Vape and Cannabinoids



Vape and Cannabinoids
and Vape
Vaporizers work by
heating up marijuana to
the point were certain
cannabinoids “boil” and
literally evaporate,
leaving behind just
fibrous plant matter.
The clouds that come
out of a vaporizer
contain up to 95%
cannabinoids, In
contrast, a joint smoke
only contains just over
10% cannabinoids, the
rest consists of
combustion products.
Boiling Points
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Marijuana vaporizer provides a
carcinogen-free experience for the user.
There are over 450 different types of
chemicals in marijuana smoke. When
you vaporize, many of the cancercausing ingredients are eliminated. The
result is a vapor containing highly
concentrated amounts of THC.
Vaporizing raises the potency levels
of cannabis by up to 85%, which will
give you a more intense experience
and make sure that you save more
For someone who smokes every
day, a vaporizer may well worth the
Many physicians recommend a vaporizer to administer medicinal cannabis,
because it eliminates the harm to the lungs that occurs with the help of a
vaporizer compared to smoking or oral injection.
The range of temperature in
which all cannabinoids
evaporate lies between
157 and 220 degrees Celsius.
As all cannabinoids have
different boiling points.
Vaporizing the same bowl of
herb at different temperatures
will generate different results.
Unlike when you use a bong or smoke a joint, bone-dry cannabis can still be a
delight in a vaporizer. However, because it is so dry, it will vaporize much faster. If it
is too hot you run the risk of flash boiling the active ingredients, eliminating taste
and flavor.
In general, there‘s two main
effects which we will call the
“buzz high” and the “body
There is no definitive guide to how to properly vaporize but as a rule of thumb you
will want to reduce the temperature from your norm, going lower the drier it is.
Conversely, if your bud is fresh, then it may be very high in moisture. As a result, it
can sometimes be hard to get cannabinoids out.
Lower temperatures will
have more of a heady
effect, whilst higher
temperatures will have a
more body load effect.
For moist cannabis; try putting the vaporizer at a lower temperature (around 138 –
148 °C.), it is possible to gain a bag of flavonoid vapor whilst slowly drying out your
cannabis a bit. After this run, your cannabis should be dry enough to vaporize
Combustion: Dry Marijuana
can begin to combust at
around 200 °C. The
maximum heat before starting
to burn is around 230 °C.,
This is in relation to the
products moisture content.
Note: Although some of the following cannabinoids require temperatures above 200
degrees Celsius to evaporate, setting a vaporizer to that temperature runs the risk of
causing combustion, which should be avoided.

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