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All of us here at Pharm To Table strive to bring an
elevated experience to our customers. Our mission is
simple: To help patients obtain medical cannabis legally To provide a comfortable, safe, and respectful environment
To offer alternative health care solutions in order to nurture and ease
the healing process
To protect the safety, cleanliness, and integrity of our community
To help combat misconceptions about medical marijuana by
upholding high standards of professionalism, customer service, and
education. To give back to our community by supporting local charities and
culture, as well as putting money back into the local economy. To maintain transparency within our business to cultivate an
environment of trust and education.
Our farm in southern Oregon
At Pharm to Table, we are committed to providing safe, effective,
and locally-sourced products to our dispensary members. We strive
to challenge the stigmas surrounding this industry by providing
exceptional service furthered by a transparency of practices and a
desire to educate not only our customers, but the community in
which we live. We’re optimistic about the recent upswing of attention in scientific
and political spheres concerning the benefits of medical marijuana,
and we work hard to ensure that all patients seeking access to
medicinal cannabis leave our facility without unanswered questions,
feeling at ease with their chosen products. MEET OUR STAFF
Jason Rott: Owner/Administrator
As co-owner, administrator and Chief Tuneage Officer, Jason
keeps the wheels running at Pharm to Table. When he isn’t busy
keeping his employees in line, you can find him doing quality
control checks at the local breweries. Although a Northern California native, Jason has spent the last
ten years living in Oregon, Utah and Alaska, exploring the
outdoors and obtaining a BA in Psychology from Southern Utah
University, and a Master of Clinical Psychology from Pacific
University in Portland. While in Alaska, Jason worked at Denali
National Park and bonded over a love of the outdoors with Sarah,
a woman who would eventually become his wife. Jason and his
family are excited to once again be living in Oregon, and to be a
part of the Medford-Ashland community.
Jason is passionate about working in the medicinal cannabis field
as it’s an opportunity to provide therapeutic alternatives to the
community while challenging the stigma surrounding medical
marijuana. David Bryant: Owner/Marketing
Born in Honduras, Dave was raised in Northern California, and has
spent time living in Maui. He holds a BA in Latin American studies
with a minor in Graphic Design from California State University in
Chico. He’s worked extensively as an Account Executive for craft
breweries across the country, working hard to bolster their
merchandising efforts. He has over 14 years of marketing experience,
and previously owned a successful screen printing company in
Santa Barbara, California. Drawing on his experience with the craft brew world, Dave brings
an eye for detail and culturally-driven creativity. He’s excited to
work with Pharm to Table and shine a spotlight on the small
growers who work tirelessly to produce high quality products. Steven Brimm: Sensi-Somellier
Born in Germany, Steven has spent time living in San Francisco and
Montana, and attended college in Northern California where he
studied Fire Science and Kinesiology. He’s worked in the cannabis
industry for nearly a decade, which is how he developed his interest
in plant cultivation. Steven is Pharm to Table’s “Sensi-Sommelier,”
which is a position we created to cover the wide range of work he
does here. He’s our resident budtender, and is also responsible for
much of the impeccable design and finish work in our facility, which
helped to elevate our space from ordinary to upscale.
Steven is excited to be a part of the Pharm to Table team, and to
help lead the charge in bringing about a cultural shift in the country
in general and the marijuana community specifically.
Crystal Plotner: Compassionate Care Coordinator
After growing up in Northern California, Crystal attended the
University of California in Berkeley and obtained a BA in Latin
American Studies with a minor in Global Poverty, and a Master of
Laws degree in International Human Rights Law. She worked as a
Social Care Coordinator in Ireland, and as a Legal Advocacy
Researcher in Syria and Palestine. From her time spent living and
working abroad, Crystal brings a global awareness and unshakable
spirit to our team as the Compassionate Care Coordinator.
The importance of bringing attention to medical marijuana as a
viable treatment option is something that has personal significance to
her. At the age of 21 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and
began to learn about medical cannabis. This lead her to pursue
alternative health treatments and a healthier lifestyle overall.
Because of her personal health difficulties, she now fully supports
exploration of medicinal cannabis as treatment and prides herself on
being an advocate for those seeking an alternative to conventional
Crystal is passionate about working in an alternative health care
environment where she is able to educate people about the
benefits of medicinal marijuana, and provide comfort to patients
who seek a substitute for the oftentimes harsh traditional treatment
of conventional medicine.
Laurie Wolf, Founder and Chef Laurie & MaryJane
Laurie Wolf, the founder and head chef behind Laurie & MaryJane,
discovered her interest in medical marijuana after witnessing her
father’s end-of-life care, as well as her own experience managing a
seizure disorder. After obtaining a BA in English and Sociology from
New York University, and an AA from the Culinary Institute of
America, she turned her attention to the medical marijuana field. A
shared realization that there was a lack of good quality edible
marijuana products on the market compelled Laurie and MaryJane to
team up to take the edible marijuana world by storm.
Laurie is an award-winning culinary entrepreneur who regularly
develops recipes and contributes edibles to The Cannabist, High
Times, Oregon Leaf, and Cannabis Now. She’s a published author
whose recent works include A Food Lover’s Guide To Portland, and
The Portland, Oregon Chef’s Table. She’s currently co-authoring two
cannabis cookbooks including HERB, a crowd-funded project she’s
writing with help from the folks behind The Stoner’s Cookbook.
We here at Laurie & MaryJane know that purchasing edibles can be
a daunting process, and pride ourselves on taking the guesswork out
of the equation. Our customers trust us, because they know they’ll
receive a consistent amount of cannabis in each serving, and at 25mg
of THC per serving, our edibles are potent without being
overwhelming. The creative team, led by Laurie, rigorously tests and
monitors all products from the kitchen, to ensure that only our best
work is produced. Laurie & MaryJane recently won 1st Place at the
Dope Cup for their Deluxe Nut Mix and 2nd Place for their Almond
Cake Bites! Heather Williams, Founder and Chef
Coma Treats
Heather Williams, the founder and chef at Coma Treats, is another
individual for whom the importance of medical marijuana and its
availability holds personal significance. After being diagnosed with
breast cancer, the effects of chemotherapy caused her to develop a
rare form of muscular dystrophy that left her incapacitated and in a
wheelchair due to extreme pain. After exploring many other options,
she finally turned to medical marijuana to ease the pain a bit, and
was shocked at how not only her pain was lessened, but her overall
health improved dramatically. Finally recovered, Heather began to help others in need. She was
struck at how few safe or tasty edibles were available on the market,
and was inspired to create medical marijuana edibles that had a true
gourmet taste. Utilizing her many years of connections and experience
with catering (even owning her own catering company since 92’), and
training from Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas, she spent time
experimenting, studying under various cannabis chefs, and exploring
thousands of techniques for turning out the world’s best medicated
food. As a result of her extensive time spent learning these techniques,
Heather has learned how to produce several lines of strong, yet
delicious cannabis treats that are meant for OMMP patients who
need relief, but still want something that tastes great. Heather’s
company Coma Treats offers medibles that customers trust, because
each box contains the exact same amount of lab-tested cannabis. For
those who wish to learn more about how to make their own safe and
delicious cannabis treats, Coma Treats offers cooking classes. Find
more information at Salvation Gardens: Cannabis Body Care
OMMP patient and lifelong Oregon resident, the creator of Salvation
Gardens, Simone Fischer, began her company with a simple vision.
She wanted to create a product that would embody the woodland
vibes of the Northwest, something honest and effective, but still
aesthetically pleasing. While working at a dispensary, she had an
opportunity to observe the topical products available. Most smelled a
little strange, had a silly, obvious name, or lacked professional
presentation and packaging. After months of searching for a product
that would fulfill her requirements and still coming up empty, she
decided to create one herself. In 2013 she began creating cannabis
topicals to provide patients with a way to manage pain that was
smokeless. She herself suffers from Endometriosis, and uses topicals to
manage her chronic pain in a non-psychoactive way.
Salvation Cannabis Body Care is a Portland-based, female-owned
company centered around cannabis topicals. We keep our ingredients
simple, organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Transparency is
key and we believe patients should know exactly what they are
putting on their bodies.
Our ingredients are grown locally in Oregon, and free of animal
testing or cruelty. We strive to create top quality products that can
provide relief from mild pain like bumps and bruises up to more
serious issues like chronic pain. We use only solvent-free cannabis
extracts to infuse our products. All our cannabis is grown organically
from Salvation Gardens. For more information on our salves, bath
bombs or other products, please visit
Medicine Farm Botanicals
Medicine Farm Botanicals is a joint venture founded by a husband and
wife team in the high desert of Central Oregon in 2011. Our mission
was to provide the Bend, Oregon medical cannabis community with
consistent, high quality organic products, and since our start we have
surpassed that goal and now serving more than 16 dispensaries from
Portland to Medford.
Our organic cannabis is sun-grown utilizing holistic systems like
biodynamic and companion gardening, and the soil is amended with
organic nutrients including earthworm castings, bat guano, comfrey,
and other essential cover crops. We also use a variety of beneficial
predatory insects like Ladybugs, lacewings and praying mantises.
We here at Medicine Farm Botanicals understand that the skin is the
largest organ, and is oftentimes very neglected. Our products are
specifically formulated with locally grown herbs, flowers and roots to
provide synergistic relief from the ailments suffered in everyday life like
headache relief, menstrual pain, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea relief, or
simply for first aid. We rely on organic and wholesome ingredients that
are free from chemicals and pesticides to ensure our customers have
peace of mind when using our products. For more information please
visit Kenevir Research
Kenevir Research serves Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries,
producers and consumers with laboratory services for cannabis, and
consulting for cannabis businesses. At Kenevir Research, we recognize
the importance of clean, effective cannabis medications and seek to
enable their customers and partners with high quality cannabis analytics.
Dr. Anthony Smith: Executive Scientist and founder of Kenevir
Technologies, LLC and Kenevir Research Labs, Dr. Anthony Smith
received his Ph.D from Oregon State University in Molecular & Cellular
Biology with an emphasis on biochemistry, metabolism and nutrition. He
brings over 15 years of natural product research, quality assurance,
product development, GMP manufacturing, FDA & regulatory
experience and analytical expertise to Kenevir Research.
Jason Wilson, M.S.: Jason brings a variety of skill sets to Kenevir
Research. He earned a B.A. from the University of Mississippi and an
M.S. from Southern Oregon University in Environmental Education, a
degree specializing both in Biology and Education. At the University of
Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, he worked with the USDA Natural
Products Research Center and the NIDA Cannabis Research and
Development Laboratory providing expert guidance to labs and
researchers there in Information Technology and analytical
instrumentation service. Jason brings with him nearly 10 years of
technology, marketing, and science education experience to Kenevir
Research. For more information please visit
Afghan (Indica) $8/g
Afghan Buddha (Indica) $8/g
Afghan Lite $6/g
Black Cherry Soda (Hybrid) $8/g
Blue Dream (Hybrid) $8/g
Bubba Kush Indoor (Indica) $10/g
Caramel Candy Kush $10/g
Comatose OG $8/g
Comatose OG Lite $6/g
Critical Widow (Hybrid) $8/g
Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid) $8/g
Green Candy (Sativa) $8/g
High End (Indica) $8/g
Indoor Champagne Kush (Hybrid) $10/g
OG Kryptonite (Hybrid) $8/g
Pineapple Cash (Hybrid) $8/g
Purple Ribbon (Indica) Pre-Roll $5
Querkle (Indica) $8/g
Rainbow Brite (Hybrid) $8/g
Rhino Wreck (Hybrid) $8/g
Super Silver Haze (Hybrid) $4/g
Zilla $8/g
*Menu & prices subject to change. CONCENTRATES
AK-47 Oil Cartridge $50/1g
Blueberry Oil Cartridge $25/.5g
Blue Dream Wax $35
Cannatonic Oil $35/.5 cartridge
Cannatonic Shatter $40/1g Cotton Candy Kush Oil $50/1g
Green Ribbon Oil Dripper $20/.5g
Green Ribbon Oil $25/.5g
Girl Scout Cookies Crumble $40
Girl Scout Cookies Oil Dripper $20/.5g
Grandaddy Purple $40/1g
Headband Oil $20/.5g
Jack Herer Oil Dripper $20/.5g
Koala $40/1g
Mr. Nice Crumble $40/1g
Mr. Nice Oil Dripper $40/.5g
Purple Diesel $40/1g
Sherpa Purple $40/1g
Sour Alien $50/1g
Sour Diesel Oil Dripper $20/.5g
Sour Lemon OG Oil $23/.4g
Swiss Tsu Oil Dripper $50/.5g
Swiss Tsu Pull & Snap $50
The Dark Pull Snap Shatter $24
Train Wreck Oil Cartridge $25/.5g
Almond Cake Bites $16
Baked by Coco Hard Candy $10 Brownie $13
Canna Coconut Oil $24
Cannabis Capsules $10
Caramels $10
Chocolate Chio Cookies $10
Chocolate Swirls $6
Clear Head Capsules $20
Coma Treats Hard Candy $10
Deluxe Nut Mix $24
Fudgy Brownie Bites $16
Lemon Cookie $13
Mint Cookies & Cream Bar $13
Peanut Butter $24
Salted CannaButter $24
Sleepy Time Capsules $20
Strawberry Crunch Bar $10
Tiger Budder Candy Bar
Anti-Inflammatory Lotion $30
Anti-Inflammatory Soaking Salts $50
Avocado Bliss Salve $10/.5oz
Avocado Bliss Salve $20/1oz
Bath Bomb $12
Dragon Balm $40
Face & Body Cream $20
Heal-All Salve $40
Medicated Lip Balm $6
Pain Stick $20
Personal Lubricant $20
Roll-On Oil $20
For general information: Crystal Plotner: 541.897.0531
[email protected]
For interview requests or other media-related questions: Dave Bryant: 530.514.8863
-orCrystal Plotner:
[email protected]
Interested in becoming an OMMP patient? Crystal Plotner:
[email protected]
3528 South Pacific
Highway, Medford, OR