June 2016 Newsletter - All Saints Anglican Church


June 2016 Newsletter - All Saints Anglican Church
MAY 30, 2016
All Saints
Goodbye with Thanks!
We say goodbye to Steve
Moore, our People’s
Warden, as he accepts a
position in Ontario. Both
Steve and his wife, Deb,
and their two daughters
Colleen and Valerie are
going to be missed as
they are great
contributors to the life at
All Saints. Steve has
served the church in a
number of capacities
and his wife Deb has
been a regular provider of
music for our service.
Steve is a Chartered
Accountant and Principal
Partner at MNP LLP in Calgary. They have lived in Cochrane since
October 2003. The move means a promotion for Steve and they will
also be located near Deb’s family. All Saints Community is grateful
for Steve and his family’s contributions to our church and wish them
God Speed and a life full of continued Blessings. Steve writes: “We
are sad to leave our Church Home at All Saints. We started there
after the chapel moved to Bethany and have made many
friends...God Bless All Saints - Cochrane”
Council is requesting your
ideas for fundraising projects.
O u r 2 0 1 6 Re v e n u e B u d g e t
$ 5, 0 0 0
fundraising. We are seeking
ideas for projects to achieve this
goal. We would likely kick-off a
fundraising project in the Fall
but we need to begin planning
soon. If you have any ideas
please speak to one of the
wardens (Floyd, Steve or Bill). If
you would like to be involved in
organizing fundraising please let
us know that as well.
Grocery cards for Safeway/
Sobeys, Save-On-Foods, No
Frills and Co-op are available for
purchase through all Saints. All
Saints receives a discount on the
purchase price of the gift cards
and uses funds raised for capital
projects. Cards are available for
various values from $50, $100,
$ 2 0 0 a n d $ 2 5 0. Yo u c a n
purchase these gift cards and use
them at these stores to purchase
your groceries. There is no
expiration date on the cards.
Please see Floyd to purchase
cards. Cash or cheques are
acceptable for payment.
At the Parish Council meeting on Thursday evening it was reported that another church group,
Hill Country Church, will be renting All Saints building on Sunday afternoons, Saturday
mornings and a weekday evening.
The Parish Council requests that those serving as
sidespersons on Sunday morning would do a quick check around the sanctuary after the service
to pick up papers in the pews, straighten things up, etc., so it’s tidy for the Hill Country Church
when they come in at 1:30 for their service at 2 o’clock. Thank you in advance!
MAY 30, 2016
Message from Greg… “Ordinary”
We have now entered the long “green season” of ordinary time in the Church. It is
nice how it coincides with us getting a little rain and so with our own green season
So how exactly do we live out this season in our lives?
St Paul advised his young protege Timothy who was beginning his ministry as a
bishop “There is great gain in godliness combined with contentment”. Think of this
way. Let’s say that you have been committed to something for a long time. Think of of
people who have been married for a long time. Or think of raising children from
infancy to adulthood. Or think even of living in one place for a long time, say in the
same house or at least in the same town. There certainly are parties, there is also a lot
of maintenance. Some of it is enjoyable some of it extremely difficult-but it is all part of the picture.
Ordinary time teaches us that it is a good thing be “ordinary”. It is in the day to day that we (like the greenery
around us) grows and flourishes, even when there are struggles and weeds to be pulled out. It is in the constant
daily practice of our faith, the day to day, the patient tending, that we grow. It is in faithfully reading the Bible and
praying, receiving communion, confessing our sins, reaching out those who need our care, tending our household,
praying over our difficulties and those of others, sharing our faith and asking for to be more like Jesus each day
that we grow. It is the ordinary day by day, with its routines, its ordinary joys and struggles, that will result in the
harvest. Benedictine monks and nuns (and Anglicans are deeply Benedictine) practice a balance of prayer, work,
study, rest and hospitality that we can well emulate.
I asked one half our discovery group to help us to come up with ideas for growing in Christ in ordinary time, the
other half were assigned All Saintstide (we’ll get to that later). Here are their ideas for us.
Ordinary Time
Most of our life is spent in “ordinary time” it is there that our life is lived and our faith lived out and daily practice
A time to structure and focus, to be consistence in our practicing our faith in our daily life
Space and time for spiritual growth
To remember that the sacred is found in the ordinary
Time to focus on stewardship and on the the unique was Jesus has called us to serve him
Relaxation and rejuvenation
Because we travel we connect with the universal church beyond our parish
Invite others to participate in special events
Fundraising for existing mission such as FRRME and other fundraising events.
Happy Ordinary Time!
MAY 30, 2016
More Goodbyes and Hellos!
Another familiar face is leaving All Saints.
Delynne Lorentzen , Administrative Assistant to
Greg, is moving with her husband Oz and their two
sons, Soren and Laec, to Medicine Hat where Oz
has taken the position of incumbent at St Barnabas
Church as of May 1. Delynne and the boys will
move at the completion of the school year. We
wish them well and thank Delynne for her excellent
service to the parish. Blessings!
Meanwhile- Welcome Sonya Pasloski! Many have
of you already met Sonya as she was training with
Delynne and moving into the office. Sonya was
kind enough to provide some information on herself
for us so we can know her better. I am originally from Red Deer
but moved to Calgary when I was 4 years old with my family. I
grew up with 4 brothers who treated me like one of the boys and
whom I’m still very close to. I was raised Roman Catholic and
attended St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Calgary growing up but
currently attend St. Mary’s, since moving to Cochrane in 2001.
After high school, I joined the Naval Reserves and experienced
more than I could have ever imagined. I spent some time at
Esquimalt Naval Base and extended periods on ships learning
about navigation, tying knots, and getting my “sea-legs”.
I attended the University of Calgary and completed my Bachelor
of Commerce Degree in 1991. I started out at Amoco Petroleum
as a Property Analyst. After working for 5 years, I decided it
was time to take some time off to myself. I traveled the world
for 4 months, worked as an English teacher in Japan for 10
months, and then traveled some more before realizing it was
time to come back to “reality”. I took a job with Anderson Exploration and eventually went to Direct
Energy Marketing and finally Devon Canada where I “retired” in 2006 when I was about to have my
second child.
I have 3 beautiful daughters, Sadie, Skylar, and Sydney, aged 7, 10, and 12 who all attend Holy Spirit
Catholic School in Cochrane. On weekends (when no one is dancing), we like to head out to Fernie,
B.C. to ski in the winter and mountain bike/hike in the summer. I also love to attend yoga classes
during my spare time and have recently taken up running again.
I started as the Parish Administrator with All Saints on May 3rd and I feel very fortunate to be given
this opportunity. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly and welcoming. I am learning a lot and
have experienced only good things since coming here. My regular office hours are Tuesday to Friday,
9 am – noon so please stop by to introduce yourself and say hello.
MAY 30, 2016
Even though small groups are winding down
for the summer, All Saints Hiking Group
stays active! If you are interested in Hiking,
Books, Photography, the Discovery Group or
just helping on a regular basis when you are
in town during this holiday time, there are
always opportunities! Sides persons, coffee
assistants and altar guild are always
appreciative of volunteer assistance. And, if
you had wished for a small group that wasn’t
available this year, please speak to Patti for
Fall start up possibilities. Please address
your small group inquiries to
“[email protected]”. If you are
looking for opportunities to help with the
Sunday services such as doing the reading, collecting offertory, and serving coffee, please contact
Lynda, Sharon, or Christine through the church office: 403-932-6556 or “[email protected]”
We are having a summer family service on June 26. There will be no
Sunday school that day as everyone will be taking part in different
activities. It's also another Sundae Sunday when we will be serving
ice cream after the service! Please bring something yummy to share
for a pot luck lunch.
Anne will be rehearsing a children's choir during the month of June
in preparation for our family service on June 26. We will meet
immediately after the service on May 29, June 5, 12, and 19 for half
an hour round the piano. All children and young people are invited to
join us.