when the baking pan is free!


when the baking pan is free!
May 2012 Guest Special
Choose one FREE with every £45 purchase!
Treats taste better
when the
baking pan is free!
Choose from our metal bakeware collection:
An £11.00 value!
Square Baking Pan
Item RB62
An £11.00 value!
Loaf Pan
Item RB63
Item RB61
Item RB64
A £9.95 value!
Pie Plate
A £14.50 value!
Rectangle Baking Pan
A £10.00 value!
Small Sheet Pan
Item RB65
A £12.50 value!
Medium Sheet Pan
Item RB66
Note: The May Guest Special is available for Cooking Shows, Catalogue Shows and Cooking Show Fundraisers held 1 – 31 May, 2012. The
May Guest Special is not available for individual or online orders. May Shows must be submitted by 15 June, 2012, in order to qualify for the
May Guest Special. To receive this special, you must write the special item number on the sales receipt. Hosts and past hosts may receive
the Guest Special with every £45 purchase after all discounts (excluding half-price items). The Guest Special cannot be purchased with host
points. For reproduction and use by Pampered Chef® Consultants only.

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