Bernard “Pretty” Purdie


Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
Volume 39 • Number 4
On the Cover
“Pretty” Purdie
by Billy Amendola
The depth and breadth of the
legendary drummer’s career are
simply astounding—and he’s not
even close to slowing down.
Cover and contents photos by Alex Solca
32 Catching Up With… Corky Laing /// Terry Silverlight
44 Kenny Washington Sharpening the finer points of jazz drumming for all. by Paul Wells
56 Mark Stepro The Butch Walker regular works L.A.—his way. by Ilya Stemkovsky
62 John Colpitts His minimalist concepts always yield maximal results. by Will Romano
67 Gabor Dornyei Turning heads internationally, one country at a time. by Mike Haid
70 Chloe Saavedra Navigating the new with Chaos Chaos. by Adam Budofsky
43 In the Pocket
“Rock Steady” Demystified
Four Steps to Mastering an
Advanced Funk Groove
by Jim Payne
72 Strictly Technique
Hemiola Shifter With Three Stickings
Exploring the Half-Note Triplet
by Bill Bachman
76 Jazz Drummer’s Workshop
Creative Comping
Crossing the Barline Using
Seven-Note Groupings
by Christian Finger
78 Around the World
Traditional Percussion on Drumset
Part 1: Congas
by Arturo Stable
18 Product Close-Up
• DW Jazz Series Cherry/Gum
Bebop Drumset
• Mapex Wraith, Warbird, and
Versatus Black Panther Snares
• RKM Bass Drum Pedal
• Sabian Big & Ugly Ride Collection
• Regal Tip Jason Sutter Signature Sticks
and Brushes
26 Electronic Review
Telefunken DD5 Drum Mic Pack
16 It’s Questionable
Mind Matters: The ApproachAvoidance Conflict
Colin Bailey’s Bass Drum Control
96 Kit of the Month
Cuckoo for Cocoa Carts
Win a complete set of Ludwig drums
and Paiste cymbals fresh from the stage of
The Evolution of the Tom-Tom
From Chinese Noisemaker to
Essential Instrument
page 75
006_TOC_APRIL 2015.indd 6
14 News
94 Inside Methods
Trace Adkins’
Johnny Richardson
86 New and Notable
Building, Not Burning, Bridges
Thoughts on Professionalism and
Career-Destroying Attitudes
by Russ Miller
11 Readers’ Platform
92 Critique
30 Gearing Up
82 Concepts
“Teach Your Parents Well”
by Adam Budofsky
Featuring Drum Market
Drum Miking 101
Part 3: Three-Mic Setups
by John Emrich
84 Shop Talk
8 An Editor’s Overview
88 Showcase
28 Electronic Insights
80 Rock Perspectives
Diamonds in the Ruff
Part 2: The Sexy Four-Stroke
by Matt Starr
Total worth
packag 1,500!
over $1
This set was played at Bonzo Bash 2015 by:
Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol), Kenny
Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Smashing Pumpkins), Charlie
Benante (Anthrax), Joe Franco (Good Rats, Twisted Sister), John Hummel
(Lady Gaga), Brandon Kachel (Barbarian Overlords), Corky Laing (Mountain,
Bonzo Bash Legend Award Recipient), Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Philm), Robert
Mason (Warrant), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Mike Portnoy (Winery
Dogs, Dream Theater), Gregg Potter (Buddy Rich Band), Dizzy Reed (Guns n’
Roses, the Dead Daisies), Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath), Matt
Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big), Todd Sucherman (Styx), Jason Sutter (Marilyn
Manson, Foreigner, Chris Cornell), Mike Terrana (Rage, Yngwie Malmsteen,
Tony MacAlpine), Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, Chaka
Khan), and Phil X (the Drills, Bon Jovi), among others!
The prize package includes:
• Five-piece Ludwig Vistalite Zep drumset in amber
• Ludwig Atlas Pro hardware set: four cymbal stands, two snare
stands, hi-hat stand, throne, and single bass drum pedal
• Paiste 2002 series cymbal set: 15" Sound Edge hi-hats, 16"
Medium, 18" Crash, 18" Medium, and 24" 2002 ride
• Complete set of Ludwig Atlas Classic bags for drums,
cymbals, and hardware
• Two sets of Remo CS black-dot heads
• Twenty-four pairs of Regal Tip sticks of your choice
Sponsored by
1/22/15 2:35 PM