Ad Art BROCHURE 2 - Winnipeg School Division


Ad Art BROCHURE 2 - Winnipeg School Division
R. B. Russell Vocational High School
The Advertising Art Program is a four year
program that begins with Grade 9 instruction.
A Mature Student Diploma may be earned by
completing 8 High School credits, 3 or more
of which are obtained from the Advertising
Art Program from the Grade 10 to Grade 12
Upon successful completion of the Advertising Art Program
students will:
Have an understanding of typography, aesthetics and
composition in the construction of meaningful images in Graphic
Have an understanding of and the ability to utilize tools and
technology effectively.
Have the ability to problem solve visual communication
problems, identify, research, analyze problems and provide a
suitable solution.
Have the ability to work cooperatively and productively with
interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teams.
Have an understanding of the Global environment as it relates to
Graphic Design.
Complete a resume and a portfolio of work suitable for
Complete a successful internship, or work practicum.
A Career In
Program runs:
Full-time days
9:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
Advertising Art
* No course fees for residents
of the Winnipeg School Division
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R. B. Russell Vocational High School
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Four Year Program
Graphic Design
Advertising Art Program
The Advertising Art Program is designed for students with a
talent for drawing who wish to pursue a career in Graphic
Design or related fields. Students' artistic and design skills
are developed through course work in drawing, illustration,
design, production art, computer imaging, advertising layout,
and advanced applications which utilize both traditional and
new media.
Advertising Art students will be exposed to all aspects of visual
communication , such as poster design, package design, image
editing, digital imaging and 2D animation. New Media art and
technologies are explored through the use of Mac computers,
scanners, digital cameras, Wacom Cintiq and Intuos Pen Tablets
and industry current software which includes Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash and Adobe InDesign.
Course Outline
Career Opportunities In Advertising Art
Students will study the following areas:
Introduction to Advertising Art/ Graphic Design
Basic Layout and Design
Basic Drawing Techniques
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Introduction to Computer Illustration Using Wacom Tablets
Production Art
Advertising Layout and Design
Computer Imaging
Advanced Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Advanced Production Art
Applied Advertising Art
Advanced Applications
Portfolio Management
Students will also have the opportunity to
take part in:
Safety in the workplace
Guest speakers
Interactive workshops
Industry related field trips
Work experience
R. B.
B. Russell
Russell Vocational
Vocational High
High School
Advertising Art Program
Magazine And Newspaper Publications
Signage Companies
Printing Companies
Book Publishing Houses
Freelance Graphic Designer
Retail Display Designer
Advertising Agencies
Corporate Art Departments
Packaging Companies
Digital Production Studios
Web Designer