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to Elliot Senior Health Center
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The medical needs of senior citizens require comprehensive and
specialized treatment in order to maintain their maximum level of
independence, health and well-being. The Elliot Senior Health
Center is dedicated to providing an integrated, team approach
to the complex health needs of seniors in order to ensure their
graceful aging.
The Center
The Elliot Senior Health Center was established in 2002 with
the vision to provide seniors a central, state of the art facility to
obtain comprehensive healthcare.
Senior Services
What makes the Elliot Senior Health Center so unique is the
broad spectrum of healthcare programs and services for older
adults under one roof. Everything from primary care, imaging,
land outpatient rehabilitation services are all located
within the same building. Other senior specialty services, health
and wellness programs offered at the center, combine in making
access to senior healthcare readily available for our community.
• Senior Health Primary Care
• Senior Specialty Services
• Seniority Matters
Education and Resources
• Rehabilitation Services
• Geriatric Behavioral Health Services
• Imaging
Senior Health Primary Care
Specialized Care for the Older Adult
Primary Care Model
We Are By Your Side
Senior Health Primary Care specializes in treating
patients 65 years of age or older. As part of the Elliot
Physician Network, Senior Health Primary Care consists
of Geriatricians and Advanced Practice Registered
Nurses specially trained in the treatment of older adults.
A Geriatrician is a medical doctor who is certified and
trained in the Geriatric Medicine specialty.
The care we provide extends beyond the exam room.
Our nurse and medical assistants take the time to
answer questions and send new or refill prescription
orders to the pharmacy of choice. Our patient service
representatives will assist you in making referrals and
appointments with other specialists as well as for
radiology appointments, before you leave the office.
Should you experience any changes
in your health, our staff is available to assist.
Our Team Approach
The Geriatricians and Advanced Practice Registered
Nurses work closely with an integrated healthcare
team comprised of nurses, medical assistants, a clinical
pharmacist, and social workers in order to meet each
patients’ individual healthcare needs. Longer office
visits allow patients the opportunity to ask their doctor
questions and obtain specific information about their
health status.
Care Settings
When healthcare goes beyond the doctor’s office, our
physicians will be there to help manage your care. We
follow our patients at select assisted living, nursing
and rehabilitation facilities in the area. We believe it is
important for a senior to have consistent care from a
doctor they know, and trust. When making the transition
to a new healthcare environment, we know you have a
choice in physicians and we look forward to continuing
your care in the follow settings:
• Long-Term Care Facilities
• Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Elliot Gero-psychiatric Unit
Senior Health Primary Care in Manchester
and Londonderry are always accepting
new patients. For a new patient appointment please call (603) 663-7030.
Primary Care Physicians
Consuelo M. Alvarez, MD
Manish Chopra, MD
Richard Friedman, MD
Samuel Goldman, DO
Internal Medicine,
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine,
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Vasyl Kasiyan, MD
Alan D. Kaplan, MD
Mary Anne Totten, MD
M. Sarwar Pasha, MD
Internal Medicine,
Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine,
Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Specialty Services
Geriatric Consultation Clinic
Anticoagulation Clinic
Elliot Senior Health Primary Care providers also offer
a Geriatric Consultation Clinic for seniors living in our
community. This service involves a medical examination
by a Board Certified Geriatrician intended to help primary
care physicians determine a course of treatment for older
patients with multiple, complex health issues. Reasons for
referring patients to the Geriatric Consultation Clinic include
falls, depression, functional decline, infections, incontinence,
malnutrition, pressure sores, drug interactions and side
effects, and repeated emergency room visits. Appointments
for the Geriatric Consultation Clinic require a physician’s
referral. For more information call (603) 663-7030.
A registered nurse performs a finger stick prothrombin
time test and based on the results, will adjust your
anticoagulation medication dose, update your medical
record and verify the results with your primary care
physician. For more information call (603) 663-7076.
Medication Management Clinic
Working with your primary care provider an Elliot clinical
pharmacist will review your medications for drug interactions,
side effects and potential cost savings with you. In addition,
the pharmacist will work with you to help meet your goals for
blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes management.
For more information call (603) 663-7027.
Podiatry Clinic
A doctor of podiatric medicine offers a monthly podiatry
clinic. This clinic offers evaluation and treatment for
common foot problems such as warts, corns, calluses,
ingrown toenails, bunions, strains, and sprains.
For an appointment please call (603) 663-7030.
Blood Pressure Screenings
The Visiting Nurse Association of Manchester holds
a free blood pressure screening. The nurse is also
available to answer any questions related to managing
or improving blood pressure. Walk-ins welcome.
For more information and screening times please call
Elliot On-Call (603) 663-4567.
Specialty Services
Senior Fitness
Staying fit at any age is important to your physical and
emotional health. At Elliot, we offer adults a variety of fitness opportunities and group exercise classes no matter
your level of fitness. For more information,
call (603) 663-7016.
Reaching Your Goal
Reaching a goal to strengthen or regain physical independence
is important to older adults. At the Elliot Senior Health Center,
Rehabilitation Services offers outpatient physical therapy for
older adults. Experienced Physical Therapists specializing in
geriatrics, strive to assist each patient in reaching and
maintaining their goal of independence.
Patients benefit from an individualized program designed to
address specifics concerns such as: Orthopedic conditions to
include the back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee; Arthritis, Joint
replacements, Osteoporosis, Balance and Vestibular disorders
(such as falls and dizziness) and Incontinence (urgency or
leakage of urine or bowel accidents).
Appointments are available Monday-Friday, starting at 7:30 a.m.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call
(603) 663-7063. Physician referral is necessary.
Geriatric Behavioral Health
At Generations, our geriatric psychiatry and behavioral services professionals
are committed to helping older adults preserve and restore their mental
abilities. We treat people with memory problems, depression, anxiety, and
other emotional illnesses, as well as help patients and their families cope
with aging and illness. Treatment may take place in a variety of settings,
including office visits, inpatient care, hospital visits during the day (partial
hospitalization), day programs, home visits and nursing home consultation.
This comprehensive care includes: psychiatric evaluation, medication
management, individual & group psychotherapy, social work consultation,
family support and neuropsychological testing.
Our elder care professionals include geriatric psychiatrists, psychologist,
neuro-psychologist, nurse practitioners, as well as social workers and nurses.
Our behavioral health team work closely with primary care physicians, family,
and other healthcare providers to help patients during their recovery. For more
information, please call (603) 645-5977.
Jwalant R. Vadalia, MD
Geriatric Psychiatry
State of the art equipment & services
Mammography | Bone densitometry (DXA) | Diagnostic radiology
Whether you need an x-ray, mammogram or bone
density scan, Elliot Senior Health Radiology Services are
conveniently located within the Elliot Senior Health Center.
Through the use of today’s most advanced technology,
completed exams are sent electronically to a Radiologist
at the Elliot Hospital. This new technology allows Elliot
providers to view patient films from their offices within
minutes of the exam.
We offer state of the art digital mammography with
Computer Aided detection (CAD). This technology has
your mammogram looked at by a computer to help aid in
the early detection of cancer. CAD is proven to detect 23%
of breast cancers an average of 14 months earlier than
screening mammograms alone. The program works like a
spell checker, alerting the Radiologist to take a look at the
area that the computer has marked as a potential problem.
Bone densitometry, often referred to as DXA, is used to
check your bones for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis has no
signs or symptoms; it will weaken your bones and can
cause broken bones. It’s what causes older people to be
round shouldered and the dowagers hump. The exam is
simple and pain free, allowing the patient to relax on a
nice padded table for 15-20 minutes.
Mammograms and Bone densitometry
(DXA) exams can be scheduled by calling
Exams require an order from your physician
or healthcare provider. You are not required
to have a healthcare provider who is part of
the Elliot Physician Network to utilize Radiology services at the Senior Health Center.
Elliot Laboratory Services
Laboratory Locations
Click here for a listing of our laboratory locations.
138 Webster Street | Manchester, NH 03104 | (603) 663-7000 | www.elliothospital.org
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