Whole school weekly challenge How can we be more Saint


Whole school weekly challenge How can we be more Saint
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Issue 8: Autumn Term
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Tuesday 10th November - 2.30pm Anti-bullying
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Wednesday 11th
Year 2 Class
Assembly at
Mass of Eternal Life
at 2pm
3.45pm Parents’
Literacy Workshop
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Friday, 6th November 2015
How can we be more Saint-like?
November is the month of Holy Souls, beginning with the great feast of All Saints. I
put the above question to the children in years 4, 5 and 6 this week. There were
some really interesting answers from the children and they are still putting their
ideas on post-its for me, but the point I was trying to make with them is that the
Saints were ordinary people, to whom extra-ordinary things had happened. They
were ordinary people, like us, who heard the call of God and answered it.
Many of your children had some deep thoughts on this and you might want to ask
them to share their ideas with you – see below for a few of their thoughts.
We also discussed the difference between a Saint and a Soul and so, when we go to
Mass on Wednesday, they will understand who we are praying for. Perhaps there
are some family members you would like to pray for at Mass on Wednesday. We
look forward to welcoming you all there.
Mrs K. Wyatt – Head Teacher
Hello St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School,
This week we will be talking to you about MEND Friendly and MEND Unfriendly foods.
1) Good news! Fruit and Veggies are MEND friendly so make sure you eat a Rainbow every day! Try to have 5 or more different fruit and veggies
as part of your main meals or as snacks during the day.
2) Try to base your meals around unrefined wholegrains. This means that the grains have undergone fewer processes which mean they still
contain lots of beneficial nutrients such fibre, B vitamins and iron! Examples of MEND Friendly wholegrains:
Wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, oats.
3) MEND Friendly fats are found in plants and oily fish! Rapeseed oil, olive oil, nuts, avocados, sardines, mackerel, salmon and fresh tuna will
help to keep your brain and heart strong and healthy. Try to avoid saturated fats which are usually found in fried/processed foods e.g. processed
meat products, coconut oil, pastries, cakes and chocolate.
The scoop on sugar… When we eat chocolates, cakes and fizzy drinks the body experiences a quick burst of energy but then you will
feel tired, dizzy and irritable. Instead choose fruit as a snack as the fibre in the fruit will slow down the rate that the body absorbs the sugar in
your body! Plus apples, bananas, strawberries, mangoes also contain lots of essential vitamins and minerals!
For more information about reading food labels. MEND Friendly and MEND Unfriendly foods come to our family workshop on the 11th
November 2015. We will also have some MEND Friendly snacks for you and your family to try!
Whole school weekly challenge
Physical activity
Nutrition challenge
Go for a walk for no reason. It
can be relaxing, gives your mind
a break and gets you moving
Sit down to eat together as a
family – for at least one meal without distractions
(E.g. no TV, toys, games, books)
Try to find a park that you’ve
never been to before!
You could also try to cook the
meal together!
St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School, Cadogan Street, London, SW3 2QT
T: 020 7589 2438 / E: [email protected]
Let us know how you get
on! If you need any
support in succeeding in
your weekly challenge,
we are happy to help!
Georgie and Alice
Please contact the school office to inform if you are
attending the following parents workshops:
Our Wednesday Word for this week which
links in with the Sunday Gospel is:
All Saints and All Souls
Tuesday, 10th November
Anti-Bullying from 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Vision Planning from 6pm
Wednesday, 11th November
English from 3:45pm
Tuesday, 17th November
Maths from 3:45pm
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
“We can be a more like a saint by praying
more and being kind to each other! Follow
“By doing the right thing, and pray.”
God’s light!”
“We can be more like saints by praying and
“We can be like the saints if we go to church
talking to God. We could spread the word of
and respect God.”
“We can help people in need and give money
“We can be more like saints if we show God
to the countries that are at war.”
how strong our faith is.”
Year 3 Dinosaurs
Last half term, year 3 were learning about
Dinosaurs. We learnt about fossils and how they
were formed. We have created our own fossils
using clay and plaster of paris. We let the plaster
of paris set over night and the next day we were
able to reveal our very own fossils. We made
dinosaur fossils and other mini beasts.
They did it again! Well done Year 6 for a
lovely 97.8% attendance for the week.
Key Stage 1 has also done very well with
all classes achieving attendance above
95%. Well done!
96.7% 97.1%
St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School, Cadogan Street, London, SW3 2QT
T: 020 7589 2438 / E: [email protected]