising
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FREE Bonus #2 – Low-Cost Offline Advertising
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newspaper in North America, as well as 10,000 worldwide newspapers; and also how to advertise
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FREE Bonus #3 – Wholesale Business Magazine Advertising
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b) for up to 90% OFF what you‟d pay otherwise
c) top ad design at NO extra costs (FREE!)
FREE Bonus #4 – Auto-Effective Advertising
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advertising.” This form of promotion costs nothing but allows you to reach millions of prospects for
whatever your offer!
SUPER Special FREE Bonus #5 – Become Our Affiliate!
In this VERY Special bonus section we show you how our Affiliate Program works, and how you
can use what‟s in this ebook to sell it on Google FREE!
Go to the NEXT page to begin…
Page 9
Preface – Is this a scam?
The very day we launched people starting talking. Within just 48
hours there was at least one thread in the very popular Warrior Forum where someone started
by asking…
Anyone know what this is about: Get Google Ads Free??
And immediately people started saying things like:
It’s a scam!
Stay away from it!
It has all the red flags of a scam!
…and so on.
We watched over the 5 days following to see more and more people adding to this; but MOST
(about 94%) of what everyone was saying was:
Thanks guys … I wasn‟t sure!
Yeah … I thought so …
Thanks for clearing that up for me … you guys are the BEST!
…and so on.
And we were awed by how many “experts” were all so raring to give everyone their “opinion.”
Now, I am this ebook‟s creator – my name is Dr Jon Cohen – and I‟m now a retired MD living in
New York City (my home town of more than 60 years now!)
When I was a practicing MD I had to rely on facts – and naturally if you had been one of my
patients you would most likely have wanted me to, right?
I mean, what if I concluded incorrectly (with you being one of my patients about to go under the
knife in some major operation) and I was willing to take the word of someone neither you nor I
had ever met (but who insisted he or she was a medical expert, and without proof), and then
proceed to open you up and dabble around based on “their” foolish opinion?
Would you want me to conduct the surgery at that point?
Of course not! (And you‟d be smart for demanding I get my facts straight from all involved before
proceeding with something so life-changing in a single shot!)
And this logic applies equally here.
Page 10
I was most impressed when I read one Internet Marketer‟s Review who said quite accurately…
“Now that I‟ve read the book, I won‟t be asking for a
refund. I learned things from it that will more than pay
the cover price. But does it really fulfill the claims
made in the sales letter? …
“Yes, because it does explain how you can make your
Google advertising effectively free. The book does do
what it promises. It actually does quite a lot more than
it promises…”
Page 11
And I was about to contact this Reviewer and thank him personally for his review, and even invite
him to visit me at my home in New York (and at my expense!), at least until a day or two later
when I read he had WITHDRAWN his kind review!
And his doing so by his own admission was NOT because he decided everything he had
determined wasn‟t true.
Nope; his first impression after a weekend‟s read was very accurate -- especially when he said:
“…[I]t‟s a twist on a very old idea that I haven‟t seen
described online before.”
And also what he said further regarding our Affiliate Page and Selling Section for people wanting
to make money selling „Get Google Ads Free‟ to others:
“…[t]he affiliate resource section is one of the best and
most complete that I‟ve ever seen for any product. A lot
of work has gone into it and as a „how to sell affiliate
products‟ or „how to support your affiliate‟ book, would
make an excellent stand-alone product in its own
[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Don‟t worry – we are in fact now preparing the release of a
new ebook describing in great detail how to make a site like ours and one with just the right
combination and selling formula so that You too can do likewise and become the next “Webselling phenomenon” as we have done and using what we‟ve tested!]
This Reviewer instead retracted his initial positive comments because of one of the UGLIEST
“bugs” lurking in the human mind-frame:
You know? Someone sees other people smoking cigarettes and so they want to be cool and start
thins filthy habit for themselves – that sort of contaminated thinking and “logic.”
Page 12
So needless to say I was deeply hurt and disappointed.
Not because I believe this gentleman doesn‟t have a right to his opinion (who‟s actually a great
guy, by the way). Nope – I believe everyone has a right to an opinion. But because unlike him I
actually have now nearly 9 full years of meaningful data supporting my claims that my
secret works WITHOUT FAIL!
Now, you bought my SECRET for yourself, so I know without meeting you face to face that you
want to save yourself the costs of your Google (and other targeted search engine advertisings
you‟d otherwise be forced to pay for, right?)
And right now you have here in front of you exactly that!
So, I will tell you here and now, and REGARDLESS of what you may have heard, or who said
what, or even if you hear to the contrary from some “expert”…
This is NOT a scam!
I wouldn‟t do that to you, as that‟s NOT the kind of person I am.
Until a few years ago when I could no longer endure giving “live” coaching events (as I‟m certainly
no young „n any longer!) it was my greatest passion to teach this in seminars I held in downtown
Times Square at a famous hotel – and where I rightfully charged $5,000 per a single client and a
You are getting in effect the same useful information in this very ebook that I used to charge
$5,000 a client for!
The only thing missing is the “live” component (which I must admit does add a better learning
integral than a mere ebook alone – but still, you have here the sum of what people gladly paid not
just one, but FIVE $1,000‟s for!)
Some of my clients were:
● A major International import watches distributor (I can‟t say who for confidentiality reasons)
● Not just one, but 198 members of world-recognized Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies
● Fourteen members of NYSE companies, and 82 members of NASDAQ companies
● Five members of AMEX (American Stock Exchange) investment companies
● Sixteen veterans of the US Armed Forces (two of which served in World War II)
● The CEO (and his wife and 2 daughters; also officers) of a major pharmaceutical distributions
● And at least 1 former member of the United States Congress (who now operates a business
…and many, many more!
However, due to being elderly and suffering a condition of my own, I no longer do the “seminar
thing,” but have resolved to share my know-how by electronic and digital publishing means online
– AND, most affordably (as YOU didn‟t have to pay $5,000 for this information!)
Page 13
Forward – What the experts are saying (and how to think for
In the previous section we well established that this is
very much and quite factually that this system is in no
way any kind of scam.
However, let‟s quickly examine what a few “experts”
are saying, and compare their notes among them…
First, let me ask you this:
Do YOU honestly believe that because someone is an
expert in their field they must necessarily be absolutely
correct all the time?
Most people, although they would naturally and intuitively say „no‟ actually have far more
confidence than not in people who are famous and well-know.
These are people just like you and me (not just people who you would think of as foolish; but
rather they can just as easily be bright professionals as well as anyone else).
When I think of experts, I naturally think (at least in modern terms and current times) of such
people like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft™.
Bill Gates is quite a gentleman seeing as he forever changed the world in which we live.
His college boards alone (he‟s said to have scored 1590 on his SATs!) places him in the top 1-in10,000 part of our population.
This is extraordinary.
Yet, here is something Bill Gates once said even well after Microsoft™ was on its way proving to
be a leader in the competitive computer-age:
“No one will ever need more than 56K…”
~Bill Gates
Founder, Microsoft™
…and was he ever WRONG!
Yet Bill Gates is considered (by his own place in his own field, no less!) to be quite an authority
on the subject of computers, software, and people‟s demand and usage of such (yet, this didn‟t
stop him from being very, very wrong).
Page 14
Not only was he just wrong, he was “WAY OFF!” (as my son used to say to me when telling me
some lie to cover up something he had done wrong, and my guessing what actually had
But we would all like to have more confidence in such pioneers, leaders and authorities in all the
world‟s many diverse fields of expertise and knowledge, right?
But the sad fact is this: No matter who says what, you can‟t be absolutely sure they are telling
you the truth (even if that‟s their real intention!)
Here‟s an example about “Get Google Ads FREE”…
Just about everyone knows who Michael Cheney is, right?
And before I say another word, let me also point out that I have the utmost respect for Michael
Cheney, and I do recognize him as an authority online in the universe that is “Internet Marketing!”
Plus, he will no doubt gets lots of FREE TRAFFIC to his site for my having just included mention
of him here in this ebook (as I sell literally between 350 to 600 copies daily at ClickBank™!)
Page 15
However, here is what Michael Cheney said regarding „Get Google Ads FREE!”…
Now, first off, Michael is WRONG when he said…
“…[b]ut it turns out that the product owner [that
would be ME!] has just flat out lied about some of his
income claims.”
Now, this is what REALLY bothers me. How would Michael Cheney “know” whether what I‟ve
said is true or false?
Does Michael have access to my bank accounts?
Warning: I have over 50 bank and investment accounts worldwide! – so has Michael been
spending his last 3 weeks night and day with unscrupulous detectives rummaging through my
bank records? Of course! (In other words, he couldn‟t possibly “know” one way OR the other.)
Page 16
However, Michael DOES say just before he claims I lied that…
“It [Get Google Ads FREE!] seemed like it had a good
concept at its core…”
So he does recognize my secret system as genuine; just claims he dismissed it based on his
erroneous conclusion that my claims of income (which can neither be substantiated nor disputed
by him at least) were false (which they certainly are NOT!)
But what saddens me is that this seems much like an unwarranted attack on my credibility; and
when in reality at the very heart of all this I am really just someone who discovered a very simple
method of making lots and lots of money very, very easily online – and who‟s just passing it on to
others who I think deserve to gain its advantage as well as me.
But here’s PROOF that he (as well as many Internet “experts”) can be VERY WRONG
immediately after making a forecast (just like Bill Gates when he said that whole thing about no
one ever will need more than 56K, remember?)…
Michael Cheney said:
“…[N]ow the product‟s façade and credibility are tumbling
like a deck of cards…”
[See above]
When Michael said this our “Gravity Score” at ClickBank (which means how many affiliates are
selling a product from their online catalog) was 669.19 (which in itself may actually be the highest
anyone‟s ever scored (but I‟m not sure; so don‟t quote me).
And while according to Michael our product was losing its credibility and tumbling like a deck of
cards just a few days after he made his announcement our gravity score jumped all the way up to
707.68 (probably the HIGHEST ever in the history of ClickBank!)
Shhh! Don‟t tell Michael Cheney, but TODAY we‟re at 731.24 (Ha!-Ha!-Ha!)
But what does this mean?
Simple: It means that an “expert” can be very, very wrong, and whether deliberately or
not, can often MISLEAD everyone they come in contact with.
Page 17
Now, I don‟t want to add anything to this, but could it also be that since Michael Cheney and I
both have product with the same online retailer, that maybe there‟s a tad of competitive jealousy?
I mean, we‟ve clearly established that there‟s no possible way he could “know” one way of the
other, either favorably or otherwise about the authenticity of my claims. And he even admits my
“concept‟s core” is very genuine. So what else could it be? (Always keep this in mind.)
Now, I could go on and on about what this experts said and others, but at this point I would like to
demonstrate one last thing about “human nature” before UNLEASHING on you my very real and
factual SECRET…
The very day we released “Get Google Ads FREE!” to the general public within 36 hours a thread
had formed at the Warrior Forum.
I for one endorse and even promote the free exchange of ideas and discussion as that‟s how we
evolve in our knowledge.
But I sort of get disappointed in people when they just outright judge something or someone
without any real evidence to support their claim. This is called a baseless opinion.
You should NEVER take action based off something “baseless.” If you do, you may end
up either hurting yourself or someone else, looking like a fool, or doing some other
horrible damage. If I as a doctor did this, imagine the dangers it could bring!
Keep in mind as I show you some “exchange of intellectual discussion” that my SECRET is in fact
a 21st-century “hybrid” of an old 19th- and 20th-century advertising strategy – and as such, it is
what‟s called “FRESH CONTENT” (the likes of which few people may have even heard of since
it‟s just now being applied to the Internet as a selling medium).
Here are some things some members said in the Warrior Forum…
Page 18
These are examples of people‟s thinking BEFORE they even had a chance to test it.
However, look at what some others LATER said (also from the Warrior Forum) after the ebook
had been out for several weeks and some people had had a time to put it to the test…
This is great wisdom in any era…
Excellent wisdom on this individual‟s part (and as evidenced by history!)…
And also others started coming lending their POSITIVE comments!
Page 19
Just look at what others are NOW saying…
Someone at the Warrior Forum got tired of listening to everyone‟s bashings and just put it to the
So, regardless of “opinions” what is most worthwhile is actually putting something to the test and
finding out for yourself whether it works or not.
I‟ve been doing my own SECRET for nearly 9 years now, and let me insist:
It works!!!
And no one (not you or anyone else!) can ever convince me otherwise.
I‟ve sold over $314 million worth in revenues in that span of time using this, so if you want to do
something else, then that‟s your call. (My personal net fortune is over $68 million as a result!)
But, don‟t get left behind those who are just now proving MY SECRET works, and who are
adapting it to their own strategies, and making their fortunes in a very competitive targeted
advertising arena.
My advice: Hold on for dear life to this ebook!
Page 20
Here‟s just one more good one I love from the Warrior Forum (and not because the guy is holding
me in such high regard, but because he‟s a very intelligent individual who‟s not wanting to hinder
others from discovering my SECRET for themselves – this individual is very articulate and points
out my secret‟s value when applied to others)…
The point of this Forward is really very basic:
It‟s NOT a defense of my ebook and its secret (that speaks for itself!)
Rather, I just have loved helping people so much all my life (the very reason I became a
doctor in the first place; and not because of “money”) and I prepared “Get Google Ads FREE!”
for YOU! [NOT me! … I‟ve already used it fully!]
Whether you accept it or not, we are ALL brothers and sisters sharing the same wonderful little
blue planet in the great and vast Universe – we should be helping each other rather than trying to
hurt or block one another from bettering ourselves and each other. And this ebook is just one way
I have tried to do this (and I know many of you understand what I mean by this)…
Page 21
Section 1 – Introduction: My Secret Revealed.
You OBVIOUSLY recognize that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is perhaps the BEST form of
“targeted” online advertising.
This is because no other means currently exists online that produces a more “exact” match to
ones searches than a specifically directed advertisement based completely on relevant keywords
and keyword phrases.
In a nutshell, PPC advertising accomplishes:
1. DIRECT and EXACT match search results for your offer
2. The ability to start generating traffic immediately
3. The ability to start generating a database immediately (i.e., a potential customer list of
email addresses and names)
Page 22
4. The ability to start generating customers and clients immediately
5. The ability to finely tune your marketing efforts by real-time empirical information
compilation (i.e., with PPCs you can experiment in a „real-time‟ environment so that you
can better hone your marketing science)
Equally as impressive the results of actual PPC selling is the fact that (as described in 5 above)
you can gain more meaningful data that will help you elsewhere as you may borrow from what
you learn from this form of direct response marketing; such as in more effectively search engine
optimizing any webpage (more on this shortly).
For these and other reasons, pay-per-clicks should not only never be overlooked in your
promotional efforts as a very viable means of enhancing your online business, but you are also
encouraged to make FULL use of them in anything you do as far as selling on the Internet!
But here‟s the ever rising concern with this type of advertising…
More and more PPCs are getting very expensive; often eliminating many people from even
experimenting with them long enough to be able to:
a) learn sufficiently so they may adjust their campaign to be able to perform as well, but for
lower costs
b) gain any real meaningful data that can be applied elsewhere
In other words, whenever you do any type of PPC advertising you need to be allowed sufficient
time to adjust keywords bids, daily budgets, phrase matching dynamics, etc. so that you can play
around with your campaign in such a way as to lower costs, yet still maintain high ranks.
For instance, a small group of Internet marketers (me included) deliberately bid higher at first and
set our daily budgets unusually high so that we are assured instant front page placement; which
in turn guarantees we get immediate click-throughs and traffic.
This causes search engine algorithms to begin compiling statistics very favorably for whatever
campaigns we decide on.
After a short while (usually several weeks) sufficient statistics are then recorded in these search
engines, and such that we can begin lowering our bids slightly, as well as begin reducing our
daily budgets.
When our ads don‟t fall in rank, we again make these same kinds of adjustments in both
individual bids and daily budgets and until there may be a slight falling in our ads placement for
any select keyword or phrase.
We then HOLD off on any further adjustments to that ad, but only for that particular keyword or
phrase; while still adjusting others a tad here and there until they do likewise.
Page 23
After doing this slowly over several weeks, we are often able to lower our original bids and daily
budgets to as little as 1/3 to even as little as 1/5, yet still maintain excellent FRONT PAGE
positioning, and usually at the very TOP of the page (even in the Premium spots at top search
engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others!)
Example of TOP 3 Premium ad spots at Google for keyword phrase “make money online.”
These TOP Premium spots are often viewed by searchers the same way as the “organic” results
found just below them.
The ONLY difference is that the organic results aren‟t “paid-for advertising.”
Your goal should be to dominate these spots as there is never any question as to whether these
ads get clicked on (THEY DO!)
Additionally, after some while making these adjustments in your PPC campaign you can gather a
large amount of helpful information that you can use elsewhere.
Page 24
For instance, I work with SEOPs (Search Engine Optimization Professionals).
It‟s the constant job and challenge of all SEOPs to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
inside and out.
When „SEOing‟ your site, for instance, you rely on them to modify your pages‟ codes so as to
help your pages climb naturally within the organic results at top search engines.
If these pros know what they are doing, you should be able to get high ranking organic results for
most any pages.
If they don‟t, you are wasting your money on pseudo-experts!
One of the techniques used by SEOPs is to determine which keywords and keyword phrases are
BEST for applications in header-tags and other code locations within your HTML so that search
engine robots (called “spiders”) can start harvesting meaningful data in such a way as to ensure
your pages climb very well within the organic ranks.
If this is done improperly your pages can be “punished;” but if done very well, the reward is a
higher rank. (Ask yourself how do you think the results that appear at the top got that way?)
Therefore it is very crucial that only the most optimal selection of relevant keywords and phrases
be used as now more and more search engines greatly limit your use of how many keywords and
phrases you can use at these code locations.
Helpful Relevant Tip:
So here‟s a really good time to explain to you how to help out your SEOPs (even though it‟s their
job to know better than you – ha!)
After a short while running and adjusting your PPC campaign, inside your PPC account it will
show up the most clicked on keywords and phrases.
You should select perhaps the TOP 10 keywords and phrases and work from these.
You should then look and see not only which ones make the TOP 10, but also examine which
among these TOP 10 have the greatest CTR (Click Thru Rate).
You see it‟s not enough just to make the TOP 10; each of these top performers must be
examined to include which ones also have the highest CTRs.
When you‟ve selected the TOP 5 with the BEST CTR from among the TOP 10,
then you will have the BEST relevant keywords and phrases that you can now
use when SEOing (if that‟s something you may one day care to do in addition to
PPC advertising).
But this is NOT required, nor a part of the Secret within this ebook (just a helpful and useful tip I
threw in free!)
Page 25
The reason I appear to have gone on a slight tangent here is because what all I‟ve just told you
will be of great use in your efforts when advertising FREE on such search engines such as
Google, Yahoo and MSN (and others).
Even though you will no longer be too concerned with advertising costs associated with your PPC
advertising, these strategies MUST nevertheless be mastered by you!
Now, before I tell you the Secret to advertising FREE with all PPCs, again allow me to point out
that I have been using this Secret in one form or another since the Internet first became
commercially available in 1995.
Additionally, I used this same Secret before the advent of the commercial Internet with BBSs.
And do you want to know to what degree I used my own Secret I‟m about to just hand you for
next to nothing?
Well, over the last 16 years or so I have gotten over $87 million in advertising completely FREE - due completely to my amazing Secret!
And I am just 1 person!
Name anyone else on the entire planet that you know of that can honestly make a similar or equal
You can‟t, can you?
Now, if all this doesn‟t get your attention and make you realize how significant my Secret truly is,
then you aren‟t impressed by anything.
But you may be shocked now to learn exactly how I do this even to this very day…
Here‟s how my Secret works:
1. I create a website, and make a doorway page; or sometimes a lead-capture page, or
possibly a splash page; and for any product or offer I may choose.
2. I then apply the SAME principles above for determining the BEST keywords and keyword
phrases, most optimal (lowest yet effective) bids, and most optimal (yet still front page
effect) daily budgets; and for that particular page (i.e., doorway, lead-capture and/or
splash pages).
3. Once I have determined the exact costs (i.e., bids and daily budgets minimums) and for
ALL relevant keywords and phrases, I take this total cost and multiply it by 31 days
maximum (for the greatest number of days in a month possible) and get a maximum
monthly PPC advertising cost.
4. I then (for simplicity‟s sake) divide this amount by a possible 10 spots I choose to sell off
on this same doorway page.
Page 26
5. I then multiply this number by a lower multiplier of 1.25 and an upper multiplier of 1.5 to
get my lower and upper sell-off ad costs.
6. I then advertise on that very page using a banner that reads in essence:
Inverted Version (same banner):
7. I then sell off all the possible spaces thereby completely offsetting all my advertising!
(And SHOCKINGLY, you‟d be very surprised at just how quickly I can sell these off at just
about any reasonable price I select!)
This secret system is in fact a 21-century “adaptation” and “hybrid” of an old 19th- and 20thcentury advertising strategy, and today online is one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS EVER!
An explanation: Perhaps you have concluded that if this were in fact true it would well have
already been embraced by the Net‟s community of advertisers (seems reasonable).
But here is what I “think” may have happened (and I use the word „think‟ because I have
absolutely no way of ever proving one way of the other)…
When the Web became available as a commercial selling medium in 1995 advertisers
concentrated on defining what the “Web” actually was an a “species.” It was described as
“something the likes of which no one has ever seen before” and that it should be “treated unlike
anything in the traditional sense.”
Remember people saying this, or does that seem like ancient history now?
Shortly afterwards all the talk started about SEO (search engine optimization), and which became
the Webpreneur‟s first and foremost means of generating publicity (i.e., advertising) for his or her
online business.
Now, think about it for a minute: Until then was there anything in traditional offline advertising
media that compared to SEO (where your magazine ad [for instance] could actually climb higher
if it was better indexed in some magazine?)
Of course not!
Page 27
So, a whole new idiom and nomenclature formed on the basis of a completely new “animal.”
This would be akin to scientist discovering a new species that was so unique and different that it
couldn‟t be fitted into the traditional categorization method of classification (known as Linnaean
And that‟s what the Internet was to the World at large and in scope.
So, it‟s only natural that perhaps many advertisers left behind proven, well-tested and dependable
traditional advertising strategies in large chunks, and while working to embrace and develop
completely new ideas of thinking in the world to come (and of course: its “virtual marketplace!)
But there is a saying that “history often if not always repeats itself.” (And the Web proved, at least
to me, to be no exception to this paradigm!)
There is an online company called Wolf Enterprises that has been doing a 20th-century
“traditional” version of my secret but with OFFLINE publications for years; namely opportunity
What Wolf does in essence is they buy entire FULL PAGES of ad space direct from the
magazines and at BULK prices because they buy them up to a year in advance.
Wolf gets a $9,002 page for $7,654 per
issue by taking advantage of x12
Page 28
How my SECRET works in mainstream offline advertising media by
Now, on the ABOVE Rate Card for Small Business Opportunities (SBO) Magazine notice that a
1/24th of a page ad regularly costs $656 per issue.
Had you multiplied this amount by 24 (so as to equal a whole page) this comes to:
$15,744 (if you bought the entire page in 1/24th segments at a time)
But Wolf saves $8,090 per page by buying the whole page at a time, and doing it per a year‟s
worth of issues by contract.
So, Wolf can now sell off individual spots on any page they buy and very quickly, simply by selling
it for LESS than what someone would be forced to buy it if they paid themselves directly to the
magazine, yet still get the SAME readership (which in Net terminology would be “traffic”).
Wolf won‟t have a hard time selling off this space as:
1. Advertisers will be getting the same ad space but much, much less from Wolf
2. Yet in so doing they will be getting the same level of exposure!
And Wolf will of course far exceed just recovering their costs; see an example if they sell off the
usual $656 spots for as little as $375 each what would happen:
24 spots sold x $375 each = $9,000 (and remember: Wolf pays just $7,654 per page; so they
actually PROFIT the difference, and which comes to:
$1,346 per page (and they buy literally several pages per issue and in up to 15 or so different
publications (so you see how they can generate quite a fantastic monthly income!)
If they just average for instance, a $1,000 profit per page, and do this for 3 pages per each
monthly issue, and times just 10 different publications similarly, they‟d be making a profit of:
$1,000 x 3 x 10 = $30,000 monthly (or $360,000 a year!)
And again, all they‟re doing is just buying low, and selling off higher (but still at LESS what the
magazines would charge individual advertisers on a per issue basis and for the same, but smaller
ad spaces!)
But to top this, Wolf at anytime can place their own ads on any of their own
resold-off pages to others, and thereby their ads ride for FREE!
On the pages to follow I show you two prime examples of Wolf‟s awesome system…
Page 29
Page 30
Page 31
And look how at this one page someone is offering to sell off some ad space:
Page 32
So we‟ve established that this works very well (and has been doing so actually as an advertising
strategy since perhaps before the 1800‟s!) and it‟s not theoretical but very factual.
So, how does this compare by analogy online to paid-for highly-targeted search engine
1. Instead of “magazine” pages we have webpages (specifically I‟ve found to work BEST
actual lead-capture devices called “Squeeze Pages” to maximize the leads into greater
leverage from the resulting traffic!)
2. Instead of small display ads we have button banner and regular banner ads
3. Instead of magazine readership we have online traffic
In a nutshell…
A) Your advertisers are happy because they get to enjoy your higher-priced powerful traffic
streams as your traffic sees also their banner ads and clicks (I even proved that having
as many as 25 banner ads didn‟t dilute much the success of each individual ad)
B) Google (and all the other search engines you use for this) are happy because the STILL
get paid and it even boosts their revenues (Recall I told you at the site that my secret
actually doesn‟t rob Google at all, but actually stimulates even MORE revenue for them –
well now you know how this is possible!)
C) And of course YOU are happy because:
1. You suffer NO ad costs as my secret allows you to eliminate it completely (and
perhaps even make a profit further!)
2. Your main offer rides in the middle FREE!
This is probably one of the only examples of a true and genuine “win-win-win” situation or
Few other things offer so much an all-inclusion of success as my secret herein demonstrated.
Most of the time someone is forced to lose; but in all my years doing this it‟s hardly ever
You can start very small if you want using as few as a single keyword, and then increasing as
time goes by (and as well as in how much you charge others to advertise on your page!)
Page 33
Here‟s an example:
I create a lead-capture page for a moneymaking opportunity similar as shown below…
Notice there are many offers (not just one) on this page.
People naturally seem drawn to a somewhat “busy” site or page (although “too busy” can pose a
problem as it can come across like what many Internet marketers call “flea market sites;” and can
actually tick off the advertiser as too many banners [perhaps over 25] can dilute the
responsiveness to their ads).
HOT TIP: Since having several advertisers already there causes other advertises to want to join
in on the fun, it‟s a great idea when you start off to place some of your own ads there to give the
appearance that other advertisers are already beating many to it!
Page 34
You can even say above or below your ADVERTISE HERE banner ad something like:
25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3 … Just 2 spots left TODAY!
Another format might resemble this one:
Page 35
Which upon scrolling downward you‟d see banners…
Notice at the very bottom the small text ad that reads:
This too is another way of promoting space on the very same page you are advertising through
PPC advertising.
Page 36
When people click on these ads, they are taken to a page similar to this one:
This page tells them:
Average CPC rate - $.037
Alexa rank - 657092
Google PageRank - 4
Previous Day's Page Views - 25230
This is very meaningful data to potential advertisers.
Also note the placement options of:
One Day …….... $12
One Week …..… $30
One Month ….. $105
Page 37
By providing such placement options as one day or one week, you are more likely to attract
constant advertisers as they feel they are at far less risk than a monthly obligation.
Also, these smaller terms of placement allow them to test your page for advertising effectiveness;
and if favorable, they will naturally elect to renew their advertising with you but for a full month.
Keep in mind that to offset any one doorway page you can sell-off as few as 10 spaces based on
how we calculated your ad selling prices above (and selling off just 10 spaces and keeping them
full before such a vast audience is EASY!)
Say for instance you determine 300 keywords are relevant to your lead-capture‟s page promotion,
and at an average CPC (Cost Per Click) of perhaps 50¢ each.
Further, let‟s assume you received from these 300 keywords some 100 clicks daily; and which at
an average of 50¢ each would mean your PPC advertising daily cost would be just $50 a day.
This of course comes to $50 x 31 = $1,550 a month.
Dividing by just 10 spots we decide to make available (minimum) we get $155 per spot.
Using our formula above for determining our lower and upper sell-off ad costs, we multiply $155
by 1.25 and 1.5 to get a lower sell-off cost of $193.75 (which we always round to something
ending in the number 7), so we get $197; and an upper sell-off cost of $232.50; which we round
to $237.
We know that by selling off our 10 spots minimum for between $197 and $237 we are sure to
more than offset OUR pay-per-click monthly costs for this particular advertising campaign.
Trade Secrets:
QUESTION: Why do I arbitrarily use 1.25 and 1.5 as lower- and upper-multipliers?
ANSWER: To more than ensure a surplus in the event not every spot should sell.
QUESTION: Why do I refer to the number of spots minimum as 10?
ANSWER: Because you will want to sell AT LEAST this amount; and therefore base all ad prices
on this as a minimum as a form of insurance in that you know that you can sell at least this many
QUESTION: Why a lower- and upper-sell-off limit?
ANSWER: You‟ll want to start by offering your ad spaces for your UPPER limit; and in the event
they are tough to sell off, or if you sell of 5 and have 5 left they are slower to sell off, you can use
the lower limit as a minimum amount to work towards just in case.
Page 38
QUESTION: Why set or round up to even amounts ending in the number 7?
ANSWER: Well first off, no one likes loose change; so never sell at any price that adds
frustration to someone trying to balance their checkbook (they may see this ahead of time and
just decide it‟s easier not to buy). Secondly (and this may shock and even surprise you!) but a lot
of psychological study went into price theory and price perception, and the number 7 is thought of
as “less threatening as any other number.” Make all your prices end in 7s.
An actual calculation:
If you sell off all 10 spots at your upper limit of $237, you make a gross monthly revenue of
$2,370; and if at your lower limit of $197 you make $1,970; and if at your average of both lowerand upper-limits (i.e., $217), you‟d make $2,170 for the month.
SUBTRACTING your PPC costs from this (i.e., $1,550 a month) and you get a surplus of:
$820 (upper limit)
$620 (average)
$420 (lower limit)
Regardless of which of the above is closest to your experience, you can plainly see that YOUR
PPC costs are completely covered; meaning YOU at least got to advertise for FREE!
This is my Secret!
And I‟ve been using this, and a variety of twists and spin-offs of it, for about 16 years now; and to
the tune of $87 million in FREE advertising! (In case you didn‟t do the math that averages to
nearly $5.5 million a year in free advertising! – and I‟ve been getting most recently for a
combination of several of my most aggressive campaigns over $12 million a year in Google PPC
advertising alone!)
Wouldn‟t YOU like to get this same level of advertising? Of course you would, so you should
hold on and cherish this ebook and add it to your existing arsenal and library of Internet Marketing
Know-How “favorites!”
Basically, you will simply be selling off leftover space (either at the bottom, top, and/or side
sections) of your gateway pages to any main offer you have.
YOUR AD or OFFER will ALSO appear on those pages; and will show usually more prominently
than any other advertisers (and so as not to “dwarf” your own promotion).
Page 39
What may actually happen:
The above calculation is based on what my experience is a worse-case scenario.
In reality, you may experience something more like this:
1. You sell off 20 spots instead of just 10
2. You sell all of them at 2.0 times your individual cost (instead of 1.25 to 1.5 times as
3. You make a HUGE profit therefore on top of your getting FREE advertising!
Example (based on the previous calculations):
o Multiply $155 by 2.0 to get $310; which in this case it would be BEST to round down to $297.
o You sell off 20 spots at $297 each, and generate $5,940.
o Subtracting your PPC monthly bill of just $1,550 you PROFIT $4,390.
Not only do you get to advertise on Google (or Yahoo, MSN or any other search
engine) for FREE, but you are actually advertising “less than free” as by
spending money on advertising, you are in essence making more back than you
spend (and note: this does NOT even include the success of your main
This one simple Secret can almost guarantee any offer you ever decide to promote is sure to
succeed as YOU are never at any risk as all your advertising costs are wholly eliminated!
Again, just in case you underestimate this Secret, keep in mind that I have gotten personally over
$87 million in FREE advertising this way (and again, I am only 1 person!)
“Our system is basically selling electronic real estate on YOUR webpages,
and thereby eliminating YOUR costs in the process. … Alexa does this,
Amazon does this, so does Microsoft … and so do all the biggest names
online … and you should be doing it too!”
-Dr Jon Cohen, MD (retired)
[Quote taken from a “live” event held in Times Square at the Marriott Marquis, 2003]
Page 40
Reach the TOP of the Worldwide-Web in just weeks!
Imagine rising explosively to the TOP of the entire Web just like I have done using my amazing
(but very simple!) secret to getting large-volume, highly-targeted traffic based on select keywords
and phrases through pay-per-click advertising – but WITHOUT having to pay for any of it!
Page 41
Section 2 – Building Relevant Keyword Lists.
There is NO point in doing any of this unless you can create a PPC campaign that can muster
In order to do this you will need to use ONLY keywords and keyword phrases that are genuinely
and truly very relevant.
Page 42
One mistake I see constantly other PPC advertisers doing is clinging to non-performing
You MUST let these got as they can ruin your best efforts.
Why? -- Because they effect your statistics.
They quite literally pull down your CTR (Clickthrough Rate) so that your ads in general will
perform worse.
My advice: Start out using as many keywords as you think are relevant, and
then keep a watchful eye on them inside your PPC account (Google or
otherwise) to see which ones go to the TOP, and which ones don‟t; and more
importantly: which ones get absolutely NO clicks even with some impressions
(i.e., how often your ad appeared for any select keyword).
As soon as several days have gone by while your PPC ads were active, check your account and
immediately start editing out (by DELETING) the keywords and phrases that are getting
impressions and yet NO clicks.
Allow a few more days to pass, and then repeat from those remaining.
Don‟t have an ego here; it‟s better to have a few great super-performing keywords than a
massive amount that do nothing but inflate your ego as you think to yourself “Wow! Look at me …
I have so many keywords I must be fabulous!”
To generate as many potential relevant keywords and keyword phrases as possible, you need to
make use of 2 FREE and yet very amazing tools.
They are offered FREE by both Overture and Google; and of course they are great tools because
both these prime top-pulling search engines want your business, so they have created the BEST
algorithms to allow YOU (their potential advertiser) to generate only the most optimal list of
keywords that will make your PPC campaign a surefire success.
It stands to reason that these tools are excellent, because if your PPC campaign doesn‟t perform
well, then you will undoubtedly discontinue advertising in this way.
Perhaps the greatest advantage in all of this (as well as Internet marketing in general) is the fact
that UNLIKE any other business venue in the world the Web lets you “KNOW” relatively QUICK
whether you have a winner or a loser on your hands.
In lending consulting I‟ve noticed that sometimes clients grow impatient with results. I then point
out quite calmly “Look, you can always start a traditional offline business such as a retail store
and wait 2-5 years like everybody else and see whether you have a winner or loser on your
hands then” … to which they usually get the point and realize that a few days or weeks to test out
stuff online isn‟t a really big demand (or risk!) at all.
Page 43
Keep this in mind if you ever think “Gosh! I actually have to wait a few days or weeks to see
which keywords and phrases pull what, and at how much in my particular niche!” and then think
to yourself that it could always be worse (you could own a retail store and not know for many
years if you are eventually going to do well or poorly!)
Fortunately, there are quite of few FREE tools out there that will help you, and a few paid-for
softwares (that are dirt cheap!) that can help you as well.
For list generation use WORDTRACKER, and for Google AdWords education on manipulated the
system in your favor by improving your Google results use Perry Marshall‟s Definite Guide to
Google AdWords.
Here is a screenshot of Overture‟s FREE Keyword Selector tool:
Just ENTER (by typing) any most relevant keyword or phrase that comes to mind that you believe
is relevant to what you are offering.
Page 44
Then Overture‟s Keyword Selector tool will tell you the MOST RECENT results and for as many
other relevant keywords and phrases as it can generate.
Use these as your starting list.
HOT TIP: You can of course cross-reference these keywords and phrases you generate against
the ones generated by WORDTRACKER and make a fine comparison to see if there are any
differences in the compilations. This can definitely be very revealing and will help you gain a quick
knack for developing an “intuitive” understanding of your niche and its most relevant keywords
and in any marketplace you endeavor to exploit!
Also, Google Select AdWords contains a relatively new feature where while creating your
account or another campaign inside an existing account you can generate more keywords and
phrases as needed.
With Google‟s tool, you simply enter into the search field (in the screenshot above) a keyword or
keyword phrase, and Google‟s very own algorithms will generate what they believe are the most
relevant additional keywords and phrases you should possibly use.
Page 45
At the bottom will usually be an option for even “More Keywords.” You can click this option to get
a further and ore exhaustive listing you can use.
Once you have your list, go over it and delete the obvious objections (i.e., keywords or phrases
that you know by pure reason alone that would not be good to use).
Additionally, you may want to apply “Advanced option matching” and you can learn a lot more
about this by watching the video at Google‟s Learning Center:
(Click here or the screenshot above to take you to this most helpful video!)
Once you have finely-tuned and applied advanced matching options to your select keywords list
you will be ready to initiate your PPC ad campaign.
Here you can find free tips for writing PPC ads.
Page 46
Your PPC ad(s) will redirect to your gateway page.
And on these you will eventually sell-off advertising space (either in the form of banner ads or text
ads, or BOTH).
But you will need FIRSTLY to finely-tune your campaign so as to:
1. Reduce bids & daily budget as much as possible
2. While STILL maintaining FRONT PAGE placement for each & every keyword
And then secondly, once this has been achieved you will then figure out how much 1 month‟s
worth of this daily PPC advertising converts to.
Remember: Determine the AVERAGE daily amount spent on your campaign,
then multiply by 31 days to get the LARGEST possible number (not 30.5; the
average of 30-day and 31-day months).
Once you‟ve determined how much you are spending per month MAXIMUM, you can then divide
by 10 so as to figure out what a spot REALLY costs to breakeven on your advertising.
Then you multiply this amount by 1.25 to 1.5 to get your lower- and upper-limits for what you can
sell your ad spaces for.
After this, design a simple text link or banner that reads any one or more of the following:
Advertise Here Dirt Cheap! Just $_____ a Month!
This Advertising Space Now Available - Limited Time Only!
Reach Google‟s Highly-Targeted PPC Audience by Placing YOUR AD HERE NOW!
Page 47
Here are several SAMPLES you can use or design your own from:
Then actually place it somewhere easily seen and viewable on the very SAME gateway page you
are promoting.
The real beauty here is that since the only visitors coming to your page are
actually PPC visitors, THEY (of all people) can more readily appreciate your
offer of being able to advertise whatever THEY are selling before YOUR
audience (as they recognize the ever growing costs of search engine PPCs just
like you – only you have my Secret in its fullness!)
I‟ve done this a lot, and it‟s truly an amazing system I‟ve developed.
Here‟s why (and something you may not have noticed right away):
You see, I‟m actually encouraging you to get as many keywords as possible, bid them in such a
way as to allow ALL your ads TOP Front Page visibility, and for every single keyword you use.
Now, don‟t you think if you do this, your ads and gateway pages will be the most coveted ones
Of course they will! – And this is why it will be so easy to sell your ad space on them:
a. They will be TOP placement, and other advertisers will want to have THEIR sales
message(s) on them!
b. They will also be getting so much DAILY traffic being so high-profiled that a massive
amount of people will be seeing your own message about “Advertise Here Dirt Cheap!”
and so forth!
Page 48
This system is similar to an ever self-fueling fire in that the high-volume traffic
generates the most coveted positions, and the most coveted positions generate
the greatest desire to advertise there; which in turn attracts those advertisers
who in turn end up paying for YOUR ADVERTISING – which is the real Secret
to all of this as you end up getting PPCs for FREE!
With a little fine-tuning, and applied to several campaigns, you can very soon MASTER my
Secret to the point that you can jumpstart and promote ANY thing you ever could possibly
imagine online!
Now you can see why I‟ve owned 16 separate online businesses over the past 9 years, ranging in
every conceivable category of products, and how I was able to get many millions in advertising -but for FREE!
And NOW you understand why I‟ve been able to secure over $87 million in the past 16 years in
FREE advertising!
And NOW you understand how I‟ve managed to get most recently $12 million a year in Google
PPCs alone! – And again, I‟m just 1 person!
If anyone ever asked me to do PPCs any other way, I‟d say “Forget it!”
Sure, there will be the unfortunately unavoidable pessimists who‟ll say “Yeah, your system
sounds all good … but what if no one buys your ad spots?”
And to them I say 2 things:
1. “Yeah, and what if one day the land where you live opens up and swallows you and your
family up, what‟s the point then of mortgaging your home?” (See; how ridiculous!)
2. “I‟ve been doing this online for 9 years alone and have had NO trouble getting people to
advertise (and because I‟ve worked out MY FORMULA [above] for determining exactly
what to charge, I never have any worries as I *KNOW* I‟ll sell those spaces and not only
eliminate my costs, but also make a very HUGE profit as a result!)”
And whatever you do, DON‟T become one of these types of pessimists.
They ALWAYS think that their failures are the result of other people faults.
They never seen the pattern of their own self-destructive behavior as they incorrectly assume that
the reason things didn‟t work out for them must have been due to someone else.
I‟ve been doing this system (i.e., my Secret) for years upon years.
Page 49
But occasionally I get an email from some idiot who has the audacity to tell me that my own
system, which I KNOW works, is not possible or that it doesn‟t work nearly as well as I say it
How the heck would he know since he hasn‟t even applied it (much less finely-tuned it to
his particular promotions!?)
So please don‟t take this opinion as the foolish among us, and write me an email like this, as I file
all these under a convenient folder I call the “Idiot People File.”
President of Your Local Chapter of Idiots!
If you put this secret to the test, and even if you put 1/10th as much energy into this as you would
something else you loved, I‟m very sure you will see a great measure of success.
Additionally (and as with most things) you should discover that it gets easier and easier the more
you practice.
Remember, I started out very small, using just a single page, and perhaps a few keywords and
phrases; yet I went on to generate over $314 million in revenues in just 9 years‟ time.
So I “know” this works; and you should rob yourself of applying my secret…
Page 50
Section 3 – Make $1 Million’s WITHOUT Selling Anything.
Another interesting thing about my Secret is that you don‟t even have to have an offer or product!
That‟s right! – If you want, you can just select any market where you know there‟s a lot of
attention, then create a select keyword and phrase list, then write perhaps an article about that
genre, and then sell space on just that webpage (that doesn‟t serve as any sort of gateway page
at all!)
Page 51
I discovered this quite by accident when I starting making 5 times my money back by selling off
ad spots.
It suddenly hit me one day that I could remove altogether my main offer (usually in the middle part
or at LEFT on the gateway page) and I‟d still be able to sell spots!
Then I decided to test this by creating a generic gateway page with an article I wrote on “making
money online.”
I borrowed some article content after having purchased some private label reprint rights, and
used this as the main piece.
I then situated several banners around it that I got after joining several free affiliate programs.
I figured if any of them sold anything I‟d at least make some money, right?
Then I placed a text link that read:
Your Ad Here Now!
This is a very LIMITED spot – Get it NOW before it’s gone!
Click here!
And over several days people started sending me emails and wanted the spot.
I sold 18 spots for $247 each, meaning I made $4,446.
Since I was spending just $68 a day (or $2,108 monthly) for 38 top performing keywords and
phrases, I was realizing a monthly gross profit of over $2,300.
And the funniest part of all this was that I didn‟t have any product of my own yet I
was making money from a single genre!
And as you might have already guessed, I decided to try this same thing but with different
categories (genres).
So I developed what I called “categorical batches” of keywords and phrases.
I would simply pick something like “cellphones” and then write a brief single page article about
some top features of the latest cellphones.
Page 52
I‟d then join several free affiliate programs that were electronic-, accessories- and
entertainment-related; and then start off placing their banners at my page; then start the whole
process of selling off banner and button-banner spots.
I played with different sizes, prices, and offers; and saw instantly I had lots of room in which to
play around.
In just days I had sold more than enough in advertising so that all my PPC costs were completely
covered and I was making another $3,000 a month on top of the other generic page!
Then I decided to start another entire business centered on this, and I still own it today.
Currently this one business alone has NO product(s) of its own, is situated
around 59 separate batches; and each page generates for me an average
profit of about $2,800 a month (or over $165,000 a month profit in MY pocket –
which is about $2 million a year on top of all my other businesses!)
I strongly encourage you to give this a shot too as there are no shortages on the Web in terms of
categories with which to do this.
Page 53
Section 4 – Cultivate & Nurture Your List.
Somewhere on your gateway page (in addition to the spots you sell-off to other advertisers to
offset all your PPC costs) you‟ll need to place a form offering a “FREE Newsletter.”
If you can‟t write one go here to get content.
Since you will undoubtedly be getting really LARGE volumes of traffic, many people will sign-up
for your FREE newsletter.
The resulting database will have manifold applications for you, and as such will quickly become
one of your greatest and most precious assets!
You will be able to:
Encourage people to return to your site!
Direct people to go to other sites where you may have another offer they need!
Remind people of important specials!
Get people to perform a series of tasks!
Make broadcasts to people of new launches of new offers you release when you
release them!
Page 54
Because of these added benefits to you, you‟d be wise to install an autoresponder and its online
form for people to fill out with any and all gateway pages you design.
If you need an autoresponder, here are my suggestions:
How important is having your own autoresponder?
When I first started my very first website, I began making some good money. But my website did not
contain a newsletter sign-up option (which is where your autoresponder comes in).
After several weeks I had my designers add one, and I wrote 12 issues that were scheduled to go out on:
Day 0 (that‟s the same day someone signs up) through Day 11
Here‟s what happened! …
>> My sales EXPLODED 682% increase!
In case you don‟t know what this means exactly, it means that if before my website would have made me
$100,000 a year, now with a 12-part issue autoresponder series I would be making $682,000 a year!
Or, if without the autoresponder my site would have made me $1 million a year, now it would be making me
$6.82 million per year!
Which would you rather have: $1 million or $6.82 million?
But the funny thing is, here‟s how it actually broke down:
I found after carefully crunching numbers that about 1.4% of everyone visiting my site was converting to a
I also found out after adding an autoresponder/newsletter sign-up option that about 34% of all my site‟s
visitors were signing up – meaning 34 people out of every 100 unique visitors.
And out of these 34 people out of every 100 visitors that started receiving my autoresponder messages
(newsletter issues) ultimately between 8 and 9 out of every 34 (in addition to the original 1.4% out of every
100 initially) would buy my product from 1 to 12 days afterwards!
This came to over 600% increase as ultimately over 9 people out of every 100 ended up ordering as
opposed to just over 1 out of 100 WITHOUT an autoresponder/newsletter option.
And yes, even though these numbers appear small, again, I wish to point out that this 682% increase
means the difference between making $100,000 a year and $682,000 a year … or, $1 million a year as
opposed to making $6.82 million a year.
And all because I added just one simple thing!
So, if you ask me if an autoresponder is crucial, I think you know what my answer will be (but will you
institute one based on this same crucial importance as I fully understand… that is the question…?)
Page 55
Section 5 – In case you want to take advantage of the 80
million people daily searching for a money-making
With the Internet being both an inexpensive (or FREE with the help of this ebook!) as well as
extremely vast medium in which to exploit, the Internet also serves as the BEST single venue in
which to make money-making offers.
Page 56
If you have a product that‟s on “how to make money,” you can use my Secret easily to target all
the search engines‟ largest audience through PPCs, but never have to suffer any costs directly.
And if you don‟t have a money-making product, you can still use my special “twist” (described
above) in such a way that you are STILL very much able to make $1 million’s off this largest of
all segments!
Here is a list of over 90 choicest keywords and phrases for a money-making offer you can use
at Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all other search engines, and which are already impregnated with
the currently most optimal settings* beside each keyword or phrase:
business exciting in internet making money ** 0.4
free online money making opportunity
get making money online started
internet auction making money ** 0.6
internet making money randomizer ** 0.4
internet making money scams ** 0.4
internet money making idea ** 0.4
internet secret to making money ** 0.5
job making money on the internet ** 0.6
legitimate online money making
making easy money online
making free money online
making money from the internet ** 0.4
making money off the internet ** 0.4
making money on the internet ** 0.8
making money on the internet for free
making money online ** 0.9
making money online business opportunity ** 0.95
making money online survey
making money over the internet ** 0.4
making money through the internet ** 0.4
making money using the internet ** 0.4
making money with online auction
money making idea online
money making internet business
money making internet business tool ** 0.5
money making job online
money making online casino ** 0.8
money making opportunity on the internet ** 0.9
money making opportunity online ** 0.95
online money making business ** 0.95
secret of making money online ** 0.95
teen making money online ** 0.9
"free how to get rich" ** 0.3
"free internet business" ** 0.6
"free internet businesses" ** 0.9
"free money making opportunities" ** 0.9
"free money making opportunity" ** 0.3
"free money-making opportunities" ** 0.9
"free money-making opportunity" ** 0.5
"free moneymaking opportunities" ** 0.5
"free moneymaking opportunity" ** 0.5
"free online business" ** 0.6
"free online businesses" ** 0.6
"get rich from the internet" ** 0.05
"get rich online" ** 0.6
"how to get rich" ** 0.3
"how to get rich from the internet" ** 0.3
"how to get rich from the net" ** 0.3
"how to get rich on the internet" ** 0.3
"how to get rich online" ** 0.3
"how to make money on the internet" ** 0.8
"how to make money online" ** 0.9
"how to profit online" ** 0.05
"how to start an internet business" ** 0.9
"how to start an online business" ** 0.7
"how to start making money online" ** 0.9
[affiliate program] ** 1.0
[affiliate programs] ** 1.0
[business opportunities] ** 1.0
[click bank] ** 0.6
[clickbank] ** 0.6
[corey rudl] ** 0.7
[cory rudl] ** 0.6
[free affiliate program] ** 0.8
[free affiliate programs] ** 0.8
[internet business] ** 0.9
[internet business opportunities] ** 0.8
[internet businesses] ** 0.7
[internet marketing] ** 1.0
[internet marketing center] ** 0.8
[internet money] ** 0.3
[internet opportunities] ** 0.3
[internet selling opportunities] ** 0.6
[internet selling opportunity] ** 0.3
[internet wealth] ** 0.3
[make money on the internet] ** 1.0
[make money on the net] ** 1.0
[make money online] ** 0.8
[make money with clickbank] ** 0.8
[money making opportunities] ** 0.5
[money-making opportunities] ** 0.4
[moneymaking opportunities] ** 0.4
[net money] ** 0.3
[net opportunities] ** 0.3
[online business opportunities] ** 0.6
[online money] ** 0.3
[online profits] ** 0.3
[online selling opportunities] ** 0.7
[online selling opportunity] ** 0.45
[profit online] ** 0.3
[terry dean] ** 0.6
*These settings are subject to change as Google‟s AdWords is a competitive in real-time algorithmic system. You
may need to adjust each of these, as well as your defaults in order to get the desired page placements and ranks
you prefer, and for your particular budget.
With the ABOVE list, you may want to set your default at 30¢ (enter it as 0.30 however inside
your Google AdWords account).
To set up your AdWords account, just click here and be selling in as little as 15 minutes!
Page 58
Here is an additional list of 307 keywords and phrases you may also wish to add and/or use:
12 month millionaire
and make money
best ways to make money
business opportunities
can i make money
can i make money online
can you make money
do to make money
earn money
easiest way to make money
easy ways to make money
everyday wealth
fastest way to make money
for teens to make money
get cash
get paid
get rich
get rich quick
get wealthy
getting paid
getting rich
home based businesses
home make money online
how can i make money
how do i make money
how do you make money
how make money
how much money can i make
how much money can you make
how to create a fortune
how to make big money
how to make easy money
how to make extra money
how to make fast money
how to make money
how to make money as a
how to make money at
how to make money at home
how to make money fast
how to make money for
how to make money from
how to make money from home
how to make money in real
how to make money in real estate
how to make money in stocks
how to make money in the
how to make money on
how to make money on the
how to make money on the internet
how to make money online
how to make money selling
how to make money using
how to make money with
how to make quick money
i make money
i make money on
i make money online
i want to make money
ideas to make money
internet treasure chest
make a lot of money
make a money
make big money
make cash
make easy money
make easy money online
make extra money
make fast money
make good money
make money
make money and
make money as
make money at home
make money at home online
make money buying
make money doing
make money easily
make money easy
make money fast
make money fast on
make money fast online
make money for
make money from
make money from home
make money from online
make money from the
make money in
make money in real
make money in real estate
make money in stocks
make money in world
make money in world of
make money money
make money now
make money now at home
make money now at home online
make money off
make money off of
make money on
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make money on the
make money on the internet
make money on the web
make money online
make money online at
make money online by
make money online fast
make money online for
make money online forum
make money online from
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make money online in
make money online no
make money online now
make money online survey
make money online surveys
make money online uk
make money online with
make money online work
make money out
make money over
make money over the
make money playing
make money quickly
make money surfing
make money surfing the
make money through
make money trading
make money uk
make money using
make money when
make money while
make money with
make money with a
make money with google
make money with online
make money with your
make money working
make money writing
make more money
make more money than
make online money
make real money online
make some money
make the money
make the most money
make too much money
making money
money can you make
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need to make money
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residual income
rich jerk
that make money
the best way to make money
the internet treasure chest
to make a lot of money
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to make money as a
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to make money in real estate
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to make money quick
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to make money selling
to make money when
to make money with
to make money without
to make quick money
want to make money
warrior forum
warriorforum com
way to make money
way to make money in
way to make money on
way to make money online
ways for kids to make money
ways to make extra money
ways to make money
ways to make money at
ways to make money fast
ways to make money for
ways to make money from
ways to make money in
ways to make money on
ways to make money online
we make money
webmaster world
work at home
work from home
working from home
Alex Mandossian
Alexandria Brown
Alexandria K. Brown
Allan Gardyne
Armand Morin
Brian Keith Voiles
Bryan Winters
Carlos Garcia
Carlton Sheets
Charlie Page
Corey Rudl
Dan Kennedy
David Vallieres
Derek Gehl
Don Lapre
Dr Mani
Ed Zivkovic
Gary Halbert
Harvey Segal
Jason Potash
Jay Abraham
Jeff Mulligan
Jeff Paul
Jim Daniels
Jim Edwards
Jimmy D Brown
Joe Vitale
John Reese
John Carlton
Jonathan Mizel
Ken Evoy
Kevin Nunley
Kevin Wilke
Kirt Christensen
Lorrie Morgan
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Lynn Terry
Marc Goldman
Mark Hendricks
Markus Allen
Marlon Sanders
Matt Gagnon
Matt Gill
Michael Green
Michael Wong
Michel Fortin
Mike Merz
Neil Shearing
Paul Colligan
Perry Marshall
Phil Wiley
Ralph Wilson
Robert Allen
Rosalind Gardner
Shelley Lowery
Stone Evans
Terry Dean
Tom Vu
Vincent James
Willie Crawford
Yanik Silver
Page 63
I haven‟t provided any settings (i.e., defaults or individual keywords or phrases bids) for the
immediately above list as I have never used this one. This one is just one that is being used for a
number of the more powerful money making opportunities offers currently available online.
Therefore, my recommendation is to start at perhaps a 40¢ default (enter it inside your Google
AdWords account as 0.40), and then depending on the individual performance of each one above
adjust accordingly.
Helpful tip: While some “experts” say start low and work your way up in bids, I disagree. This will
limit your exposure at first and you won‟t get as many clicks. Google‟s algorithms are based on
“clickthroughs,” meaning „how many times your ad gets clicked‟ will help and actually enhance your
So rather than starting low, start higher if you can afford it (even setting your overall default at $1) so
that you get TOP PAGE PLACEMENT, and obviously this means way more clicks; and thus
Google‟s algorithms beginning to work in your favor as you develop a fantastic clickthrough history.
Then once you‟ve secured TOP placement, start bidding less (i.e., 5¢ less per keyword or phrase)
and see if it holds. If it does, repeat lowering by 5¢ and again check to see if it holds its position. If it
does, then continue in this way until you are paying way less, but still maintaining a TOP CHOICE
position (i.e., first 1-3 pages).
Allow sufficient time (usually 10 days or more) to gain “algorithmic momentum” within Google‟s
system, and then start shaving back gradually about 5¢ at a time each bid amount. HOLD for at
least 48 hours to see if this has a noticeable effect on your ranks (i.e., in terms of page and
position on that page); and if it does instantly return to your former bid setting for that keyword(s)
or phrase(s).
If no noticeable change in the form of lowing either or both your ad‟s position on any given page
or the page number occurs, remain for about 4-5 days allowing Google‟s algorithms to adjust and
compile even more favorable statistical histories on your ad‟s performance; then REPEAT
shaving 5¢ per keyword and phrase per bid, and watch carefully for any negative changes.
After a few of these “shavings and holds” you can eventually get your bids down, down, down to a
small percentage of what you started with; and most often beaten your competitors who have
lesser rank, yet who are paying MORE because they didn‟t know how to start high, shave bids,
then hold, then repeat!
Page 64
Section 6 – An interesting side-twist on my Secret!
Another thing you can do is sell off space in your newsletter.
This is a fantastic source of cash pouring directly into your pocket as everybody online wants to
make money; and it seems other web business owners can‟t resist taking advantage of
opportunities to run their ads in other people‟s lists!
This is almost a “phenomenal behavior” as because they are in effect your competition and they
seek to take some of your list subscribers and make them theirs, they are still nevertheless willing
to pay you to do this (and often large sums of money to do so!)
Page 65
You of course would charge more depending on the size of your list; and you may want to test
various prices to see what you can get and how much people are willing to pay.
But this isn‟t your only consideration: Your list must also pull for them at least enough to allow
them to recover their investment. (If not, they could reverse or dispute charges resulting in you
losing your ability to take payments online!)
Every month prepare to update all 7-issues with a header you call the “Sponsored Advertiser‟s
You can format it between a set of dotted lines to look like this:
>>>>-----<<<Sponsored Advertiser‟s Section>>>---<<<
MAKE MONEY ONLINE! New exciting opportunity in
the now multi-billion dollar vitamin industry! Pays 15
levels deep! Plus Infinity Bonuses of 1.28% Guaranteed
forced 3 x 15 matrix opportunity! Includes FREE
Website at sign-up! Just go now to:
The above is a paid advertisement. Please do not contact
us regarding any questions you may have concerning this
ad as all such inquiries will be wholly ignored. Instead,
contact the advertiser directly. Thank you. -Mgt
[Then the rest of your newsletter below here…]
To get clients/advertisers, simply include an ad in every outgoing issue that reads…
>>> YOUR AD featured here! <<<
--------------------------------------------In our next updated monthly issue!
Place you ad in our now daily 500
opportunity audience for 1 full
month for ONLY $197. Email us at:
[email protected]
This is sure to get you quite a few advertisers!
The combination of selling off BOTH banner and text-link space on your lead-capture page as
well as within your autoresponder series is sure to more than offset all your advertising costs,
and then some!
Page 66
BOTH these methods allow you to more than offset and even nullify your Google and other
search engine advertising costs completely.
Remember: It all comes back to whether or not this eliminated your Google ads‟ costs; so
naturally that‟s your targeted goal throughout. It‟s very easy to do this once you think in these
terms universally.
Page 67
Section 7 – One more thing you can do that will allow you
another income stream of possibly $1 million yearly!
So far you‟ve learned:
1. How to offset (literally eliminate!) ALL your PPC advertising by selling off ad space at
whatever lead-capture (or gateway) page(s) that you are advertising using your PPC
campaign, so that essentially you are advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other
powerful TOP search engines FREE!
2. How to build a maximum keyword list so you exhaustively cover every segment and
facet of your market and audience.
Page 68
3. How to make $1 million’s WITHOUT even having any product using my Secret!
4. How to cultivate & nurture your e-list database for further profiting.
5. How to specifically take advantage of the 80 million people “money-making seeker”
opportunity market using my Secret!
6. How to instantly generate a powerful & dependable additional income stream that can
earn you over $1 million by combining your having cultivated your e-list with then selling
off much valued advertising real estate within it!
And now…
7. I‟m going to teach you yet ANOTHER means of instantly creating a very powerful
additional income stream on top of everything else!
Notice that my Secret works BEST when doing all of the above; NOT just one part of it or
For example: you can‟t do what I‟m about to describe unless you specifically do both 1. and 4.
“1.” above allows you to get FREE traffic by offsetting advertising costs when using PPCs. This in
turn generates the incoming momentum of an ongoing rush of leads and prospects.
“4.” above allows you to then cultivate & nurture those leads by funneling all of them into an evergrowing database you can use for many purposes; and what I‟m about to tell you is one of those
„other purposes.‟
What you will be doing is selling (or renting) your leads to other advertisers, and profiting even
But there is one particular and important protocol to observe here:
YOU should maximize your use of these leads FULLY before passing them on to someone
else so that you get the most out of all of them!
In other words, do 2 things before selling them to other advertisers:
1. Utilize my 7-day series rule where you send them all something for a full 7 days from the
time they signup for more information.
2. Offer them even more offers in addition to your original one thereafter this initial 7-day
follow-up campaign.
Once each lead is about 25 days old it is BOTH of little or no value to YOU, but still fresh
enough that it may be of value to some other advertiser!
Page 69
So, rather than allow all these ever-growing precious leads go to waste, sell them off in lots to
other advertisers as an amazing resource!
Never overlook or allow to pass by any opportunity to offset your initial paid-for search engine
Again, think in terms like this:
1) You MUST get highly-targeted FRESH daily leads though select pay-per-click advertising
2) You MUST then neutralize and eliminate this costs through other cashflows
You must always consider your Google ads your initial leads-generation drive, and think of the
other cash streams as the ways to pay for them!
Below appears one website that specializes in the selling off of leads it collects & cultivates
Page 70
You should very much consider doing this as it‟s easy to sell your leads off to other
advertisers (especially when you are able to give them a real deal in the form of inexpensive
You can specialize (like the above example) in selling “exclusive” leads; meaning that no single
lead is sold more than once to 2 or more advertisers who want to make use of them.
Or you can sell your leads as “non-exclusive;” but these should be sold much cheaper.
Generally I sell “exclusive” leads for up to $10 each, and non-exclusive leads for seldom above
$1 each.
You can sell them for any amount you can get, however; these are only my own suggestions.
Below appears another leads selling source:
Page 71
And yet here‟s another great example:
If you click the “Get a FREE list quote now >>” button, it takes you here:
Page 72
Here is one leads-reseller online order page:
You can accept PayPal so as to make use of the ease of this instant payment method.
PayPal now has well over 100 million members worldwide, so using them makes it easy to
move your leads!
Page 73
You will NEVER run out of leads to resell as your lead-capture page will continue to
accumulate them, your advertising for your lead-capture page will continue to be offset, and
you‟ll generate additional streams of revenue from:
1. Ad space sold off on your lead-capture page!
2. Ad space sold off inside your newsletter!
3. Leads then resold to others!
Again, as simple as this appears, I‟ve used these 3 things in symbiotic synergistic
combination to get now well over $87 million in FREE advertising for more than 16 years, and
as of late $12 million a year alone in PPC advertising at just Google!
So even though you may think this is too simple to work, just remember that most often the
things that are most complicated most often are the things that break down. Simple things
that work together so easily and as above described are the kinds of things that TRULY work,
and for the longest duration.
But if you insist on something more complicated that‟s almost guaranteed to break down, I
suggest you follow someone else‟s advice (most likely someone who hasn‟t really made a dime
and who is struggling like most everyone else!)
Page 74
FREE Bonus #1 – FREE Online Advertising
The above methods are not the only ones capable of providing you FREE advertising.
There are many other forms of online advertising that are FREE…
Link Exchanges:
You can do a link exchange whereby another webmaster agrees to exchange links with you
where you place his/her text link on your page and he/she places your text link on theirs.
For locating such opportunities click here to go to Google specifically for these offers.
FREE Classifieds:
There are still some choice free advertising sites around, and despite what you may have heard
to the contrary.
Click here to go to Google for a listing of these offers specifically.
Page 75
Live the ideal life of wealth and freedom!
FREE Bonus #2 – Low-Cost Offline Advertising
Just because you are most likely promoting online does NOT mean you are limited to promoting
exclusively to an online audience only.
The same people who surf the Web are also the same people you see in the “real world” too!
These same people in addition to surfing the Web and taking advantage of online offers also
check out regularly many newsprint and magazine opportunity advertisements looking for ways to
make lots of money.
So definitely make use of these too…
For your convenience, I‟ve assembled very real resources that can get you TOP PLACEMENT
and HIGHLY-TARGETED advertising offline ordinarily costing you $1,000‟s, but starting for at
least 50% OFF, to very often as much as 95% OFF!
Print Media – Newspaper Classified Ads:
Do NOT underestimate offline print media, specifically newspaper classified advertising!
Papers TODAY are still the preferred and most widely viewed form of advertising (70% of all
advertising audiences are in newspapers!)
You can pace your ad in every newspaper on the entire planet starting by just clicking here right
Advertise “Wholesale”:
Advertise in 83% of all US newspapers at up to 90% OFF starting by just clicking here!
They will require you to buy ads in up to several 100‟s of newspapers in any one state in order to
One example of this big savings is the state of North Carolina (NCPS) where you can place your
ad in currently some 118 separate newsprint publications statewide for just $300 (this works
out to just $2.54 per ad as opposed to paying perhaps $30 or more per ad!)
Page 76
Dare to seize the day and demand your dreams come true!
FREE Bonus #3 – Wholesale Business Magazine Advertising
Unlike online advertising media, magazines have a property known as “coffee-table life.”
This means that if you place your ad in a magazine, it can get leads even up to 2 years after the
ad has run as someone somewhere may come across an old issue, turn to the back, see your
ad, and take a chance that you still may be offering the same thing years later.
I know from firsthand experience as I once found an ad in the back of a magazine from the late
1970‟s (and this was in 2004!) and I wrote the company, and guess what? I got a response along
with a fresh and current catalog!
This means that magazine advertising can be very profitable as even though slower in response
turnaround times, they have lasting value (far more than a fickle and twitch-happy right index
finger on a mouse!)
If you have a moneymaking opportunity offer or your product is all about making money from the
Internet, I suggest you advertise in as many opportunity and entrepreneurial magazines as you
Page 77
Don‟t let the fact that just because magazines are an “offline” medium they can‟t be used to
leverage “online” traffic! (Many entrepreneurs online overlook this and this leaves a whole field of
possibilities to play in!)
My good friends Randy and Carol Wolf at Wolf Enterprises specialize in getting you HUGE
SAVINGS OFF what you‟d have to pay otherwise in such magazines as:
Sparetime Opportunities
Moneymaking Opportunities
Money N Profits
Opportunity World
Start Your Own Business
As well as such big name and super widely-read newspapers as:
Investor‟s Business Daily
They also specialize in card deck advertising to as many as 100,000 recipients at a time (but
spots are definitely limited!)
These magazines are the very BEST from which to get
offline readers to become online traffic and site visitors!
Many people (most in fact) tend to separate the “worlds” of magazines and the Internet; and if you
do this too doing so means you are killing off a potential stream of traffic that you can‟t even begin
at present to imagine how powerful and beneficial it can be!
Page 78
Plus, UNLIKE the rapidity of impulse clicking of your average visitor‟s mouse, a magazine can not
simply be clicked-off!
Instead, people reading magazines tend to study a page (including a page filled with ads; in fact:
especially a page filled with ads!)
Additionally, magazines have longer viewable “lives” than online ads; and when I say “viewable” I
mean that a single magazine may be read by more than 2 people during its life (and doesn‟t that
make sense?)
How many magazines have you ever seen in which you started reading an article, and then
suddenly glanced at the publication date only to discover that you were reading an article that
was published perhaps as many as 3 years ago!?
Yet the article you were reading seemed timely; and was just as interesting to you as the day
when it first appeared 3 years earlier at newsstands.
This means that your ads in magazines will also be seen, read, arouse interest and get
responses as many as 3 years or more AFTER they‟ve appeared at newsstands likewise!
And again, keep in mind that business- or entrepreneur-type magazines tend to attract an
audience consisting of regular online surfers as is evidenced by the demographics information
directly from Entrepreneur Magazine‟s data:
Click here to be taken to this same page „live.‟
Page 79
Notice from the above data that 73.3% of all readers of Entrepreneur Magazine are online every
single day!
This screams at you that you should definitely be advertising in this magazine if you have an
online moneymaking opportunity product, service or other offer as even though the readers may
originate offline, at least 73.3% (possibly many more!) of them will be ONLINE within 24 hours
of seeing your ad!
This system is YOUR answer! Take it!
Page 80
Demand the home of your dreams
(I did! … and using just my little PC!)
FREE Bonus #4 – Auto-Effective Advertising
Would you like a virus? Of course not; nor does anyone else.
And that‟s the first thing people think of when they hear the term viral marketing.
But, viral used in this sense has absolutely nothing to do with getting any computer viruses.
Viral in this sense just describes the type of marketing in that one person tells or refers another
person (or more), who in turn do likewise, and so on indefinitely.
The best and also most common example of viral marketing is word-of-mouth.
You go see a really great movie, and then tell 5 friends, 3 of which go see it because you were so
excited about it.
Then later on, those 3 out of 5 people you told and who saw the movie end up telling about 5
more people each, 3 of whom each (a total now of 9 people!) do likewise, and so on.
Basically, all because of you and your excitement, eventually dozens, possibly 100‟s of people
see the movie because of the excitement YOU started.
This is viral marketing.
But, unfortunately people still somehow associate the word viral with virus; even though they are
clearly NOT the same thing.
So a new and more accurate term was demanded, and was created by another well-known online
entrepreneur: “Auto-Effective Marketing.”
Page 81
Sounds impressive, doesn‟t it?
But really, it‟s just another way of saying viral (but without the „virus‟ implication).
Fortunately, there are now some really excellent ways of using auto-effective marketing systems
so that you pay nothing for advertising!
Like any other type of formula, they contain multiple ingredients; and likewise if you subtract any
1 or more parts of the whole, you begin to rob the system of its ability to perform optimally (if at
Another way of saying this is that these “formulas” are synergistic; meaning the sum of the
whole exceeds the sum of the parts (i.e., 1 + 1 + 1 = 3; but somehow when combined they
interact synergistically to equal perhaps 5, 6 or even 8 or 9…)
An example of this from chemistry would be taking saltpeter (potassium nitrate), charcoal and
sulfur, which by themselves add up to just three ingredients; but when combined chemically (in
15:3:2 ratios respectively) equal gunpowder which can explode.
This is an example of “chemical synergy.”
Likewise, auto-effective free advertising formulas contain several-fold „parts‟ or „ingredients‟ that
when combined make them work explosively (at least in terms of advertising and marketability).
Here‟s just 1 formula I recommend:
Build a lead-capture page for yourself (in your own domain & hosting)
Place a funny video at the UPPER LEFT
Add a TAF option (i.e., tell-a-friend; and from between 3 and 10 email spots possible)
Have a message (either in video or written, or BOTH!) that reads in effect that you will
giveaway a cash prize or an Amazon gift certificate to several lucky winners who are
automatically entered because they used your TAF option by forwarding your leadcapture page on to others!
5. Actually giveaway every few months up to $250 to $500 in cash and prizes.
This becomes one of the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapons you can ever add to your
arsenal of selling instruments and tools!
I‟ve used this, and done modified versions of this to make for myself millions!
And none of it was difficult in the least – you just have to decide to do it!
The beauty here is that all the technology necessary to build this easily and simply is all over the
Internet just for you to take; much of it is at “open source” sites like the Open Source Project!
I suggest you look around the Web and bookmark sites that have the components you require for
this and other selling devices you can construct.
Page 82
Remember: People naturally love funny stuff, and when they see something they like, they can
help but pass it on to everyone they know (and especially if YOU give them an easy incentive!)
Here‟s an example of the format I‟m describing (except this one has the funny video in the
middle)… was so powerful with its auto-effective marketing momentum that it cracked the
TOP 100 at Alexa (meaning out of 80 million web-businesses online, it was in the top 100!)
This proved so successful it shocked many marketers in its simplicity.
Have you ever heard of the KISS Principle? (It stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”) Some of the
Web‟s top performing traffic monsters are all based on simple concepts.
Just think of things like You Send It, or MySpace, and so on. These sites exploit very basic and
overly simple concepts but to TOP traffic levels!
Page 83
When you click this particular example, it takes you to this tell-a-friend page:
Note that you have the option to fill out up to 10 email addresses belonging to other people.
THIS is where the real power lies in auto-effective advertising as if you were to send this to
10 people, who did likewise, that would be 100 people; and if they did likewise, this would total
1,000 people, then 10,000 … then 100,000 … then 1 million people!
Page 84
An offer immediately pops-up (while you wait for your tell-a-friend to be sent) that‟s basically an
And of course, when you think about how many people (possibly millions!) are seeing these offers
while they wait, even if less than 1% respond the promoter makes a lot of money!
Page 85
The math of this auto-effective system looks potentially* like this:
And all starting with just a single visitor!
*This is NOT a guarantee of traffic or sales.
Page 86
So you get the idea, right?
This schematic just demonstrates that it doesn‟t take very long for the mechanics of this system
to “kick in” and start generating you tons and tons of traffic.
You see, as people pass on your funny videos, YOUR lead-capture page is carried with it (NOT
just the videos) as the “offer” people see while they are waiting for their funny videos to be sent to
their friends!
So as the above table demonstrates, after just a short while potentially 100,000‟s of people could
be seeing your lead-capture page with the passage of the funny videos with your sales message!
To find funny videos free that you can use, just click here now!
To get a complete TAF system script for free just click here now!
To get TAF software to install on your servers instead, just click here now!
For web development help so you can get someone to build these things and more, just click
here now!
Using the immediately above resources, you can get everything working smoothly.
Page 87
A Final Word From The Author…
I have successfully used everything that appears above to the effect of
having gotten well over $87 million over the past 16 years in FREE
I’ve even managed most recently to secure yearly well over $12 million in
pay-per-clicks at Google alone (the Net’s TOP search engine!)
I have done a very good job in providing you the very same simple (but very
effective) system I’ve develop and continue to use to this day.
It is my sincerest hope and ambition for you that you do NOT look a “gift
horse” in the mouth with all that I’ve given you here; but instead that you
apply what you’ve gained.
Everyday I hear someone complaining of not be able to get an upper-edge, or
that they can’t get around high advertising costs to be able to make a buck.
Now, this is no longer something you’ll be tied or bound to.
You have herein priceless knowledge (and if you doubt that, just think of
how great I must feel having NOT spent $87 million on advertising that I was
instead able to get for FREE!)
If you can’t seem to get the importance and value of this information,
realize that I am someone who makes millions yearly, passively and
easily – and yet I am still just one man!
THEREFORE, if you fail to make use of this simple and readily applicable
instruction, the fault rests entirely on you.
I’m now asking you to make a choice … I’m now asking that you make a
decision as to whether you want to be bound like everyone else, or do you
want to take the steps necessary and gain forever the greatest cutting
edge ever?
Please be wise…
Dr Jon Cohen, MD
Now go to the next SUPER-Special FREE Bonus to become our affiliate …
Page 88
SUPER Special FREE Bonus #5 – Become Our Affiliate!
Would you like it to literally rain money on you?
It‟s now very possible with our newest Affiliate Program for “Get Google Ads FREE!”
Few ebooks sell like this one! (And that‟s not us just being braggarts or full of self-praise – it‟s
actually a FACT!)
We knew from even before we started selling this ebook that it would do amazingly well. We
knew this because of two (2) primary things:
1 – We suspected that with all the attention Google gets everyday (and you can measure this for
yourself if you have WORDTRACKER) that any publication we offered that told people how to get
Google paid-for sponsored ads but for free would be an instant winner! And…
2 – We actually surveyed several samples in the 10,000‟s of both in-house affiliates and double
opt-in subscribers (both sets from our own databases) to see out of a significant range of
subjects and categories which they “most preferred to either purchase and/or sell,” only to
discover that this ebook‟s subject was the most prized with not even a close second!
And that did then as it still does speak VOLUMES to us (and should likewise speak to you now!)
We realize that SEO, FFAs, traffic “hit” programs and almost everything else you see online just
doesn‟t pay (few things really do; except such things as AdWords, Co-Regs, Affiliate Traffic
Generation, etc.; and which do pay off very well if done properly).
Page 89
The challenge is 2-fold in that first you must determine what works (such as highly-targeted select
relevancy pay-per-click advertising; such as Google ads) and then further explore precisely how
to do so more effectively than anyone else doing likewise using these same media you intend on
using (such as discovering and applying the secret in this ebooks as it will allow you to STILL
advertise effectively, but without suffering the costs – and thereby also eliminating the risks
after a number of things have been carefully determined).
And we know that most serious advertisers are going to want to master the secrets herein; and
because there are NO SHORTAGE of them (as the Web continues to grow even larger every
single day!) YOU therefore stand to gain tremendously by becoming OUR Affiliate!
It‟s FREE to join!
And seeing as our success depends (even hinges!) upon YOUR SUCCESS, we‟ve spared no
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this ebook!
When you go now to our Affiliate Page to get started, you will instantly see at the top an AnchorTag Generation Menu allowing you to “jump” to any tool you want:
<<------Jump to any
selling tool
using this
The very first thing we need to know is if you are already an affiliate signed-up with ClickBank? If
you are, that‟s great; you already have an affiliate “nickname” ID, and can get started without
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If however you aren‟t signed-up with ClickBank yet, NO PROBLEM; just do so now FREE by
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When you do you will be taken to a very simple and easy-to-fill-out webpage that looks like this:
It takes just 30 seconds to fill out this form.
Now that you‟re signed-up with ClickBank, you can start using our exhaustive and diversified
Affiliate Selling Tools & Resources.
Using your ClickBank “nickname” ID you created you simply substitute wherever you see the
xxxxxx in the link format below:
We‟ve gone out of the way to add some fancy “bells & whistles” most ClickBank-partnered sites
simply don‟t have.
First of all, when you go to test your link, you will see in the browser that it cloaks!
Page 91
Usually a link like the one above would convert upon arriving at the site to:
…and where the xxxxxx would reveal your affiliate ID to everyone who looks at their destination
bar; such as…
People would usually ►
be able to see your ID
here; but NOT with us
as we‟ve installed
special link cloaking
technology! (Which
reduces and often
eliminates altogether
100% anyone from ever
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Page 92
But DON‟T worry as your affiliate nickname ID still appears on the ClickBank Order Form at the
bottom clearly indicating that you would get proper credit for all your sales!...
See (at bottom) that your ClickBank affiliate nickname ID STILL appears below (where you see
the [affiliate = xxxxxx]) regardless of cloaking the destination bar preventing people from viewing
your ID there and modifying it there!
Page 93
Why Is This Important? – This is important for 2 primary reasons:
1. 87% of people when surveyed said they resented seeing someone‟s affiliate ID in their
browser‟s destination bar upon arriving at a site after clicking on either a banner or text
link, or some otherwise not-instantly-recognized affiliate link.
2. 51% of all those 87% above (just over 44% overall) said that they felt compelled to either
sign-up as an affiliate themselves or replace the affiliate ID shown with their own existing
ID in order to rob the affiliate of their commissions; and receive a rebate in the form of a
commission to themselves. (This is horrifying!)
However, when further surveyed it has been shown that if a site visitor NEVER sees even a “hint”
of an affiliate ID in the destination bar above, 99% will NOT look for it elsewhere (i.e., at the
bottom of the Order Form). The old saying is therefore true: “Out of sight, out of mind…”
This naturally means that since they won‟t look for your affiliate ID elsewhere they certainly won‟t
attempt to replace what they don‟t seek to find, right?
So this one little added feature makes sure YOU get your commissions regardless!
Now, another thing that‟s HOT is the fact that just about everyone who visits our Home Page at wants to become an affiliate; and these same people (although they
know they can do so FREE by clicking the link at the top and the bottom) usually also want to
order the ebook too as we have included teaser copy alluding to the fact that by ordering they will
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Why Is This Important? – Because it FORCES a far higher percentage of visitors who want to
become affiliates to actually buy the ebook too instead of just signing-up for FREE without making
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BUT … That‟s not all it says there!
Page 94
If you recall (when reading the site) the part about “… not buying from yourself …” then you
know exactly what I‟m talking about:
Here‟s the stern
warning at the ►
near bottom of
the site advising
purchasers NOT
to buy from
What this means is that a) you know most people visiting want to become an affiliate, b) they
MUST order through you and NOT their own affiliate link, and c) nor are they likely to risk signingup for an ID first, then buy from themselves as they don‟t want to run the risk of seriously
forfeiting their own copy of this ebook; and therefore having it remotely DISABLED!
So the site works dynamically to actually help YOU boost your sales by forcing potential and
newer affiliates to buy through YOU! (And the vast majority of ClickBank-partnered sites do
not have either the technology or the in-writing statement to this admonishment!)
Our being UNIQUE in this way works to YOUR ADVANTAGE! – So use it!
The MOST amazing and thorough assortment of affiliate selling tools ever assembled!
Page 95
One thing that always surprised me about Chris Carpenter‟s Google Cash (which is now at was the fact that at his Affiliate Program and Sign-Up Page he only had a
couple of tools to help someone make any money:
All Chris gives you are an affiliate link, and 2 banners; and the use of a tell-a-friend device at the
very bottom above where it says “Good Luck!”
Yet some of Chris‟ affiliates have earned huge, huge ClickBank commission checks …
In case you can‟t read this, the check is for $14,436.48!
Page 96
Now, the affiliate who made this amount (which is a check that comes every 15 days!) did this
level of earnings because:
A. The ebook is how to make money with Google Ads
B. They posted a simple banner and sent out a few emails to their relatively small list!
…and that‟s it!
Yet they managed to earn over $14,400 bucks in just about 2 weeks‟ time only!
What does this tell you about how much people want information on beating their competition
using Google Ads? (A lot, that‟s how much!)
And, again, I‟ve always been surprised that Chris just gives all his affiliates 2 banners and a tell-afriend tool to use; nothing more (so if you want an emailer or article, guess what?… you have to
write them yourself!)
Now, I know how affiliate programs work; and the MORE selling tools you give your affiliates
(especially if they‟re awesome!) the BETTER!
By contrast to Chris Carpenter‟s Google Cash Affiliate Program look at what all we have for YOU
to use to sell “Get Google Ads FREE!” …
Page 97
At our Affiliate Page you will find the following tools to sell for you …
Audio Text Links in 3 different colors (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 98
2 Powerful Emailers (that we thoroughly tested before passing them on to you!) (and secondary
resources for placing them):
Page 99
5 separate proven Signature Files (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 100
16 of the HOTTEST Banners ever created (and secondary resources for placing them):
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Page 101
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Page 102
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Page 104
An extremely powerful Blog Review (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 105
Powerful & effective Ezine Ads (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 106
Top Sponsor Ads (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 107
Safe List Ads (and secondary resources for placing them):
Page 108
A Squeeze Page & Autoresponder Series for you to direct traffic to and harvest your own inhose list from and FAST!
Page 109
25 Google Pay-Per-Click Ads (and I‟ll show you in a little while how to get them FREE using the
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Page 110
Page 111
Plus 5 separate PROVEN sets of Keywords & Phrases!
Page 112
A complete Video Training Center (FREE-of-costs!) teaching you everything you need to know
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Page 113
3 PROVEN InstantBuzz Ads in both textual & HTML formats!
Page 114
A Super-PROVEN Press Release (and the resources to place this!)
Page 115
3 Awesome Newspaper Classified Ads for offline marketing (and links to more than 10,000
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Page 116
6 Incredible Magazine Display Ads! (and an instant „click-to‟ resource that will place your
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1 inch display ad
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Page 117
1/6th page display ad
1 1/2 –page display ad
Plus a Special “Warp-Drive” Power Integration Section that will show you how to put your
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Page 118
Now, imagine putting some or all of OUR selling tools to work for yourself and seeing the
amazing results!
Our Affiliate Program is so amazing that even the most novice of affiliates can make GREAT
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All YOU need to do is go there and start looking over all the amazing selling tools we‟ve provided!
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Now, on the very NEXT PAGE I reveal exactly how you can use MY SECRET instantly to get all
your Google ads you use to sell this ebook as our affiliate, but at for FREE! …
Page 119
How to use MY SECRET now to sell this ebook using Google ads, but where you never pay
for them! …
Recall that my secret in a nutshell is a simple and easy system where you first build either a
Landing Page with some information and containing a redirect link, or a Squeeze Page with a
FREE Newsletter Sign-Up Form so that your traffic can sign-up for your newsletter and from there
you can BOTH capture their contact information as well as redirect them to your actual sales
page (if you so choose); and then you OFFSET your costs simply by selling off text link and
banner space on that page; and to such a degree that it either partially or completely nullifies
Additionally, you can also use the other additional secondary revenue-generating strategies to
FURTHER offset your Google ads costs; and altogether to the point that you never need worry
over how much your ads cost at Google or any other search engine.
Now, I suggest you review Sections 1, 2, 6 and 7 so that you refresh your memory on how
exactly to apply my amazing (yet very simple) secret!
After you do that, then you will understand what follows even more fully.
Basically, you will be using the Squeeze Page we give you inside the Pay-Per-Clicks & Google
Ads Section.
Here it is again for your review:
Page 120
Only this time you will start by selling off space so that soon you have regular advertisers who will
completely offset your Google pay-per-click costs!
We‟ve tested this and it works amazingly well as the people that will be clicking on your ads will
be highly-targeted entrepreneurial-minded people looking to make money online! – So naturally
they will be very interested also in making the MOST of YOUR ad space!
HOT TIP! Always as a rule include your banner that tells people that you have space for sale; and
even tease them with what appears to be fast-moving spots you are quickly getting rid of (even if
you may really have more left than you may suggests!)
25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3 … Just 2 spots left TODAY!
I really can‟t emphasize enough just how amazingly FAST these spots will sell!
You will of course have to test a few prices to see which one sells the BEST.
Also, you can sell off different sizes throughout.
The absolute best way to look at this concept is just like real estate: Out in the middle of nowhere
where a rural highway gets little or no traffic, you surely can‟t expect anyone to advertise their
billboard on it.
But, if you own a small piece of land right next to one of the busiest interstates around,
advertisers will be banging down your door to place their tall ad on your billboard!
Get the idea?
Page 121
Soon your Squeeze Page will look like this! …
Page 122
And with 10-15 ads each selling for between $100 and $300 monthly for the space, you‟d have
anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $4,500 a month in revenue generated from just this one
Squeeze Page (we tested this and had absolutely NO trouble getting these kinds of results – in
fact, we averaged about $3,900 a month; meaning we could afford to spend around $130 a day
on Google AdWords, and NOT suffer the costs!
At $130 a day and with our average CPC (i.e., cost per click) being about 29¢ per click, this
means that we could get as many as about 450 click-thru‟s a day and not be in any danger of
incurring costs.
And what‟s even better is the fact that from among these 450 or so click-thru‟s, some 4% bought
after completing the form initially (meaning 18 sales a day!) with around 185 people completing
the form daily, and from among them another 19% bought after receiving anywhere from 1-4
issues of our FREE Newsletter (meaning another 35 sales or so on top of the initial 18; and
thereby totaling 53 sales daily (on average).*
*Not to be construed as an assurance of earnings.
If you averaged this daily too, and at over $45 commission per sale, this would mean that not only
would you NOT have any Google ads‟ costs, but you‟d profit another $2,385 a day!
And remember: This isn‟t even considering the fact that you could easily apply what you learn in
Sections 6 and 7 as well for additional revenue streams!
All these moneys would be PURE 100% PROFITS! And this is really easy to get to.
Now, of course the only drawback is slight in that in the beginning you would have to pay for your
costs. But if you put it on your credit card by the time the bill was due, you may have already
generated enough initial cash to more than offset your Google ads‟ costs! (That‟s exactly what
happened with our tests!) I just really hope you fully recognize and fully appreciate the true and
very significant genuine value of my secret.
Further, perhaps you can now see how I‟ve used this simple little secret to amass over $300
million in sales (as once you get the hang of this, you will start venturing out very quickly into
other areas and markets and set up at least 1 lead-capture/squeeze page for each of countless
campaigns you have going!)
Also, by now you can see why I was a little selfish and even a tad haughty about this “secret
system” I created.
I did (as I still do now) see others utilizing this to some degree; but I suspect no one ever has fully
developed it to the degree I have as I don‟t really think there are too many people out there
making my claim to now well over $300 million in sales in the past 8 years or so online
HOWEVER, since my fortune is not threatened by your success, I hereby invite YOU to reach my
results, and who knows, maybe even far surpass me! …
Sincerely as sincerely can get,
Page 123
Open Invitation from the good doctor …
Let me hear from you!
I would love to know the results of your having applied my secrets herein.
I may even feature YOU in my next updated edition of this very ebook!
If interested, please simply go to the Contact Us page located at the site
when you‟re ready to tell all.
Just type in your testimonial and contact details and I‟ll try to get back with you ASAP!
Thank you …
Your friend,
Dr Jon
Be sure to RIGHT click and SAVE your first 3 issues of the “POWER LESSONS” here:
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